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19 Sep. 2005
Genius David 'Skip' Ross skipped enough classes to still graduate from law-school at 19. Yet he can't find a job, except with dodgy run-down lawyer Grant Cooper, for whom Skip's brother Tom caddies. Skip takes on the defense of Paradise Colvin, who confesses her guilt privately to him. Skip continues, nevertheless, to do what Grant dared not, ever since the powers that be grounded him for defending a public enemy. However book-smart skills don't suffice, especially with such an uncooperative client, who even confesses again.
26 Sep. 2005
The Runner
Skip's own mother claims he should look for 'better' work, but a rich law school classmate is jealous that he actually pleads in court. Skip learns Grant's 'secretary' Dee works there, for parole purposes, because he pleaded guilty while she wasn't. Skip insists on taking the case of Zeke Rawlins, who was arbitrarily arrested after a gang member was shot during a shop's seventh hold-up.
3 Oct. 2005
The Limit
Grant wants to settle Nadine Abbot's civil case against plastic surgeon Steven Benson who put her in a wheelchair without income. Skip makes him reconsider twice, after receiving advice against it from his study friend Kate -they're mutually envious- the partners take on her boss Marshall's fancy law firm. Both sides fight hard and rather dirty, playing on experts and substance abuse.
13 Aug. 2006
Body in the Trunk
Valley Real estate agent Sean Walker is charged with the murder of Jeanet solely because she was found in his car boot, which accidentally opened in a crash. Skip asks for bail after a lie detector test, but Sean fails it and is sent to a hard pre-trial jail down town. He's literally scared to death, indeed soon taken to the infirmary and under a pointless death-threat. Prosecutor Dietz refuses to order for proper forensics to be carried out. Skip forces him and fights jurisdiction. Grant finds who broke into Walker's flat and who used his car.
20 Aug. 2006
The Heater
Rebecca Chase's body washes up on the beach in front of Cooper's office. He uses witnessing crime scene handling errors to get her younger widower, Joe, to sign him and Skip, who believes in the devoted husband's innocence. A recent fight and motel reservations however suggest an affair with Joe's foxy business partner, Chris. Meanwhile kid brother Tom urges Skip to lie about his unpopular profession so 'they' can get an apartment.
27 Aug. 2006
The Rainmaker
The D.A. refuses to prosecute press tycoon Kale's son Jared's alleged 'n-th rape', hinting he has a closed juvenile record, which later proves minor. Skip and Coop take Susan Palavi's case. Kate seizes the opportunity to get her firm to represent the rich Kales. Her boss Marshall feels confident because Susan consented in sex with Jared a month earlier, enough evidence to sue her and Coop's firm. Dee convinces Skip to go on, against Coop's advice, although she's the only other, barely credible witness. Skip's kid brother, Tom, calls him to a remarkable party, the ...
3 Sep. 2006
The Code
The LAPD arrests street kid Claude Osteen after finding William 'Billy' Singer's body, his throat slit, in a storage compartment he rented. Skip eagerly takes his case, but wants to drop it once it becomes clear that Claude is pretending to be a half-whit. However the court forces willing Coop and disgusted Skip to provide the best possible defense. Claude maintains his innocence, but manipulates the lawyers and admits to being mixed up in a drug cartel.
10 Sep. 2006
The Bar
Jesus Lima, the Filipino busboy in Coop's favorite run-down bar who speaks only Tagalog, is arrested for murder just because he was hiding for the police as all illegal immigrants do. Coop's way of handling his future client not only gets him a contempt charge, which Kate defends as Skip is not allowed as witness, it's also cleverly used by star prosecutor Liza Lynch, whose hidden agendas are both political -a D.A. campaign- and personal. Judge W. Alston must handle some unusual lawyer tricks in and out of courtroom and chambers.

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