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19 Sep. 2005
It's the year 2030 and an older Ted Mosby is telling the story to his son and daughter about how he met and will eventually marry their mother. This is where we meet for the first time Ted, Lily, Marshall, Barney and Robin.
26 Sep. 2005
Purple Giraffe
Ted throws a party in hopes of seeing Robin again, but when she doesn't show up, he throws another... and another.
3 Oct. 2005
The Sweet Taste of Liberty
Barney's plan to meet girls at the airport backfires as he and Ted are picked up by airport security. Meanwhile, Lily gets jealous of Robin.
10 Oct. 2005
Return of the Shirt
Ted reconnects with an old flame and soon remembers why he dumped her in the first place. Barney pays Robin to say outrageous things on the air.
17 Oct. 2005
Okay Awesome
Robin, Ted, and Barney go to a hot new club, leaving the engaged Marshall and Lily to a more adult, albeit boring, evening of wine tasting.
24 Oct. 2005
The Slutty Pumpkin
Marshall and Lily enter a Halloween costume party and Robin brings her new boyfriend. Ted and Barney go to the same Halloween party they go to every year where Ted looks for his lost love, the Slutty Pumpkin.
7 Nov. 2005
When Ted signs up with a matchmaking service, he learns that love is not a science. Marshall and Lily confront a creature living in their apartment.
14 Nov. 2005
The Duel
Lily moves in with Marshall and Ted, and when Ted suspects that he's being edged out of the apartment, he and Marshall decide to settle it like men.
21 Nov. 2005
Belly Full of Turkey
Thanksgiving with Marshall's family is stressful when Lily thinks she might be pregnant. Robin, Barney, and Ted spend the holiday volunteering.
28 Nov. 2005
The Pineapple Incident
After an alcohol-induced blackout, Ted awakens to find a strange woman and a pineapple in his bed.
19 Dec. 2005
The Limo
It's New Year's Eve 2005 and Ted spends a large portion of his Christmas bonus for a limo for him and the gang. In addition, he has outlined a plan for how they will ring in the New Year. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned.

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