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Season 1

12 Jan. 2006
Mitch returns from Hollywood when his mother is released from the psych ward, and he quickly realizes that, despite his parents' break-up, little has changed at home.
19 Jan. 2006
Whatever Happened to Baby Bodashka?
Billy gets jealous when he learns of Suzanne's tryst with Elvis, so he sets out to have the orderly fired. Meanwhile, after learning Billy and Shelley are going to have a baby girl, Suzanne decides to adopt a Ukrainian baby.
26 Jan. 2006
Friends in High Places
Suzanne becomes so desperate for a friend that she joins a support group for recovering crystal meth addicts. Meanwhile, Mitch realizes his savings are running out; and Jody lashes out at Billy.
2 Feb. 2006
Jody Crumb, Superstar
When Billy comes back to work at the restaurant, he collides with resentful son Jody. Meanwhile, Suzanne fears she's losing her sons to her ex-husband, so she decides to go shoplifting; and Mitch plans to get his own apartment.
7 Feb. 2006
Six Feet Blunder
Mitch goes out with a guy who's working with his mother; Suzanne likes being sexually harassed by her new co-worker; and Billy locks horns with Suzanne when he announces that he still wants to be buried in the family plot.
Tennis Any Crumb?
Mitch hides his new friendship with his father's pregnant girlfriend from his mother. Meanwhile, Jody worries that Mitch is a better tennis player.
Maybe I'm Tony Randall
A bad experience in a gay bar leads Mitch to proclaim he's straight. Meanwhile, Billy attempts to bond with Jody.
23 Feb. 2006
Sleeping with the Enemies
When Billy throws his back out, Suzanne drugs him and holds him captive. Meanwhile, Mitch discovers Andrea and Jody have been secretly hooking up for months.
Gift of the Magpie
At Suzanne's belated Christmas dinner, Andrea tries to make Jody think their relationship is turning serious, Mitch becomes insecure when his boyfriend laughs at Jody's jokes, and Billy gives Suzanne a gift that was intended for Shelley.
Suzanne Gets Certified
After learning Billy fixed her up with her boyfriend, Suzanne pretends to be crazy to nullify her divorce papers. Meanwhile, Jody reunites with his old band for a gig.
A Loon Again, Naturally
Suzanne tries to one-up a former mental patient who wrote an autobiography. Meanwhile, when Mitch learns his dad spoke to the people who publish his alumni journal, he gets irate, so Billy fires him.
He Ain't Hetero, He's My Brother
Jody blackmails Mitch when he discovers he's gay. Meanwhile, Suzanne butts heads with her boyfriend's handicapped ex-wife; and Shelley ruins Billy's bachelor party.
And It All Came Crumbling Down
Billy doesn't take the news very well when Mitch comes out. Meanwhile, Shelley has second thoughts about her impending nuptials; and Suzanne decides to marry herself.

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