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Finally, funny TV!
pwargo23 September 2005
I'm not much of a TV watcher anymore, as most stuff these days doesn't appeal to me, especially the whole "reality TV" trend. It's not often that a show comes along that is original in concept (or, at least in presentation!), and that makes me laugh all the way through.

Having said this, we caught this show on the TiVo, and it's just plain funny. It's more for mature audiences, and if you grew up in redneck USA (like I did) in the 80's, it'll leave you in stitches. Plus, there is a bit of a message presented as well. "Do good deeds to others, and good things will happen to you." In a sort of bizarre, twisted way, you could call this the "Kung Fu" of the 00's.

Lee does an excellent job of narration and acting, and the rest of the cast is pretty much perfect at their roles, even in the first episode. I had never really heard of him until his (quite good) performance in "The Incredibles", but his acting is really impressive.

It's funny. Best stuff I've seen in years. Watch it and see for yourself.
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Jason Lee is perfect in this show and it was great!
jdunham320 September 2005
My husband and I are great fans of Jason Lee's movie roles. We were really looking forward to this show and it totally delivered. You know a show is good if the funniest jokes aren't wasted in the trailer. Funny, well-written with great timing and direction. I instantly set my DVR to record all episodes to make sure I don't miss a single one. I thought the premise was very unique and while Earl appears to be a stereotype, there are unplumbed depths. The peripheral characters are a hoot, the choice of music also elicited quite a few laughs.

I am hoping the rest of the season holds up to the extremely well-done pilot. I think this really could be a classic, besides we have the promise of 258 possible episodes!

12/27 Footnote: The show has exceeded all my expectations and I am happy to see Earl adding to his list - so we could have inifinite episodes - yippeee.
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pilot was fantastic, can it continue...
knifeintheeye21 September 2005
OK, it was only one episode, but it was very funny. Jason Lee, best known to me, from Mumford and most Kevin Smith movies, was perfect. His dumb brother, Randy, played by Kevin Smith alum, Ethan Suplee was fun as well. Jaime Pressly oddly was the best cast. ALthough I believed the brothers were redneck bums, down on there luck, house breaking into losers...Jaime was the best suited to her character. She was picture perfect as the just a little too old, old time beauty queen tramp. She was a blast. In fact all the characters had features of them that stood out. I'm marking Tuesday night at 8 pm on my calender. This show (if one show is any indication...) is a keeper.

9 out of 10 or better.


Season One is just ending, and yes, the show chugged along nicely throughout the season. Too bad it's already changed nights (to Thursday opposite CSI) but that's a small price to pay for a funny show like this one. Here's to a great second season, cheers.
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Finally something original
wellscats21 September 2005
I loved the show........but what I loved most was finally seeing something that showed some semblance of an original thought. Time will tell how good or bad this show is but I think it is off to a great start..Almost every show that debuts today is simply the repackaging of a previous idea or concept.My name is Earl is an obvious attempt to provide something different and hopefully far better than todays traditional boiler-plate sitcom model.Expect that this show will break new ground in television and someday will be mentioned with other shows like "Married with Children " or" All in the Family" that stretched the limits while showcasing the dysfunctional direction of family life in todays America.
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FINALLY! Been hungering for something fresh and new like this!
rootleafdinner2 October 2005
I haven't gotten into anything new as far as a live action series since Seinfeld went off the air. Most comedy series are lame, not funny and predictable with laugh tracks.. Its like, "Oh, I was supposed to laugh at that?". Finally with "Earl" there is something new to get into watching again with an original idea. This show is very funny, has great characters, scenes, directing and doesn't prompt you to laugh with a laugh track. Jason Lee was on Leno a week or so ago pluggin his show and is really funny, and talks much the same as his character. Guess thats how he delves into it so easy. I hope this show sticks around for a while. After years of Reality TV and a bunch of played out stupid comedy series this is a welcome treat!
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Great new show! If you like the Coen brothers films, you might love this
ClassicAndCampFilmReviews21 September 2005
I saw the first episode of "My Name Is Earl" last night, (9 p.m. on NBC) and I just had to plug it. I thought it was brilliant - wonderfully cast, written, and directed. I hope the show is a hit and keeps it up.

If the Coen brothers wrote and directed a TV sitcom, it could be very much like this show.

The premise is simple: Earl (the very likable Jason Lee, often seen in Kevin Smith films, and whose on screen demeanor sometimes reminds me of Chevy Chase in his youthful prime) is Earl, a small-time raggedy thief who snags a $100,000 winning lottery ticket. Seconds later he's mowed down by a car, and the ticket floats away in the breeze. While recovering in the hospital, doped up on morphine, he watches a TV show with MTV host Carson Daly talking about doing good deeds so that good things will happen to you...and he comes up with the the idea of repairing his mess of a life by making a list of all the people he's harmed in the past, tracking them down one by one, and making amends however he can.

When Earl briefly thinks of backing out on his plan, the ticket miraculously floats back seemingly out of nowhere..inspiring him to keep up the good work. Karma is a funny thing, as the tagline says.

The inimitable evil vixen Jaime Pressley (as his trashy ex-wife Joy) is part of a great supporting cast, and the superior writing and directing of the show gives it a comedic, quirky quality that reminded my husband and myself of Coen brothers' films such as "Raising Arizona". I hope the show can keep the quality up as the season progresses. The bar's been set pretty high with this first episode.

Anyway, "My Name Is Earl" is on NBC on Tuesdays at 9:00. Give it a whirl, and let's keep this one on the air, as long as the creators can maintain the quality of its premiere. As long as it keeps its sharp wit and avoids sinking into maudlin sentimentality, it should stay a winner.
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One of this seasons Best new shows
jhanratty21 September 2005
I am a Jason Lee fan and when I saw the advertisements for his show, I was a little skeptical. I thought it was going to be all hype and not funny. But,I watched the premiere last night and I couldn't stop laughing. You have to understand the humor to get the jokes, but it is so worth it. I think this is going to be a huge hit for NBC and Lee. The cast was awesome and a great combination. It is nice to see Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee on the screen together again.If you get the chance watch this show. You won't be sorry. It is also followed by another great show The Office. I think they work well together. Tuesday nights are better than they used to be.I hope that NBC keeps this show around for several seasons.
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This Show is So Good That I Expect It To Be Cancelled
johnpenning5126 September 2005
I rarely watch sitcoms any more because they are normally both inane and indistinguishable from one another. This show may actually induce me to watch it on a regular basis. If you liked "Raising Arizona", you just might like "My Name Is Earl". After I watched the first episode I did an online search to find out who the creative forces were behind it. In doing so I stumbled into a review that described Earl as the illegitimate son of Nicholas Cage in "Raising Arizona". That just about nails the character. In In fact, while recounting the season opener to a friend who had missed it, I nearly called Earl, Hi. Catch it before it's gone. If you didn't think the first episode was brilliant, then this show is just not for you.
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good stuff
cdb3322 September 2005
This show was really funny. Jason Lee kills me any time anything comes out of his mouth in this show. His character is like Brodie from Mallrats all grown up. Ethan Slupe looks like he's shed a few pounds, but he's also GREAT in his role. These small town rednecks that everyone in town probably crosses the street when they see these 2 brothers walking their way on the same sidewalk. Wise cracks in true Lee style, with his goofy smile-almost as funny as the punchline to most of the jokes on the show. It's almost as good as if Kevin Smith himself directed & produced the show himself I hope this show continues to be as funny as the pilot & stays on the air for years and years to come.
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Wonderful show
fightthecrowd16 April 2008
I began watching this show mostly for Jason Lee, who is a very talented and funny actor. I really thought that the plot would would only allow for maybe 20 episodes before the premise became used up. It is now on the third season and seems to be keeping strong. For the most part, the show sticks with its main premise. It is nice to see a comedy that doesn't all take place within 4 rooms like many shows on the air today. I think the constant introduction of new and clever characters really keeps it interesting. These are brought in order for there problems to be solve so that Earl can cross them off his list and move on to helping the next guy. It is unclear if the plot was originally thought up to allow a new character almost every episode, but it is really to its benefit, and the viewers.
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Looks like this show is going to have a good run!
SonicStuart20 September 2005
"My Name Is Earl" is one of the funniest new shows of 2005! "My Name Is Earl" is about this guy named Earl (Jason Lee) who is a redneck and one day he wins $100,000 off a lottery ticket and then decides to make a list of things that he did wrong from his past with his new realization about how much his life sucks. So I think this show will probably be a hit and go for a few seasons since I'm sure that every episode is going to be where he is checking off his list and making sure that his life gets better. This show premiered on NBC, September 2005.

User Rating: 9/10

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No Words to say!... Way beyond AWESOME!
etnm-923-65437714 December 2010
This show is way beyond awesome...

The Show has everything that a good show need... Comedy, Action, Suspense, Horror, Romance...

The best part is the suspense maintained throughout each episode from starting to end.

The cast chosen is perfect, their role is perfect, the acting is perfect. The show is so awesome that even if you watch it 100th time, you wont feel bored instead it feels like a new episode.

After everything I still don't understand why the ENDED the series in middle.
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A genuinely funny, surprisingly intelligent, and hectically chaotic ride through the streets of Camden County
aleksa_andjic27 July 2012
If somebody were to tell you that My Name is Earl was a show about dim- witted people doing crazy things, well, they wouldn't exactly be wrong. But it isn't the whole truth, either. When you make a show that centres around dim-witted people in a small town doing crazy things to pass the time, the general conclusion people would jump to would be that the show would be cliché and stupid. Who could blame them, that always appears to be the case. But My Name is Earl isn't only not stupid and cliché, it is absolutely brilliant, charming, genuinely hilarious, and loaded with twists and turns worthy of M. Night Shyamalan himself. Nothing is ever what it seems, and just when you think everything turned out peachy, a bigger, much more dastardly problem arises for our fiend-turned-friend.

The premise of My Name is Earl is a show that takes place in the small town of Camden County from the perspective of a petty con artist, Earl J. Hickey, who finds himself in an accident after winning a hundred thousand dollars in a lottery. Waking up in a hospital, he reflects on his life and comes to an epiphany; in a word, Karma. Realizing that his life is terrible due to him being a generally terrible person, Earl plans to turn his life around and writes a list of all the bad things that he's ever done, ranging from little things like bullying some kids in his days in school, to huge, punishable-by-law crimes, and hopes to make up for it along the way.

It's a simple premise, but one that is full of possibilities, and Greg Garcia never ceases to surprise the audience through the course of the series. Mix the chaos that ensues with a never ending stream of colourful, charismatic, and most importantly, likable characters, and you've definitely got something. All the characters in My Name is Earl are hardly forgettable, and each of them have an interesting twist on classic clichés that let them shine with originality despite having a certain deliberate lack thereof. Even the least likable of characters, the ones whom the cast want you to hate, have an incredibly human side to them that you will soon discover as you watch the show that will make them carve a special place in your heart.

It also goes well with the acting, which, while it sadly won't win any Oscars (the acting is purposefully lack-luster), has a certain childish charm that really brings out the character in an almost theatrical light that will connect you with the stage that is Camden County as a theatre production may connect you with the characters of Shakespeare's work at a live performance. Jaime Pressly, for example, shines as an over-the- top, selfish, heartless "dumb blonde" that is Joy Turner, but there are more than enough times when with that same childish nature of the casts acting she shows a surprisingly massive level of depth beneath her otherwise paper-thin character, partly due to the sharp writing and character design, partly because of her enthusiasm for the role, and with it, takes the stage every time she makes an appearance in each episode. Each character in the cast is equally "shallow-deep" and likable, coating their enthusiastic role playing with a childlike nature that makes this show have you feeling young at heart, even if the humour can be a little... mature at times.

In addition to the unbelievable plot twist with each episode, the writing is sharp, witty, simplistic, straight to the point, and a little playful as well. Despite having an excellent sense of humour, My Name is Earl tends to have a few vulgar jokes in it, as well. But unlike a majority of the jokes in the later episodes of Family Guy and shows alike, no matter how vulgar it gets, it tends to be somehow tasteful, and never feels out of place, save for one or two per season. Even though most of the show seems to be a situational comedy which focuses mostly on events rather than the words being said, when Earl, himself, begins narrating and tries to make sense of the impossible events that occur to the best of his abilities, or when his loyal brother Randy interjects into a conversation with a ridiculous statement, hilarity is guaranteed.

My Name is Earl is, without a doubt, among the funniest and full of heart shows to ever air on TV, anywhere, and you'd truly be missing out by skipping this one. It's truly a shame that where other dime-a-dozen TV shows continue to overstay their welcome, My Name is Earl hardly had the chance to wipe their feet at the door before bidding "goodbye."
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The oddest, most unexpected, and flat out best of a once-tired subgenre
phonenumberofthebeast29 June 2007
"My Name is Earl" has some unlikely ancestors. It belongs to a genre of television comedy/drama best described as "Good works shows". Popular in the eighties, when "Highway to Heaven" and "Quantum Leap" topped the charts, these shows concerned a normal, everyday guy or gal who, usually at the inspiration of some amorphous Higher Power, travelled from place to place attempting to make things Right. These shows drew their audiences in with their optimism, their conviction and their reminder that, however bad the world may seem, we have it in us all to make it better. Naturally, once the 90s dawned, they withered on the vine.

So now we're in the 2000s. How do you draw an audience jaded by the horrors around them back to the form? By taking the its conventions and completely subverting them. Instead of your average whitebread middle class straight edge, ala Scott Bacula or Patrick Duffy, you have Earl, a scuzzy, scummy lowlife with the kind of handlebar mustache that always makes one think of dead wives in the cellar. One day, realising that his life sucks, he decides to go on a quest to right all the wrongs he committed in his life. This is, as you might imagine, a fairly daunting prospect. Instead of God or some other vaguely Judeo-Christian concept, you have what Earl calls "karma", though it has little to do with karma as Hindus or Buddhists would understand it. It's more like the stalking Death in "Final Destination", only armed with a custard pie and a hand-buzzer instead of a chainsaw. If Earl does something good, he, and usually hordes of other people through a complex Rube-Goldberg unravelling of events, is rewarded. If he does bad, karma ensures Earl has a suitably slapstick comeuppance. Initially it seems to only idly look in his direction. But once Earl takes up his quest, the gloves come off. He is, as he puts it, "karma's bitch." At one point, having decided to neglect his duties in favour of romance, he finds himself at karma's mercy, crashing through a seemingly endless series of pratfalls before falling victim to a swarm of bees.

What makes this show work is that, while it never loses its moral compass, it isn't preachy or condescending. The characters inhabit the world we know, not some idealised, processed version of it. Not everyone, even white knight Earl, is necessarily likable. Earl doesn't get all virtuous about his job; he does it because he thinks it's the right thing to do, even if it means helping his repugnant "family"- his loathsome ex-wife Joy (brilliantly played by Jaime Pressely), her layabout boyfriend and their two kids. Even Randy, Earl's endearingly dim brother, who acts as the Laurel to Earl's Hardy, ("I'm gonna ask the judge to smash this walnut with his judge hammer. I bet it explodes like a death star") is given to moments of selfishness.

The scripts are wonderfully creative and have a knack for undermining expectations. In one instance, decides to apologise to the mustachioed girl he made fun of in junior high who he hasn't seen in years. When she opens her front door, cliché demands she be heart-stoppingly beautiful. Instead she has a full beard. "I tried waxing," she says. That's what works. The characters are human. This show doesn't give us people to look up to; it gives us people we could actually be.
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Quirky, different, and excellent
kestrel121416 December 2010
At a passing glance, My Name Is Earl would look like a show about a group of criminal rednecks. But there is far more to it than that.

Earl Hickey is nothing short of a thug, who steals for himself and his brother, Randy. When he gets a lottery ticket from a petrol station, he wins $100000, but is promptly hit by a car. During his stay in hospital, he sees a television interview, where the guest talks about karma. Earl then writes a list of everything bad he's done, and sets out to make it all right.

My Name Is Earl, at a pass, would seem to be a low brow comedy, but it is far deeper than that. Earl's simplistic view of the world, which is slightly stereotypically redneck, is a clever way to look at social and political issues. All the characters are brilliantly written, and aptly played, each bringing their own to the story. The series does not drag on, despite its simple premise, through numerous plot twists, and obstacles in Earl's path to karmic realignment.

One of the best sitcoms of recent years.

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Wonderful show, such a shame it was cancelled
TheLittleSongbird19 July 2011
When My Name is Earl first aired, it very quickly became one of my favourites. For a long time, it was to me one of the better and funnier shows airing on television, and I was really disappointed when it was cancelled. Jason Lee for starters is perfect as Earl, he is very funny and endearing all at once. All the other actors are engaging and have their chance to shine, but Lee was always the one to watch. My Name is Earl also had crisp production values, likable characters, interesting story lines and hilarious jokes and writing.

In conclusion, a wonderful show and for a long time was one of my favourites. That it was cancelled is a pity. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Bad Title, But Very Funny!
GodDoIRule20 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw the premiere of My Name is Earl, and the word is good!!! This is very well written, and very funny! Some of the jokes are hilarious, and the whole storyline, while not original, is executed perfectly! Jason Lee, who I love, so this may seemed a little biased, is perfectly cast!!! But Ethan Sulpee steals the show. He is great as Earl's brother. Some people may complain that it's discriminating against certain cultures but that's stupid. The cast is outstanding, the writing is great!!! The overall laugh's were pretty darn good, although I was hoping for more belly laughs. The best parts where Earl's kid was black, and the hooker, but as I said, Ethan Sulpee stole the show for me!!! I think he's hilarious, and it's great to see him and Lee work together, as they did in Kevin Smith's Mallrats. The show could be tweened a bit more, but overall, I am highly pleased. The critic's are right for once, this one's a sure thing!!! The best sitcom I've seen in years!!! I hope this lasts for a while!!! Overall Grade: A-!!!
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Awesome show
Maniac-95 February 2012
I watched the pilot episode of MNIE when it debuted and was hooked on the show ever since it. I was already a big Jason Lee fan since we was in movies like Mallrats and Chasing Amy.

Earl and his dimwitted brother Randy are con men/thieves until Earl wins $100,000 in the lottery but then instantly gets hit by a car and loses the ticket. Earl seeing Carson Daly on TV talking about karma and saying that good things happen to good people. So Earl determines to turn his life around. He makes a list of every bad thing he's ever done.

Other characters in the show are Joy who is Earl's ex-wife, crabman aka Darnell who works at the Crabshack and ends up marrying Joy and Catalina who's the housekeeper at the hotel that Earl and Randy live in and also a dancer at Club Chubby.
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Boo Networks!
jcaraway311 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'd give this hilarious and original show a 10 if it wasn't for stupid ol' NBC canceling it on a cliffhanger. Now we'll never know who Earl Jr's real dad is! I will admit that the show got more and more gross every season(like in the episode "Nature's Game Show", Randy devours undelivered human organs), but that's no reason to cancel such a great show. I guess they canceled it because the ratings were terrible. Typically, people have no taste in television; they'd rather watch all the reality TV crap. In my opinion almost all of the really good shows are canceled before their time, but, then again, if I think it's really good, I don't think it should ever end. I know I sound like a complete nerd whining about frivolous crap such as TV shows, but I really hate it when shows are canceled on cliffhangers.
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Trailer trash at its best
vranger8 June 2009
And yes, My Name is Earl is literally about trailer trash, and hilariously so.

Even though Earl is reformed from his earlier days where nothing crooked or immoral was out of bounds, the same is not true for some of his friends. And of course since each show has Earl attempting to right a past wrong, we get to see just how depraved Earl was for most of his life.

The writers' creativity stretches far, for they have now produced a LOT of shows with fresh ideas and situations both funny and completely out of left field. How they come up with things like "fish wings" I'll never guess, and I'm not bad at coming up with funny stuff myself.

Is a lot of Earl "low-brow". Oh yes. Let you hair down and just laugh, for the laughs are there all show long, every show.
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Inventive and funny
b_havag10 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I have never seen a show like "My Name is Earl". Not many shows can be so funny and interesting to watch even in between laughs and still have such good moral values. In this show, I never laugh at the characters, I always laugh with them.

Earl starts with his list because he's tired of having such a crappy life, he hopes that his life will turn out better, and it does, but in the process he genuinely becomes a better person and doesn't do good things just so good things can happen to him, he does them cause its the right thing to do. When Earl has finished a list-item and done something good for the person involved it always makes me smile.

Another great thing is that no episodes are the same. Because of the list, every episode gives us exciting new characters, situations and stories. A great change from shows like Seinfeld, The King of Queens, Friends and Two and a Half men, where most of the action is on the same spots in every episodes. Don't get me wrong, I love the aforementioned shows much too, but sometimes I feel like I have seen unseen episodes already there.

Randy, Darnell, Joy and Catalina are great supporting characters, and Jason Lee is perfect as Earl Hickey.

Watch "My Name is Earl" and be in for a treat. 9/10
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CBS pick this show up and replace two and a half men
n_gossett257 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I religiously watched two and a half men but it has gotten too raunchy for my kids. We love my name is earl. With FOX playing reruns I think that it has created more fans. It maybe smart to pick this one up. From the reviews I really think it could be successful. Give it a try. Please bring it back. Please. If not the need to come up with something because Abc has got some really great shows. It doesn't hurt to try. That network canceled it they maybe willing to sell the rights to it. Like some said the only problem I have with show is it was canceled too soon. My whole family loves it. Please try to bring it back to life. Adding it to the Monday night line up would only help ratings. Again it is down right funny yet family appropriate with the exception of a few episodes.
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Series 1: A bit sentimental at times but mostly carried by imaginative writing, great dialogue and great performances
bob the moo19 April 2006
Earl Hickey is a goddamn, no-good piece of white trash who would steal your teeth if they were false. When he wins the lottery he is so happy that he doesn't see the car driving towards him until it has already laid him out. Recovering in the hospital he sees a Carson Daly piece on TV that is looking at the concept of karma and he realises why his life is so rubbish – because he has spent it doing bad things. He resolves to write down a list of all the bad things he has done and work though them to make amends, thus balancing his life out. His first good deed sees him reunited with his winning lottery ticket – thus setting him up with the resources to tackle the rest.

Along with "Everybody Hates Chris", My Name is Earl came to the UK with lots of praise and critics hailing it as one of the saviours of the American sitcom. As someone who has been left uninspired and bored by the bland flavour of Friends, Raymond, Just Shoot Me and countless other safe, studio-bound sitcoms this was an offer I couldn't turn down and I'm very glad to say that I wasn't disappointed. From the very start and throughout this series delivered a great concept with energy and imagination to produce a show that is the complete opposite of all the bland, studio-bound sitcoms that fill the US schedules by pushing obvious buttons and playing it safe to the point where it is hard to tell them apart. With Earl the concept sets up lots of individual episodes that are only limited by the writers' imaginations. Generally they are all well devised and those that are weak are generally carried by the laughs.

In this regard the series produces lots of great lines and shows that the writers have a great ear for dialogue. The laughs come from straight jokes, clever asides and even just the way the characters present themselves. It is consistently funny and, although I wasn't rolling that often, I still had more than enough laughs to make each episode memorable and have plenty I would still be chuckling about days later. The direction is good and the series avoids the "studio" feel of many other sitcoms. Needless to say the lack of canned laughter is a welcome thing, making it much easier to enjoy without that grating on me all the time.

Responding really well to the material, the cast are consistently impressive and fun. I've always liked him and with Earl, Jason Lee seems to have found a character that suits him perfectly and whose only downside may be that he'll never get better. He is a tremendous lead and he delivers his character and dialogue really well. However he is not so selfish so as to dominate the series, because he works really well with the support cast, allowing them to shine. Suplee is great fun as Randy, getting a lot of the best lines and making him lovable and dumb, as opposed to the type of dumb that would turn the audience against him. Pressly may not have done anything but white trash roles but that is because she does them very well and, "Earl" has handed her a doozy. Joy is tremendously b*tchy and fun, with great lines and a great presence. Not to be outdone on the sexy front, Velaquez is cool and is funny when given the chance, even if she is down the pecking order from the others. Steeples is funny and "gets" his character. The supporting guest stars are mostly well cast and take to the material well.

If it has a weakness, it is that each show seems to take "lessons" and sentiment from the story too easily. Set in a world of poor, white trash it would have been nice to see some harsh edges and some bitter reality served up, but generally the laughs cover up for this forgivable lapse into sitcom obviousness. Overall then a very enjoyable series that had me consistently amused and laughing, using a clever concept to produce good stories and delivering them with great imagination, humour and wit. The cast all take to it like ducks to water and from just a few episodes I felt it deserved the praise it had got. Along with "Everybody Hates Chris" it stands head and shoulders above the majority of the sitcoms cluttering the schedules with laughter tracks and uninspiring ideas.
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Probably the Most Feel Good Sitcom Ever.
Zombie-Kermit13 May 2008
This is a show that doesn't just make you laugh... it makes you happy. Seeing Earl do good deeds and change people's lives is fantastic. Seeing the relationship Earl has with his brother is very touching as well. I'm a true sucker for a redemption tale. And this is most likely my favourite ever.

The basic plot is pretty simple, yet very effective. Earl, a pretty rotten guy who doesn't do much good gets hit by a car after winning $100 000 in the lottery. While in hospital his wife leaves him for another man. Afterwards he switches on the TV and sees an episode of Last Call with Carson Daly, where they are talking about Karma. Earl then decides that he has bad luck because he's a bad person, so in theory all he has to do is be a good person, and he will have good luck. So he writes out a list of all the bad stuff he has done to people, and one by one sets out to make things right. I think it is a great premise, but as I said before, I'm a sucker for this kind of thing.

Now onto the main characters. Every character has been casted perfectly, and every cast member gives their character soul. Casting Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee as Earl and Randy Hickey respectively was a stroke of genius. They work really great together. Jaime Pressley is hilarious at the white trash girl, Joy, and Eddie Steeples plays her new husband Darnell/Crabman really well. Also in the cast is the lovely Nadine Velazquez as Catalina, the cleaning lady at the motel where Earl and Randy stay, who is also the woman Randy loves. All the characters have great chemistry with each other. They are all very good characters who each have their own charms and faults.

This is a great show with lots of heart, and if you don't find yourself smiling.... See a doctor. There is a lot of character growth and you will probably find yourself liking the characters more and more every episode. I know I do.

Now onto the comedy part. It's fantastic. A lot of this owes to the way the characters interact, which is very believable. It also has a lot of great pop culture references, and just plain great comedy. The comedy is a little hard to explain, as most of it is in the delivery of the lines, which is always done well. The show has been made extremely well with characters appearing often instead of just once, as in many TV Shows. This makes Camden County very believable as a small county town.

In closing, this is not your regular comedy, it his held up by a strong and very original story, as well as great characters. I am not saying that other comedies aren't good. I'm just saying that this brings a whole new concept to the table.

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A Great Message
claymore0418 April 2007
Not only has this show actually made me laugh out loud really hard for the first time in ten years of watching ridiculously unfunny sitcoms (I barely watch T.V. now because of the tripe filled with commercials and I never watched reality crap), It has the best message on T.V. Shows today are either unfunny or vulgarly funny with no moral message. Earl has changed all that. Although bits are for adults, it's a small price to pay for the key to making our country better ("Do good things and good things happen. Do bad things and bad things happen." So simple yet effective). Jason Lee has always been funny in my mind and when I saw he was a producer I knew the show would retain that special quirk it has. Jamie Pressly hotter than ever and Nadine Velazquez (Catalina) looks great by the pool in her bikini.
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