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Sex & Nudity

  • Some scantily clad female characters.
  • A married couple shares occasional brief (yet passionate) kisses.
  • Sometimes quick mild sexual innuendos
  • The episode "Senate Spy" has some kissing and some sexual innuendos, more so than any other episode.
  • In the episode "Rookies" there are some pictures in the background that show some scantily clad females, however it's very hard to notice.
  • In the episode "Hunt for Ziro" there is a scene where a few scantily clad dancers are performing a dance in front of the Hutts.
  • In the episode "Lethal Trackdown" there is a scene at a bar where a dancer is performing on one of the tables.
  • There is an episode in which a scene takes place at a club where there are scantily clad female characters standing on the tables performing a provocative dance.

Violence & Gore

  • Seasons 4 and 5
  • These two seasons have many intense moments. Some that stand out are these: A slave attempts to assassinate her master with a knife, but when this fails, she leaps off a balcony to her death. A Jedi master turns evil and gives his soldiers false orders, tricking them into killing some of their fellow clones from another battalion. When the clones discover his betrayal, they turn on him. The evil Jedi proceeds to kill many of the clones, both with a lightsaber and his bare hands (breaking backs and necks), in an intense and brutal fight scene. The troopers take him into custody and the Jedi is eventually shot and killed.
  • In the Season 5 episode "The Lawless", a semi-major female character is suspended in the air and Force-choked for several prolonged moments by an evil character as he taunts the woman's love interest. The evil character then runs the woman through suddenly with his lightsaber (we see her shocked and pained face), and the woman dies a moment later in her love interest's arms. This is an extremely intense and difficult scene.
  • The show progressively gets more and more violent with each season. The show starts off light hearted and directed to a younger audience but gets surprisingly violent and dark as it goes on. For example, a group of slavers kidnap multiple innocents, then let them loose in a jungle and hunt/kill them for sport.
  • As the show goes on the violence increases with frequent dismemberment, suicide and executions. In one instance it is heavily implied multiple kids are killed right after the scene cuts. This show is very dark and mature for a cartoon, and its marketing as a kids show is very misleading
  • [The Complete Season One]
  • Depictions of violence tend to involve laser gun shootings, massive explosions, Jedi-saber fights, and giant alien monster attacks. Younger viewers may still view this series since these depictions are without gore and do not portray cruel inflections. Nevertheless, battle violence is prevalent.
  • [The Complete Season Two]
  • Violence consists of many depictions of sci-fi action where people, robots, spacecraft and more are killed or destroyed by various weapons, while various forms of fighting (i.e. light-saber duels) also occur.
  • Mild battle scenes are present in every episode in this season. Typically, the characters in the series go into battle using laser beams, laser swords or guns. In these battle sequences, explosions and giant alien monster attacks are also portrayed.
  • Occasionally, some severed but non-bloody heads are seen, and that, combined with the violence and various moments containing potential disastrous peril may prove unsettling and/or suspenseful to some younger viewers, such as children.
  • Mild action violence also include various Jedi-saber fights and some physical brawls that include punches and kicks between characters. However, younger viewers should be able to view these scenes accompanied with a parent as its portrayal of violence does not dwell on infliction of pain or torture.
  • [The Complete Season Three]
  • Violence consists of all sorts of sci-fi action where humans, robots and alien creatures are killed by various weapons; typically involving laser swords and guns, and the explosions of many spacecrafts.
  • In some cases, severed but non-bloody body parts are seen; and such moments of potential shock & peril will prove unsettling and/or suspenseful to younger viewers, such as children.


  • Crap and blast are used infrequently.
  • In the episode "Rookies" one character says "What the hell was that!?" Later in the same episode, after two clone characters shoot down the same droid, one insists that he was the one who made the killing shot, to which the other responds, "Like hell you did."
  • In the episode "Liberty on Ryloth" one character says "It looks like it must have been a hell of a fight."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The in-universe drug known as spice is referenced frequently
  • Occassional smoking and drinking.
  • In the episode "Lethal Trackdown" there is a scene at a bar. They are said to be drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Though it's a cartoon, it is definitely not a children's show, the show started off pretty tame and lighthearted, but as seasons progress the violence increases heavily with, dismemberment, suicide, executions, torture and more on-screen graphic deaths occurring. Even the tone/style of the show changes, darker atmosphere, less humour, and more intense sequences.
  • [The Complete Season One]
  • If episodes are watched in succession, the impact of overall intensity accumulated from the violence portrayed will be increased.
  • [The Complete Season Two]
  • Each episode is this season is also preceded by moral lessons such as "Searching for the truth is easy; accepting the truth is hard" (Episode 15). However, these lessons can be easily lost given that battle actions are the focus of every episode.
  • [The Complete Season Three]
  • When compared to previous seasons, Season 3 is darker in its presentation and thematic elements.
  • For example, the entirety of Episode 13, 'Monster' focuses on the torturous process of selecting the strongest assassin for an evil lord; hence implying that each candidate had to come to a fatal end before a victor could emerge. In the final test, after a black magic spell has been cast on the appointed assassin, he is made to kill his own kin. He is seen lifting the helpless man in the air and strangling him. The victim's death is suggested by the snapping sound of a bone.
  • The above episodes which contain sinister elements will prove unsettling to younger viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In season 6, a series of episodes involve a small group of clones discovering chips that are in clones brains, making them controllable by the antagonists (Order 66). These episodes are very dark, bleak, and depressing, not only due to the hopelessness of the situation but also the intentional sad tone of the episodes
  • One of the more darker episodes of the series portrays some very disturbing material. Slavers kidnap innocent people, drop them off in a jungle, and then hunt them down and kill them for sport. The killings are seen on-screen and are quite upsetting.
  • In another episode, 'Altar of Mortis', an evil son who is consumed by his greed for power is willing to go as far as to kill his own father to get what he wants. Although he does fails in his first attempt, the following episode, 'Ghosts of Mortis', depicts him accidentally stabbing his sister while aiming for his father. Furthermore, he then shows no remorse and his father eventually sacrifices his own life to deter his son from doing any further evil.

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