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An enticing show!
sias-programming10 April 2008
When I was watching the Discovery channel one day, I noticed this show was on. I had nothing better to do or watch so I decided to see what it was about. The show amazed me from the start.

The hosts are ex-burglars who have the skills and knowledge of burgling to help instruct people on ways to improve their security and protection. It's always interesting to watch how they rob a family or person of their entire possessions and do it so quickly that their getaway is almost perfect.

After the owners return and realize they have been robbed, they return their possessions as well as giving them much needed protection for their safety and to help prevent further burglaries and break-ins.

The show is always interesting to watch and keeps me entertained since they always steal so much in so little time. It a show that keeps us informed about the dangers of robbers and also shows us the chaos of burglaries and theft in action.
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Dang, are they cutting it close!
Ninetails199119 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is a great show where ex-thieves go in and break in to people's houses (don't worry, the homeowners will know they'll be coming.) Then after the break-in, after all is said and done, the two ex-thieves then return the stolen loot and upgrade the house security wise.

This is why I put a spoiler alert on here: Out of all the episodes I have watched, there were two times that they almost got busted. Once, as the thief was leaving out the front, the homeowners came home, and he went out the back. And a second time was when he had stole a car, and then he drove RIGHT BY THE HOMEOWNERS IN PLAIN VIEW! The guy really can keep you on your feet, I'll tell you that!
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