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New shows from Wyatt Cenac & Michelle Wolf could join the growing list of Emmy winning ‘Daily Show’ alums

New shows from Wyatt Cenac & Michelle Wolf could join the growing list of Emmy winning ‘Daily Show’ alums
The Daily Show” is the gift that keeps on giving at the Emmys. While hosted by Jon Stewart it won Best Variety Series a record 11 times: the first 10 in the combined race for Best Variety Series (2003-2012), and then once more in 2015 in the Best Variety Talk Series category after talk shows were separated from sketch comedies. But it hasn’t stopped there. “Daily Show” alums have kept on winning since Stewart ended his run in 2015, and there are more new contenders this year, including Wyatt Cenac and Michelle Wolf, who are debuting new shows this spring. Will they keep the “Daily” dynasty alive?

Cenac is actually already an Emmy winner. He won three times as a member of the “Daily Show” writing team. Now he’s debuting a new docu-series, “Problem Areas.” The late-night HBO program examines social and cultural issues with documentary-style field reports across the country as well as in-studio commentary.
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Loudermilk Renewed for Season 2 on At&T Audience Network

The laughs won’t stop for fans of last season’s funniest original comedy Loudermilk as At&T Audience Network today announced a second season pickup for its latest comedy darling.

Production for the 10 half-hour episodes are scheduled to begin this July in Vancouver with the premiere launching in the fall. The second season will be produced by Big Branch Productions.

Returning for the second season will be comedy veterans Peter Farrelly and Emmy Award-winning writer Bobby Mort (The Colbert Report) as writer-creators.

Farrelly, Mort, Mark Burg and Big Branch Productions’ Bart Peters will serve as executive producers. Farrelly will also direct select episodes.

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"I can’t wait to get the band back together to show the world just how much fun sobriety can be," said Farrelly.

"I'm beyond excited to be working with Peter Farrelly, our talented cast, and the fine folks of
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‘Loudermilk’ Renewed For Season 2 By Audience Network

At&T Audience Network has ordered a 10-episode second season of its critically praised original comedy series Loudermilk. Production is scheduled to begin this July in Vancouver with the premiere slated for fall. Created by writer-director Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort, the Emmy-winning scribe from The Colbert Report, Season 1 of Loudermilk centered on Sam Loudermilk, a recovering alcoholic and substance abuse counselor with…
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'Loudermilk' Renewed for Season 2 at Audience Network

Peter Farrelly's Loudermilk is coming back for more.

The half-hour scripted comedy created by the Dumb and Dumber and Something About Mary alum, along with The Colbert Report's Bobby Mort, has been renewed for a second season by At&T Audience Network. The former DirecTV has picked up another 10 episodes with the co-showrunners. Production is scheduled to begin July in Vancouver and the premiere is slated for the fall.

"I can't wait to get the band back together to show the world just how much fun sobriety can be," said Farrelly in a statement on Thursday. "I'm really looking forward to making Sam's bad attitude...
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Kevin Smith is Developing a Jay And Silent Bob Vr Series That Will Be Shot From Bob's Pov

Stx Entertainment is in the process of developing several Vr series through their immersive content division STXsurreal and it has been revealed that one of those projects will include a Jay and Silent Bob series from writer and director Kevin Smith. If you're a fan of Jay and Silent Bob, then you're not gonna want to miss this.

Smith will write, direct and produce the comedy series, which will star his longtime collaborator Jason Mewes. The series will be shot entirely from the perspective of Bob, and "viewers will embody the silent fanboy himself while alpha-slacker Jay leads the way through a string of idiotic adventures."

This actually sounds like it could be fun, even if you don't watch it in Vr. What do you think of this Jay and Silent Bob Vr series? Are you excited about it or do you think it's a silly idea?

I've included information
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Ed Helms, Dave Bautista, Kevin Smith to Launch Vr Projects With STXSurreal

  • The Wrap
Ed Helms, Dave Bautista, Kevin Smith to Launch Vr Projects With STXSurreal
A slew of content is coming from comedian Ed Helms and “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Dave Bautista, along with a new adventure for Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob — but save your popcorn money, it’s all for virtual reality.

STXSurreal, the Vr division of Stx Entertainment, has announced several new standalone and companion projects strictly for virtual reality consoles like Facebook’s Oculus or Samsung’s eponymous gear.

Set to hit in mid-2018, the projects include a workplace comedy that lets the user became the greatest wizard of all time and a hostage negotiation that unfolds live in front of users.

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Read the full slate below:

“New Tricks”

Original short-form live-action comedy series from director and producer Ed Helms (The Hangover, The Office). Written by Frank Lesser (The Colbert Report), New Tricks follows an aimless 30 year-old Radio Shack employee who receives a visit from a magical elf one day and learns he is destined to become the world’s greatest wizard. Helms will produce the series with Mike Falbo (Pacific Electric Picture Co.).

Untitled Dave Bautista Project

Stx will expand its relationship with actor Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy, Blade Runner: 2049) through an original short-form action-comedy series. STXfilms is concurrently collaborating with Bautista on an action comedy feature film, which is also in the early stages of development.

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“The Kiev Exchange”

A spinoff of Stx’s Mile 22 film franchise, The Kiev Exchange is a short-form, live-action series from Mile 22 director Peter Berg. Written by Umair Aleem (Extraction, 2017 Blacklist for “Kate”), The Kiev Exchange is a gritty, pulse-pounding action-thriller following the CIA’s elusive paramilitary force, Ground Branch, as they negotiate a tense and complex hostage exchange in a public square. When all hell breaks loose they must come together to fight their way out of an ambush. Berg will produce for Film 44 and Film 45, along with Mark Wahlberg, Matt Goldberg and John Logan Pierson.

“Jay and Silent Bob Vr”

Original short-form, live-action comedy series from Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy). Smith will write, direct and produce the series, which stars his longtime collaborator Jason Mewes (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy) as they revisit fan-favorite characters Jay and Silent Bob. Shot entirely from the perspective of Bob, viewers will embody the silent fanboy himself while alpha-slacker Jay leads the way through a string of idiotic adventures.

Untitled Derek Kolstad Project

From writer Derek Kolstad (The John Wick Trilogy), this original live-action short-form series, set in 1947, follows a mysterious government agent sent to investigate an aircraft crash in rural New Mexico. As he probes deeper, it becomes clear this is no ordinary incident. Kolstad is also writing STXfilms’ upcoming action-thriller Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk.

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Stephen Colbert Tries out Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ‘Super Hard’ Workout — With Rbg Herself (Video)

  • The Wrap
Stephen Colbert Tries out Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ‘Super Hard’ Workout — With Rbg Herself (Video)
In a segment that fans of his earlier “The Colbert Report” almost certainly enjoyed, Stephen Colbert got physical, physical with judicial icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Wednesday night’s episode of “The Late Show.” “She has no interest in retiring. Which is good. Please, just hang in there for three to seven more years,” Colbert said about Ginsburg, who at 85 is the current oldest-serving Justice of the United States Supreme Court. (You can watch the clip above.) Also Read: Colbert: Facebook Is 'Like a Bank That Just Gave Bank Robbers Your Money Because That's Their Business Model' (Video) “But,” Colbert continued, “that will...
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‘Our Cartoon President’ on Showtime: Stephen Colbert’s animated program hopes to shake up Emmys … bigly

“Our Cartoon President,” Showtime’s animated comedy that skewers Donald Trump‘s White House, is hoping to shake up the 2018 Emmys … bigly. Best Animated Program has seen its fair share of repeat winners over the years, with 10-time champ “The Simpsons” being the granddaddy of all. “South Park” is next at three wins, followed by “Bob’s Burgers,” “Futurama” and “Star Wars: Clone Wars” with two apiece. But “Our Cartoon President” has a secret weapon that could help it break through with Emmy voters: co-creator Stephen Colbert.

SEE2018 Emmy predictions slugfest: ‘Ozark,’ ‘Mindhunter,’ ‘The Chi’ and more hope to break into Best Drama Series [Video & Podcast]

Colbert is an Emmy favorite, winning nine trophies over the years for writing and producing both “The Colbert Report” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” As the star of CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” he was tasked with hosting last year’s Emmy ceremony to great fanfare.
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Watch Mgmt Turn 'Colbert' Performance Into Retro Music Video

Mgmt transformed The Late Show with Stephen Colbert into a gauzy disco for their performance of "Me and Michael" Monday. The track appears on the band's new album, Little Dark Age.

Mgmt gave the performance the feel of a retro music video, complete with a four-line title card in the bottom corner, a smoke-filled stage illuminated with neon lights and a slow-turning mirror ball. The setting paired well with the melancholy synth-pop of "Me and Michael." For good measure Mgmt also filtered and warped the video to make it look
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The Year in TV: How Late-Night Hosts Became the Resistance

The Year in TV: How Late-Night Hosts Became the Resistance
In the world of late-night television, 2017's biggest media story was the fact that, after initial stumbles – and even rumors that he might get replaced – Stephen Colbert's much-hyped Late Show overtook Jimmy Fallon's seemingly invincible Tonight Show in the ratings. (NBC's boyish, game-loving host still has the advantage in the much-coveted 18-to-49 demo, but that lead keeps shrinking.) There were many reasons to cheer this news. From his time on The Daily Show to hosting The Colbert Report, Colbert has proved to be one of the best, most
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Kumail Nanjiani Admits ‘The Big Sick’ Was Even More Personal Than He Expected

  • Indiewire
Kumail Nanjiani Admits ‘The Big Sick’ Was Even More Personal Than He Expected
Kumail Nanjiani is one of the six names in entertainment being celebrated at the inaugural IndieWire Honors on Nov. 2. He co-wrote “The Big Sick” with his wife Emily Gordon, basing the story on their own relationship. Nanjiani is also a standup comic and actor best known for his role on “Silicon Valley.”

One of the year’s most deeply personal films was accidentally a bit more personal than planned: It turns out that Kumail Nanjiani’s character’s name in “The Big Sick” wasn’t supposed to be Kumail Nanjiani.

“A huge misstep,” Nanjiani revealed to IndieWire. “Day 1 of shooting was a day where I had a name tag on, and I was like, ‘Oh, shit! Should have changed that last name!'”

Producer Judd Apatow had wanted the main characters of “The Big Sick” to be Kumail and Emily, matching with the real-life people who were telling a fictionalized
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Larry Wilmore developing Middle Eastern superhero comedy series!

  • JoBlo
Larry Wilmore was always one of the funnier The Daily Show correspondents, and his The Nightly Show - which replaced The Colbert Report - was consistently biting and hilarious. It really is a shame that his show is no longer on the air, but it has freed him to help pursue a new superhero show on ABC about a Middle Eastern superhero. It is currently untitled, but here's the official synopsis: The untitled... Read More...
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'The Opposition With Jordan Klepper': TV Review

In the not-quite three years since Stephen Colbert ended The Colbert Report, the political and political comedy landscapes have been reconfigured by massive quakes.

We were so naive once: Six months after the final episode of Colbert's Fox News spoof, Jon Stewart called Donald Trump's presidential candidacy a comedic "gift from heaven" before abdicating his throne at The Daily Show. Trump's election has ushered in a new era in which Colbert's "truthiness" — or the belief in something because it feels true, whether evidence supports such a reality or not — has metastasized into fake news and the more conspiratorial-minded...
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‘The Opposition’: Jordan Klepper’s InfoWars Spoof is Already in Danger of Becoming One-Note

  • Indiewire
‘The Opposition’: Jordan Klepper’s InfoWars Spoof is Already in Danger of Becoming One-Note
Usually, it’s a bit unrealistic to piece together what a comedy show is after only one episode. Especially in the world of late night, each successive half-hour brings host, writers, and assorted crew alike a chance to really drill down on a show’s strengths.

But “The Opposition,” the latest 11:30 slot-holder on Comedy Central, took its first episode as a chance to deliver what seemed like an effective mission statement for what this conspiracy-adjacent satire would be going forward. Not only did host Jordan Klepper take the opportunity to define some of the edges of this particular brand of late-night blowhard, he introduced the various members of his staff and doubled down on the logical loopholes that will theoretically provide most of the laughs as the show progresses.

In doing so, the show might not be the show at its funniest, but it did indirectly touch on the
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Comedy Central Extends Trevor Noah’s ‘Daily Show’ Contract Through 2022

Comedy Central Extends Trevor Noah’s ‘Daily Show’ Contract Through 2022
Trevor Noah will remain as the host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” through 2022, ensuring he will provide commentary and satire through the next presidential election. And he will get some new duties, to boot.

Under the terms of the deal, announced Thursday by theViacom-owned network, Noah will stay on as host, writer and executive producer of the program, anc will produce and host annual, year-end specials, starting this year. The format of the specials is still being worked out, said Kent Alterman, president of Comedy Central, in an interview. Noah realized “that on a day-to-day basis, he is absorbing the headlines of the day, and creating content out of that, and it would be great to within the auspices of ‘The Daily Show’ do some sort of stand-up special or take a look at the year in terms of the headlines that have transpired,” Alterman said. “Maybe there’s an undercurrent of not necessarily assuming
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Watch Stephen Colbert's Hilarious Emmy Promos

Watch Stephen Colbert's Hilarious Emmy Promos
Stephen Colbert prepares for hacks and wardrobe malfunctions in two new promo clips for his stint as host of the 2017 Emmy Awards.

In the first video, The Late Show host goes to the utmost extremes to protect the names of the 2017 Emmy winners from cyber attacks. "I've had my assistant place all the envelopes in this giant safe," the comedian jokes before banging on the large lockbox. "You ok in there?" he asks his assistant, prompting a muffled, "No."

"Only a couple more weeks," Colbert cracks.

In the second promo,
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Larry Sherman, New York Actor and Onetime Donald Trump Publicist, Dies at 94

Character actor Larry Sherman, who also served as publicist for Donald Trump in the 1980s, died Aug. 26 in New York of natural causes. He was 94.

Sherman received degrees in theater and journalism from the University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill, kicking around Manhattan with some stage roles and bit parts before segueing into a successful career as a sports journalist. He covered the 1962 Rome Olympics, and wrote for The Herald Tribune and Newsday before landing at the Long Island Press, where he worked for 25 years.

When the newspaper folded in 1977, Sherman moved to Los Angeles to take a job as head writer for the game show “The Joker’s Wild.” When that program went dark, he moved back to New York looking for work. “He began calling on his friends, and it was a guy at the New York Times, I think, who said ‘I hear this guy Trump is looking for a guy to do
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