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Excellent Fan-based Movie with a real Professional Polish!
MartinBK-110 August 2005
I am an original fan of Star Trek having watched the original series as a boy on my parent's B&W TV. Star Trek: New Voyages has released several new episodes based on the original series with new actors reprising the now legendary roles.

The special effects are excellent for a not-for-profit production and the sound effects and music are dead on the original. These facets combine with some good "campy" script writing to accurately produce a plausible mirror of the original Trek. The story lines capture many of the cherished elements of the original series that helped propel it into cult status. I especially enjoyed the rather well done repartee between Spock, Bones and Kirk. This camaraderie was always a hallmark in the original.

I see that Gene Roddenberry's son Gene Roddenberry, Jr, has joined the production as a Consulting Producer. This reinforces my opinion that the "Great Bird of the Galaxy" would look favorably upon these endeavors. Roddenberry was an extraordinary man who lived an amazing life that helped form his vision of a possible future, that vision became Star Trek. I see much of that grand vision present in Star Trek: New Voyages and I look forward to future episodes.
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A fan's wish fulfillment
knr3269 July 2005
Although this is a truly amateurish endeavor, James Cawley and company make a fan's dream come true for themselves.They claim not to be doing impersonations,however Cawley has Shatner's swagger and broad delivery down pat. The actor trying to portray the late Deforest Kelley's Dr. Mccoy, can't come close to the lovable, yet irascible character, But for the fans of the original series will note he wears a pinky ring. Star Trek, in all its subsequent incarnations have suffered from technological jargon in lieu of good storytelling. New Voyages returns to a time blissfully free of treknobabble; thus for all its good and bad points, is truly a loving homage to its sources material.After all is said and done, it's a guilty pleasure
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Creative, fun to watch sci-fi.
fantasmic197121 June 2005
The folks at Cow Creek deserve all the praise they're getting. They're really putting together some very fun stories to watch.

I'm also glad for New Voyages because it has much more heart than anything Paramount has been asking fans to accept for the past three years. New Voyages reminded me of the reason I loved Star Trek to begin with, and kudos to E-Rod, Fontana & Koenig for going along for the ride. I hope other TOS actors take notice of this rich, new series as well...what a great stage to Bring Back Kirk this would be!

Are you listening, Mr. Shatner?

So many of us out here hope so before another 11 years go by!
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Finally; a fourth season of classic Trek---one download at a time!
Sebastian19663 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
If this were a big budgeted, studio supported franchise I would probably be a lot more critical in my following review. But, as a fan, I really enjoy these productions very much. Considering these down-loadable episodes are TOTALLY self-supported and produced (with NO Paramount/CBS muscle), they have a raw passion that I haven't felt since...the original series! The set recreations are lovingly done; lighting, costumes, sound are all very nice(EVEN for a studio show!). The smallest set details are there. You can easily forget you're NOT looking at the actual sets from 1968! The stories are a mixed bag. Following the odd/even numbered "curse" of the features, the pilot was shaky(but still not bad for a pioneering effort). The second episode, IN HARM'S WAY was terrific. A great sequel to several classic episodes. The 3rd one, TO SERVE ALL MY DAYS was an hour of Walter Koenig STILL doing his annoying Chekov "shtick" after all these years (Chekov was NEVER a favorite of mine). The 4th and (thus far) best one WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME was simply incredible. The acting (especially the talented actress playing Jana Sulu) was a cut above the previous three. And, as with all the episodes, the effects are exactly what I'd imagine a modern, retro-take on classic Trek to look like! Old style ships, rendered with breathtaking CGI clarity! A match made in geek heaven! George Takei (playing an older Sulu gone somewhat wild) delivered his finest performance as that character. And no annoying VOYAGEResque "reset button" (the cheesy plot device that retains the show's status quo, no matter what happens). Through a mind-meld with Spock, Sulu was allowed to retain his loving memory of his lost "first" daughter. As for the regular cast, James Cawley's Kirk is coming along nicely (thanks to the actor for trimming his pompadour; it was a little distracting!). Jeffrey Quinn does a decent Spock and the real doctor playing McCoy is not bad (NO one can capture DeForest Kelley's charm; a daunting task! Good luck, JJ Abrams!!). "Scotty" needs a little work; the accent is a little dicey. A friend of mine pointed out that he sounds like he's doing an impression of Dan Akroyd as Scotty! But essentially, the acting is no worse than a good Trek audio book; where other actors read the roles and your imagination fills in the blanks. On the whole, however, I can feel the PASSION of the people involved virtually flowing off my laptop screen! As far as I'm concerned, STAR TREK is having its long overdue 4th season; one download at a time. Word to Paramount; sanction these!! So I can own the DVDs!! In the meantime, to Mr. Cawley and Co., very nicely done! To anyone that complains that these episodes aren't "canon"(I hate the abuse of that word--it's a TV show! Star Trek broke with "canon" quite a bit; it's not fatal!), or that they're not as slick or well produced as studio Trek; well, if you can do it better....give it a try! Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the "New Voyages" of the old Enterprise!
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Season 4 of TOS
proxima-joe10 May 2005
What do you get when you combine fans with dedicated volunteers together? Star Trek: New Voyages. What these guys lack in monetary resources they make up for in ingenuity. The first and second installment of Star Trek: New Voyages (STNV) picks up at the beginning of what would have been the original series' fourth season, except with different actors playing the characters we all know and love. I would go into detail, but I'll leave that up to STNV production crew. Would I suggest you view it? Oh course!! Are they ready for prime time? Maybe. If they continue the quality curve they set between the first and second episode, it would be a certainty! And with writers like D.C. Fontana contributing, they are not without quality scripts.
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My 2 Cents On New Voyages
patdwyer422 July 2005
I happened to have stumbled onto to STNV totally by accident. I am a long time Star Trek fan and pride myself on my following of all of the series from beginning to end. I watched TOS as a boy from start to finish and then over the years watched each episode many many times. I am one of those fans that, if you were just a smidge MORE of a fan than I, you would have a closet full of federation uniforms and be able to speak conversational Klingon. I did attend a few conventions and I had fun, but never dressed up or anything.

This is all by way of saying STNV really surprised me. I found the stories and scripts to be excellent. Very much on a par with TOS and in some ways it is superior. I was thrilled to see Bill Windom make a final bow as Decker and I marveled at what I saw to be some nice direction and computer graphic work. The two episodes I have watched were far superior to ANY fan film I have ever encountered. As Tim Allen said in Galaxy Quest, "It's usually just some cardboard sets in a garage".

I do need to say a word or two about the acting though. It is, for the most part, patently bad. Some raw talent here and there, but with the exception of the young lady playing Uhura (an NYU Tisch School of the Arts grad) there is not a spec of training amongst the regulars and, for the most part, they are blocks of wood. This is the area in which you see the amateur "FAN" side of this fan film. All other aspects are pretty first rate.

Bravo to all who take part. 7 out of 10
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Probably the best Star Trek Fan-based Series online
sam-72027 June 2005
Jack Marshall and James Calley are consummate professionals and it shows in their love and work on this Star Trek: New Voyages fan-film series. Hollywood also recognizes the talent in these two gentleman and the entire cast and crew of New Voyages; so much so that D.C. Fontana and Walter Koenig are joining the New Voyages team for an upcoming program, giving Walter the chance to bring satisfaction and closure to one of Star Trek's most beloved and under-rated characters. Barbara Luna and William Windom, guest stars from TOS, joined the cast last season for a great program that gave us insight into the real destiny of Commodore Decker. I can only hope that other great stars of TOS, such as Takei and Nichols will sign on, and who knows, maybe they can coax Shatner and Nimoy to come aboard for a future guest spot.

The writing is superb, the acting is excellent. The story lines are telling and completely within the framework and spirit of Gene Roddenberry's vision. It is great programming and may well be the future of science fiction programming.
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It... boggles the mind...
JBearProd13 January 2006
It's hard to review new voyages. It's hard to even comprehend of new voyages being on IMDb, but somehow it is. The impressive thing about the show is that it looks like star trek. But it is not star trek. It's a bunch of guys pretending to be in star trek.

It's really like a star trek convention on consumer video. With bad sound. The sets and the costumes look close to the real thing... but let's remember the 'look' of the real thing was cheap, campy, and shclocky. What made the original great was the people in the campy costumes and the people behind the ideas of the series. Those people are not a part of new voyages. Thus you are left with the same old camp(this time taking itself very seriously) yet lacking the talent, and tongue in cheek humor, that let star trek live far beyond it's 3 seasons.

To boil the review down to a very simple concept: Everything enduring of star trek is nowhere to be found in New Voyages. Everything that was silly they have in spades. I suppose they try valiantly to capture the social ideals behind the show. But 40 years later, the social ideals apply less and less than they did in the turbulent sixties. i.e. we don't really think an African American woman working along side a white man is such a big deal anymore. Sure the world can always use a dose of tolerance and hope, and if you want that in Star Trek form, I recommend you go purchase or rent the really nice set of dvds that just came out of the original series. The cases for them look great on any shelf, plus there's a great special feature of William Shatner riding around in circles on a horse. THAT'S Star Trek.

I do admire some of the spirit behind new voyages. This no-profit labor of love. But there are issues on the film-making front that merit my low rating. The sound is pretty horrible and echo-ey. I assume they use and XL-1 and I've seen it record much better images. The story lines are muddled and hard to follow. And the acting... whew. The acting on the original was suspect, but charismatic enough to win many hearts. Not so on new voyages. I've seen better acting at a high school play. Again though, the sets, costumes, and props are pretty incredible. And kudos for making it happen, getting the press they have, and following their dream. They managed to inspire me to write a thing about it on IMDb. Which is just sad. Maybe even sadder than the fact that new voyages exists. Which, if you haven't watched it yet, is really quite sad.
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This IS Trek, with all its good and bad points
lvregent26 October 2008
This show is the reason I watched Star Trek in the first place. It definitely has its problems, but it has more good points than bad. The stories themselves are spot on, and "World enough and time" is one of the best written Trek episodes to date. The acting does seem to improve over time, but still, most of these people are doing a better job than many professional actors. The show also has a sincerity to it that has been missing from all of the other post-Roddenberry (post Next Generation) Treks. I hope they are able to continue, and that this project will at least lead to other money-making opportunities for them in the future. I am definitely looking forward to Blood & Fire and would recommend New Voyages to any Trek fan who's become jaded by the giant money-making soulless machine that Star Trek has become. It just might make you remember why Star Trek inspired you in the first place.
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Not bad on a budget
biggfoot1411 January 2007
It took me about 10 minutes to get past not having Shatner and gang in their roles, then I really started to enjoy myself. The snub to NBC gave me a chuckle right off. The objections I've read seem to fall into 1. It's not the original cast. Well it couldn't be now could it? These are characters. For instance how many James Bonds' have their been? Also, I feel its totally unfair to call it a 'rip off' since one of their conditions is to not make a profit. If it would make it easier for you, consider this a parallel universe. 2. The effects are cheap. What they have done is to re-create the essence of TOS by duplicating the plywood sets of the original but replacing models (expensive and time consuming) with CGI (which was adopted by TNG and the successive shows) where feasible. I'm impressed and appreciative that these young people have taken the bull by the horns so to speak and basically said "If they won't make it, we will!" Shades of The little red hen there. Congrats on the effort gang.
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Darryl-Gonzalez25 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw my first episode, "In Harm's Way". It brilliantly tied together elements from several ST:TOS episodes (specifically, "The Doomsday Machine", "The City on the Edge of Forever", and "The Menagerie") into one fast-paced story. The writing was very well done, and the acting.....

James Cawley apparently wears several hats well, being an executive producer and the person playing James T. Kirk. He has an extreme comfort level in the role. I almost wish he'd played Kirk in the 2009 movie (though Chris Pine did an excellent job there). In fact, all of the actors played their roles really well.

Also for no money coming in, and a very tight budget, the special effects are superb (in fact, BETTER than in TOS).

I only wish this were on TV. Watching over the Internet is fine but I'd like to be able to watch on my big-screen.....
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One of the best shows since original
enettrek10 August 2010
I disagree with Ralph Pillosoph (JBearProd)'s review as he does not know anything about the shows origins. The show was jump started as a fan show but quickly grew into something much much more.. It continues the enduring legacy that Gene left us.

Eugene Roddenberry Jr has been a part of the show since it's second episode as a consultant. The series since the 3rd episode (To Serve All My Days) has been written by star trek franchise writers that have been well known through out this and the star trek universe.The Original Series' own Dorothy C. Fontana as well as David Gerrold who wrote the most watched trouble with tribbles wrote episodes for the series. The last episodes were a two parter that deals with things of the hear and now... Not 40 years ago, or even 20 years ago. I'm not going to spoil the episode but the episode was originally written for TNG and Gene turned it down on numerous occasions because of what it dealt with. I'm not saying I personally agree with all the content of the newest episode but it was certainly well written and very heart wrenching.. Nice seeing Denise Crosby on screen again.

Cawley Entertainment also co-produced Star Trek of God's and men which brought a lot of star trek alumni as well as some other sci-fi actors. These shows that have so many of the star trek alumni involvement aren't just fanfiction.. Just because paramount didn't make them does not mean it is not just as important as any star trek franchise series, It just means that it has way more heart behind making it then some greedy studio-head (no offense paramount).. It's our way of continuing the voice that rings in our hearts that Gene started almost 50 years ago. That one show can make a difference, change the world, and bring everyone together peacefully.
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enjoyable, with a (very) few flaws
JamieWJackson10 June 2005
(Note: the comment formatter isn't giving me paragraph breaks like it claims to, so I've inserted a note where there's SUPPOSED to be one. Use your imagination, movie fans! LOL) (paragraph break) OK, what up with that HAIRDO, James??? (paragraph break) But anyway, if you enjoy Star Trek and are jonesing now that there's no series being produced on TV, here's a small fix for you. Check out the web site at and you'll see that while this is a fan-based labor of love rather than a full-blown Hollywood production, more than just Trekkies are getting involved; some of the folks from the "real" Star Trek shows are showing up too, including Walter Koenig making an upcoming appearance in his original role ("with a twist" according to the promo on the site). Why would these folks get involved with amateurs making a low-budget, non-profit ST production? Hey, that's what you need to find out... so go watch the episodes. (There are only 2 so far so it won't take you long!) (paragraph break) I give them high marks for enthusiasm, vision, creativity, music, and cleverness; medium for casting and SFX, and about the only thing I really would like to lose is that HAIRDO on Kirk.
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Wow, what a fun surprise!
loudmouth-211 September 2006
I have said for years that Paramount should put out a questionaire on obscure Trek topics and conventions, and whoever gets the most right gets to be the series continuity director. As every fan knows, the actural series completely sucks at its own continuity.

The real treat here, is these guys have done it. Taken the most obscure trek lore and worked into the story line that can not help but bring out a chuckle for those "in the know." I saw "in Harm's Way" first, which out of the two available is the better. The storyline is actually quite good considering its an amateur effort. The sets are incredible, the special effects are pretty good, and overall I give this high marks.

The acting is pretty gawd awful though. It very much reminds me of some efforts at a few Star Trek conventions I've been to... however, its not totally without merit. There are some great performances... but the Scotty and Janice Rand need A LOT of work.

Overall, this is a fanboy's dream come true, an incredible accomplishment considering this was done in someone's spare time. Kudos to all those involved! Want more!
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Curiously Surprising (may contain minor spoilers)
vuture18 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This new series is quite remarkable. Of course, it probably won't seem that way to those too young to remember the original series when it was new and have only seen it in syndication. New Voyages attempts to pick up where the original series left off filling the the gap and completing the five-year mission of U.S.S. Enterprise from the time TOS was canceled to just before ST: The Movie. The cast are all new younger actors which I found a bit unsettling at first but quickly found myself doing double takes on James Cawley (Kirk) and Jeff Quinn (Spock) who (among others in the cast) have attempted to capture the gestures and mannerisms of Shatner and Nimoy. Some may find it a bit overdone but have to admit, I found the performances rather nostalgic. The episodes themselves were written by the mother of ST, D.C. Fontana. For those to young to remember, Ms. Fontana wrote many of the original episodes and, if I am not mistaken, these episodes are ones she wrote but were never produced or may have been screenplays made from stories she wrote after the series was canceled as there was a lot of demand for Star Trek stories at the time. She also wrote the screenplays for the animated series. The pilot and first two episodes are based in whole or in part on other episodes from TOS ("Doomsday Machine", "Menagerie", "Deadly Years" & "City at the Edge of Forever") and at times make reference to other ST entities. If one is not comfortably familiar with the story lines from TOS, these new stories could seem chaotic or confusingly written. I did find some of the time travel paradoxes a bit convoluted though. From what I understand these productions are "pro bono" and everyone involved donated their time and efforts to make the shows on a shoestring budget. They should be given credit for doing so remarkably well under such circumstances. It is evident that it is a labor of love even if the sets and acting are not quite up to 'network' standards. I didn't expect them to be.
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Jack - James and the Crew.
tim-105529 July 2005
What Jack Marshall and James Cawley are doing is keeping a vision alive. This is a dream that Gene Roddenberry had back in the 60's and Jack and James are doing nothing less than exceptional. Although a fan film at this point, they are moving forward by leaps and bounds and it shows with every production.

It just keeps getting better. I would not be surprised if we see them on the big screen some point in the future. The dedication and passion they have is unreal.

I cannot wait to see what happens next in the world of Star Trek New Voyages! Tim
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tforbes-223 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I do not know if I will accidentally write a spoiler for Star Trek: New Voyages, but this is a very inspiring production. The casting initially jarred me, but I became used to the cast. They work great! As for some differences between 1969 and 2005, well, I like Kirk's hair style very well in the 2005 version, thank you! I thought the production values were, so to speak, out of this world! They are better than what was available in 1969, because the technology has progressed so far so fast. And as for the episode I downloaded, I loved seeing Barbara Luna, William Windom and Malachi Throne. Their presence was truly felt. All three performers should be utilised more by film makers, because they offer so much.

And this production has inspired me to work on an idea for a fan film of my own (though not a Star Trek one). Please see these productions!! Paramount, are you taking a hint here??
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Good Show
Prantnerd26 May 2005
I just finished watching "In Harm's Way" and must comment that the shows ideals and plot lines are fantastic. Though the acting talent of the "New Voyages" seems to lack Hollywoods standards, I can see the passion of each of the cast members and am looking forward to seeing episode 3. I noticed when Kirk came in contact with the entity On and saw his future the scene went beyond his death and into the book series where Kirk came back to life. As I am a firm believer that all Star Trek books, comics, and the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise should remain out of cannon I was slightly disturbed by the "New Voyages actions. I don't know how many would agree with such a small point. It's not really that important, just thought I'd mention it.
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A Cheap Rip-Off of a Classic Series
gwhuff29 January 2006
I must say that I'm shocked with the response that this project has received, from the rapid fan base (though expected), to D.C. Fontana writing an script for this (totally unexpected). What New Voyages has done so far is to "re-make" a series using bad actors and writing. I would also stick "bad special effects" in that list as well, but at least some of the shots of the Enterprise are nice (though the CG sets LOOK CG and, thus, cheap).

As much as the creators of this fan film try to purport, the characters of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are NOT "classic characters". They are Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley and no group of actors will ever be able to take their place. And when the attempt is made by actors who either have no talent, or a director who cannot direct them properly, the result is simply bad.

Even more laughable are the plot lines for these (currently two) episodes. If you thought "Enterprise" had some dumb episodes, don't even begin to talk about these. Shirking the Trek legacy of meaningful stories set in fantastic settings, "New Voyages" is merely content with providing stories that stick Kirk and Crew into situations that seem like bad fan fiction. With D.C. Fontana writing an episode, it will remain to be seen if anything will change, though it could be that the bad acting ruins what would have otherwise been a script that actually captures the spirit of the show.

All said, however, one cannot complain about a project that won't cost the viewers and money (time however, is a different matter). It's not any better or worse than the other fan films out there (though I think "Starship Exeter" is probably the best and "Hidden Empire" is a lot worse than this), but please, we have 78 episodes of the real, original "Star Trek", and that's good enough for me. Anything more is just a poor imitation.
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What A Great Effort - That's the Point
mzkin1-11 March 2008
I have watched the episodes that Crowley has put together. Keep in mind the majority of these are not professional actors, they have other jobs, but decided to pool resources and time to create this magnificent effort. Instead of studio red tape, we have a group of committed individuals who have taken a step to penetrate and enrich the ST universe. In many ways, their effort embodies what Roddenberry tried to infuse into the original series--that we can go where no one has gone before. Objectively, of course, the acting isn't perfect, not even the special effects, but it is still a joy to watch because it is a fine effort in storytelling that pulls these elements together in a cohesive and entertaining way. I enjoy the angles they've created that have built off lingering questions from the original ST episodes. Come on folks, why do you have people like George Takei (and others) coming on board to do an episode with them (and it was a great story to watch and hear)? They do it because they love the ST universe, and they can appreciate what STNV is adding to it. I applaud this effort.
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The Voyages Continue . . . . .
Onecanuck200128 August 2005
For those interested in Star Trek, especially the original series, this effort by Cow Creek Productions is a must see. In the first episode you are treated to a mix of some old stuff from the original series mixed in with a line or two from The Motion Picture and The Wrath of Kahn. But, don't be discouraged these people pull it off! At times the dialogue my be campy and Captain Kirks portrayal is somewhat over the top, it appears that these idiosyncrasies are what makes "The New Voyages" so much fun to watch.

Provided free to download at their website, you are treated to two episodes. The second outing "In Harms Way" is extremely well done. The special effects are superior for an independent, "Non-Profit" production and the storyline is gripping. In that episode you are treated to Captain Christopher Pike in command of the USS Enterprise as you see it in "The Cage". The Doomsday machine or planet killer is being attacked by Pike, Spock and the crew of the Enterprise. The opening scene shows the Enterprise utterly destroyed in the opening credits. Years pass and Captain Kirk in command of another Constellation Class Starship is called upon to correct the incorrect time-line. This production has great special effects, good writing, and some surprises that will please the true Trekker.

I highly recommend these fan productions.
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More Than the Sum of Its Parts
basschick27 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
When I first heard about Star Trek: New Voyages, I was blown away by the concept. Getting together at a convention is one thing - making your own show is really something else.

I knew going in that I had to sort of open my mind to watch New Voyages. After all, James Cawley is not suddenly going to become Shatner as he was in the 60's. None of the actors here were going to transform into the actors from the original show. With that in mind I watched a couple trailers and one of the episodes.

The first actor I adjusted to is the guy who plays Spock. Sure, he looks nothing like Leonard Nimoy, but he has a dry delivery that really works for me. I'd say his interpretation of Spock is... er... quite logical. Next I began to adjust to the new Captain Kirk. My biggest problem was the Elvis Hair - I realize that Mr. Cawley is an Elvis impersonator, but the hair distracts from the Star Trek feel. He's sort of "doing" Shatner's Kirk, complete with pauses, but with some character exaggerations. But that's okay. I got used to it - really.

The two characters I never really was able to let become the original characters for me were the New Voyages Scotty and Dr. McCoy. I didn't see any of McCoy's folksy crustiness or Scotty's depth. But I'll keep trying.

I could nitpick all night long, and it wouldn't change the fact that this show so far is more than the sum of its parts. The enterprise is magnificent as is the concept of a fan-driven show and the dedication that went into doing it. Honestly the effects are much better than the original show's effects, the acting isn't much worse and the plots are fun to watch develop. And I hope that it goes without saying that it was wonderful to see the actors from the original show, as well as David Gerrold and professional talents like effects people, directors and makeup people working on this project.

The webisodes are fun to watch, engaging, and the effects are wonderful. I look forward to the next one to be released. One thing Star Trek is known for is bringing fans together, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the New Voyages episodes.
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Horried just plane bad what a wast of time to download
zizu3326 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
First of all the guy that plays Kirk can't act his way out of a wet paper bag. The plot was silly in all three of the episode's, you can shure tell these folks are a bunch of fan-boys. However the sets look good except for the chairs on the bridge, Wrong Burke chairs. Second the CGI is very cartoonish, ship moves in odd ways. Third Spock looks like a girl with way too much blue eye shadow. Walter seemed washed up as an actor in To sevre all my days, and how can you kill him in TOS if he is alive in the movies, If DC Fontana did the screen play Wow what a poor one.Also the camera work was very poor in To Serve all my days,The camera work was much better in Come What May.
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Unfortunate casting hurts this spectacular effort!
peacedrumbrook17 April 2007
Damn! With the faithful and impressive recreations of the sets and costumes, this effort was truly promising. At first, I just assumed it was supposed to be a new crew, complete with a Vulcan and Black female Communications officer, which was fine with me because the show is so visually pleasing. Then - wait - they're supposed to actually be the classic characters? In that case - with the amount of time and money that must've went into this, the creative forces behind it should have thrown the casting net wider - a lot wider. I almost feel bad saying it, but the lame performances and outright bad acting make this a wasted effort (with the exception of Chekov - he's a keeper). Also, the audio is too dry (or are the actors just that flat?) throw in a little reverb on that opening! Also the live action video is too crisp, isn't there an effect used to make digital look like film? Regardless I applaud the awesome resurrection of the Enterprise Bridge, the colorful uniforms - everything that isn't acting! Way to boldly go!
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Overall I'm impressed
calvinhandley8 August 2006
OK I admit that it is not up to the quality of even the original series let alone Next Generation in acting quality and some of the dialog. but considering that this project has been put together by a group of unknown actors doubling as producers, directors, writers etc... I think the result is nothing short of spectacular. These guys (and gals) have retained a good bit of the "feel" of TOS and the special effects are nothing short of amazing when you consider the kind of budget these guys have to be on. Admittedly I'm predjudiced. I grew up on TOS when it was The Only Series. So being able to see new episodes of Capt Kirk's original 5 year mission is a real treat. For those who fault this show because the actors aren't quite up to the roles they have undertaken keep in mind Shatner, Nimoy, Kelly, & the rest created those roles so these young inexperienced actors have huge shoes to fill. Remember when Next Generation first hit the airwaves? Picard was kind of stiff, Riker was trying too hard to act blatantly like Kirk. Data was too comical almost like a android Stan Laurel. It took these actors,all of who were much more experienced than this cast, the better part of the first season to really develop their characters. I think it's only fair to allow these new actors a chance to develop their take on these old established characters. It's also not fair to expect them to be exactly like the characters from the sixties series. The bottom line is I found these first two episodes entertaining and enjoyable. I wish them well and hope to enjoy the continuing adventures of the good ship Enterprise.
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