Pan's Labyrinth (2006) Poster

Ivana Baquero: Ofelia



  • Ofelia : My name is Ofelia. Who are you?

    Pan : Me? I've had so many names. Old names that only the wind and the trees can pronounce. I am the mountain, the forest and the earth. I am... I am a faun. Your most humble servant, Your Highness.

  • Ofelia : Many, many years ago in a sad, faraway land, there was an enormous mountain made of rough, black stone. At sunset, on top of that mountain, a magic rose blossomed every night that made whoever plucked it immortal. But no one dared go near it because its thorns were full of poison. Men talked amongst themselves about their fear of death, and pain, but never about the promise of eternal life. And every day, the rose wilted, unable to bequeath its gift to anyone... forgotten and lost at the top of that cold, dark mountain, forever alone, until the end of time.

  • Pan : Quickly, Your Majesty, give him to me. The full moon is high in the sky. We can open the portal.

    Ofelia : What is that in your hand?

    Pan : The portal will only open if we offer the blood of an innocent. Just a drop of blood: a pinprick, that's all. It's the final task. Hurry.

    [Ofelia shakes her head] 

    Pan : You promised to obey me. Give me the boy!

    Ofelia : No! My brother stays with me.

    Pan : You would give up your sacred rights for a brat you barely know?

    Ofelia : Yes, I would.

    Pan : You would give up your throne for him? He who has caused you such misery, such humiliation?

    Ofelia : Yes, I would.

    Pan : As you wish, Your Highness.

  • Carmen : You're getting older, and you'll see that life isn't like your fairy tales. The world is a cruel place. And you'll learn that, even if it hurts.

    [throws the mandrake onto the fire] 

    Ofelia : No! No!

    Carmen : Ofelia! Magic does not exist. Not for you, me or anyone else.

  • Ofelia : You'll meet her, she's very pretty, even though sometimes she's sad for many days at a time. You'll see, when she smiles, you'll love her.

  • Ofelia : Mercedes, do you believe in fairies?

    Mercedes : No. But when I was a little girl, I did. I believed in a lot of things I don't believe anymore.

    Ofelia : Last night a fairy visited me.

  • Ofelia : [to the giant toad]  Hello. I am Princess Moanna, and I am not afraid of you.

  • Ofelia : [to Mercedes]  Have you seen my mother? She's very beautiful.

  • Ofelia : [in the labyrinth]  Hello?

    [Pan awakens] 

    Pan : It's you!

  • Ofelia : My father was a tailor.

  • Ofelia : Hi! Are you a fairy?

  • Ofelia : Once upon a time, when the woods were young, they were home to creatures who were full of magic and wonder.

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