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What did you expect??
john-kim-howard6 June 2009
I could tell from the trailers that if you were not a committed Will Ferrell fan, or stoned out of your mind, that this movie would probably be trashed by the experts. You either find his absurd comedy funny or find it a senseless insult to your intelligence. For me, there were a couple times when I really laughed out loud (and I was sober as a judge), most of the time I simply had a smile on my face as I watched the master make a complete fool of himself - which is what Will Ferrell does. I read some of these in-depth critiques in utter amazement. I mean, really, what were you expecting to see? It is a very light hearted spoof of one of the most ridiculous TV series in history. Generally, I thought it was funny, we've been repeating some of the funnier, albeit, totally ridiculous scenes all day. I do strongly caution parents with children. When Will Ferrell says PG-13 he isn't kidding. Sexual innuendo and drug references are going to be quite uncomfortable for the prudish crowd.
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Watch and decide for yourself.
bvrhodes10 June 2009
This movie is definitely better then most of the reviews on this page have been saying. From reading the comments it seems like it is mostly due to parents bringing their kids to see a movie including an actor from movies such as Old School and Anchorman and getting mad when they see crude humor. If you like Will Ferrell you will like most jokes in this movie, it is very funny and in my opinion close to The Hangover. This movie is not supposed to be taken seriously and as long as you don't try to compare it to the original show and go along with it you will laugh. Go in with an open mind and don't listen to the critics this movie is for sure worth checking out.
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Dang haters
kyleson_821 September 2012
Many reviews for this will have you thinking this film is terrible, i'm baffled as to why this is the case. The fact of the matter is that this film is fun and well made.

To get some negatives out of the way first, its definitely got a few obnoxious crude jokes. It also could have been a bit funnier at times. But overall it definitely put me in a good mood, especially because I'm a huge Will Ferrell and Danny McBride fan. I love how Wll Ferrell can deliver such ridiculous lines of dialogue with a straight face.

Despite being a major Hollywood film, I felt like this film had heart to it and didn't really feel hollow. I know I had already touched on this before but I just don't think all the hate on this movie is justified. It's coherent from beginning to end, all the lines are delivered well and it's very goofy. Not to mention the cgi isn't half bad as well.

Overall it's definitely a fun movie with a few small flaws. Ignore all the hate and go into this with an open mind, not expecting it to be quite like the old TV show, and you'll probably enjoy yourself.
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Land of the 50's
michaelarmer23 December 2019
What some reviewers on here don't understand is that this was deliberately made in a 50's style with cheesy characters and dubious special effects, to mock that style, and they give it a low rating because they didn't understand this because they are thick!

It is actually a very good Sci-Fi Comedy, Will Ferrell does his usual hamming it up in the lead role very well, Anna Friel is excellent as his gullible and innocent "fan" scientist, Danny McBride is great as the stupid "trailer trash" guy, who despite being a bit rough has good intentions and Jorma Taccone does a good Chaka under all the hair. John Boylan's voice is perfect as the 50's style domineering alien.

Direction is excellent, they keep it to the same 1950's formula almost throughout, It is well timed with great scenes and good photography, my only complaint about that is that they included a couple of music clips that came from the late 1960's, however they did seem to fit the scenes, and the film score was very good.

My favorite scenes are the after when Will Ferrell states that T-Rex has a brain the size of a Walnut and later the Intelligent T-Rex drops a giant Walnut outside the cave entrance where they are staying, where the bug sucks blood out of Will Ferrell when he is trying to play the banjo, and when they drink the juice out of a fruit which turns out to be a narcotic and 'All Along The Watchtower' by The Jimi Hendrix Experience kicks in (A song usually associated with drug taking), and at the end in the interview with Matt Lauer where Will Ferrell puts him down as a payback for an earlier interview where Matt Lauer puts down Will Ferrell.

Lighten up reviewers this is one of the best Sci-Fi comedies going.
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Much better than i expected!
tommy_6823 June 2009
I have just watched 'Land of the Lost' and i was curious to find out what everyone else thought about it. As i was expecting to see a family, comedy film i was pleasantly surprised that it was not just your ordinary clichéd family movie but something aimed for a slightly older audience. This maybe why it was so poorly received.

Looking at trailers and TV spots, this movie did really look like just another pointless summer blockbuster, which may have appealed to all you people looking for something family friendly. But for me i was so thrilled to be watching something that is just plain FUN! That's all it is! just fun, fun, fun!

You people that have posted nothing but negative comments about this title don't know a great movie if it slapped you in the face. so relax a little, sit back again and realise that your watching another fantastic movie from will ferrell, and lets face it: when has will ferrell released a movie for families? (excluding ELF)

Just stop your complaining and enjoy a non-stop, exciting, unpredictable movie that has everything you could ask for. and even more---- what do you really expect from a movie based on a TV show created by someone who practically lived off acid? Three words to sum up this movie: trippy, adventurous and fun!
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We Actually LAUGHED.....A Lot!
Minou078 June 2009
First I must state that I am NO fan of Will Ferrell. Outside of his SNL days of doing a dead-on spoof of Bush, Ferrell hasn't made a movie that I wanted to see. After reading these reviews I was even more set on avoiding it. However, I decided to suffer thru it for my sis's birthday. To my surprise, we laughed quite a lot at the sweet goofiness of this movie. I agree that they could have cut out the useless mature sights and words that left the kids out because it would have appealed to them. We particularly loved the scenes between Farrell and the obviously more intelligent Dino. Danny McBride was sweetly silly too. The female actress was okay as eye candy for the guys. All the criticism on this site is for people who place stock on what others have to say. Happy to say, we avoided these critics. By the way, if you hated the movie so much, why spend so much of your time to write such long-winded diatribes??? Seems to me these are people who need to feel a sense of importance that they don't have. Oh well, the movie goer should always make up their own minds. We did, and I'm happy to say it turned out well. We really laughed!! And my sister is not one to laugh easily. I just wish they wouldn't show so much of the sight gags in the commercials for the movie. But don't let that keep you away. There's more context for the funny parts in the movie.
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Goofy but fun
ivko13 June 2009
I really enjoyed this movie; I think it might be the best Ferrell movie I've seen in a while. Yes it's goofy and silly, but I think a lot of the negative reviewers here are people who were fans of the original and are judging thru the haze of nostalgia. The original was every bit as goofy and ridiculous, it's just that this movie has the good sense to acknowledge it. And yes, it may not be appropriate for very young viewers as there is some sexual innuendo and cursing, but it does have a PG-13 rating so I don't know why you would be dragging young children to it anyways...

'Land of the Lost' starts with a quirky and oddly arrogant scientist, played by Ferrell, claiming to Matt Lauer on 'Today' that we can solve our energy problems by tapping into inter-dimensional blah blah blah. Of course, no one believes him but a beautiful student from England (Friel) who convinces him to build his whatsit to open the portal to other dimensions. And of course they soon find themselves trapped in what appears to be a large dumping ground for inter-dimensional portals along with a yokel (McBride). From there it's just a journey across this strange land to find their way back home.

I realize I'm glossing over a lot of details here but you really don't need to know them. The whole point is to get a kick out of the satire and broad physical shtick as they encounter the bizarre inhabitants of this world and react to them. If you don't get too hung up on the logic of it all and just roll with the jokes, I think it's quite good. And Ferrell, who I have often disliked in previous works because of his tendency to gnaw on the scenery, was reserved enough to deliver a good number of very funny scenes.

In short, don't go to this expecting a children's film, a summer action flick, or something akin to the original. And, as with almost all Ferrell movies, don't go if you don't like physical humor. But do go if you are looking for a pleasant hour or two of goofy gags and simple fun.
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Ignore the critics, enjoy the psychedelic ride!
filmworldfan9 June 2009
This was a great movie.The visuals were superb! My girlfriend and I are both big fans of the original 1974 series and we had a fun time. We went into the theater having heard all the negative reviews, expecting a horrible film. Glad we ignored the critics. It doesn't deserve the rap it's getting and if this is the movie Sid and Marty wanted then that's fine with us. It's their creation and we enjoyed their take on it. I can't help but think that a more serious treatment might have been more pleasing to hard-core fans like us but a film has to span the masses so we understand the direction they went. Now bring on the Sony H.R. Pufnstuf movie!
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lukem-5276018 January 2020
Will Ferrell is a comic genius that's a Fact & this fantastic fantasy Comedy is his absolute best film in my opinion. This campy-fun modern take on the old 60's t.v series is pure escapism fun, it's silly & ridiculous & it's supposed to be!!! This is a big budget Will Ferrell comedy so i don't care if the boring critics Didn't like it or get it? Because i loved it, the beautiful lush production design is fantastic & takes you right back to those old school t.v series or old adventure films of the past, the comedy is silly but mostly very funny & the whole movie is just alot of FUN & reminded me of the type of film the legendary Dan Aykroyd might of made back in the 90's!!! Just like Dan Aykroyd's big budget sci-fi adventure comedy "Coneheads" from 1993 this fantasy film felt like that did. I could even imagine if this "Land of the Lost" came out during the 90's then it would've have Awesome action figures & that would've been so cool. There's a fun campy 90's charm to this movie that i dug.

Basically it's about Dr.Rick Marshall (Ferrell), along with his assistant Holly Cantrell, a straight faced & very funny Anna Friel, & an accidental guy called Will Stanton the very funny Danny McBride who gets sucked into a portal with them & end up getting transported back in time to a place of Dangerous Dinosaurs, lizard people & weird primates & a fantastical world of adventure. This is just such a big fun time, a big budget summer blockbuster popcorn flick & i love it. Some comic scenes are hilarious & the creatures fx are Amazing with a big mix of old practical & new c.g.i & the gorgeous design of the jungle & desert are incredible to look at, there's so much effort put into the creation of this amazing fantasy world that it's a joy to follow our three heroes on this adventure to save the universe & get back home.

A great fun Comedy adventure
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A very good sci-fi Comedy*
lewey19886 September 2009
I cannot believe after watching this film that it is rated 5.5 or less, so I start reading the reviews and I find ratings of 1/10...seriously...why can't people give this film a realistic rating. OK if you thought the film was bad give it a low rating, but 1/10?? there are numbers in between 1 and 10. I thought Love Actually was one of the worst films I ever saw but I would give it at least a 3. All I'm asking for is abit of consistency take a look at another film I really hated - Crank high voltage 2 rated above 6 how are these scores accurate?? you're telling me that crank is funnier than this film...I can't accept this, so here I am I've signed up at IMDb because of the unfair ratings this film is getting.

Anyway about this film I thought it was kind of similar to hitchhikers guide to the galaxy but not really aimed towards kids both in my opinion were great films.

Key point to this rant**if you do not like sci-fi comedy don't watch this film** even more important if you disregard my last comment Do Not then go on IMDb and then think oh I don't like this film so I will vote it 1/10 because I didn't know there are any other numbers apart from 1 and 10.

I read another review about how this film had no plot...are plots key to comedies?? uh no. Also this person stated his kids found it boring, is this a kids film?? not really. One more thing there are quite a few saying this film was not very intelligent...have you watched crank 2?? if you expected to watch a film with an intelligent plot and intricate story lines watch death note this may satisfy thirst but then again it probably won't. Because how people can say this is for people with low IQ and then these people will go on watch things like crank 2, quantum of solice with require even less intelligence than this film.
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Goofy Comedy Goodness
erinnash27 August 2019
If you're looking for a cinematic masterpiece then keep looking. If you enjoy silly juvenile humor and innuendos like I do then this is the perfect movie for you. Will Ferrell is fantastic and Danny McBride is hilarious. I've seen this movie tons of times and still laugh every time. And yes, I'm stone cold sober when I watch it.

"Matt Lauer can suck it!"
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Underrated, hilarious.
mikerus16 June 2009
This movie was, in my opinion, hilarious. Yes, it has absolutely nothing to do with the T.V. series, and yes, it's absolutely stupid. But my friends and I found it hilarious(a group of 20-22 year olds). It's along the same humor as Hot Rod, if you liked that movie, you will like this movie, hands down. Yes, some parts are mind-numbingly stupid, but most of them still get a laugh. It's definitely McBrides and Ferrels improvisation that made the movie though. Personally, I love Mcbrides type of humor/acting. It's absolutely hilarious to me. I have seen the movie twice and wouldn't mind seeing it again. Honestly, if you liked Hot Rod, or have seen Eastbound and Down, or Old School, or any of those type of comedies, you will enjoy this movie. Just go into it with the expectations of stupid jokes, and nasty one-liners, and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
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Another Ferrell movie
eric-fulcher11 June 2009
What I hate about people is how they don't give Will Ferrell a chance. He's a funny man. Granted not all his works are great, but neither were all of Chris Farley's or Adam Sandler's.

"Land of the Lost" is worth the ticket price because it's funny, random, most likely improvised and holds true throughout. Granted the last half hour is a bit of a drag compared to the first hour, the movie is still full of laughs and unbelievably original story-line.

Yes the costumes are weak in detail, and the whole interaction between the humans and animals is far-fetched, but that's the whole point of the comedy: it's supposed to make you laugh.

All those people expecting their 1970's TV show to be revived can get a life. The movie is good, definitely makes a good rental, and I enjoyed it.
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Entertainment gets lost
C-Younkin3 June 2009
"Land of the Lost" is another in a long line of old TV shows lazily packaged into summer movies, too dumbed-down for fans of the original show and nothing all that memorable for those younger viewers coming into it for the first time. There is no doubt it will join the class ("Bewitched"-which Will Ferrell also was in, "Dukes of Hazard" and "Wild Wild West") of films so bad that they make "The Brady Bunch Movie" look like the "Ben-Hur" of the genre. There is just zero reason to care about anything in this movie. Will Ferrell, you should have known better.

Ferrell plays Dr. Rick Marshall, a paleontologist disgraced by what others call his nonsensical theories about space-time vortexes. The only one who cares to believe him is Holly Cantrell (Anna Friel), a research assistant from one of those fancy British universities who encourages him to keep working on his tachyon thingie-majigger, a device that finds tachyon particles that somehow allow people to jump between worlds. They find the most amount of the stuff in a crappy little souvenir shop run by a redneck named Will (Danny McBride), and before they know it Marshall, Holly, and Will are traveling back to another dimension that's all desert. The place is complete with T-Rex, creepy-crawly bugs, a bunch of things from our world littered about like a stretch limo, Bobs Big Boy and Golden Gate Bridge, and a primate named Chaka (Jorma Taccone) who befriends them and helps them navigate their way back to their dimension.

What needs to get lost is the screenplay by Chris Henchy and Dennis McNicholas. When Matt Lauer, playing himself, is the funniest thing in a movie, you know that something went horribly wrong. The laughs are childishly inane. Ferrell is forced to embarrass himself considerably, in one scene drenching himself in, and yes, even drinking dinosaur urine. Dino poop and gross insect infections also get high regard. Then you have Chaka, a supposedly lovable primate who's big comic bit is molestation. Hilarious! And this is the big-laugh stuff. The rest is hard to even remember. That this movie manages any chuckles at all is due to Ferrell and McBride's improvisation abilities. Ferrell is the arrogant goof-off and McBride the brash sidekick, but they're facing an uphill battle with this screenplay.

And the plot…wait, what plot? And what character development for that matter? It's all very basic, aimless, and easy to follow, except you'll be too bored to do so. Characters run around like idiots, dinosaurs and insects chase after them, not much happens. And when not being chased, the aimlessness doesn't stop, it just gets more persistent. A scene where Marshall, Will, and Chaka sit around in a stupor getting high off of some coconut drink (yes, this is a family movie) is unbelievably drawn out, unnecessary, and above all, pointless. Finally in the third act the Slestaks, reptilian villains bent on world domination, start to put their plan into effect but even then it's too little, too late to care. The special effects are cheesy. I'm assuming that was the plan cause the show was the exact same way but what you can see at home for free and what your willing to pay for are two different things. A dinosaur against an obvious green screen isn't much fun and little green reptilian men in obvious costumes and masks that barely move, other than to open and close their mouths, are hard to take seriously.

"Land of the Lost" is just lost, misguided in every way, starting with even deciding to make the movie in the first place. It deserves to be shunned and left to be the summer's first big box-office bomb. Ferrell, McBride, and Matt Lauer are the only things that keep it from being horribly unwatchable but not from being one of the very worst of the summer and the year thus far.
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Great if you are willing to go with it!
ReynL8886 June 2009
Personally, I really love Danny McBride. He just makes me laugh hysterically, and I do tend for the most part to like Will Ferrell. That's the reason I went to go see this movie.

Honestly, its more about going with it than expecting a full on narrative. If that's not your thing then I don't think you will like it.

The only thing I have to say is that if you were expecting it to be a carbon copy of the TV show you will be disappointed. They did glean some of the key elements and made it fun. Sort of similar in a way to the reimagined Star Trek.

Personally, I'd watch it again in a heart beat.
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Land Of The 1960s
StuOz6 September 2013
This film actually became a lot more fun when you get the DVD and hear the commentary. The film makers explain that they were getting ideas from old Hollywood films like Beneath The Planet Of The Apes (1969) and Mysterious Island (1961).

When they started making comments like that I was suddenly a lot more happy with Land Of The Lost (2009) and I understood where they were coming from with the movie.

Granted, some of the comedy scenes in the film are a bit over-the-top, but the retro look and retro costumes make this a fun ride for adults...I don't know about little kids?

If Hollywood does a remake of Land Of The Giants (1968-70), I hope they take it seriously.
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Land of the Lost
Mahkarr9 June 2009
I'm going to get straight to the point. Will Ferrel is absolutely back! The last few movies have not impressed me, but this movie has shown what we can do when he gets the right movie. Danny Mcbride, Anna Friel, and Will Ferrelcreated a electrifying performance of action and comedy to it's highest of my expectations of any comedy movie since Will Ferrel's "Ricky Bobby Performance". It does NOT deserve the bad reviews it has received, it may have some stupid parts to it, but the point is, it's comedy people! This is not a movie shooting for Academy Award Nominations, don't treat it like one! If I were to range this on a Comedic scale, I'd give it a 9.0/10.0. I suggest any person who loves comedy to watch this film, get that Box Office Rating up!
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What were they thinking?
tooluser-112 June 2009
As a rule writing a negative movie review is something I don't usually participate in ,because frankly any moron can be critical about someone else's work,and we already have too many of those. However when a movie drops down to a level below moronic,below idiocy,even below imbecilic,then something must be said! I can't believe millions of dollars was spent making this piece of garbage...the jokes are not funny,the acting is reaching for something in every scene and they just move on like nothing happened...Like we the audience are so brain dead that we wouldn't know any better. Don't bring your kids to this unless its your wish to lower their I.Q.! The only people who should see this are people in a coma! (No offense if your loved one is in this condition)But then they wouldn't know any difference anyway.On second thought maybe they would...don't let them see it either! I sure hope the ending was good, I wouldn't know because I walked out. Will Ferrell is better than this,Hollywood is better than this(well apparently not),but you are better than this. Rent it if you must,but this is a waste of a box office ticket.
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Not a good thing.
lacrosser5 June 2009
What a disappointment! Do not take your kids to this movie. You will be embarrassed. This is not a family movie, despite the original series being for kids. Crude comments, crude scenes, the F-word among other profanity. Several people left the theater, as I wish I would have. The female lead playing Holly was very annoying to me. She seemed to be out of place, if that could be possible in such a "modge podge" of the ridiculous. The plot was so random, and it really had nothing to do with the original series; things like sleestacks, dinosaurs, and banjo music were just kind of thrown in with no rhyme or reason. I had really looked forward to this movie since I'd liked the 70"s Saturday morning series as a kid. I thought Will Ferrell would make it funny - I loved him in Elf - but that wasn't the case. I'm sorry we saw it.
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Pretty good Will Ferrell
Billfan2 June 2009
Saw a sneak preview of this last night. I wasn't expecting anything good really, but it was actually funnier than we thought it would be. I think there were about 10-12 "laugh out loud" funny moments, and one completely outrageous scene with a mosquito where you will undoubtedly gasp in a combination of laughter and shock. Overall the oddities they come across in the movie are very entertaining, and with the exception of some lame jokes and cheesy scenes, overall you'll find this movie quite entertaining. It's a bit more adult humor than I was expecting, so the adults were really enjoying it while the kids had no idea what was going on.
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wow was this BAD
Animus5 June 2009
OK I KNOW will ferrell has not managed to be funny for the last 10 years or so but wow, he's really hit a new low with this umm i hesitate to call it a movie.... lets refer to it as the 'alleged film". Normally he at least tries to portray the lovable moron but this time he does the so-unlovable-its-sad kind of character. Did you know a guy in high school who tried soooooo hard to be cool but failed at every turn? If so you know the Ferell character. He's not cool, he's not smart, he not funny, heck he's not even sympathetic, he's just there, taking up space in this movie and once again proving that he's a talent-less hack who managed to get in on Saturday Night Live as it was in the downward spiral and is cashing is at every turn. My advice, if you must go see this film, don't see it sober.
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Totally ridiculous
cobitt6 June 2009
I can only describe this movie as that, totally ridiculous.

Almost every single scene just got wackier and wackier than the previous one.

I kept thinking, "I can't imagine somebody reading this script and green-lighting it. Who would possibly have the balls to finance this?"

Still though, it ended up being extremely entertaining, and the ridiculousness worked out in it's favor.

Thinking about it, without the ridiculousness, the plot of Land of the Lost would only lend itself to a very stupid comedy. At least with the ridiculousness, you were constantly entertained.
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Way Better than Reviewed
mickmerivel26 April 2018
Incredible actually... I saw it when it first came out thinking it's supposed to be Anchorman or StepBrothers etc... it wasn't and I was disappointed... truth is, I was the dork, it's awesome... saw it again the other day with no expectations etc and it was hilariously funny... way, way funnier than I'd remembered, plus I'd seen the actual "land of the lost" show a few times by then giving so many of the inside jokes all the more levity... it's a great film if you know where it's coming from. I see what they went for now, and as far as I'm & my friends are concerned it's a cult hit now.
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First time I've ever asked for a refund on a movie - it's that bad!
Craig-5498 June 2009
I can't think of a single positive thing to say about this movie. I've never seen the TV series. So I'm not someone who was disappointed that the movie didn't live up to whatever expectations one may have for a connection with the series. I didn't know anything about the movie going into it other than Will Ferrell was in it. Complete waste of time. I walked out about 3/4 of the way into the movie and got a refund. This movie didn't just stink - it wreaked!!! Bad acting. Bad graphics/special effects. Stupid humor aimed at warped Jr High age boys, e.g., monkey man "cha-ka" grabbing Holly's breast. I was burned on this movie going experience. I won't walk into another movie without checking a few reviews first.
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Don't bother
rpgneo5 June 2009
This movie is horrible. I saw it as a sneak preview Thursday night. If you are a fan of the original show like I am you will be disappointed big time. Was the movie funny? I laughed once or twice but it wasn't at Will Ferrell. Chaka was the key element that was funny, even though his character was changed pretty much completely from the original series. I was never a Will Ferrell fan and to be honest and this movie was exactly what I expected it to be.....a waste. If you want stupid pranks and people doing stupid things just watch MTV. I think next time I see Will's name associated with a movie I will go and watch something else. And special thanks to Sid and Marty Kroft (the original producers of Land of the Lost) for producing this garbage.
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