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Mr_Saxon20 December 2006
'Altered' follows the capture of an extraterrestrial being by a group of men. We learn within the opening minutes that the creature is responsible for their abduction and torture - as well as the death of their friend - several years earlier.

The majority of the movie is contained within the residence of their reluctant friend Wyatt (played beautifully by Adam Kaufman who captures his character's grief and rage at the things done to him) where the group slowly begins to fall apart whilst the extraterrestrial begins to do everything it can to escape...

I hadn't heard of this film before I rented it and was pleasantly surprised to find that, even with a small budget, this was a tense (due to most events taking place in one location) and very well written little movie that kept my attention throughout. The creature effects especially were well done and managed to convey how dangerous and frightening the extraterrestrial was.

I'd recommend this to other horror fans as a shining example of how smaller budget horror movies can sometimes be far more effective than multimillion dollar blockbuster horrors dripping in overcooked CGI and underwritten characters!
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A surprisingly entertaining creature feature,
Samiam317 May 2010
Although it would be a stretch to call it original, Altered doesn't feel as derivative or as terribly schematic as so many similar features do. Bearing some occasional resemblance to Night of the Living Dead, with a touch of M. Night Shyamalan's Signs, and maybe a set up similar to John Carpenter's Vampires, director Edwardo Sanchez (who delivered the almost unforgettable Blair Witch Project) crafts a sufficiently effective creature feature, which may be silly, but doesn't feature a dull moment.

For seven years Cody, Duke, Otis and Wyatt have been hunting a mysterious race of Alien hominids which dwell in the shadows outside civilization. On the night that they capture a live one for the first time. They bring it home unconscious, but soon realize that they have made a big mistake. First of all, if they kill this creature, his buddies may declare war on humanity. If they don't kill it, the thing could escape and either brainwash or kill our heroes (the only ones who are even aware of the alien's existence)

Altered grabs your attention from scene one, and it maintains stability, but the climax isn't quite as solid as the rest of the film. The manner in which the last twenty minutes play out are the result of one coincidence or contrived moment following another. Of course it could have been worse. Sometimes these movie fall to pieces when trying to bring the stories to a conclusion. Some films don't even have a conclusion at all. (I won't give any names) I will say this for the climactic finale, The make-up job is sensation as we get to see the creature show us the full works, and the scene ends with a sensational wide shot of a spacecraft unlike anything I've seen since maybe Star Wars.

Altered concludes on a note which hints that there could be a sequel. One may doubt that something as small as this will see a follow-up movie, but lets not forget that even Uwe Boll's movies like Bloodrayne and Alone in the Dark (which most critics put on the worst films of the decade list) have somehow managed to get funding for even worse sequels. The point being, is that the idea of and Altered 2, doesn't sound so dumb, and considering that the film is surprisingly enjoyable, it might be interesting.
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Lower Intestines Tug of War
ElijahCSkuggs2 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Going into Altered I was aware of a couple things. One being that it's directed by the dude that directed Blair Witch Project. And two being that the story revolves around aliens. Another factor why I wanted to see this is because I'm pretty fascinated by all things unknown and especially anything related to extraterrestrial life. Well when this movie was brought to my attention I made a self-note and marked it on my to-see list. And I'm thankful that I did. Cause what followed was a pretty cool flick, with gore, and one badass little alien.

Altered is about a group of guys who are looking for a little bit of revenge. They're looking for vengeance because years before they were all abducted and tortured by some Evil Aliens (good movie). Anyways, they manage to capture one little alien who for some reason was lurking in the woods. There could be a reason behind this....but I'm a little forgetful, sorry. Well this little alien isn't just you're little E.T. look-alike, he's one tiny, ripped up, angry little sh!t with sharp-ass teeth. I'm still wondering if he is or isn't part of the Verdant's IFSP (Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets) maybe as some suped-up, fighter alien. Most probably not though. Anyways, they get there hands on the little bugger and take him hostage. Obviously things go awry and what follows is a cool little horror movie filled with some nice make-up and gore...and one mean little s.o.b. The movie obviously isn't a flawless piece of work...the acting is average, the script is average and the decision making is questionable. But, these weren't any of the reasons I rented Altered. I rented it to see a alien flick with gore and violence and hopefully some tense moments and I got those. So if you're like me and you want to catch a neat horror flick with aliens and gore, check out Altered. A surprising 8 outta 10.
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Top notch B-movie with top notch gore!
oldboy1528 December 2006
like sci-fi? like gore? if, like me the answer is yes then check this little gem out. its dog soldiers meets signs with a hint of the evil dead. Convincing performances from all the players and a well paced plot make altered a great film that just plane works. In recent years B movies have been plagued with bad CGI effects and I for one cant stand them. Altered on the other hand has Thomas Floutz, who was the special makeup effects artist on films like Underworld 1 and 2, X-men 3 and The Cave(and many more). So were talking top notch, old school special makeup effects, with only one or two really nice CGI shots where needed. It also has a great little appearance from James Gammon as the local sheriff. All in all its a cool movie thats nicely shot with solid performances, good direction, a well paced plot and lots of lovely gore, so if that sounds like your kinda flick then don't hesitate, rent it kick back and enjoy.
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Top movie
shak194218 December 2006
I watched it expecting it to be a cheap low budget movie. boy was I in for a surprise. Everything oozed class about this movie. From the camera angles, to the story.

Its basically a film where an alien is captured and than you have a dilemma from the group that capture the creature. and I wont go in to too much detail about the rest of the film. But it kept me glued to the end. There is enough suspense and a few genuine scary moments. The special effects were quite good too. This film has definitely got Cult Classic written all over it

A big thumbs up 9/10 for me .
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Shows promise, loses pace.
perkin200024 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
POTENTIAL SPOILERS!!! I thought it started off very well. A novel idea, playing on the standards of both alien and revenge films. Kept me gripped for about 40 minutes... Then, well, I dunno. Seemed to lose a lot of the tension.

Also, during the film, much was made of the 'If we kill just one of them, they will kill all of us thing' the main chap said "It wouldn't even be a war, they'd just annihilate us" Right, fair enough. When, during the final part of the film, they (they aliens)attack the house, they do it by breaking the windows and doors with their hands. That'd be a pretty damn slow annihilation. One farmhouse at a time. And they seem to have they same resistance to nine-millimetre bullets as we do... Formidable foe? Or intergalactic, drunken teenagers? I've seen worse in pub car parks.

Still, it is was refreshing in it's novelty, and I can understand the defenders of this film.
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reverse alien abduction story. surprisingly effective!
rick-60423 December 2006
After being "taken" by aliens 15 years ago, a group of good ol' boys decide to capture an alien themselves. Not really believing they will succeed, the guys actually do trap one and take it to a reclusive friend who seems to know an awful lot about the aliens. Made on a low budget, "Altered" does an admirable job sustaining tension, dropping just enough hints along the way to keep us engaged. Being that "The Blair Witch Project" wasn't really directed so much as improved, I had my doubts about Eduardo Sanchez's credentials, however, he displays a canny sense of the genre. Make-up and visual effects were superb belying the production's budget. Although the script was the weakest link in this alien stew, the film remains engrossing. Lead performance by Adam Kaufman is excellent. He carries the film well. Once again Eduardo Sanchez creeps us out by setting the film in the woods. This guy must really hate camping! A genuinely scary movie that won't disappoint its audience.
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Fantastic Horror from Blair Witch creator Ed Sanchez
underdesign17 December 2006
High-concept, with tight well-controlled shots, 'Altered' delivers tension from the get-go and consistently keeps the watcher intrigued, terrified, and on edge with a story that kept me enthralled first frame to last.

A frothy mix of gore, revenge, loyalty and more set in a dark (and fantastically lit) tone with a sci-fi overlay make this one of the best horror flicks I've seen all year.

Take the genius of 'Blair Witch Project', good story writing, limited camera angles, a hint of back story, excellent pacing and tension. Remove the bad camera work and sub-par lighting, add the details of good special effects and fantastic cinematography and you have an excellent second outing for director Eduardo Sanchez.

It's a never ending run of surprises and jump-out-of-your-seat reveals in the second half of this movie, with something to please every horror/gore fan. The payoffs are a welcome relief to the non-stop thrills this film offers, and it left me with a sense of a potential sequel. Great flick!
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Don't believe the first reviewers on IMDb for this movie!!!
the_real_smile25 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
After reading the first 5 reviews on IMDb I was very enthusiastic about this movie. But it's really an awful movie, the total time you see the alien is about 5 minutes (the rest of the movie is cheap suspense), the acting is over the top en the story, oh boy, which story?

The story doesn't seem to go in a direction, first they capture the alien (after 7 years! they finally succeed), then they don't know what to do with it (after 7 years?) and even want to release it (why the hell did they capture it?). Then the girlfriend, who's acting is the most over the top, wants to walk away from this madness, then suddenly she doesn't, then again, she does and then she doesn't. Then they come to the conclusion that killing the alien will kill the whole human race (and remember, in all those years no other human have seen these permanently settled aliens) and what do they do? They torture it and blow a bunch of aliens to peaces.

This is my first review on IMDb, I'm a very lazy person who doesn't write very soon, so listen to my warning: this move is not worth your time, don't watch this movie.
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Scarecrow-8811 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Cody, Duke & Otis(Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Brad William Henke & Michael Williams)"capture" an alien they supposedly injured to the home of Wyatt(Adam Kaufman). At first, we really don't know what's going on, but find as the characters converge that these young men were all victims of "alien testing" and Wyatt seems to be the token human who was able to outlast the experiments done to him. A dead friend's memory haunts the group as Cody was recently released from the pin for the wrongfully accused death of his brother Timmy. They take pride in capturing the alien, but have no idea that this was all a plan by the aliens to find the whereabouts of Wyatt for whom had been planted with a tracking device he had removed so that he could hide from them. So, the group will have to keep the alien silenced without killing it or risk the race of ET's exterminating the earth. Other problems that emerge..Wyatt's girlfriend, Foki(Misty Rosas)who wants to get away and call the police and a sheriff who answers the call of 911, Henderson(James Gammon). We learn that if an alien bites you, a type of flesh-eating disease takes hold of the body and that Wyatt seems to have an immunity to it.

One of the best "aliens attack" horror/sci-fi hybrids I've seen in ages. It's mostly confined to Wyatt's home as they fight to keep the alien trapped and quiet(it has it's own tracking device implanted for which Wyatt will remove). Cody is unhinged because of being blamed for his brother's murder and holds Wyatt specifically responsible. The film amazingly remains intense because of the alien threat and surprisingly the creature is quite well created by the filmmakers. And, even more stunning is how director Eduardo Sánchez(of BLAIR WITCH PROJECT fame)uses dialogue to suggest what happened to these guys instead of showing flashbacks..this saves a good amount of money, yet elaborates for us what these aliens did. The film has some gory make-up work as it pertains to the nasty flesh-eating disease that attacks one of the group who is bit by the captive alien.
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Creepy as all hell!
smashing_darcys_pumpkins15 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
(I suck at reviews but saw there were none for this yet so I figured I'd just let you all know this is definitely a must see for every sci-f1/horror fan out there.)

This movie sent shivers down my spine. It was a lot like the ones I got sitting in the theater watching Blair Witch for the first time. But this was somewhat different because it's a sci f1/horror/suspense movie, and one of the best I've seen. The alien in it literally scared the s**t out of me at times. I was always on the edge of my seat waiting for it to pop out of somewhere. Or for it's friends to come looking for it. The actors were all beyond good and helped big time in sucking you into the movie. The special effects and make up were that of a big Hollywood movie. The guy that decayed through out the movie was brilliant. The ending was equally as brilliant.
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Sci-fi horror from Eduardo 'Blair Witch' Sánchez.
BA_Harrison14 March 2007
Seven years after the incredible success of indie horror film The Blair Witch Project, director Eduardo Sánchez returns with this effective sci-fi chiller that proves that he still has the ability to creep out the audience.

In Altered, a group of men, who were abducted by aliens when they were young, face a night of terror after they manage to capture a nasty extra-terrestrial. Sánchez, once again working on a low budget, manages to create a truly scary film with some nifty effects to boot.

Using the trusty old 'man in a rubber suit' method, rather than dodgy CGI, Sanchez delivers a convincing and rather nasty little ET which is the stuff of nightmares; this is the kind of toothy critter that thinks nothing of disembowelling its victims and then playing a game of tug of war with their entrails!

With a lean running time of only 84 minutes, the film never has time to get boring. The cast give good performances, the direction is solid, the creature is creepy and a guy gets a flesh eating disease and disintegrates during the course of the film. What more could you ask for?
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worldpieceprod12 June 2007
What Altered lacks in budget, it makes up for in atmosphere and tone. The story follows the lives of four men who were abducted by aliens as children. The fifth member of their group was killed during this event. Three of the men have spent the last 15 years of their lives trying to capture one of their captors. To their surprise, they manage to do so! However, capturing the alien is as far as their plans have ever gone. What to do with this being becomes the focus of the story, as well as revealing the back story of their past through heated dialogue. Their alien hostage proves to be far more dangerous and menacing than they ever expected. It seems that all horror films these days tend to inject ridiculous humor into their script. Altered stays on point, the serious tone remains throughout the entire film. This was a rare and welcome surprise. This film also manages to do something with its characters that I have rarely seen before. The characters that I really disliked in the first 20 minutes of the film I found myself having great sympathy for by the end. Such character development is very rare in low budget horror. The gore FX were excellent, and the makeup work was second to none. There's no doubt in my mind that this film will become an instant cult classic, if not already.
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Sub par film, good idea but poor execution
PCbrat1327 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
After seeing an advert for the film, it seemed quite interesting. The first Blair Witch film was OK, and the director could only get better with time right? Wrong...

The idea is good, a small group of guys taking revenge on an alien for what happened to them years before, and I'll admit, the first few scenes are great. Then it starts to go downhill, stereotypes become overdone and you can predict exactly how the character will react to the situation, it seems to have all been done before, only better and a little less obviously.

The punishment people take is plain retarded, leaves you thinking 'how the HELL is he supposed to be alive?'...think of 'Hollow Man' punishment but with a little more blood and gore.

I think if the characters were made a little less stereotypical and they seemed more human in terms of how much pain they can take, it would be a FAR better movie.

All in all, this could have been done far better with a more experienced director or possibly a better choice of actors, I'm all for seeing new blood on the screen, but not when it doesn't seem quite there yet.
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A very taut thriller
HorrorweenComposerTony22 December 2006
Me likes. Unpredictable and a taut thriller. Pace begins the second the movie starts and doesn't let the mood go. Very much like Night of the Living Dead, this is a LONG and suspenseful night that leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Plot line is also pretty original for an alien movie plot line. Don't think I've seen any with payback for an alien abduction. Even then, the plot took itself in new directions. Unpredictable.

OK, so I admit a bias, knowing the producing crew. Even if I didn't, this movie is still pretty darned good and worth a view. A direct to DVD gem that really should have made theatrical release.
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"They altered me."
Backlash00718 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers

Altered is the sophomore effort from one-half of the Blair Witch team, Eduardo Sanchez. The film is about a group of men who were abducted by aliens when they were teenagers. Not all of them came back. And those who did came back altered. Now they spend a lot of time near the place they were taken, hoping to find either answers or revenge. They hit paydirt one night and capture an alien. Once they get the creature indoors, the movie takes off. It's a little hokey at times and some of the dialogue is horrid, but the cast makes it work. I was really surprised by the actors in this project. The only lead I had heard of before-hand was Michael C. Williams, also from The Blair Witch Project. But they are all quite good and help me stay with the movie when a Sci-fi Saturday cast would have ruined it. There's a fine line between cheesy and cool sometimes. I believe with a bigger budget the cheese could have been spread thinner. The alien could have used the Stan Winston touch if you get my drift. But I can't complain too much because it is a guy in a suit as opposed to CG silliness. After all the dough Blair Witch made, you'd think someone would give this guy a little bit more cash to play with. I really think with a bigger budget this could have been a hit.
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A Nutshell Review: Altered
DICK STEEL29 January 2007
I'd have to admit that the draw of this movie is director Eduardo Sanchez, who helmed the wildly popular and successful Blair Witch Project. Besides, this is an alien movie of sorts, and sounded something like Stephen King's Dreamcatchers, one of those movies that the critics hated, but I enjoyed.

But nope, unfortunately I felt that for the most parts, Altered is a waste of time, so I shall keep this review short. Premises are always promising, and Altered's no different. It tells the story of a group of men who experienced strange encounters when they were younger, and as usual, others will take you as a nutcase imagining stuff. Stories about alien abduction always have to deal with probes into the orifices, so I shall not go into details, but you get the drift it's damn uncomfortable, and something you'd like to forget.

What if you're given a chance for revenge? That is, you manage to successfully hunt down, and capture one alive. What will you do? For this group, it's a gleeful payback time, or so they thought. And this is where the movie begins to develop into a snoozefest, with bad, uninspiring dialogue, and even worse acting. Even if it's low budgeted, there aren't many redeeming factors, be it strength of storyline, or any help from the cast in making their characters just a tad interesting. It's the standard cardboard fare from a vanilla plain script, coupled with some cheap scare tactics employed.

What's good though is the makeup. Much effort has been put into making some of the stuff which I shan't mention, because that'll spoil just the few elements of what makes this movie tolerable. Other than that, there are the usual cheap special effects, blood and gory moments which is nothing you've never seen before.

Watch this only as a last resort. Compared to the other monster movie in town - Feast, this one is less fun, and takes itself too seriously. Bogged down by an uninspiring direction, you've been warned.
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Poor, very poor
tony-o-brien-122 March 2007
I expected a lot more from this movie as it was billed as being directed by the man who directed Blair Witch Project (which I loved). However, this movie is a complete shambles.

The "plot" is an inane derivation of god knows how many other alien/abduction movies. The acting is without exception dire and seems to consist mostly of the actors screaming obscenities at each other. The special effects were poor. The plot holes were huge and seemingly endless. The aliens were about as scary as a bowl of ice cream.

All in all, a complete waste of time and DVD rental fee. Avoid like the plague.
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One of the most boring so called horror film ever !!!
mesakec17 July 2007
This weekend just passed I watched "28 Weeks Later" which was very good. After that I watched this film.

I have tell you it is one of the most boring so called horror you could ever watch. The scenes were unrealistic, there was no script and no plot. The alien creature was unreal. And the fight scenes mild compared to a school yard fight. And to make it worse the guy named Cody had an uncontrollable loose filthy tongue which distracts attention from the main film.

Forget about this movie; rather go and watch 28 Weeks Later.

Cheers, Mesake C.
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Scary Movie
petra_ste28 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
It's a pity Eduardo Sanchez's jaw-droppingly terrible Altered has scenes which ruin its comedic momentum: character bonding sequences crammed in between an unintentional howler and the other. A pity, because any movie featuring a Mexican standoff with four men ready to jump on an alien who is holding the intestines of one of them, threatening to pull, had the potential to become garbage of the cult status variety.

A group of rednecks - the angry jerk (a Viggo Mortensen lookalike), the meek one (a Paul Giamatti lookalike) and the simple one (a generic big guy), all kidnapped by extraterrestrials fifteen years ago (don't expect a flashback, the "show, don't tell" mantra doesn't apply here), capture an alien and bring him to the country mansion of a former friend (a Colin Farrell lookalike), also abducted in the past, with revenge in mind. Still, the creature soon turns the table on them.

The script is a marvel of ineptitude: things happen randomly, with preposterous rules and plot holes (we are told the death of a single alien means war, but a whole platoon of them is wiped out and nothing happens). Suspension of disbelief is trampled under heavy boots: these morons know where UFOs land and, instead of telling NASA, the media or the Army, choose to face them alone. And they manage to capture one! Considering the average IQ they display, I had trouble believing they could successfully open a door.

The redeeming factor is the unintentional comedic streak running through the movie: apart for the already mentioned intestines standoff, we have a blue-green midget (looking like a smaller, meaner version of the Signs aliens) running with a sound of rushing footsteps, like Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs Bunny; a protagonist who hides in his basement a nuke powerful enough to reduce his surroundings like Tunguska; a grasshopper-like spaceship jumping from Earth to Moon.

It works as a spoof, better than most intentional horror parodies.

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Good effects can't save a bad movie.
gdrew53 January 2007
I'm 47 years old and I've spent as much of my life as I can remember, a fan of horror and sci-fi films. Be they silent, black and white, no budget or big budget, there are very few of them that I can't find something to like about. That said, I'll give this movie credit for good gore and creature effects but that's all. This is a case of effects over story. Truth is we live in a time where there is very little left that hasn't been seen in a horror film. Therefor for a film of any kind to really entertain it must have a good, original story. A good story can overcome poor effects and bad acting but a bad story with good acting and good effects is still a bad movie. This movie doesn't even have good acting, only good effects. So unless you can only about the gore, pass this one up.
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Very weak in all aspects
maschiavon2 May 2008
First question: Why aliens who have the technology to travel in spaceships would walk naked and without guns or protection in a dangerous forest, specially after they had killed and abducted people in that area? Well, after that, you can imagine what comes along in this ridiculous movie. (sorry for the English mistakes, I'm from Brazil). I think maybe the screenplay was written to show a kind of animal or monster and along the production they decided to change to an alien, and they forgot to solve a lot of problems in the story. Only that could explain the huge amount of problems and holes in this horrible movie. Well, to match this stupid screenplay, there is yet terrible acting, a bad direction of photography and a amateur directing. After all the problems, at the end, nothing in explained about the aliens who walk naked and with no guns or protection in the forest. If we go to other specific problems, I could write hundreds of pages. One example: besides walking naked and with no protection, the aliens have mental power over the humans and great technology to travel in the space, what only could be possible after a great evolution, but they still have nippers and teeth of savage animals and act like those (and they don't use clothes or space suits). Completely incoherent. It isn't sci-fi, it is only a cheap and bad horror and gore movie using wrongly the concept.
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Surprisingly good, above the Straight-to-DVD Average
Omegamorph7 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Director Eduardo Sanchez, well known for The Blair Witch Project, directs this film made directly for the DVD merchandise, which talks about a group of men that share one same event in their life: they have been abducted by an Alien species that captured them while they were on a hunt, and killed one of the group. While they had the chance to prove they were abducted, one of them, Wyatt, disproved everything and the story sinked in oblivion. Many years later, three of them succeed in capturing one of those vicious creatures. Because of this, they get themselves chased by the rest of the Aliens - and are forced to seek for help. They go to Wyatt himself, who, after his close encounters, has bought a house, customizing it with measures for eventual attacks. And there it begins. The Alien, chained, is brought inside and thus abducted, in a way. The bad news is that this Monster has psychic abilities (It can control the mind of a person after a long eye-to-eye glance) and its bite causes progressing necrosis, and as even worse news, it freed itself from the chains and caused a blackout. The film from this point progresses with a growing tension, a bit ruined by the obvious gore (always present in straight-to-DVD Horror flicks), really forced in some cases, like when Otis is gutted and the Alien tends the intestines across the room, trying to put an organic tracking device, or the progressing decomposing flesh of Cody. The characters are decently built mainly through dialogue referring to past events (which most of the film's plot is built around), the pacing is good and the creature effects are excellent despite the low budget. The Alien has an interesting design and indeed contributes to the overall tense and creepy tone of the film. Recommended for those who are experienced with Monster Movies.
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Not bad at all
udgang9917 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed this little flick. I believe the creative team had some difficulties getting the movie out in the public, but I'm glad they overcame the hurdle. There is a nice new spin on the story of 'alien abductees', where the humans are taking revenge on the aliens. A couple of things where you are left in the dark - story wise, but you can overlook that, and, I believe, get a nice kick out of it. SPOILER: One Thought though... what are the odds that the house dosn't just collapse on top of Wyatt's little 'escape capsule' when he blows everything up, in the end, and is being left inside there, with no way out?!
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Rent a seat in your house and kick back and watch
geese-322 December 2006
Once again this film maker makes democracy work. He did it with Blair Witch which I did not like and he did it here again with Altered. Completely different but equally creative. But in Blair Witch you never get layed. Here you get up close and personal. This film has guts. It is one of the very few mixtures of Horror and Science Fiction that you love. Best of all this is old school. No computer dimensional cross dressing. This is straight up monster. My only complaint they don't give you many perks. No extras but two boring deleted scenes. But you know what it fits this is lean, nasty and mean and good. This very little I like, this is surely one.
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