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9 Jul. 2006
Mark 8:36
Tommy Caffee is a rising star in Rhode Island politics and the prince of his home ward - a working-class Irish district known as "The Hill." The murder of local gangster Patty Mullin opens the door to the return of Tommy's brother, Michael, whom Patty had sworn to kill. As Michael begins to reclaim his lost criminal enterprises, Irish mob boss Freddie Cork threatens to whack Michael unless Tommy throws state contracts Freddie's way. Meanwhile, Michael gets into a beef with Moe Riley, one of Freddie Cork's underlings, who is currently in control of Michael's old turf. ...
16 Jul. 2006
Genesis 27:29
Michael plays a game of Russian roulette with the mentally challenged brother of a neighborhood store he wants to take over. Meanwhile, Tommy is working on keeping a highway spur from going through the hill by wheeling and dealing behind the scenes. Also, Eileen gets some upsetting news at the doctor's office when she learns that she has contracted a sexually transmitted disease resulting from her secret tryst.
23 Jul. 2006
Matthew 13:57
Tommy draws closer to Judd. Eileen's lover breaks off their affair. Michael struggles with how much the Hill has changed while he was away.
30 Jul. 2006
Matthew 5:6
Tension between the Caffee brothers grows when Treasury agents raid their mother Rose's house during Sunday dinner.
6 Aug. 2006
Matthew 12:25
When Freddie Cork refuses to let Michael and Pete play on his softball team in a local bar tournament, Michael enlists the aid of bar owner Terry Mulligan. Rose loses a fight to stop layoffs within her factory and is fired as well. When the Speaker proposes a new waste-disposal station in his district, Tommy tries to make sure his constituents are properly compensated.
13 Aug. 2006
Samyutta 11:10
Declan and his partner Ralph are involved in a shooting. Eileen goes off the rails. Tommy pays back a loan. Mary-Rose gets caught smoking pot.
20 Aug. 2006
Genesis 27:39
Michael convinces Tommy to help save a local movie theatre. Eileen confesses to Mary-Kate. Rose is forced to take a job at a big box store. Pete falls off the wagon. Declan finds out something about Marty Trio.
May 2006
Job 31:5-6
Michael takes an old girlfriend on a road trip. Rose plans a surprise birthday party for Michael. Eileen tries to reform. Tommy maneuvers to get himself a promotion.
10 Sep. 2006
Ecclesiastes 7:2
The Hill mourns when a horrific bus crash kills seventeen.
17 Sep. 2006
Vivekchaudamani: 51
Tommy and Michael's long-lost father resurfaces. Pete tries to help Eileen. Rose can no longer deny that Michael is a gangster.
24 Sep. 2006
Matthew 22:10
Michael's shadow hangs over everyone when all of "The Hill" comes together at a big Irish wedding.

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