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complaining or just contemplating?
wbdbikes23 February 2006
Why is it that a network will get rid of shows that seem to actually be funny, and can actually grow? DO they rather keep shows on like..idk crap reality that isn't even close to real reality? Flaver Flav? Surreal Life? Real World/Road Rules etc etc etc. People generally watch TV series because 1. They like the characters 2. They like the way its written 3. Like the music in the series 4. Like where and how its filmed. Love Monkey had all these and then some. What a great concept...yeah CONCEPT, a 30 something in the music business, goes indie follows indie bands, has a rough time with women, has good friends....wait..thats not real enough. Because no one in really life has good buddies, or women problems or between jobs. We all compete for money and prizes and have lines of women to pick from.(man i wish..just imagine that..prizes.) Instead lets cancel a very promising show, and air NCIS, because lord knows we don't have enough shows of a team investigating something. (I believe that there is at least 8 shows on cbs, if not more.) Just watch reruns of scooby doo, at least that is more entertaining. This show was being compared to, or at least i heard it was being compared to sex in the city. BUT they didn't cancel sex in the city after 3 or 4 episodes, granted it was on HBO. Getting back to the matter at hand, why must a network get rid of a show before it can actually grow? Networks in the past have given shows multiple chances at different time slots and, or different days. How come they didn't with Love MOnkey? Tuesday at there is a great time slot. Beginning of the 10 at night...for a brand new show. Lets try that again...Brand new show, 10 at night, on a Tuesday. Head still hurt on that one? Did you ever see any advertising for the show? I live by the city and the only advertising I have seen for it is on the front of two buses. WHOA..thats hardcore..oh wait, I guess they are trying to push the CSI franchise..or the seinfeld spin off (note..i loved seinfeld..not spin offs, and lets face it..all shows with those characters in it or some how spin offs) After all this..all I ask is that you SAVE THE MONKEY. GO to, scroll all the way down to feedback. And what's funny is that under prime time, Love Monkey isn't even listed so choose other and write away. thanks for reading. should i keep going?

**Don't let Love Monkey have the same fate as Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, or Undeclared, or Freaks and Geeks, or well lets face it, there are a lot of other shows.**
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A well-thought out show with excellent acting, writing and production values.
BreeInAZ17 January 2006
Having seen the pilot tonight, me and my wife have added another show to our TiVo list. Love Monkey is about a mid-30s major label A&R rep who is at a crossroads in his life. Without spoiling the plot of the pilot... basically, it involves the lives of main character/narrator, Tom Farrell (Tom Cavanaugh), his sister and his best friends, male and female. Clever uses of flashbacks are used sporadically throughout the show, but not overused. The music is great and REAL, not pseudo-represented by cover bands imitating well-known artists/songs as is usually the case with most TV shows for some reason.

The outdoor city filming locations used are actually in New York, not a set or stock footage - kudos for that. Also, some interiors are real locations (not sets) as well. The show's title, which primarily refers to the main character, is somewhat revealed or explained in the pilot. Some of the plot is predictable, albeit there are a few subplot twists, but yet it is still an enjoyable show, nonetheless. It (pilot episode) revealed many different stories that will develop along the way and hinted at a few others - due to its setting and cast of supporting characters, there is much promise for good future writing.

"Love Monkey" is just a nice, feel-good TV show with a just a bit of sex, some love, friendship and a whole lotta great music. Highly recommend for adults, young and old.

Ted in Gilbert, AZ
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Love Monkey Swings away....sadly....
jfontana5714 February 2006
I am very sorry to hear that Love Monkey was cancelled! Having a 19 yr. old daughter who is trying to break into the music business...I am very familiar with the light music biz plot that occurred on this show. It was funny. It was light hearted. It was not blood, guts, gore. It included MUSIC. It was NOT another REALITY show. I really enjoyed this show. What I Don't understand is why CBS didn't try MOVING the show to a different time slot instead of trashing it. It was ONLY an EIGHT episode mid-season replacement! Why not try another day and time for the final 5 episodes! At least let us that DID enjoy the show...see how it ends up. Lets face it, starting Love Monkey the same weeks after 2 hour American Idol specials...made it difficult. Too many American Idol fans don't want to change the channel at 10pm from Fox To CBS. Then, we roll into a Presidential Speech, pre-empting the show for its actual third episode. Then, we roll into the Olympics. Yikes, that is tough "competition" and bad timing for any new show, not just Love Monkey. CBS did say the show was on "hiatus", so whether that is their way of letting fans down easy...left to HOPE it might return, or really if there may be distant thoughts of placing it on another day and time slot..who knows. I really hope CBS finds a spot to finish off the last 5 episodes. Also, Teddy Geiger's Album release was to correspond to an early March episode. Why not let that happen?? Did Sony have NO say in whether this show stayed on the air or was pulled? It really was great to see a show filmed right in New York City too, and not on a Hollywood backlot. Well..I for one am really upset about the demise of Love Monkey. Tom was great, Jason was great, Teddy was great..heck..the whole cast was a well put together cast! I actually know of a couple of the extra's from the show, where it would have been their "network" Television premier..and it would have been cool to see them on the show. Oh well..guess it wasn't meant to be. I hope tho' that there may be SOME glimmer of hope that we'll see the remaining 5 episodes of Love Monkey.
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Fight for the Monkey!!!
savelovemonkey16 February 2006
Why would CBS cancel Love Monkey so early? If you are as upset as me, LET'S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! Send CBS a letter. Send them an e-mail. Call their office and demand an explanation! Here's their address and phone number. To write to them over the net, go to, scroll all the way to the bottom and click "Feedback." A window will pop up for you to voice your opinion.

Ask them to give Love Monkey another chance. Whether you loved it for the characters, the plot, or the music, you can do something to change this. Make your voice heard! For more information on what you can do, e-mail me at

Fight for the Monkey!!!

CBS Television Network 51 West 52nd Street New York, NY 10019

Ph. number: (212) 975-432
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"Love Monkey"'s A Must Love
supersnoopdog0825 January 2006
I was hooked after the pilot show, and I was hoping to not be disappointed with the second show, and I wasn't. This show is amazing, it's really hard to think of words to describe it, and I really don't think amazing cuts it. If you like music you'll like this show, two shows into its first season and I have already proclaimed it as my favorite show.

This show has heart, the music isn't cheesy as I would have expected from a television show and the characters are all different and interesting in their own ways. Wayne(Teddy Geiger)is an awesome singer, he reminds me of John Mayer, but younger.

Unfortunately, not everybody appreciates this show, according to Alessandra Stanley of the New York Times,"'Love Monkey,' in other words, is yet another attempt to create a male version of 'Sex and the City.'", this lady has a stereotypical mind which could not see something good if it poked her in the eye. After reading a couple of her articles it seems like she is obsessed with "Sex and the City", she is always comparing the shows she reviews to it and seems to have set "Sex and the City" as the top of all standards.

"Love Monkey", for lack of better words, rocks my world!!! There's nothing that I enjoy better than good music and good stories, this show is a combination of both. I really hope this show lasts and if it doesn't CBS will loose a great thing."Love Monkey"'s A Must Love, don't miss it.
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What a shame...
noah_paul4430 May 2006
What a shame it is that great shows like Love Monkey don't hit home with more people. I understand that some people may think only New Yorkers or hardcore music fans (I am one of each) would truly enjoy this show, but a certain "show about nothing" consisting of 4 friends in NYC and was somewhat yuppie-ish did pretty well for 9 years. Tom is completely believable as a somewhat high-strung, neurotic protagonist, albeit one who has great morals and is the kind of friend any guy or girl would treasure. The development of the supporting characters, particularly Shooter and Brinn, is also something rarely seen in a series. The cameos (and supporting roles) by both famous as well as up-and-coming musicians really adds value to the musical premise of the show. Because of Love Monkey, I am going to see both Tedy Geiger and Aimee Mann play this summer, one added bonus of watching this masterpiece. I am clinging to the hope that VH1 will give this show another run next year, maybe 6 or 8 episodes? Even if only 1 or 2 million watch an episode, any cable network (especially one as committed to musical knowledge and development as VH1) can justify airing a show like this. I will buy this DVD the minute it comes out and try to get as many friends as possible to realize what they missed; hopefully they and I will get another opportunity to appreciate Love Monkey again.
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Well, dammit! Another "Not Reality Show" gone!
Steve Simone11 February 2006
My wife and I enjoyed watching Love Monkey, why? because it was not just another HOKEY reality show! You want reality!! shove 8 people in a helicopter and drop them off in the mountains with video cameras, the ones that make it back with footage are the winners! Now that would be reality!! Love Monkey was a good show to just watch and let things progress! Why do people have to scrutinize the heck out of something different! Well, CBC thinks and the people with the Neilson boxes who are probably the ones that ONLY watch reality have laid the show to rest! What are those people watching then? I'd Love to know that much! Bye Love Monkey! I'll miss you!! Bring back ED? or American Dreams? or Anything with Heather Locklear in it......Dallas?
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Even if it was a music poser, "Monkey" is a short, but sweet and rich, relationship series that could have been the next great CBS series
liquidcelluloid-129 May 2006
Network: CBS; Genre: Drama, Comedy; Content Rating: TV-PG (some adult and sexual content, language); Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Seasons Reviewed: 1 season (3 episodes)

The real television fan is an embattled creature. Years of TV watching leaves you with one lesson: the excitement of discovering a great new show is always coupled with a growing sense of dread over the near certainty of its prompt cancellation.

"Love Monkey" ranks with the shortest of them at 3 whole episodes. In the future, real-time ratings will allow promising shows to be ripped off the air and replaced with a "CSI" rerun mid-way through their first airing. At 3 episodes we have little arc and stunted development, so we can only really determine it's potential. I'm put in the position of real television reviewers who watch the 3 episode tape they get and throw out a review that prematurely seals a show's fate.

Fortunately, "Love Monkey" is unusually well developed from the get-go. What it lacks in originality it makes up for with a strong, large, cast of characters and a nearly flawless execution. The series follows Tom Farrell (Tom Cavanaugh, "Ed"), a music snob with a pension for Top 40 and earphones embedded permanently in his ears, who vocalizes his anti-corporate, pro-artist view of music and is summarily fired by a big-time record label after an unfortunate slip-of-the-tongue about Hanson (the show is a little dated). He quickly lands at struggling independent label True Vinyl Records and with only one shot left to prove his golden ear-for-talent reputation he bets it all on a crooning John Mayer-type artist called Wayne (Teddy Geiger, singing his own real songs). Doubling as our narrator, Tom monologues about the music industry and relationships, but appears to know only about the former.

If you are now filling in your own "High Fidelity" and "Jerry Maguire" comparisons, you wouldn't be wrong. But outside of that inevitable familiarity, "Monkey" works first because Cavanaugh has enough charm and gosh-darn likability to fuel several shows and, secondly, because the entire rest of the cast is so colorful and well developed. Tom's basket-ball playing, sports-metaphor talking friends include Larenze Tate, Jason Priestly (post-"Tru Calling"), Christopher Weil ("Playmakers") and guy's-girl Judy Greer. At work, he crushes and feuds with striking Ivana Milicevic. The witty banter between the guys and a relationship story, that doesn't take the usual relationship-series, path all work to create a multi-layered and completely entertaining character dramedy.

In episode 2, Tom tries to steal a pop princess (thinly veiled for her real-world counterparts) from the corporate label that won't let her write her own music. In the 3rd episode, where we see how really great this show could have been, Nicky Katt ("Boston Public") guest stars as a pretentious independent film director who hijacks the reins of Wayne's music video.

Music snobs have already pegged "Love Monkey" for committing the ultimate sin of being un-cool. "Monkey" does have a whiff of mainstream pandering. It should be making exclusive music references for the 1% crowd, not trying to relate to Top 40 teenyboppers. "Monkey" should be too cool for the room, instead it seems to only be pretending to know about the music industry and its attempts to parallel real musicians are too transparent to be as clever. A poser.

But if you can make the leap that the musical bits are just a mechanism to explore the human relationships on the show, then it feels a little more organic. There is too much else going on here to just write this show off like the network did. Even though I largely find the network a total bore, unlike the other networks CBS has had a good reputation for supporting their shows. Now, they're on my radar. Since "Love Monkey" barely got off the runway, all we can do is judging its potential and, honestly, this show had the potential to be the best CBS series since "Everybody Loves Raymond".

Hopefully, the show will get a DVD release so I can see the remaining episodes.

* * * ½ / 4
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not the same old reality show
sheila-martinez-13 April 2006
I cannot for the life of me figure out why Love Monkey was cxld. What a great show!!!! My husband and I were so excited for a show that was NOT a reality show or another crime show. The cast was great. The chemistry between the cast members was right on. Was it the lousy timing with Bush and the Winter Olympics? I think the fans would have waited patiently. The idea of a male version of Sex and the City sounded alittle cheesy, but one time watching it, it was easy to see that it was a different concept. Yes, 4 guys that live in the city and hang out, but the storyline was unique with the indie music label and exposing us to a great new artist. It's too bad the network didn't support something different and enjoyable. The general public are sick of reality shows!
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Tom & Brandy
matthewrwalker24 February 2006
Recognising that this show had some potential, was it not painfully obvious to anyone else where the relationship with Tom & Brandy was heading? The most glaring aspect is the "best friend" relationship between the two characters.

Hmmm ... let me see - Tom's best friend is very attractive, has a great personality and he can talk to her about all his life problems and relationship issues. If you try hard enough can almost predict how this relationship would evolve had the show been allowed to continue. Here's my version of how it would have progressed through season 1;

1) Tom and Brandy both get involved in different relationships and have many talks about the issues there are having with the people they are dating and about their lives in general

2) Brandy eventually gets serious with a guy, and Tom begins to act like an over-protective "big brother". Worst of all, the guy Brandy is dating has horrible taste in music, and thinks that "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" is originally a Guns'N Roses song.

3)Brandy eventually has her heart broken by this guy and seeks solace in the arms of her best friend Tom, which results in a fairly awkward kiss.

4) The next time Brandy sees Tom he acts like a complete idiot, mainly because he is feeling awkward, and because the hot woman he works with at the indie record label is also in the room.

5) Feeling like a jerk, Tom shows up at Brandy's apartment the next day with a pizza and a kick ass mixed tape he made of his favorite songs, only to find her back in the arms of the guy who broke her heart recently. In reality, Brandy's ex was only coming by to pick up a few of his things and they were simply hugging goodbye, though Tom leaves before he can know this.

6) The next time Tom is out with his friends he is really drunk and is all over the hot chick from his record label, while Brandy is watching. She storms out in disgust, throwing a mixed tape she made for him in his direction.

7) Tom is later consoled by his drinking buddies, who affirm that he and Brandy were "meant to be together"

8) Tom realizes his folly, and gets a bunch of his cool musician friends to serenade Brandy outside of her window. She warms up to him, but claims that she wants to slow down because she is afraid of losing her "best friend".

9) Tom gradually gets comfortable with being Brandy's "best friend" again, and they begin to date other people. With the whole "isn't it great we are friends" tone to their conversations they begin to discuss their recent dating exploits with each other.

10) Brandy begins to get concerned when Tom starts to date a woman from a rival record label. She sees through it all, and knows this woman is just using Tom because he has "street cred" and is starting to connect with all types of cool up and coming musicians looking to get signed by a label.

11) Brandy confronts this woman while at a concert for one these artists, and they begin to yell over top the blaring music. This woman has a "so what if I am using him response" which she states loudly just as the musician up front finishes his song. Tom overhears and realizes he was hoodwinked.

12)After the concert Tom seeks comfort from Brandy and they sit and hold each other on a park bench while listening to street busker singing "You Are the Sunshine of My Life". Tom confesses to Brandy that he has always known that his other relationships are doomed, because he never has these moments like he does now with Brandy, when everything is "perfect" for that moment. He compares the feeling to the first time he heard the Beatles at age 10, and realized there was this magical world full of endless possibility.

13) On their way home they stop in front of Brandy's front steps. Brandy turns to Tom and says "I thought about what you said earlier, about those perfect moments .. and I am worried about those times when it is not perfect between us, when its not like that perfect moment in a Beatles song". Tom replies "Then we can sing the blues together, and it will be our song, our wonderful imperfect song.... and at least we can sing it together". They kiss on the front steps as the camera pans out.

Season 2 would be about their trials and tribulations as they attempt to navigate the pitfalls of modern day relationships and their own personal ambitions. At one point Tom will be on the cusp of signing a "big act" to his label, while at the same time Brandy will get an amazing job offer in Portland. Can their relationship survive?

If anyone else has their version, I would love to hear it!
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Why Is Everyone Dissing Wayne? He Is GREAT!!!
the-rolling-stones-r-a-b28 January 2006
Why the heck is everyone dissing Wayne! Just because he is like John Mayer dose not mean he is not an awesome guitar player, singer, songwriter not to mention actor!!!! He is great! He is also very cute as well!!!Lol...i really love this show..i watch it every Tuesday when i get home from my own guitar and band practice!!! Hello! I may be only a 15 year old girl but i know great guitar players and great singers when i see one perform!! Wayne is truly amazing and a cool kid. I also think the show has a great plot line and is very interesting. I think that this show will be a hit.... at least when everyone stops downing on Wayne....geezzz..
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DVD? Unaired episodes?
gjschultz26 March 2006
Unfortunately, petitions don't seem to save canceled TV shows. I think "Cagney & Lacey" was the only exception. I'll compromise. Make "Love Monkey" available in a DVD box set. I believe this was already done sometime ago with the canceled "My Big Fat Greek Life". The show was canceled before the end of its first season but a DVD box set was available for sale. I thought "Love Monkey" had potential though I wasn't cray about the show's title. What does happen to the unaired episodes of TV shows any way? I understand they're the property of the producers but letting them sit in storage doesn't seem to benefit anyone.
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Lovin' Love Monkey
kmaier-18 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Love Monkey is very entertaining. I TOTALLY disagree with the negative comments about Tom, Wayne and the guys. Tom has tons of sex appeal - no need for more. I'm 46 and friends of mine who are 30 agree - he's got it. He's got the whole "cute and friendly" thing going on, that most women love to see in a guy. Don't change a thing. Wayne is adorable. Who cares if he sounds like John Mayer. Maybe he's better! His sound is very mainstream, and the idea wouldn't make it in the show if he sounded too offbeat. Finally, I love "the guys." It works. Jason Priestly may seem dull to some, but he's playing his role perfectly. They are a very funny combination. Thanks for making one of the characters gay. It works, too. What a great surprise when Tom runs into a famous artist - it's a treat. It's not name dropping. We love you Tom. Keep it up! I'll look for you on the streets of NYC next time I'm there.
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The American people need shows like this!
Ambeyes25 November 2006
We're tired of reality shows and CSI-type shows...I'm so desensitized now that I think I might sneeze if I saw someone lose a finger. These shows reflect a culture that grows more and more cynical and empty or is TV influencing American culture?? We walk around as if it is we who've been traumatized and pulverized out of gleaning any meaning from life. The fascination with abomination...the shock value that draws ratings is influencing how many people view the world. Where is Hollywood's sense of responsibility, intelligence and genuine creativity?? If terror is explored, let us see what we can do about it and glean from it. Alias was successful in that. How bout a spiritual exploration (without that literal Bible thing) into these hard-ass dramas? Give us some heroes.

Shows such as "Love Monkey" are paced and human--storytelling which has been lost in the post-911 hysteria. It was fun to see if our hero was going to beat the record co. system and make stars on his own. There were good subplots too. (We've really enjoyed 6 Degrees, as well but it's shelf life seems limited.) It's refreshing not to go to bed feeling saddened and sickened. Action is good but shouldn't be a substitute for telling a creative story. The stories are out there--as a script reader, I read them. So many good stories out there---I can't figure out why so much trash is made. Give Love Monkey another shot in a good time slot--maybe rename it??? Also, we want a new "30-Something" meets "Alias"...can you Hollywood execs pull that off??

Export the American spirit that's dignified and soulful...our image around the world is in need of more genuine representations of the goodness of the American spirit. In other words, keep this show on the air.
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One of the best new shows this year.
calpilot6 November 2006
This is just another example of corporate America running TV. They don't give new great shows a chance to develop an audience. I thought Love Monkey was great. It was funny, good spirited, light hearted, and very entertaining. Too bad CBS pulled the plug on this and continues to produce "reality TV (what garbage)" or another ER, CSI spin off.

I think Tom Cauanagh is a very talented actor and the supporting cast was great. Anyway I like ED a lot also. It felt as the show went on that they were beginning to gel together. How long did it take for Friends, ER, MASH to develop a following which allowed those shows to run for up to 10 years?

Maybe one day artists will once again be able to pick whats on our TV's.
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Incredible Show. Cannot believe it's cancelled
ironzoni18 October 2006
Hi all, I was searching for some information regarding this show as it quickly become to be my favourite TV show, and got shocked when I read that it was cancelled. I really can't understand what is not be liked on this show. It has great music, amazing actors, smart conversations and interaction between the characters, and always a great comeback against difficult situations.

It remains me the spirit of the movie High Fidelity, one of my favourites.

Hope this decision is reviewed, and Tom and the guys can continue giving us this great show.

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Wish it had a chance
ca721016 May 2006
My wife and I also were disappointed to hear the news about "the Monkey". Lucky for us we happened across it on our program guide and reset the DVR. I suppose we can mark one up for Corprate conglomeration. Being that CBS and VH1 are both owned by Viacom it was handy for the airing of the remaining episodes. Unfortunately I feel the show is lacking the flow it had the first three episodes. The show is jumping in and out of issues and not really following through with any of them. The one thing I do like is it's keeping the music and the industry as the focus. How much of it is accurate, is up for debate apparently. I think the show has found a home on VH1. If the show is up for any future episodes next season, I'm sure we'll find them here.
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octoberday7523 April 2006
Canada has its share of problems...such as - Vh1 isn't broadcasted here. Love Monkey became my favorite show after only one episode, but obviously a show this awesome could not be appreciated by a large enough audience so it was cut, just like arrested development, cough. I am forced to scramble for copies of the remaining episodes that are being shown in the u.s on vh1. Someone has to pick this show up, and get tom c to drop his new show idea, which sounds like something that Would capture a larger audience - if you know what i mean. All the characters had depth, were interesting, and contributed something special to the show. Lets just stand back for a second and admire in awe, what was the best show in television during those 3 weeks the show actually aired.
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It's Tom Cavanagh..... Of course it's hilarious
madenoch222 April 2006
Love Monkey is going to be a hit. CBS is going to regret ever canceling the show. If anyone saw and liked the TV Sitcom "Ed", then this is going to be one of your favorites. Tom Cavanagh is funny in everything he has done. This show brings out a new topic that no other station has right now. We can go on any channel on any night and watch a CSI or a medical sitcom, but we can only go on Tuesday nights to see something like this. VH-1 is smart for picking up this sitcom, it relates to music, ergo, that was a great pick up. Being a college student, I can relate to certain aspects of the show. I listen to a lot of music but only a very few amount sounds good to me. Cavanagh makes listening to music different. Even though it isn't an educational show, you will learn a little bit more about the music business. This is a good sitcom for anyone in the music career or interested in the music career. I recommend everyone to watch Love Monkey.
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Wonderful VH1 brought Love Monkey back!
lovemonkeyfan19 April 2006
Love Monkey's back! Tom Cavanaugh is as offbeat and charming as ever. Just when I thought I'd only see him on Scrubs episodes. A happy note in a bleak TV landscape that VH1 had the good judgment to pick up a bright, well-written show that CBS was too quick to dump for more reality garbage. Shame on CBS for continuing the dumbing down of television.

I hope VH1 does some advertising of the show though. I only found out it was picked up by them by accident when Teddy Geiger was being interviewed on a morning talk show. People need to know it's on and give it a chance. Hopefully VH1 will order more episodes beyond the eight, but not if no one knows to watch it. Fortunately, VH1 runs the episode in multiple time slots. Since there is almost no decent programming on TV and what there is all seems to run opposite each other on Tuesday night, TIVO was having a nervous breakdown. The good news is we have six other nights free from TV to recover.
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A Refreshing taste of what television is capable of.
cccp-118 April 2006
Love Monkey is the most innovative show to hit the airwaves in quite literally years. Thats not to say it cannot be compared to other pop culture items (most commonly compared to High Fidelity, or a male counterpart to Sex and the City). The show has its own unique sense of humor that, sure, fans of the genre will find entertaining, but god forbid CBS or another major network broadcast a show that people actually have to use their brains to enjoy. I assert that the key reason that this show was cancelled after a mere three episodes is, in addition to CBS's lack of promotion and marketing on this gold mine they had on their hands, was that it didn't have the elements that appeal to the most common denominator. Its a well written show, with an intellectual comedy vibe. Since people seem to like mindless dribble nowadays, it makes sense that it got canned.

Tom Cavanagh is spectacular in his role as the moody yet optimistic thirty-something attempting to come to terms with his new role in life. Seeing the character thrive in the small Indie label environment, as opposed to his big cold and impersonal corporate gig from the pilot, is a catharsis in itself in the sense that its the only true environment for that particular character. The dialogue between Tom and his clique of friends is fast paced and witty, a refreshing change to the sitcom jokes that you can see from a mile away. All the characters, Tom included, are terrifically flawed and hilarious in their own right, and the on screen chemistry between them allows the dialogue to flow continuously and intriguingly for a full 42 minutes.

The show was still early and could have gone in countless directions before it was cancelled. I can't say for certain that it would have been an instant classic, but it certainly had the potential to reach that greater plateau that so few television programs, scripted or reality, ever truly reach. I am excited to see how the full first 8 episodes pan out as VH1 shows the replays every Tuesday at 9pm starting April 18th. You should too.
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Airing on VH1
dhandel4 April 2006
To address those unhappy viewers who wanted to see the rest of the episodes of Love Monkey, there's some good news.

VH1 will be airing them starting in April.

The channel will be repeating first three episodes (the ones that CBS aired) on April 11 from 7-10PM, and the remaining five on successive Tuesdays at 9 pm EST. (April 18-) with repeats sprinkled throughout the week(s).

FYI to those of you with a vested opinion one way or another, four of the five remaining episodes have music plot lines unrelated to Wayne (Teddy Geiger).

To those of you who hated the show, you can safely return to your weekly diet of procedurals and medical shows.
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will love monkey return?
tkad-16 March 2006
the reason that I watch less TV lately is because there are less shows like love monkey. I will not watch any more reality shows. the majority of them embarrass the players, and that doesn't work for me.

give me a program that shows the better side of people. like another show I enjoyed, cupid, (also canceled) there was a sense of hope that is given, I cannot think of many shows, if any, that make the effort. why will the producers not make the effort for genuine 'smiles'. why is it always about the cheap and easy laugh, sometimes it's about pleasure, something almost entirely lacking on TV today,

gimme my love monkey back
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Missing Love Monkey
phllyfootb76 March 2006
What a great show! In just a few episodes you can see the potential of the story line to go in many different directions. Great cast. The show is funny and real to everyday issues. The relationships of all the different characters was something I could relate to. And what a fabulous way to introduce new artists like Teddy Geiger. I rushed home from the gym every Tuesday to make sure I saw it! I don't think they gave it enough airtime for people to realize it was on. Most networks advertise and replay new shows at different times so that people on certain schedules can get a chance to see them. I hope they bring it back!!!
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whats wrong with the networks
tcapron19706 March 2006
what is wrong with CBS,,,first of all Love Monkey was a perfectly good show,,,loved watching it ,,it was such a great show , not really sure why CBS and all the others cancel good shows like this ,while crappy shows like "fear Factor and the apprentice" stay on the schedule and keep getting re-newed,,,its like they don't care of what crap they keep on,,like on NBC---after 3 episodes of "the book of Daniel" you just start getting into the show and they cancel it. someone at the networks should wake up and realize that shows like "love monkey" are worth saving.Maybe they should start asking normal people instead of all the stuffed shirts they have working there
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