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(2006– )

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Season 1

17 Jan. 2006
Tom Farrell, a music executive, looks for love in the big apple. In the process of signing a very talented young singer, Wayne, Tom is fired from his record company so attempts to start his own. Meanwhile, Tom's girlfriend pressures him to get married to her.
24 Jan. 2006
Nice Package
On his first day in his new record label job, Tom tries to recruit Zoe, a one hit-star from his previous label, for a benefit 'music in schools'. His former boss refuses out of spite, but Zoe wants a freer rein. Alas to play her own material, which isn't exactly ready. Mike worries Grace, the sexy nanny his wife hired, may be too seductive to cohabit with.
The production of Wayne's first music video spins out of control when Tom hires an up-and-coming director whose personal motives jeopardize the project.
18 Apr. 2006
The One That Got Away
Tom discovers he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend when he must represent her band.
27 Apr. 2006
The Window
Tom does his best to promote a wild band's new album.
2 May 2006
Opportunity Knocks
True Vinyl has one spot left for an artist to launch this year. Tom believes in his pizza man, singer-writer-keyboard rock talent Ray, who is still bitter because his demo was discarded years ago. The alternative is classical violist Joshua Bell, a Grammy winner, whose contract expired. Lame busker Annette follows Tom around, insisting he should listen to her demo CD. Mike's street mugging complaint is ridiculed by the mates just because he isn't bruised black and blue, but he's terrified for himself and his expanding family. Tom helps out in Ray's late father's ...
9 May 2006
Mything Persons
Tom is excited to hear his old record label is selling off a whole collection of artists he still believes in, especially Gordon Decker, who proves very moody for personal reasons. Jake Dunne gets true fan Luther as apprentice. Nearly choking in a restaurant is the start of a new affair with an MD for Tom.
16 May 2006
Coming Out
Now Wayne is a real success, Tom's old boss wants them back at Goliath, so he offers Tom and each of his key colleagues a transfer, a fat raise and one's own label, provided Wayne signs up for it. Now Karen is finally about to deliver their baby, Mike is determined to plan for every contingency, fitting all mates with cellphones-walkie-talkies and detailed assignment. Alas, nothing goes according to plan, except the actual birth.

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