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Freaking hilarious
ckaspereen21 September 2007
One of the funniest movies I have ever seen, if not the funniest. As many others have said, this isn't highbrow comedy, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. The puns and gags are highly memorable, and there are a lot of lovable actors, many of which you wouldn't expect to see in a movie like this, which makes them even more entertaining.

Whenever my friends have a LAN, we have to watch this movie at least once, as most of them are game designers. Many people have said that the movie is unrealistic, but beyond the obvious physical and logistical deviations, the general attitude and behavior of the characters isn't too far off from what I see when I've been around my friends.

I can't believe anyone could rate this a 1. If you did, call the morgue, you are dead inside.
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You'll love it if you like these kinds of films (like I do)
BrandtSponseller9 July 2006
Well, obviously some viewers didn't like this one, and that's the case with all comedies that we could compare to Grandma's Boy. I still haven't quite gotten a handle on what those viewers aren't seeing in these films that they would like to see. The typical answers are that they want something funny, something not stupid, not clichéd, and so on, but of course that doesn't tell us much, because lots of us do find these movies funny, not stupid and not clichéd.

So how do you know whether you'd like Grandma's Boy if you haven't seen it yet? It's worth noting that Adam Sandler it, it features a lot of Sandler regulars, and it's the vein of Adam Sandler comedies like Happy Gilmore (1996), The Waterboy (1998) and Little Nicky (2000). Actors like Rob Schneider, David Spade and Kevin Nealon have cameos or small parts, and it's also not off base to compare Grandma's Boy to the Deuce Bigalow movies (1999 & 2005), or Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003). Chances are that if you like "those kinds" of movies, you'll find a lot to appreciate in Grandma's Boy, too, and if you don't like those kinds of movies, you should know (or should have known) to stay away from this one.

Of course Grandma's Boy is exaggerated and not realistic and even ridiculous and absurd at times. That's part of this subgenre of comedy, along with an ever-present irreverence and regular jabs of "crudeness" that work because at least in theory, they tend to appear when you least expect them. The idea at this point isn't to top the irreverence and crudeness of previous films, because to do that a filmmaker would basically have to resort to doing various illegal things in front of the camera. The name of the game is to give the false impression that maybe you're going to play things straighter this time around, so that the crazy stuff works in context. Director Nicholaus Goossen shows that he understands this well.

Grandma's Boy is about game designers, which by extension makes it about geeks and nerds. This may not be how most game designers (or most grandparents and their friends) really are, but this isn't a documentary, it's a very funny comedy, and this is at least about how those of us who aren't in the business imagine or want them to be. That's part of what makes comedy work--it has exaggerated, fantasy elements by way of caricatures/grotesques of (stereo)types that exist at least in popular, contemporary "mythology".

There are plenty of gags that people who like these sorts of comedies will remember for a very long time. They arrive about once every two or three minutes at least--just enough time to wipe away your laughter tears from the last gag. You can't get a much better recommendation than that. And if you know you don't like these kinds of films, please, do yourself a favor and just avoid this one, too.
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I went back again!
booeythang19 January 2006
Never in my life have i went to see a movie playing in theater more than once. You get those people who have gone to LOTR or star wars 3 or 5 times, once was enough for me. Of all movies in the world that I could see for a second time, Grandma's Boy was the one that did it for me. Not only did i see it twice in theater but I Paid twice to see it! No sneaking in, no illegal downloading...I have supported this movie! And why? Because never in my life have i found a movie that made me laugh so much. And i laughed just as much the second time as I did the first, perhaps more. Joel Moore owns this movie. He plays his character so well that you can't help but wonder how he did it. Makes me want to get metal legs too.I'm not saying everyone will find this movie funny...if you've never smoked a joint, played a video game or made a sexually explicit comment....well then yeah you'll probably sit through this like a wet fish. A sick sense of humor is kind of a must. Maybe you have to be a bit of a dork, i dunno. Fact is it had a good beginning, middle and ending and what could be better than that? (Even award winning Backdoor Mountain left me disappointed with the ending!?!) SO that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. 10/10 for the best comedy of the year...and two thumbs down to the critics who are obviously too old and boring to find the crazyness of youth amusing.
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Don't trust the critics!
dpo777 January 2006
First and foremost, I only gave this movie a 9 to out weigh all the 1s that morons are giving it, I believe that it truly deserves about a 6.5-7.0 (currently it has a 5.5 with 87 votes). Look this is a funny movie, it's not ground breaking and it is certainly low-brow but it's actually quite enjoyable. The critics are trying to make it into the worst movie of the new year, which is sad because, in my opinion, it's as funny as anything that came out last year, including wedding crashers (although wedding crashers, I'll admit is a better film). The story relies on comedy to get by, the plot bobs and weaves, sometimes awkwardly, in the name of telling a joke rather than flowing an interesting plot line, that said, I enjoy the filmmaker's willingness to disregard any attempt to make the story realistic or to make the transitions genuine. The flow of the story seems as if it is constructed in an alternate universe where random parties come together with ease, while it may sound as if I'm being sarcastic I'm certainly not, I believe that most movie transitions are simply labored and lame attempts to get from point A to point B, they just jump almost directly to what they want to do next in Grandma's Boy ala the first Wayne's World, which keeps the movie from sagging. All and all, I believe this is a great comedy, it's certainly not for those with high brow taste, remember, critics typically like comedies like Sideways and Broken Flowers, movies that, while entertaining, find it difficult to make a young person laugh. If you liked There's Something About Mary and previous Sandler films, with the exceptions of Spanglish and Punch Drunk Love, you will enjoy Grandma's Boy.
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Absolutely Hilarious!
full_can_of_beer4 January 2007
One of the best stoner films i have seen in a long while. Even though I love such movies as Harold and kumar go to white-castle. I'd have to say this one was a lot funnier. With snappy lines the movie was great. Decent plot made the movie had just what it needed to be a classic stoner flick.i went to rent this movie with low expectations and when I had finished watching the movie even my father (who is somewhat strict) thought it was hilarious. See this movie. I was surprised to see that this movie had only a 6.6 on and see all of the comments that were negative. All in all this was a great movie and i would suggest it to anyone who likes a fun loving silly movie. oh and IMO i think that guy DOES look like Mel Gibson!
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An Incredibly Funny Film
dar21066 December 2006
All though i admit this is not a movie that would be enjoyable for those with "high brow" humor. But those with "high" (aka pot/stoner) humor would absolutely love this movie. This movie received High Times Movie of the Year. For those who enjoy movies like: Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Super Troopers, and Harold and Kumar; you would totally love this movie and find yourself peeing your pants.

This movie, while lacking plot, sacrifices nothing for humor. Adam Sandler clearly only disassociated himself from this movie, because of its racy drug content.

Anybody in the teen to thirty classes would love this movie. Or anybody that enjoys "dirty" humor. The unrated version of this movie is ridiculous and the special features are just as good. With hilarious comedy, and funny goofs.

Honestly this movie is a must watch, especially for this with a taste for bud, or those who enjoy drug induced lifestyle, this movie will knock your socks off, and for those who enjoy the occasional brew and enjoy the high school days this movie is a must watch.

Sorry if my comment is incoherent I'm really messed up…hahaha….living within the true nature of the movie…long live Frankenstein… Hilarious!!!
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This film would have sucked had Sandler been in it
cindy-20115 January 2006
One of the funniest movies beginning to end that I've seen in a very very long time. Allen Covert did a REMARKABLE job writing this film, and It's easy to see where Sandler really gets his material from. Nick Swardson (Terry the gay male prostitute from Reno 911) was absolutely hilarious. Linda Cardellini (ER) was great too... I don't know how many women in the gaming industry are as cute as she is - but - it was great to see her in something as funny as Grandma's Boy after seeing her every week on ER for the last couple years. Having exposure to gamers - a couple of whom are testers, I don't think this flick could have been *much* more accurate. Overall - I LOVED this movie. Start to finish it just got progressively funnier. GOOD JOB MR. COVERT!
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Naughty, nasty, vulgar; brilliantly cast and acted and funny as hell.
localhero8319 November 2006
"Grandma's Boy" is a comedy in the truest sense of the genre, there is only one serious plot line in the whole movie and it is immediately transformed into one of the funniest scenes in the film.

I didn't see the movie in a theater, so I don't know how a large audience reaction would have been. However, all of 5 adults in my household - ranging in age from 18 to 59 - laughed 'til it hurt at least 6 or 7 times when we watched the DVD.

But just a few names in the supporting cast shows that this was a film brimming with gifted comedic talent. Among others, they include: Doris Roberts, Shirley Jones, Shirley Knight, Kevin Nealon, David Spade and Rob Schneider. Great talent, great writing, great performances make for a great bawdy comedy.

I'd put "Grandma's Boy" the same category as "Animal House". To me it is just as funny. It won't achieve the classic status of the latter because it is neither the first nor the best of its kind. But it is very funny and, for non-prudes, well worth the rental price
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Stoner Fun
elitt26 January 2006
A 35 year old video game tester (Allen Covert) gets evicted from his apartment and is forced to move in with his grandma (Doris Roberts) and her two elderly friends (one of them is played by Shirley Jones). He tells his goofy friends at work that he's living with three babes, but the "jig is up" after they show up at the office.

This is one of those C-list acting B movie comedies that should be awful but it's really pretty funny. There are laughs throughout the entire film. Most of them are juvenile, toilet, and stoner jokes but they work for the most part. The film is loaded with toilet humor on the same level as the American Pie films. There is also a sweetness to it that helps balance things out.

The film does begin to fall apart towards the end and a some of the writing is pretty predictable. But this is a fun movie that will probably go by the waste side due to lack of stars, so catch it on DVD. It's pretty enjoyable and certainly a guilty pleasure. (**1/2)
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so funny
britneeharvey30 October 2006
hahah, this is one of the best movie i've seen in a WHILE. this movie is so funny, i didn't expect it to have nudity on it, so that caught me off guard.. mostly because i didn't really read about it before i went and saw it. we rented it from the TV. but yeah, this movie was so funny.. i was recommended to see it.. and i saw the beginning of it a few months about but thought it looked stupid so i didn't even bother.. but now i regret not seeing it sooner! i'm about to go out and buy me a copy on DVD. i watched it with my younger sister, and she loved it to, just don't tell the parents. ;] she's too young, but anyways, i should have written down quotes but thats okay, anyhow, it's definitely a must-see movie.. honestly i think it's suitable for all ages, besides the nudity part, but it's really funny :]
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Surprisingly funny
coldstick15 January 2006
If you go into this movie expecting a sophisticated plot, dramatic characters, or heartfelt moments, you will be very, very disappointed. On the other hand, if you don't care whether a movie has a plot, as long as it's funny, Grandma's Boy will definitely satisfy. With plenty of stupid and silly moments (the Lara Croft scene is hilarious) and one-liners, most fans of "stupid humor" will enjoy themselves. If you're an uptight, stick-up-the-butt type, you will likely curse the day you saw it. Stay home and eat Cheetos if you take dumb comedies that seriously.

No, it's not perfect. The "robot" kid is freaking annoying, and some of the gross stuff feels forced. But ah...what are you gonna do? Better than watching another painful romantic comedy, right?
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Not amazing but simple, effective comedy
pmakauloski231230 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is about a 35 year old stoner, Alex (Allen Covert) who works as a video game tester/designer. I'm not a huge fan of Covert as an actor but he plays a decent stoner. After getting kicked out of his apartment by his landlord he moves into his grandmother's house. His grandma lives with two friends of similar age. The older women he lives with are played by Doris Roberts, Shirley Jones, and Shirley Knight. What makes this movie effective in my opinion are the characters. JP, who is a co-worker of Alex, is a weirdo who wears a cape and talks like a robot at times. Jeff, played by Nick Swardson, is Alex's friend and co-worker. Swardson was funny in this film, he even hooks up with one of the older women. Dante, who is Alex's pot dealer was perfect for his role. Linda Cardellini, the girl from "Freaks and Geeks" plays the hot new production manager Samantha, sent by corporate. Alex and JP compete for her. Spoiler alert: Alex wins. JP, who is desperate, borrows Alex's only copy of his new video game that he designed and instead shows it to their boss saying that he created it himself. Alex's grandma, who enjoys playing the game, is able to prove that JP didn't actually make the game. Kevin Nealon and Jonah Hill also make appearances.

7.5/10 Very funny. It isn't quite at the level of Superbad or the Hangover but it's still a solid comedy that is always enjoyable to watch whenever i see it. All the characters are great and the writing is good.
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Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy!
thesar-225 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Funny. The two things that have kept me away from this movie for 9 years are: Adam Sandler was involved (produced) and that dang, disgustingly bad movie poster. I still hate both, but no longer will I avoid this movie.

Man, this movie deserves repeat viewings. Maybe a little pot, too. Since I've not done either, I will have to look to the future to correct these mistakes. (NOTE: Once pot is legalized in my state, that is. Haha.) But, from a first time viewer, here in 2015, I did laugh my ass off a few times and when I wasn't, I still did appreciate the film, comedy and direction of the movie.

While not the most original movie or concept, it just went with it. Felt real. No frauds, no attempting to be anything it's not and no copying anything else out (before, during or following 2006.) It wasn't just original for being its own movie or script, it was refreshing that almost a decade later an R-rated comedy didn't rely on cheap tricks, raunchy humor, dick jokes for 80% of the film or excessiveness. In fact, there was actually some heart and genuineness to the characters without over doing it.

Beyond the praises, and I have plenty, this movie was truly funny. So funny, I had to pause it several times from either laughing too hard and long, or to catch all the insane(ly hilarious) one-liners.

This movie was great and I honestly regret missing this comedy for so long. I won't make this mistake again.

* * *

Final thoughts: You will never see "Starring: Adam Sandler" on any of my BluRay cases. EVER. But, "Produced by"? Sure. Already own a guilty pleasure of mine on Blu: Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I'm pretty sure I'll add this one soon enough.
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Surprisingly Good Film, And Funny, Too
gavin69423 August 2010
A middle-aged video game tester is forced to live with his grandmother to make ends meet. He falls for a female video game employee, but he's in conflict with the biggest nerd of all: his boss.

I was happy to see Linda Cardellini after my recent run of watching "Freaks and Geeks", but she doesn't seem to be the same. Blond and set to be the girlfriend and nothing more in the film, this is quite the step down from her leading role. Nice to see her just the same.

I had no idea what this film was about, but didn't expect much. When I found it to be a funny film, with Adam Sandler connected to it (but not appearing in it), I was very pleased. I'm not very interested in drug humor, and there is plenty of that, but there's enough other stuff to make the drug references not completely overwhelming.

If you're into comedies like those with Adam Sandler, this is probably a good choice. I found that it had more heart than the "American Pie" films or anything with Will Ferrell.
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Hilarious! Funniest Movie Ever!
elbeaster9 February 2008
I gave this movie a ten, not because it should be a classic, but because it is hilarious. I have seen movies that are extremely funny, but with bad stories and i wouldn't give them a good grade because of that fact. This movie is extremely funny and has a great story compared to most other comedy movies. It is better than Knocked Up and movies like that, in my opinion, because it never gets too serious. It stays funny the whole way through. I mostly enjoyed this movie because it is about video game testers and drugs. If that is not the type of movies you like it may not be for you. Buy it and watch it twenty times and you will still be finding new things to laugh at.
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I'm thinking of getting robot legs...
jfgibson7316 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I really don't want to give this movie credit. I am not a fan of pot humor, and a lot of the jokes just strike me as trying to hard. Yet, when I find it on t.v., I will stop and watch. I don't want to, but I do.

It's about a guy who works as a video game tester, but he is a little bit older-looking and has some confidence. This immediately puts a twist on the setup, as we would expect a movie about video games to have a Revenge of The Nerds-style story arc, where the geek learns to overcome his lack of proficiency with women. This is more like One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. In that movie, Jack Nicholson looked like the coolest guy around, because he was surrounded by "feebs." It's a bit like that. Much of it doesn't work at all, such as the unfunny pot dealer, or the new-age influenced CEO played by Kevin Nealon, who brings the movie to a halt in every scene he shows up (Steve Martin essentially played the same character in Baby Mama--equally unfunny).

I've read that the guy who plays the main character is a writing partner with Adam Sandler, so that gives you some more idea to the style of humor. I am sure there are folks out there who will find this to be the funniest comedy they've ever seen. And it does seem to have a sort of cult following, along the lines of Office Space--failed in the theater, took off on t.v. and video. I think this is what I would call a guilty pleasure--I can't stand that I actually enjoy it.
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A Guilty Pleasure
ndrb50027 November 2007
Okay....I feel asleep on the couch and woke up to see this film starting with an old vedio game I use to play with the credits going by. I almost turned it off when I saw Adam Sandler's name, but I thought I'll give it a shot. After all...Shirley Jones is in it, and I have had the hots for Shirley since The Partridge Family days. The episode were Shirley wore hot-pants....very sexy! Ten minutes into the film....I was laughing out loud! How many of us know a headcase like Dante? This movie didn't get near the credit it deserved when it was out. Heck, even the cable company and their silly rating system gave it one star, meaning bad to poor. This is a funny film! Allen Covert gets all the credit here. He was simply great as the "Old Bush"...Very funny! Nick Swardson was very good as his side-kick Jeff...The part about the bed made me laugh...I know a guy who still has one of those...Very sad indeed. Linda Cardellini was also extra hot as Samantha, the girl-love interest in the film. Everyone was quite good, even David Spade was funny...Which is rare! The only mark down is for Kevin Nealon as Mr. Cheezle, the owner of the company where all the vido geeks work. Every time he is on the screen....the films drags to a hualt! Not funny! But watch this film......You'll laugh!
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Funny movie, may not appeal to everyone ..
jsbear-4-32062317 March 2011
To me this movie is truly a classic, however, you have to like to comedies that are raw, and some may say childish. This is in my top 10 with SuperBad, Office Space, Anchorman, Talladega Nights to name a few.

I must say it has incredible repeat viewing qualities, which to me, separates the good comedies from the great ones. If you like any of the movies above, you may be pleasantly surprised. I think it's even more appealing to techies, as the story revolves around a video game development company. Not sure why this movie doesn't get the props it deserves.

The music music soundtrack is good also.
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Hilariious - A Gamer's Delight
nrusso9453324 January 2006
This movie is the funniest I've seen in a long time. I'm a big fan of cinema but that doesn't mean i can't enjoy a classic stupid comedy like this one. The plot is lame its the side jokes that count. If you liked half-baked then you'll love this movie. The jokes come at odd angles and this movie is an instant quote classic. Dante "Hey we'll go to the nut house together I don't give a f...". The story is lame yes I can concede that fact. But Peter Dante gives the performance of his unremarkable career previously highlighted as the devil guy in "Little Nicky". A large amount of these jokes are understandable only within the context of the Gaming world. T-Shirt classics from the boys at - "I hate this map" will be totally lost on outsiders.
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Typical Adam Sandler humor
funzo3335 December 2005
You can go into this movie expecting the same thing you get from most movies with Adam Sandler involved, (who was a producer for this movie, which is a Happy/Madison production). You don't actually see Sandler in this movie, but you see all of the Sandler gang and you get ALL the Sandler antics. It contains many forced sex and fart jokes and fruitlessly attempts to make you sympathize with its loser main character. Some of the jokes are so bad that you can only wonder how a grown adult wrote this movie. That's not to say that you can't be entertained, because some of the jokes are pretty darn funny; you just need to know what you're going in to. The movie claims to be about a 36 year old game-developer who lives with his grandma, but it focuses more on his work, his relationships with his co-workers and friends, and their utter love of pot. Although the jokes are juvenile and unclever, the characters at the video game developing firm, (where the main character ,Allen Covery, works), are fairly entertaining. If you liked Napolean Dynamite, then you will find JP, the head developing "genius" pretty entertaining. They are all nerds, and pretty easy to laugh at (or with! :-/ ), and probably the main reason to see the movie. There are enough critics out there to dis on this movie. I can leave most of that to the "experts". The truth is, if you go in to the film, knowing what you're getting, and with a good attitude, you can have a good time!
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an original, sweet, and flat out fun stoner comedy
The_Amazing_Spy_Rises15 November 2006
Grandma's Boy is one of the most original comedies of the year, with 'Borat' beating it out in terms of sheer fun and originality. Most people will recognize the star of the film, Allen Covert, as 'that guy from Adam Sandler's movies'. This marks Covert's first starring role, alongside Linda Cardellini (Scooby Doo, 'ER'), Peter Dante (also a Sandler film veteran), Nick Swardson (Click, The Benchwarmers), Kevin Nealon (Saturday Night Live, Happy Gilmore), Joel David Moore (Dodgeball) and entertainment legends Doris Roberts and Shirley Jones. This excellent ensemble cast puts together a very fun movie that will provide you with hideous jokes, memorable one-liners, and just plain stoner fun. The plot is simple enough. After being kicked out of his apartment in a hysterical scene with another Sandler veteran, Alex (Covert) is forced to move in with his grandmother (Roberts) and her 2 roommates (Shirley's Knight and Jones), and hilarity ensues in ridiculous ways, ranging from animal and marijuana encounters with Dante (Dante...ironic, eh?), sexual tension with his new boss (Cardellini), stupid toilet jokes with his buddies (Swardson, among others), and making fun of his other bosses (Nealon and Moore), especially the just plain weird J.P. (Moore). The standouts are Linda Cardellini, Peter Dante, Nick Swardson, and Allen Covert himself. Cardellini's character is one of the coolest, and she's so cool that any guy wishes that her character was his girlfriend. Peter Dante's character, Dante, is so damn awesome. You'll see. The less you know about him, the better. Nick Swardson's character has some continuity issues but it is understandable if you can really get his character, Jeff. I love Nick Swardson in everything because he always manages to make me laugh (his Click cameo is priceless). Lastly, it's finally great to see Allen Covert holding his own in a movie after so long in the shadow of Adam Sandler, who is a producer of the film (sadly, he doesn't appear, but two of his most famous friends do appear, DB and JD (initials of their most famous characters). All in all, Grandma's Boy is a great comedy with unforgettable moments that will have you talking for a long time. I highly recommend it to anyone 15 and older, unless stupid drug and sex jokes are offensive to you.

9/10 --spy
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Painfully unfunny and boring
DonFishies12 August 2006
Creating a comedy is like walking a pretty thin tight-rope. It either works, or it does not. Grandma's Boy is one of those movies that does not work. It may have a few very funny parts, but for the majority, it's just a terribly unfunny comedy from the usual supporting characters in Adam Sandler films (sans Sandler himself, he's just a producer).

Alex (Allen Covert) is a game tester. He's 35, and is the best tester and game player at his otherwise kid-filled workplace. He ends up getting his apartment and his stuff taken from him for not paying the bills (as it turns out, his roommate had just been spending the rent money on Philipino hookers and not paying the landlord). Desperate, he moves in with his grandmother, Lilly (Doris Roberts of Everybody Loves Raymond) and her two roommates.

That's the basic plot of the film, thrown in with subplots about a hot new girl named Samantha (Linda Cardelli, unrecognizable from her days as Velma in Scooby Doo) trying to get the testers to complete a new game as fast as they can, a robot-like game creating prodigy J.P. (Joel Moore) who works with Alex and wears much of the same clothes as Neo in The Matrix, and of course, all sorts of sex and drug related jokes. That's it.

The problem with the film, besides the fact that the real conflict in the film occurs and is resolved within the last fifteen minutes of the film, is that it just is not funny. It is totally mind-numbingly boring, and only sparingly funny. Nothing really happens at all. No emotion, no real sense of direction, and a whole ton of intense swearing. You find yourself maybe laughing at a few funny quips that the actors say, but otherwise sit in complete boredom, wishing you had not even bothered with the film. How this film was greenlit and how Fox thought it could make money will always remain a mystery to me.

There's just no entertainment value to come from it. None of the actors are actually putting in good performances, they are just acting like idiots for the camera, and hoping for the best. Stoner comedy has been done before multiple times, and on occasion, actually works (Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle and Dazed and Confused come to mind). Here, it just makes for making the film even less funny than it is already. The random inclusion of a monkey and a pair of bare breasts really does not make the film any better either.

Other than a few funny one-liners, this movie should just be out-right missed altogether. It's not very funny, the entire plot is silly, it's boring, and it just makes for one horrendous film. Avoid it like the plague.

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Do you have a brain cell? If so avoid this flick.
keck-627 July 2008
This movie is on the level with "Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael" for biggest pieces of garbage that have ever hit the silver screen. If these guys weren't Adam Sandler's gay friends, this script would have ended up where it should have: as some big time movie exec's toilet paper. I hate this movie, it makes me want to injure people. I will admit that I have high standards, but honestly I'd rather watch Step Up 2. The ultra sad part was when I logged onto IMDb and read that you pieces of trash actually gave this movie a 6.9 rating. This is a testament to all of the retards in our society that will go watch terrible movies that are just hour and a half long dick, fart, and weed jokes with little to no originality. After seeing this rating, I would like to suggest "Tyler Perry's House of Pain" to all of you guys who enjoyed this film; you'll see some high quality humor there on about the same level of this abhorrent abomination.
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Hilarious Movie
nehrams20207 December 2005
My college campus provided an advance screening for this movie, and I was quite happy that I went and saw it. For a short plot summary, a video game tester gets kicked out of his apartment and moves in with his grandma and two elderly roommates. After that, there is no real plot for part of the movie. The best part is, that doesn't matter. There are some really funny one-liners and lots of slapstick humor. There is a lot of drug use and language, and some sex-related humor and nudity, so leave the kids at home. This movie would be great for any video-game fan, pothead, and people interested in comedy. This was as good as "The 40-Year Old Virgin", and if not better. Since the movie is produced by Adam Sandler, expect to see many of the actors that have been in his past movies. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie, and the theater audience was roaring throughout the entire movie. I give it 9/10.
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How could anyone not like this movie?!
MTBates013 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The movie tag-line says it all. Sex, drugs, nakedness, rude language... and proud of it! That is like a combination of everything awesome in this world. It was so hilarious, that I felt high as I walked out of the theater. No other movie I have ever seen was that funny. My friend actually talked me into going, and he had already went 3 times before! This movie is a must-have as soon as it is released on DVD. Whoever gives this movie a 1 should be either shot, or forced to watch it over and over again until they crack! I can almost hear MY hair growing! It doesn't need to have the greatest storyline to be freakin' sweet. It is like watching every high school joke I ever heard revamped into a piece of art. It really does have enough power to make you think that you were smoking pot.
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