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Say no to Piracy!!
debarjo212 March 2006
I found this movie something like cheap piracy on a bollywood scale. Cooked up by a bunch of 'angrejji filam Dee Bhee Dee' freaks who wanted to have a take on the original. My advice to these all knowing iMovie and mobile 3gp idiots is : go and feel the actual Fight Club effect. Stop calling yourselves filmmakers, bothering your chacha-s and mama-s for funding your stupid ideas, go try an mba course or something - make mummy papa happy and proud! Shameless geeks didn't even bother to find a suitable title. Using same catch line's even dialogues for describing rules of "Phite Kilub".

Same for desi nuts with 'da greatest movie eva' taste. Please take time to understand why those phirangs made such a dark and exhilarating movie, before spurting out cheap, foolish desi remarks about classic flush-jobs like this one
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flop club
silvan-desouza30 April 2009
My God such a film

Copy the title FIGHT CLUB and half the script and add Bollywood nonsense and a film is ready The film starts off interestingly but then you are thrown into some good fight scenes in the fight club and then to romance, comedy, music the boredom sets in

The story fails to involve you, even the characters of Rahul Dev, Suneil Shetty and Ashmith are clichéd type though Suneil's character is well handled in parts

The script fails to involve you, There are many flaws too The screenplay lacks the meat to keep you involved

It's like they just tried to appeal to the youth so they made such a crap sadly even youth showed their back to it

The screenplay has lots of convenient situations too and lots of stunts and stunts in second half The introductions of Sohail many times also is too much The film does get interesting in last 15 minutes but the fight scene in the end is so badly handled it cringes and then suddenly the film is ended

Overall this Fight Club is a FLOP CLUB Reasons: The cast includes Zayed Khan, Ashmith Patel, Dino Morea so it should be called FLOP CLUB

The number of audiences who went to watch it were less then the stars

The film lacks a strong screenplay and the film which starts interesting though the concept of fight club in India is too convenient But what follows is slowly a routine mishmash action potboiler

Direction by Vikram Chopra is bad Music is decent Stunts are okay at places, but the overdose of slow motion effects gets to you

Amongst actors

Suneil Shetty- He is decent in his role but goes awry in the climax Ritiesh- Poor buddy does well in his small 2-3 scene role Zayed Khan- decent Dino Morea- ordinary Ashish Chaudhary- worst performance, he irritates Yash Tonk- good but tends to overact Ashmith Patel- awful Rahul Dev- Okay

Actresses Dia Mirza- small role she is good Amrita Arora- most confusing role, she is nothing great Neha Dhupia- 2-3 minute role
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Fight any desire to see this JUNK, or it will club you senseless
Aam_Aadmi5 March 2006
Goodness gracious, Follywood's ripoff dodos are at it again! Will they ever stop?!

Just as if stealing the title from a Hollywood original is not enough, do they have to conform to their own stale formula-fares each and every time?? The story isn't much to write about -- four buddies that decide to settle scores the old-fashioned way, by whacking anyone that gets in their way. Hilarious, except its not funny.

The only good thing about this movie is that they spent tons of cash on promos (thereby making at least their vendors rich). Of course, its the latest Follywood "thinking" (?!) -- promote a film to death, recovering all the costs before the audience realizes what hit them. Fortunately, multiplex audiences in India nowadays are too smart for that.

And in NJ/NY, the movie tried hard to package itself as a new "Phormula For An Instant Headache". But the renowned pharma companies like Pfizer, Merck and Eli Lilly instantly rejected that idea as old 'mad'-icine in a new tedium. Tough luck.
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4 Jokers and 3 bimbo = Fight club
mattoo-sahil27 September 2010
I cant say this to be a complete trash as this flick do had some high points but despite of all these facts this movie definitely needs some work around, especially the casting director for repeatedly making the same mistake.

Movie has a story(As per Bollywood Standard)and have all the thadka which needs to please Auto Drivers and College students(i watched this stuff in 3 rd year BE) but yes its the misfit casting which let down the show. Scenes are funny, and one liners are average but it couldn't make much impact as this was the directorial debut for Vikram Chopra, so cant expect much from his side.

I don't want to get into the territory of plagiarizing/ rip off/ Lift etc etc,since 9 out of 10 movies here follow the suit, so hardly makes any difference.

Performance wise Anna was rocking, Rahul Dev, as usual great but yes it was Ashmit Patel who i think was revelation, wish this was his Debut movie; full ishtylish...

Female crew staff was more like the Dance Bars item girls, Amrita Arora was in her Delhi Ki sardi fever(Zameen) and Dia Mirza and Zayeed had there extended Love story from movie DUS, but honestly its a mistake to accept ANYTHING from Mr KHAN .... Zayed Khan. Sohail was as usual, Boxer Bhai... straight from the sets of his debut movie Maine Dil tujko diya.. Ritesh Deshmuk was almost wasted and Khulbushan Kharbanda was in the Thankless role, looks like he was returning favor for I proud to be Indian.Yash Tonk was equally Good and Bad, don't accept much from TV artists.. ah how can i forget Ashish Chowdary, he was in his prequel state of Dhamaal.... Gujrati pervert bhai

Movie could have been still better but its the climax that brings the bad taste to Ur mouth and since movie ends like this, the taste remains there. Movie is one time watch, preferably on TV ....
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Its Not THAT Bad!
rohonnag16 March 2006
this is a movie which was much hyped and promoted before launch, it has quite a few known names in it, but after a gazillion bollywood remakes it seems pointless to Rip off of 99's David Flintcher movie "Fight Club" which is one of the best movies of all time!

but surprise! this movie is not a Rip off! heck the only thing similar is the main title, other than that, its a different movie altogether, yes there is a fight club, but the logic of it is also very different, I for one enjoyed the film, its a masala movie with songs, fights and romance, all in one! so of the action choreography was bit over the top, but not too much. i heard people complain endlessly about this film, and rip offs, but this isn't one of the case. Maybe the director liked the name fight club? but whatever the case maybe, watch this film if u like complete entertainers, with comedy actions romance etc etc, the music of the film is also good, but the best but some parts went with the film very well.
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More like a one but the girls give it an additional 2.
kooleshwar22 February 2006
I went into this movie expecting Sh@# and i got just that. Any all all words to describe how bad this movie is less.

Acting, directing, story, dialogue such words are almost non-existent the only person who stands out is Aashish Choudhary and that to because he is so annoying.

That brings me to the only things in the movie that are tolerable:-. 1. The women are lovely even Neha Dhupia in a cameo looks ravishing i really liked all of the heroines and somehow i lasted this film thanks to them. 2. The songs are quite good and even though they maybe run of the mill except for Chorre ki Baatein which is a crazy song, they make the movie tolerable.

Don't watch this movie if you want to retain your sanity. It isn't close to being a remake of the original.
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GO GO GO GO fight club!! its a gr8 movie
bhavikapattni15 February 2006
OH MY GOD!! i went to the premiere of fight club yesterday and it is so good. lol its an amazing movie and dino n zayed n sohail look really good. lol its such a good movie and got lots of action in and the violence can't be helped with a title like FIGHT CLUB! the songs are good and and the music is fanstastic although there is some theft of main hoon na music but not that much of it. Sunil shetty plays well as a don but some of the storyline is a bit far-fetched. overall its a really good movie and the actors play their roles well and its just a bit of everything really. i'm glad i've seen it and its really good, definitely worth the watch.
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tjklukmanansari22 February 2021
Well, One can't compare with the original but the cast has done really good job in the movie. Zayed Khan,Suniel Shetty, Riteish D, Amrita Arora,Dino & more have done great. I personally enjoyed it & it has a fab songs like "Yeh Khuda" & "Joshile Jawan"!
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Not great, but not THAT bad
wasiulislam14 October 2013
Original is better, by far. But this movie was pretty entertaining, with some slow motion moves during some fights and some pretty good action scenes. the music is meh,some being good to great while others are a bit bad. this movie could have done better, they shouldn't have used the same title, but since they did, they should have made relative to the original, like a sequel of how the events of the original movie affected India or something. Otherwise, made a movie influenced by the original with a different title altogether.

please excuse my lazy typing! Score for actual movie quality 5/10 entertainment score 7/10
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It's Good!!
aisha_hd14 March 2006
The movie is amazing.... 4 friends... the fight club.... the trouble they get into and Yash Tonk's crazy acting was funny....i liked it's story.... specially the last action scenes... and of course Ritesh Deshmuk's dialogue... well we're used to seeing him in a funny role... but i guess this is good for a change.... Everyone played their roles well... can't see anything wrong with the movie... except for some high jumps and one person fighting a dozen which is most common in bollywood movies...

The ladies were good... even though not given many scenes... I like it.... better than the other movies released this year...
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Nice Movie.
trusttheprocess-7466630 December 2020
It was a good movie about friendship. But songs were very bad. Also roles of all the actresses were terrible. This movie wasn't copied from Hollywood's Fight Club. Only name is copied.
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