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28 Jun. 2006
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In the new series, everyone is experiencing the excitement of being at Solar Blue, but like all teenagers, even though surfing is their consuming passion, these kids still have to face the reality checks and challenges confronting them. Episode One reveals the new recruits including adventurous Rachel (Taryn Marler), determined Brooke (Lesley Anne Mitchell), bubbly Amy (Gabrielle Scollay), confident Mike (James Sorenson), farm boy Corey (Trent Dalzell) and comedian Eric (Ryan Corr). We will be kept guessing until the final episode about just who will be successful in ...
5 Jul. 2006
Episode #2.2
Amy decides a boat trip to an island is just the thing for the new contenders to get to know each other. The day turns on its head though when Mike's attempt to create a surprise for Brooke almost leads to disaster.
12 Jul. 2006
Episode #2.3
The Solar Blue girls are flattered by the instant attention they receive from the boys at Blue Water High. But the accidental discovery of a blog site reveals there's more to it than they could ever have anticipated.
19 Jul. 2006
Episode #2.4
Rachel and Corey's different approaches to life clash head on. Neither is prepared to budge, but in attempting to prove he's right, Corey makes a near fatal error of judgment.
26 Jul. 2006
Episode #2.5
Brooke helps her cousin by taking her place in a body-board competition, the only problem is she has to go behind Simmo's back. Meanwhile, Amy comes to Eric's rescue when he is finding it hard to talk to girls and Heath is worried he may have put himself out of a job by teaching his students too well.
2 Aug. 2006
Episode #2.6
Fly learns the hard way about the true meaning of leadership, while Heath almost blows his chances of getting the dream job he's been hoping for. Jilly returns to Solar Blue.
9 Aug. 2006
Episode #2.7
There's no surf so Rachel decides to take the Solar Blue kids to go abseiling. Preoccupied with her feelings for Mike, Rachel's emotions get the better of her and she learns some painful lessons. Fly competes in her first ever competition on the pro tour.
16 Aug. 2006
Episode #2.8
Eric is on a high when a surfing magazine pays him big bucks to publish his photo. But disaster strikes when he loses his expensive new board and can't seem to make headway with his feelings for Amy.
23 Aug. 2006
Episode #2.9
At school an announcement is made that year 10 will hold a beauty contest to raise money for new gym equipment. The Solar Blue girls are shocked, they think a beauty contest is old fashioned and sexist. To keep Solar Blue from becoming social outcasts, Corey comes up with an idea to keep everyone happy. He decides to enter the beauty contest...
30 Aug. 2006
Episode #2.10
Mike and Brooke test their skills on the surf ski and affections on the dance floor as Simmo presents the Solar Blue team with some new challenges.
6 Sep. 2006
Episode #2.11
While at the house, the bathrooms are all messed up, the gang is kicked out. They go to another beach and it just so happens to be close to where Eric lives. Amy decides to have a little visit to his mom, even though he isn't very happy about it.
13 Sep. 2006
Episode #2.12
Amy has a new shadow, and she isn't very happy about it. Meanwhile, Brooke gets very distracted by Mike, so they decide to ignore each other, but that doesn't go too well either.

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