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Run-of-the-mill teen comedy
Jay_Exiomo13 September 2006
You'd think that a movie called "John Tucker Must Die" will approach the parameters of a gritty look on high school-style existentialism. As the National Geographic Channel puts it, think again.

John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe of "Desperate Housewives") is the star of their high school's basketball team, and he's secretly dating three girls simultaneously. Upon learning how their "serial-cheating" boyfriend is three-timing them, cheerleader Heather (Ashanti), intellectual Carrie (Arielle Kebbel) and activist Beth (Sophia Bush) plot for revenge. They set him to fall for new girl Kate Spencer (Brittany Snow) and have her break his heart later on.

So that's "John Tucker Must Die." It's a film that tries to go for the feel-good parts of the standard teen flick, along with the usual high school relationship subplots. But gritty it's not. Though initially the movie seems to head towards being an effective satirical comedy, it immediately becomes just another stock sleaze. Betty Thomas' direction is breezy enough but she fails to give the film a distinctive bite as Jeff Lowell's screenplay seems not to draw a bead on to the vaguest notion of creativity.

Metcalfe is effective as the eponymous lead while Snow (who I recall as Zoe in "The Pacifier") could have been charming but the problematic script doesn't give her a juicy character that could rise beyond its stereotype and she ends up bland. In fact, one could arguably root more for John Tucker. As for the rest of the cast, they're a mixed bag with Ashanti and Jenny McCarthy as Kate's mom figuring prominently in my head.

"John Tucker Must Die" isn't so much an absolute schlock. Despite its transparent and derivative nature, it does have some of its moments that elicit chuckles. It's that sort of movies I watch on sleepless nights on cable given the right mood. But with a title as toothsome as that, it tantalizingly could have been way better.
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Cute, Cute, The "Johns" out there Must die. Just kiddin.
jast_family31 July 2006
OK, so I went to see this with my mom who is over 55, my niece who is 15 and I am you have assorted ages and opinions and point of views...Well we all thought is was going to be cute and funny but we didn't think we would laugh the whole time and think that it would actually have a good story to it. I thought that my mother and I liked it more than my niece did, I'm not sure if that was because we could relate to the moral of the story but I know she laughed a lot louder than we did at times. But we all laughed. The crowd was mostly teens. Compared to other movies out this summer I think it is worth paying the day or night rate. I would actually go see it again.
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cute and upbeat
greasefreak28 July 2006
When I first saw the previews for this film I thought it looked funny, but shallow..and a little trashy. However, after I saw the film I was surprised to find the film uplifting, with some depth , and good actors. Ashanti,Bush,and Kebbel blend together well as they team up against Tucker. Each of their personalities contribute to this film in a special way. Snow (the lead character) was what made the film. She truly lit up the screen.Actors aside the movie as a whole was enjoyable and exciting. This movie maybe was not the most spectacular movie created. But it was fun and worth spending a few bucks to see.

If you are looking for something entertaining, you might want to give this a try.

4 out of 5 stars
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Where's John Hughes when you need him???
dmanyc13 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was forced to see this atrocity with my gay roommate, only because he thought the guy playing John Tucker was hot. Thank god it was on HBO and not for rent; this wasn't even worth ten cents. I pity today's teenagers that have to endure crap like this. All the actors looked a decade older than teenagers, the plain-jane Kate looked a lot prettier than the mean chicks out for revenge (how this girl is seen as "invisible" is beyond me), Jenny McCarthy still can't act (isn't her 15 minutes up yet???), and the whole revenge storyline was just plain boring. If they had concentrated on the Kate-having-a-crush-on-John-Tucker's-older-brother storyline and have them hook up in the end, the movie would've been way more interesting. Instead, we had revenge by thongs, estrogen pills, "invisible" Kate playing hard to get. So where's the "killing" part? If you're going to call your film JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE, shouldn't SOMEONE kick the bucket? What a ripoff! Save your money...and your sanity.
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Very entertaining, laugh out loud more than just for the teens!
butterflydani6911 August 2006
My friend and I weren't sure if we wanted to see this movie or wait until it came out on video. Due to us already seeing almost every other comedy out there, we decided to give this one a try. We were not sure if we'd like it, we thought that it was more for a teenage crowd. We found ourselves laughing out loud throughout the movie and came out thoroughly satisfied with this movie. It was definitely worth seeing and I didn't feel ripped off paying the night-time price. The pranks are hilarious in this film. If you want a good laugh I recommend this movie. Men running around in thong underwear, "it's like having your best friend in a silk hammock". The comments are really fun in this movie.
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Plenty of eye candy although not much in terms of entertainment and laughs.
christian12326 December 2006
John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) is a guy who can't be trusted by women and when three of his ex-girlfriends, all from different high school cliques, team up for revenge, they do so with the help of the new girl in town, setting her up with Tucker, with the plan to ruin his reputation and break his heart.

John Tucker Must Die offers plenty of eye candy and a good premise yet the final product is pretty forgettable and standard. I'm actually a little surprised that the film didn't turn out to be better since the trailer was entertaining and the premise offered something a little different. I guess I was expecting something as good as Mean Girls and it was really just direct to DVD material. The script was weak and it used so many clichés. Jeff Lowell should stick with sitcoms since he can't come up with enough interesting material to cover a 90 minute running time.

Director Betty Thomas was equally useless and she just used a generic direction. She didn't capture the teen spirit at all and she was just the wrong person for the job. The dialog was predictable and some of it was really corny. Some of the scenes just tried way too hard to be funny. However, the worst part about it was that the majority of the movie was just dull. Sure it looked nice but it only held a little entertainment value.

The acting was, like the film, standard and forgettable. Jesse Metcalfe was average, neither bad nor great. He should stick to supporting roles since he doesn't have the screen presence to carry a film. Arielle Kebbel may not be a fantastic actress but she does have an engaging quality about her and she had a few good lines. Ashanti was so annoying and over the top. She gave the worst performance out of everyone. Jenny McCarthy was just disturbing to look at and her performance was awful. Brittany Snow was cute although she was also enormously bland. Her character was supposed to be bland at the beginning of the movie but even after she went through a change, she was still pretty un-notable. Sophia Bush was pretty good and she had many funny lines. The one good thing about the cast was that they appeared to be having fun and this helped out a little. Overall, John Tucker Must Die is familiar material and it's not really worth checking out. Rating 5/10
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Surprisingly good
gryffindor2492 August 2006
Today it was 100 degrees in New York City and frankly I went more for the air conditioning than the content, but this movie was much better than the trailer or the critics give it credit for. As solid as "Bring it On," it is definitely a notch above the average teen comedy; not quite "Mean Girls" but a good substitute. The girls are all terrific and Jesse Metcafe struts his acting and physique to an even higher standard than what he demonstrated on Desperate Housewives.

Filled with quite a few clever innuendos, it might make a few moms and dads cringe, but I guess kids today have heard worse. Also, it cleverly used remakes of classic songs for the bulk of its score.
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The Trailer Pretty Much Summed up the Film...
boyinflares21 September 2006
...But, Jesse Metcalfe is still hot. Shame about his limited acting ability though, as the infamous John Tucker was simply a more confident version of his "Desperate Housewives" character John Rowland, but nevertheless, Metcalfe seems to enjoy his characters, and certainly makes them come to life. In the case of "John Tucker must Die", Metcalfe's John Tucker is the most popular guy in school and a total player, cheating on three girls from different social circles, who were never meant to find out - until they unexpectedly had gym class together.

The three girls being Ashanti's bitchy cheerleader Heather, Arielle Kebbel's smart hard working Carrie, and Sophia Bush's semi-reject, semi-slutty Beth. The girls all dislike each other very much and argue about who Tucker likes the most, but new girl Kate (played by the lovely Brittany Snow) points out to the girls that instead of fighting each other, they should be uniting to get revenge on the guy that has lied to them all - and thus begins the four girls attempting to bring down John Tucker.

"John Tucker Must Die" is strictly formulaic in terms of teen-comedies in that situations do not go as planned for the girls, causing Tucker to become even more popular (if that is at all humanly possible). Throw into the mix Kate's inexperience when it comes to guys, being caught between John Tucker and the affections of his brother 'the Other Tucker' Scott (Penn Badgley), and her mother (played very well by Jenny McCarthy) who has a lot of man problems herself.

"John Tucker Must Die" is a highly-likable film in terms of some funny moments, a fairly decent cast, a cool soundtrack and things move at a steady pace, but the main problem is that just when some morals are going to be dished out at the end of the film, something happens and the morals are not told. Which is a big shame, because for the target-audience of this film, they could really use some good morals being dished out to them. Nevertheless, "John Tucker Must Die" is an all-round enjoyable film. Oh - and Ashanti can act, but be warned - her fabulous hair often takes up most of the screen and at times over powers her performance. But she has great hair so that's okay.
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Teenage Movie Formula
lieslrene128 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Its the typical teenager movie. Unpopular girl becomes popular, snobby girls become unpopular girls friend just to crush the unpopular girl in the end leading to the feel good fairytale ending! PLEASE spare me! I honestly wasn't totally turned off while watching it, there were some funny parts I could laugh at and the story moved pretty quick. But there were some parts that were really unrealistic. First of all the fact that a girl like Kate(Brittany Snow) didn't have any friends was pretty phony! The fact that the head cheerleader HAS to date the basketball captain is just so cliché. The thing that I really couldn't get past was the stupid Boom Mic!!! It was in so many scenes it was almost laughable. Who ever edited this movie might be in the wrong career! If I was staring in this movie I would have been humiliated at the premier!
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Such a good movie...
taylorkingston8 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely love this movie. It's so funny, the cast is amazing, and it is one of my all-time favorite movies.

This movie is about a guy named John Tucker. At his High School he is the most popular, and the most athletic. Every guy wants to be him and every girl wants to be with him. Which is good for him, since he dates multiple girls at once. He dates girls from different cliques so they never talk to each other. He uses pet names so he doesn't mix their names up. One day, a new girl, Kate, is stuck in detention with three girls all fighting over John. Eventually, they team up to take John down. Kate becomes his new love-interest and then she's going to break his heart. But feelings may get in the way.

Best part of the movie: When Kate and the girls are figuring out a way to destroy John.

Worst part of the movie: When John climbs on the ledge of a building.

Overall, I give this movie a 10 out of 10, which in my ratings book is: Freaking Ridonkulous.
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Movies like this are killing the art of cinema!
muhon-nin30 July 2006
I was dragged to see this movie by a friend, and it was so awful that I had to leave early! I haven't done that since '8 Heads in a Duffle Bag'.(And that's sayin' something!) I really think Betty Thomas should've saved the energy, and made something less predictable and stupid! And this thing about popular chicks in high school has to go!

The movie was predictable from the second it started, to the moment the credits rolled! The whole idea (I know) isn't to make 'Citizen Kane', but to make a funny movie that fun to watch. AND IT WASN'T EVEN THAT! The jokes were really old, and the characters were more boring than the story!

In conclusion, if you see this movie, you obviously don't know what a good movie is. Save your money! 1 out of 10! Be glad it's at least getting a 1!
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Better than I expected, although I expected the worst
lardasselle4 August 2006
When I walked into to see this movie, I was not looking forward to it in THE LEAST. I was just coming to see it because a friend wanted to and I hadn't been out of the house in a while. So, I expected the worst possible thing. Now it wasn't the worst possible thing and so that is why I think I didn't mind it very much. That is not to say it is that great. If you are expecting something AMAZING, it's not. It's just a pointless chick flick, reusing familiar jokes over and over. Some of these jokes were funny, but very old and worn out. If you are a female under 18 years of age looking for a non-thought provoking movie, than this is your movie!
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More enjoyable then I expected it to be.
DarkVulcan296 August 2006
So far movies I was sure I was gonna hate prove to be more enjoyable then I expected, like You,Me, and Dupree, and Little Man. This begins with Kate(Britney Snow) a beautiful high school loner, discovers the most popular guy in High School named John Tucker(Jesse Metcalfe) is not just captain of the Basketball team, but he has three, and I mean three different girlfriends named Heather(Ashanti), Carrie(Arielle Kebbel) and Beth(Sophia Bush). But when the girlfriends discover each others existence, they bring in Kate to help take down John Tucker. . This movie is a great date for your high school sweetheart. Jesse Metcalfe is proving not only to be handsome, but he also has great comic timing. The women are also beautiful and funny at the same time. Try not to examine this movie, just see it for what it is, not for what it isn't.
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Silly Little Comedy
SnoopyStyle31 December 2013
Kate (Brittany Snow) is an awkward invisible teen with a hot mom (Jenny McCarthy). John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) is the rich captain of the basketball team, and a real player off the court. When all the girls are forced into the same PE, it comes out that everybody (Ashanti, Sophia Bush, Arielle Kebbel) is dating John Tucker. The three girls enlist Kate into their schemes for revenge.

It's a silly little comedy. I stress the silly, and downplay the comedy. The jokes don't really work. It doesn't have anything real. The girls are perfectly nice. Maybe that's the rub. There isn't any edge to the humor. They're not taking any chances.
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A cute movie
hannah_199928 July 2006
I just took my little sister to watch this movie (her b/f wouldn't and my husband said nope not gonna go watch a chick flick) and I thought it was very cute! Some of the parts in it really cracked me up. I am so happy to see a teenage movie that doesn't have the adult content that most of them have. I would have to say this movie is more for females than males. But then again if a guy wanted to see some pretty nice looking girls they just might like it. Plus it might give them some insight as to how a girl gets even. LOL. I gave it an 8 out of 10 because I can't say it was the "Best" movie I've ever seen. But, it is high on the list for the type of movie a mom and daughter should go watch, a group of girlfriends, and yes even sisters! Some movies that I have seen lately I've walked out thinking I just wasted my money.... but not this one! Money well spent!
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Die John Die
bradwhite613 August 2006
I am absolutely amazed that other people found this movie enjoyable. I guess I didn't do LSD before it or something because this movie was absolutely and totally horrendous. It is amazing that something so cliché, so terribly acted, with such a terrible story line and stupid stupid dialogue could ever be approved of by others! I see comparisons to Mean Girls, that movie was actually good and pretty well acted. That movie was at least interesting. This movie blatantly tried to copy Mean Girls in certain parts. The girls are the worst actors I have ever seen. This should have been a B-movie of National Lampoons except it doesn't have any nudity and the girls aren't' attractive. Usually I like Teen Movies with stupid humor, but I wish I had my money back. I wish I had those awful two hours back. I wish. But, like "A Perfect Storm", I will never be given that time back in my life so I hope that this comment dissuades people from seeing this movie and wasting their time. I am "Paying it Forward" to all those people bored and willing to spend $10 on a movie. Please do not see this, you will be stupider for it.
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You put my heart in blender, but I hope we can be friends? WTF?
fivegalaxies18 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I liked the premise: girls decide against the default Jerry Springer response of fighting over a player, and band together to destroy evil. The user, the liar, the playa. He's going' down.

They turn it into a sappy "everybody learns a lesson in the end" thing, where Tucker finally learns it's bad to lie and manipulate girls to get into their pants, dump them and repeat with another chump. His exes all find out the boy has a heart. All is forgiven with a food fight to relieve all the bad vibes.

I was hoping the movie was about the real deal. These guys don't just exist in high school, they're everywhere. They're not just guys, girls do it too. Playas are the mercenary, shallow people who enjoy using up the people around them, dating a half dozen or so people simultaneously and playing them against one another for the sheer joy of the chaos it creates. They look for people they can see need a friend and a lover, pretend to be that, then take it away because they enjoy causing pain, or just really don't care as long as they're on top, and somebody else is on the bottom. They have no souls, no empathy or compassion for others.

Man, the playas got the gangsta rap, and the gucci, and the armani. I was hoping this would be for the rest of us, the people at the bottom of the pyramid. I was hoping these girls were going to literally kill John Tucker. That boy needed killin'. Clint Eastwood style. At least he shoulda had to actually endure some real and lasting pain.

Nope. This coulda been a great movie. Instead they gave the villain a heart of gold, and he gets to be buddies with the heroes in the end. Stupid. Just plain stupid.
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Don't kill John Tucker .. kill ME for watching it
x_b4byy_x29 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Basic teen movie that will make you laugh, but will leave you wondering "Why did I spend my money watching this?".

The whole movie was cliché. Unpopular new girl, befriends 3 girls who hate each other because they're dating the same guy. Unpopular girl is the peace keeper between the 3 girls, causing the 3 girls to bond like best friends. Jock boy who the 3 girls want to 'kill' falls for unpopular girl. Unpopular girl likes him during the job. After the plan is successful, 3 girls are best friends forever! Talk about original (note the sarcasm!). There is a handful of funny scenes that will make you pee your pants, but you'll be too tired cringing at the horrible acting to even laugh.

Surprinsingly, Sophia Bush who plays the vegan slut Beth, wasn't that bad. And this is coming from a Sophia hater. She plays the part well, adding the touch of bitchy in her voice when a cat fight between her character, Ashanti's character, and Aribelle's character occurs.

Ashanti ... all I have to say about her is, stick to singing.

Brittany was so cute playing the clueless new girl! Her stuttering voice and nervous expression when talking to Jesse's character, her clueless face when she's with the 3 girls, and her devious expression when telling Jesse's character to wear the thong. Brittany Snow was awesome.

The horrible acting, the weak storyline, and the cliché moments, made me give this movie a rating of 2/10.

The funny scenes, the horrible acting, and the cliché moments, make this movie, a perfect teen flick, which will cause all the teenie bops, who 'luv' and idolize Ashanti/Sophia, and who think Jesse is the hottest thing in the planet, to rush to theaters. This will get many Teen Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards nominations!
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"John Tucker" BETTER DIE...AND SOON!
Doctor_No27 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Dear god, another gawky teenage girl flick about a stupid jock that everyone claims to envy. I for one do not envy this guy at all, he's got three girls screaming in his ear all the time, and then try to keep it a secret. Dear god, like that's believable! The ingenious plot is a basketball player John Tucker who has three women, who find out that they are not his only true love. In spite of his acts they take vengeance on him by trying to humiliate him and all out kill him. These girls are so stupid to fall for this loser, and Tucker himself brings nothing new to the table. He's a stupid jock who thinks he can get what he wants by his charmless good looks, if that. "John Tucker must Die" is gawky, un-funny, and a waste of time. One of the years absolute worst movies!
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Don't waste your time watching this crap.
KimShakeable323 January 2007
This movie looked stupid even before I saw it. Do not waste your time watching this movie if you think you're going to find humor in this. Though this film is considered a Chick-Flick I'm sure even women find this movie ridiculous on any level. You're better off watching movies like You, Me & Dupree; Accepted; Something New and so on. You get the message but if you're into watching tasteless filth or if you just want to see some hot girls than this film is for you. This movie even makes The Fifth Element a good movie to watch & everybody knows The Fifth Element sucked. I personally can't see why anybody would want to waste their time & money seeing this God-Awful movie. What also adds to the useless crap in the movie is there is a Food Fight scene in the last part in the film which is ridiculous & is not needed for a movie that already sucks from the get-go. If I'm going to waste my time watching people make asses out of themselves I'd watch a President Bush Speech on television. Save your Money there are better film choices out there.
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Piece of teen stereotyped rubbish
immortal_leonharte8 September 2006
Almost as bad a Date Movie. Almost. At least this was a semi-original plot.

See this movie only if it's the last one on earth. The acting is terrible, the jokes are 3rd grade at best. This movie is NOT worth seeing just because Metcalfe is in it. He had a good plot in Desperate Housewives, but honestly, weren't you just sick of his constant "Mrs Solice"-ing all the time? This movie is a real stereotype of boys and girls. Boys portrayed as man-whores, girls portrayed as little bitching sluts. There is no real, 3 dimensional character in this movie.

One for the dog's dinner.
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loved it..
JustInLovee3130 July 2006
i originally wanted to see this movie terribly because of sophia bush. she is my hero & i was determined to see it the day it came out -- needless to say i did.

now aside from the fact that i think she is one of the best actresses out there -- i thought the movie was hilarious. it was so good & jesse metcalfe was gorgeous. i loved it -- it was just a ton of fun & at the end of the day it had a good message. it didn't drag on too long and it was a different type of plot -- not something you see very often at all. i definitely plan on seeing this a few more times before it hits DVD
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lofty198529 August 2006
I went to see this film over the Bank Holiday with my sisters and a friend and I thought it was really good. I wasn't in that much of a good mood but this film certainly cheered me up. I would say it is a girlie film but I went with a friend of mine and he liked it. I think Jesse Metcalf is really hot and cant wait to see him in other films as he I hope this is not the last we have seen of Mr Metcalf. I would suggest everyone to go and see this film as its a really funny and cute movie. I would love to do that to some of my ex boyfriends. I wish I had a HOT lad like that in my High School, it would never happen in real life loll.
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Did anyone else know a John Tucker?
Smells_Like_Cheese12 August 2006
The only reason I wanted to see this movie was because I knew a John Tucker in high school, not only that, but I dated him. We're still friends now, but he still talks about all the girls he is dating simultaneously. So, I naturally thought this was a documentary about him. :D Well, I'm kidding. This did look like a crappy movie, therefore I did not want to see this flick. It looked like your typical teen movie and cheesy predictable plot.

Yeah, it had that, but I think in some strange way it offered more. I'm just at least seeing something a little more in this flick. Yeah, it had your typical stereotypical teens, and you could predict everything that would happen in the next scene. But still I think in it's own special way, this will win teens over. I don't think this is a bad movie. You have got to admit that you got a good laugh out of John Tucker trying on the lady's underwear, well, you'll have to see it to understand.

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Decent movie...just don't expect too much
cal112hmb29 July 2006
First off, don't go into the theater thinking this is going to be the greatest teen film of all time. It isn't, nor does it try to be. This movie was perfect for what my girlfriend and I were looking for: something light, mildly funny, with a few early 20's actors playing the stereotypical roles. Some might be let down by Sophia Bush's role in this movie, although she did have some good moments. Ashanti wasn't half bad in her head-cheerleader role, Arielle Kebbel was okay (didn't have enough good lines though), and Jesse Metcalfe was truly born to play John Tucker. Anyone who has seen him on Desperate Housewives will agree that he definitely looks the part of John.

The only actor who seemed out of place was John Tucker's brother, played by Penn Badgley, although it wasn't for lack of talent. The character was very out of place throughout the entire movie and didn't really add anything to the plot. When he did get a scene he definitely shined, but they were too few for him to make a difference to the plot.

I think the movie could have been better, but again, it didn't try to do too much in the first place. For a nice date movie that you won't regret spending your hard earned cash on, "John Tucker" is a decent choice.
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