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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence and language throughout, including some sexual references

Sex & Nudity

  • Several key plot points center around a prostitution ring.
  • One short scene shows a website page with woman posing. Some are scantly dressed.
  • Shower scene where a man is naked, you see his upper torso but his privates are obscured by steam on the shower door.
  • There are implications of sexual activity.
  • A young woman is clearly a part of a Russian Escort Service.
  • A young woman is shown getting into the limousine with an older man, suggesting sexual services.

Violence & Gore

  • There are 22 onscreen deaths
  • A man brutally beats a man to death by punching him in the face repeatedly, blood spews onto walls and we see his face covered in blood and the man beating screaming loudly as he punches him. A man is shot in the rib with some blood shed.
  • A man shows a pair of sunglasses with blood on them to a gangster implying that he killed one of his men.
  • A man breaks another man's neck with a book and shoots him in the chest, blood splatters onto the floor beneath him.
  • A man has his head bashed into a brick wall and we see a stain of blood on the wall, two men are punched in the face, blood spurts out of their mouths.
  • We see a photograph of two graphic dead bodies covered in blood, a woman says that their testicles were sliced off and shoved down their throats.
  • A man is tortured by having a hose fill up his whole car with exhaustion gas from the engine, he coughs and bangs on the door to get out but he is locked in.
  • A large explosion occurs in slow motion. A man dies in the explosion.
  • A long and brutal hand to hand combat fight is present, the two men stab and slash each other with broken pieces of glass until the other man is graphically stabbed in the back with a large piece of glass, we see some blood spray from his neck, he screams loudly in pain, a large puddle of blood starts to form.
  • A cop is wounded and injured from a gunshot, he leaves a small trail of blood as he is running away.
  • Inside a private office at a restaurant, a man takes on several Russian mafia members one by one. First a man is shot through the hand and neck with a silenced pistol, blood spurts out of both his hand and neck, a man has his throat sliced open, he is then flipped over onto a glass table top we see a brief glimpse of the wound and a large amount of blood on the table, a man is then stabbed in the chest and neck, very bloody, a man is stabbed in the arm and chest multiple times with a corkscrew, blood stains his whole shirt. Next he jams it into his mouth, and coughs up a lot of blood. The man who was shot through the hand and neck is covered in puddles of blood, we see lots of blood pouring from his neck onto the floor, a man then explains how he is going to die, he then slowly suffocates on his own blood.
  • There are multiple scenes that can get extremely violent.
  • It is implied that a girl is beaten by a Russian gangster; her face is bruised. we also see her in the hospital in one scene with a bloody face and several bruises.
  • A man fires a nail gun at another man in slow motion several times, we see the nails hit the man and we see a lot blood coming out of his mouth and legs. He then gets shot in the neck with large blood spurts.
  • A man chokes another man with barbed wire and we see a pool of blood forming on the floor.
  • A man strangles a prostitute to death. This is very disturbing. He shows a photograph of the girl he killed to another man, we see her bruised neck.
  • A man drills another man in the head. We see blood on the drill.
  • A man is being electrocuted in the flooded sink, as the killer walks through the house we see that he has killed several men, blood splatters on the wall and puddles of blood on the floor are seen.
  • A man is stabbed through the neck with a garden tool, we see the blade protruding from his neck.
  • There are many other scenes of similar nature, and at least one graphic verbal description of the same.


  • Constant, pervasive use of strong language. Some of these profanities are spoken in a Russian dialect.
  • 100 uses of "fuck" and "motherfucker", and 17 uses of "shit". Also, 1 use of "cock," 2 uses of "pussy," 2 uses of "ass," 2 uses of "hell," and 3 uses of "bitch." 4 uses of "God damn."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A tall amber liquid-medication bottle is shown on a table in an apartment where a man makes a fake airsickness medication label for a prescription pill bottle, and three large IV bags of clear liquid hang from a metal stand in an ICU cubicle.
  • A beer sign hangs over the door of a market.
  • Two men drink vodka at a table in a bar.
  • Five men drink double shots of vodka from whiskey glasses in a back room of a bar.
  • Two men sit with glasses of wine in a bar and one man drinks.
  • A man smokes a cigarette at home in the dark.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are some violent scenes.
  • The scene where a man strangles a woman to death is very disturbing and upsetting.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • We presume that the man who robbed the mart is killed by the main character with a big hammer. We see him wipe blood off the hammer, but the killing is not shown at all.

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