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  • A man with a mysterious past lives a quiet, ordered life. One night, a girl he regularly talks to at a diner is beaten by her pimp. Witnessing this, the man brings a firestorm of vengeance against the pimps, but soon learns that they were involved with a large criminal syndicate. The man begins to dismantle the syndicate, becoming a vigilante. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • With its brutal outbursts, the film has really earned its "R" rating in the US. The British BBFC would have given it the "18" classification but Sony Pictures UK wasn't satisfied with that and aimed for the "15" rating. Before the film hit UK cinemas, the film was censored in order to achieve that goal. The BBFC advised pre-cuts that were then made and consequently led to the distributor's desired rating. Unfortunately, this version found its way onto the British home video releases, as well, while other markets got the fully uncut version of the film (no implementation of those cuts for the rest of the world this time!) Edit (Coming Soon)


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