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Like drinking games? This is the mother of alcohol-induced entertainment...
spacelovertq3 March 2006
I expected a fun, amateur film about a bunch of guys getting drunk on film and running around in the woods.

What I got instead was a great piece with awesome directing and camera-work, perfectly selected music, and a balance of content that you wouldn't expect for something that delivers so many laughs in an hour and a half.

This film has appeal to a lot of groups...everyone from current and former fraternity members to athletes to marathon drinkers. I can see this film having a cult following and inspiring a lot of folks to create their own Drinking Olympics.
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Best Money I Ever Spent!
tlight125 September 2006
Macho-Idiot-Drunkeness taken to a whole new level! The things these guys try and actually accomplish are incredible to say the least. Scott Allen Perry's documentary of such an event is death-defying and sensational! A must see! You will simultaneously bust a gut laughing so hard and add new wrinkles to your face from cringing in disgust. I'm telling you people, there is NOTHING else out there like this movie..."Jackass" is for kids...this is for REAL MEN (and women)! There are no words to express how you will feel while watching this movie...All I can say is, once you've seen it, you will be telling EVERYONE you know to go see it too! I challenge you to try and describe it...
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This Doc is Sweet!
josho-78 September 2006
A funny, poignant and compelling documentary. Beautifully shot this film manages to capture much of the true to life humor that most "mockumentaries" attempt to recreate- which really proves that truth is stranger & funnier then fiction.

See the real life "Beer League" no silly premises or "high-concept" background stories needed. This is one that can be enjoyed with the whole family, provided your family curses and spews beer foam, which my family does- thankfully. There is no million dollar prize, no date with Paris Hilton complete with lifetime supply of Valtrex, there is only pride and the outdoorsmen cup on the line. This is the sheit that would make any Fear Factor contestant cry, and not just because there is no cash prize, but because none of those pussies have the heart it takes to push on through the punishment that is The Outdoorsmen.

Enjoy what is sure to be a cult classic, beyotches. Tell'em The Drizzle sent ya.
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Great Movie
toddbroo15 June 2006
I love this movie. My lady loves it, her mom loves it too. I just got my DVD of it and we all watched it with my Dad and my cousins. My dad said he used to do stuff like this with his buddies back in the day. I thought that was cool. The thing I like the most is the Blind Man Beer. They wear some goggle that are painted black and then spin around then they roll around in a big circle trying to find 4 beers. Then they drink them FAST. It's really something every guy should see. My girl loves it too but her mom thought some of it was gross. The guys do puke op some beers but it's hilarious when they do, just not for my girls mom.

Really funny stuff.
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a bunch of guys head to the woods for a weekend of hilarious physical events, lots of beer drinking and bonding that'll make you jealous!
sirenakay23 May 2005
If you haven't seen this film yet, it's a sorry day for you! I haven't laughed so hard in a theater in a VERY long time. The odd events that these guys dream up are ridiculously absurd and wonderful and the director, Scott Perry, knows just how to mine the humor. But beyond the funny things these guys do, there is also this sweet story of friendship. i mean these guys really look out for each other and support each other in an enviable way. You can't walk away from this film without wishing you were friends with these dudes. And it made me really want to strengthen the bonds of my own friendships - a weekend in the woods with my pals? i can't wait! This weekend "get away" proves to be about more than beer drinking and physical competition, it is also an opportunity for these manly men to strengthen their bonds with each other. In my mind, this is the reality version of animal house with a twist and it's sure to be a classic comedy.
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jenajohnson3 October 2005
I have been hearing about this movie for over a year now, and I was planning on hating it. I thought it sounded absolutely immature and disgusting. I was embarrassed for everyone involved in the project. I went to go see it over the weekend and loved every minute of it!! Scott did an amazing job putting the whole thing together. The music and the gorgeous scenery, the interviews...loved it, loved it and loved it. I had to pee so bad in the middle of the movie, but I didn't get up cause I didn't want to miss any of it. Men all over the world are going to want to start their own Outdoorsmen clubs. I wish everyone involved much success with this film and future related projects.
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Absolutely Hilarious!
matteo567813 June 2006
This movie is one of the funniest documentaries I've ever seen. I saw this at the Bside release in Austin and laughed from beginning to end. The SAP developed these pretty normal, yet hilarious characters and watched them go through the most grueling and comical of competitions. From drinking while running through a creek to carrying your partner on your back, the amount of alcohol consumed is absolutely stunning. The final event is, by far, the most impressive. I won't spoil it, but to watch these guys drink so much so quickly is an amazing feat that few could pull off, but everyone should try.

Anyone who went through the typical college experience will absolutely love this film. It reminds us of all our youth and how we should grow up but never old. Great film! Highly recommended!
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Beware! This film will promote excessive drinking & laughter!
liquidwafer20 September 2006
This film is so great, that I bought two so that I could stop lending out my own copy. I sell beer for a living and I am still amazed by the quantity consumed on camera. The participants are all very likable guys, no jerks, and the director does a great job in allowing you some background and insight into the characters without spending too much time before the action. I am not sure what is more intriguing to me about the participants- the camaraderie or the competition. These guys are like brothers, and with the teams being picked upon arrival, there is no pre-conceived rivalry. This is a great addition to any collection, and a must for the beer and/or sports enthusiast or anyone looking to laugh until it hurts!
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Must see if you're a man (or like them)
lonestar7884 February 2006
I happened to catch this show on a whim one night after I got home from a bud's house. Boy did I luck out. This film is wonderfully tasteful (to a guy), full of hilarious moments and outrageous stunts and challenges. It inspires men to follow in the footsteps of these men, my friends and I in particular. There is blood, plenty of sweat from these middle aged men, and most importantly tons upon tons of beer. Of course, there is plenty of subtle rock anthems in the background, which only highlights these post-high school rockers persona. A blast to watch alone, with buddies, your with, etc. Be sure to have a beer at hand to stimulate and enhance your viewing pleasure.
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One of the funniest films I have ever seen!
selslate32 September 2005
What fun!! Men, beer and 15 events that will make you laugh throughout the entire film. The directing is simply superb. Mr. Perry was able to pick up even the tiniest move by these guys to build up the suspense of each event and to make you laugh even harder. By the end of the film you feel like you know each man personally and if you see them in real life you could just walk up and slap them on the back and say hi. You can really connect to each individual and you actually start pulling for your own person to win the event. It's been a long time since I have been in a theater and had the whole audience laughing throughout the entire film together. The Outdoorsman is definitely a winner! If I could give it more stars I would.
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this movie kicks ass
nbudzien25 March 2008
Best movie ever. these guys are my hero's and they are hard ass to the core. i only wish i could be like them and be able to do what they do. if they would let me do that with them i would in an instant. this movie is worth watching over and over. so watch it!!! these guys get so banged up but they don't feel it until the next day. this movie rocks. they have a perfect setting for these sweet event. i love this movie. best movie ever. i wish i would have thought of making a sweet weekend that contains all the goodness of nature and beer. I wonder how much beer it would take them to get through the weekend. i would love to get a hold of that cooler. so watch this and look in aw as you with you were there.
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Great Picture!
connieperry11 September 2006
This movie was not only fun to watch and made you laugh, it also had some really great visual shots.

This director let you get to know the guys who were participating in the events, so that when it came to that part you were actually cheering for the one you liked best.

Blind Man's Beer was my favorite event. Of course, watching those guys chug their beers in under 7 seconds was amazing.

Everyone should get the DVD, get a group of people together and just enjoy the film. Having a few beers while you watch and then trying to do some of the events you see, you should try at your own risk!!!
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