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Dec. 2013
The Great Mamodo Battle
Since the duel with Hosokawa and Reycom, Zatch has learned that he has special powers. Eager to show off, Zatch heads to the park to demonstrate his lightning powers to the kids there.
A New Departure!
Brago's spell defeats Zofis's spell, and Koko is saved from falling into the magma. Zofis tells Sherry that once his book is burned, Koko will regain her persona but will retain the memories of all her evil deeds committed with Zofis.
A New Menace: The Boy That Speaks to the Wind!
In a deserted area, a large structure rises from the ground. Elsewhere, a Mamodo named Ted and his partner Jido arrive in town, Ted searching for a job to pay for lodging.
A New Year's Special: The Magnificent Victoream Returns!
is the first day of the new year. Folgore and Kanchome come to Kiyo's house to tell him of a dream he had. In his dream, Victoream and his book owner scale a mountain and obtain the "Very Melon" spell, which grants him a wish from Makoto Raiku.
A Voice from Another World! The Demons Whose Numbers Are Up!
Sherry and Brago continue their attack on Maestro's barrier in order to test the limits of the coil. They find out "Ion Gravirei" is the limit which the coils can handle. Kiyo casts "Zagurzem" and combined with "Ion Gravirei" breaks through Maestro's barrier. At that moment, the door to the Mamodo world is completely open. He offers Zatch and Brago a chance to join him, which they refuse. Zatch uses "Bao Zakeruga" and Brago uses "Baber Gravidon" to attack Maestro. Maestro manages to hold the spells back until they combine to make a black "Bao Zakeruga" which causes ...
Aim for the Brain! Roaring Faudo. Desperate Re-entry.
The team enter Faudo through his mouth with the help of Ponygon and Karudio. They follow a blood vessel to the spinal cord where they take an elevator and arrive in a room where multiple paths present themselves.
Arrival at Faudo! Desperate Assault. Assassins That Awaited.
The team is discouraged after realizing Faudo is a giant Mamodo. Elsewhere, Dufort and Zeno while on their way to Faudo, reveal that Faudo can be controlled and that is why people are after its power.
Attack of the Iron Army!
Maestro tells his servant to call Brago in to talk. He tells Brago how in the In-between World, Mamodos with spell books are able to cast spells without their human partners.
Awaken, Jealousy. The Angered Goddess. Chaajiru Saifodon.
Tia tries to hit Momon with "Saisu" but he dodges it. Elle reads Momon's spells, with no knowledge of its effects, to which Momon uses to flip Tia's skirt and stare at her panties.
Burn Up Life. Warrior Alishie. The Conclusion!? Zaruchimu
Aleshie and Riya battle against Zarchim. Zarchim reminisces about the time he recruited Aleshie. During that time, Aleshie refuses to help Faudo and manages to grab onto Zarchim's neck and choke him.
Burning Umagon. Freezing Karudio. Run to Victory!!
Ponygon and Kardio begin their battle against Jedon and Fango. Ponygon's and Kardio's attacks of fire and ice cancel each other out and they are quickly overwhelmed.
Burrah! Victoream's Anger!
Victoream returns to his body, but his body tries to steal his own book. Kanchome is revealed to be disguised as his body in an attempt to get his book. Victoream returns to his real body and starts attacking the team.
Buzarai's Fierce Attack. Dioga VS Baou. Reversal Chain.
With both sides running out of energy to cast spells, they realize the victor will be the one who uses their final spells effectively. Buzarai uses his strongest spell and Kiyo realizes "Bao Zakeruga" can not defeat it unless powered by at least one "Zagurzem".
Cool-Headed Zaruchim. The Truth of the Curse. Stand Up! Alishie.
The team runs away from the drill while dodging tentacles that melt anything it touches. Kiyo realizes there are holes on the walls of the small intestine that will lead them to the liver but only open when near the drill.
Dance! Burst Open! Swing! Huge Airport.
After Big Boing shows Kiyo a dance, they head to the airport to pick up; Megumi and Tia, Folgore and Kanchome, Li-en and Wonrei. While there, Kiyo, Megumi, Tia and Dr. Riddles run away from paparazzis who are after Megumi.
Decisive Battle Against Faudo! The Golden Radiance. The Kind King.
Bao Zakeruga defeats Zeno and causes his book to burn. Before he disappears, Zeno destroys the gem which controls Faudo and tells Zatch if he deserves Bao, he should be able to stop Faudo.
Demonic Soldier Faudo. Light in the Middle of Despair. Kiyomaro's Secret Plan.
Riou takes control of Faudo and announces that those who serve under him will be spared from Faudo's wrath.
Determination of the King. Friends? The World? Gash's Decision.
The team regroups and have their wounds healed by Tia. Megumi and Tia tells Kiyo they saw Wonrei and Kiyo realizes Wonrei has failed in finding a way to lift Li-en's curse and resorted to obeying Riou.
Dr. Riddles' Renewed Vow
Zatch is making a new Vulcan 300 when Tia comes over. Elsewhere, Dr. Riddles is depressed over the lost of Kido. Folgore and Kanchome, while in America, decide to visit Dr. Riddles.
Duel in the Northern Country. Fated Rival. Umagon Frozen!!
Sunbeam is told that he must go to Hokkaid for a week of training. He leaves his Mamodo Ponygon with Kiyo and Zatch. Zatch seeing how badly Ponygon wanted to go with Sunbeam helps Ponygon sneak aboard a plane.
Faudo's Revival Draws Near. Return Device Activated. Rivals Stand in the Way.
The Mamodos in the room are revealed to be Kardio, his partner Sauza, and Arth. Kardio aims an ice wave at the sleeping book keepers but is intercepted by Momon and Elle.
Faudo's Safeguards. From Arth to Gash. Trusted Future.
Arth and Ellie reach the room before the control room where they are confronted by Riou. Riou uses a nearby control panel and seals the entrance to the room off so the rest of the team are not able to assist him.
Faudo: Deadly Zone. The Demon That Beats the Heart. Momon's Tears.
They continue through the blood vessel maze and end up in a room where many different paths present themselves. Momon refuses to show them the correct passage until Elle slaps him and tells him he must be brave.
Fighting for Whom? Wonrei and Alishie. Decision of Suffering.
Zarchim sends Wonrei to battle them and the team is hesitant to fight their former ally.
Free Yourself from a Thousand Years of Pain!
During the battle, Pamoon reminisces on how he was turned to stone by Goren. Pamoon is about to deliver the final attack to Goren but is stopped when Goren holds up a little girl.
Heartless Riou. The Cursed Demons. Now, to Faudo.
Kiyo contacts his allies to come with him to investigate the weird structure.
Homesick!? Hana and Mother. Wanderlust Gash.
After have fun around town, Zatch finds a manga titled "Ka-chan Tazunete Sanzenri", a parody of 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother. Zatch inspired by the story, decides to go to town and search for motherly people to see if he can regain his memory of his mother.
I Won't Go Back! Laila's Dark Solitude
Kanchome uses "Poruk" to hide the team. They plan to recruit Penny to their side by getting Zatch to make up with her. It works until Penny asks Zatch about marriage, and he declines the proposal.
Impact of the V! Very Melon!
The team while resting manage to find clean water and melons to eat. They are interrupted by the appearance of the Mamodo Victoream. Folgore, noticing how unintelligent Victoream is, tries to praise him in order to avoid a fight while everyone is exhausted from the previous battle.
It Was Seen? Oyoyo~ Prospering Momon. Tio's Gigantic Explosion!
Zatch, Ponygon, and Tia are living in harmony. While playing at the park, they are approached by a woman named Elle Chivas searching for a child that looks like a rabbit and monkey.
Journey from Which You Cannot Return. Wavering Determination. Faudo's True Form!
Momon refuses to show the team where Faudo is located. The plane Folgore and Kanchome are on starts to experience technical difficulty and is unable to release its front wheels to land.
Karudio's Fierce Attack! Fighters Who Burn Up the Snow Field. Umagon's New Flame.
Ponygon's is overwhelmed by Kardio's attacks. Kardio then freezes Sunbeams legs to prevent him from moving. As they attempt to reach Sunbeam for the book, Ponygon grabs onto Karudio.
Keith, Buzarai. Symphony of Death. Goodbye, Kanchome.
They battle and Zatch is overpowered by Keith and Buzarai. Zatch manages to land a "Zagurzem" on Keith but Folgore is injured in the process. Kanchome takes Folgore and flees while Kiyo and Zatch continue the battle.
Kidnapped Gash! Trap Over the Sea. Sinking Dartagnan.
A professor named Dartangan visits Kiyo and tells him he has taken Kiyo's research experiment before jumping out the window. Megumi and Sunbeam arrive and ask Kiyo if he has seen Tia or Ponygon.
Koral-Q's Attack Transformation.
Elsewhere, a young man named Gurab asks his professor for a break so he can go to Japan. Kiyo continues his research on the strange structure but to no avail.
Koral-Q's Counterattack on Every Spell!?
Koral-Q reveals that no one in Japan will be able to defeat him and that he shall defeat Tia and Ponygon after Zatch.
Kung Fu of Passion. Wonrei's Tragedy. Last Chapter of a Love Song.
Wonrei acts strangely one day so Li-en follows him. She follows him to a store with a tv and presumes he wants to buy a television. She continues to follow him and sees him with a woman and assumes he is cheating on her.
Legend of Kaguya. Gash's Summer Festival. Girl Who Returned to the Moon.
Zatch and Ponygon are taken to a festival by Kiyo's mother. Once there, Zatch separates from them and meets up with a rich girl named Natsuko. Natsuko snuck away from her bodyguards in order to enjoy the festival.
Maestro's Revenge on the Mamodo World!
Kiyo, Zatch, and Brago battle Maestro. Kiyo realizes that Maestro's power involves magnetism and that he is using the coils at the side of the battlefield to increase the powers of his spells.
Miraculous New Spell. Dima Buruku. I Am Not a Weakling!
The Kanchome that disappeared was revealed to be Kanchome's clone created by the spell "Dima Buruk". Kanchome orders his clones to fight the enemy but instead they run away and hide.
Miss Wriggle's Class Is Now in Session
Kiyo after managing to lose Zatch and Ponygon goes to school. Once there, the teacher Touyama tries to give Kiyo a failing grade by asking him what is his cat's name.
Naomi's Evil Plot
After Kiyo goes to school, Zatch volunteers to do the shopping for Kiyo's mother. Ponygon accompanies him, and on the way, he notices that the park has become a mess.
No Escape! The Wicked Zofis Returns!
Bao Zakeruga is beaten by Pamoon's spell. Zatch manages to hold onto Pamoon's spell with his body. Pamoon remembering Zatch's words ceases his attack, and his spell disperses.
Pamoon, the Celestial Warrior
Folgore, Kanchome, and Dr. Riddles continue their journey in the ruins. Elsewhere Kiyo realizes that stars become less accurate the further the noise is from the ceiling and that the stars rotate in a circle.
Ponygon's Lightning Speed!
Ponygon's book owner uses a spell that gives Ponygon armor that increases his abilities. Ponygon knocks a pillar into the centre of the whirlpool, destroying the drill.
Premonition of Separation. Suzume's Confession. Hiking of Love and Youth.
Kiyo's classmate invite him to go on a hiking trip to which he obliges. The next day, Zatch and Ponygon follow Kiyo on the hiking trip. Suzy reveals she stayed up late making a present and Suzy's friend, Mariko, grabs it presuming it is her birthday present.
Raging Zeon! Two Fates. Gash's Secret.
As the team thinks of a way to break through the door to the control room, Kiyo and Zatch are teleported inside. Zeno reveals he is Zatch's twin brother. Kiyo asks Dufort to stop Faudo or the world will be destroyed.
Reversed Future. Thunder Emperor Zeon. Prelude to Ruin.
The team is able to overpower Riou. Riou tells his book owner Bankis to come out and fight. Bankis is revealed to have been hiding inside Riou and once out, tells them that the timing to cast spells will be easier now.
Roar of Pride. Bari vs. Ted. Which Will Disappear?
Kiyo invites Megumi and Tia to talk about the mysterious structure and a group that is recruiting Mamodos for unknown reasons. Elsewhere, Jido tells Ted to clean himself up while he gets them lodging.
Rodeux's Fierce Attack. Dying Rein. Awaken, Kyle.
Zatch and Kiyo are overwhelmed by Rodeux, his partner Chita, Purio and Lupa. Rein seeing Zatch courageously battle reminds him of the first time he met Zatch. In the past, Rein falls down a cliff and is badly injured.
Save Koko! Sherry's Dioga Gravidon!
Zatch's "Bao Zakeruga" breaks through Zofis' strongest attack and injures him. Kiyo prepares to finish Zofis off with "Zakeruga" but is interrupted by Sherry and Brago.
Screams That Won't Reach. Ted vs. Cherish. Things More Important Than King.
Kiyo's team runs into Cherish and her partner Nicole. Ted tells the group to let him handle Cherish. Cherish reveals that Ted betrayed the kindness that her family gave to him.
Sealed Room. Aleshie's Fight. Destiny Once More!
Kiyo's group continue on and run into Faudo's minions, the Mamodo Gyaron and his book owner Harry. Aleshie and Riya volunteer to battle them while allowing the rest to rest and recover their energy.
Selfish Penny's Goodbye
With Penny's water spells combined with Zatch's lightning spells, they are able to gain the advantage against Delmolt. It is revealed that Delmot was only using his weak spells, and when he uses a stronger spell, he knocks Kiyo, Zatch, Sunbeam and Ponygon out.