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Break In. Break Out. Save Your Brother's Life (Season 1).
Escape is Just the Beginning (Season 1).
Most Men would do anything to get out of Prison...But Michael Scofield would do anything he can to get in (Season 1).
Breaking out was easy, getting away will be hard (Season 2).
The Manhunt is on! (Season 2)
Escaping Prison was Just the Beginning, Escaping the Country is now the priority (Season 2).
Your brother is innocent, but you are not . (Season 1).
The Most Wanted Men in America (Season 2)
Stay Out. Stay Free. Stay Alive. (season 2)
Freedom is an illusion. All that matters is staying alive. (Season 2)
Prisons were made to be broken. (season 3)
New Prison. New Break. (Season 3)
Revenge Begins Now (Season 4)
The only thing harder than breaking out is breaking in. (Season 4)
He ain't heavy, he's my wrongly accused brother. (Season 1)
The breakout return. (Season 5)
First, it was a prison. Now, it's a nation. (Season 5)
Sometimes death is just the beginning. (season 5)

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