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Season 2

13 Nov. 2006
The Forest of Dark Forces
Princess Guinevere's greatest desire is to fly and King Arthur provides her with the first medieval hot air Balloon. Powered by the fiery breath of a small dragon, the balloon sails across the sky until Robin Hood accidentally shoots it down over the foreboding Forest of Dark Forces. Will King Arthur and Robin Hood sneak past the dreaded Purple Knights, survive the terrors of the Dark Forces and defeat the Screaming Salisbury Stag to rescue the fair Princess from certain doom - and in time for her tapestry class?
7 Nov. 2006
King of the Moon
Moon rocks are all the rage and King Arthur is convinced he has traveled to the moon via a one-way rocket. While Sir Launcelot and Sir Martyn struggle to share the throne in the King's absence, Arthur, Merlin and Splag are captured by the fierce 'moon people' and do battle with the gigantic rock giant, Ritho, in order to bring Princess Guinevere a moon rock all the way from - North Wales.
6 Nov. 2006
The Quest for the Orange Orange
All Princess Guinevere wants is an orange. A sweet, juicy, round orange orange. How simple is that? But in trying to fulfill her request, King Arthur must enter the Camelot Horse Show, travel across Spain, participate in the first 'running of bulls' in Pamplona and, single handedly battle the Giant Two Headed Fire Breathing Orange Eating Bull of Valencia.
21 Nov. 2006
A Tower with a View
When Princess Guinevere pines for a sea view, King Arthur and Merlin seek out King Canute for advice. They catapult the famous ‘round table' into the sea to block the Penzance Plug Hole. The sea rises â€" and keeps rising until Guinevere's tower is in danger of being engulfed. Will sharped-toothed sharks, a giant sea monster and a dissolute Pirate prevent the King from draining the Plug Hole and rescuing his beloved from a watery grave and wet hair?
4 Dec. 2006
Baa Baa Green Goat
Merlin has devised a magic spell that allows King Arthur to read his beloved's mind. Awed by his anticipation of her every whim, Princess Guinevere sends him to get the thing she desires most. Unfortunately her mind keeps changing and after King Arthur risks life and limb trying to capture an echo from a Warbling Bat and the Druid Sapphire, her thoughts begin to fade and instead of bringing her an emerald coat - he turns up with a green goat.

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