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Perfect kids show
davidmoss159510 October 2006
This show ran for a few years in the late 1990s on children's BBC in the UK. It featured presenters talking about crazy, strange and cool inventions, some that were new or prototyped, others that were oddities in the history of the patent offices around the world. With an atmospherically technical studio set in a warehouse, and features such as the first popular showing of 'Chindogu' - useless Japanese inventions that are created as spoofs (indeed, you cannot define the invention as a 'chindogu' if a valid and practical use is found for it). As a youth i very much enjoyed the show because it acknowledged that whilst kids hate learning, they love to see something impressive, such as the memorable Truckosaurus that crushed cars in its metal jaws (yes, simpsons fans, it is real).
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