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A funny movie that is underrated.
aeo20 March 2007
I found this movie to be quite funny with an original story line. The story is about a habitual criminal who repeatedly comes before the same judge to be sentenced. He devises a method of revenge upon this judge whereupon his release from prison, he frames the judge's son on a crime which sends the judge's son to prison. The habitual criminal then commits a crime to be his cell mate and there the fun begins.

This is obviously a dark-humored comedy and it had me laughing more than I had anticipated. It was given only a 5 star by IMDb users so I did not expect much but it was quite good. I am surprised it did not get that much notoriety in the theaters. In fact, I never heard of this film at all. It's amazing that crappy comedy movies like Wild Hogs and I Think I Love My Wife get all the attention while really funny movie like this get passed by. But what can you do since there really is no star power in this movie. You will recognize actors and actresses since many of them have appeared in many films as supporting characters. It's just that they don't have the name recognition.

The only weakness I found in this movies was the crime by with which the judge's son was framed. The writers should have thought of a more plausible reason for his incarceration. However, after some thought, I figure this is comedy and the whole movie is a stretch of the imagination so I am overlooking this weakness.

I am not saying, however, that this is a great comedy but it was good and it had me laughing pretty much throughout the movie and in my opinion, that warrants a 7. If you like Van Wilder, Sorority Boys, and Harold and Kumar Goes to White Castle type of movies, then you will like this as well.
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Weird But Funny
joinhip5 April 2007
Hilarious offbeat comedy. I say "offbeat" since the main love interest is a large black man named Barry, who will woo you like you've never been woo-ed before. This is not your normal Hollywood comedy, it's got more of an "Arrested Development" feel - a funny script and Bob Odenkirk's direction (and supporting player role) make this work. Basically, this film takes every men's prison cliché and pushes it ten times further. If you've ever wanted to just stay in and drink toilet wine with a loved one, then this film should resonate with you. This is destined to end up a cult movie since it's not exactly mainstream humor, but if you're a fan of Odenkirk and David Cross's "Mr. Show," you'll find a lot here to enjoy - and you'll also find the very tall Brian Posner standing in a crowd scene near the end.
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crying takes the sad out of you
movieman_kev14 March 2007
John Lyshitski (Dax Shepard) is a young guy who's spent most of his life in prison, blaming the judge who continuously sent him them, he hatches his plan for revenge. But he dies three days before he gets free of prison, so John decides to go after the judge's son, Nelson (Will Arnet of brilliant "Arrested Development" fame) John's plan is to frame Nelson, get him sent to jail, and then get himself sent to the same jail to bunk with him, which he accomplishes. But things don't always go as planned afterwords though.

Personally I found this film hilarious and don't really know why there's all this hatred towards it. Will Arnet is pretty funny and Dax Shepard plays off him quite well. But the REAL star of the film is Chi McBride as Barry, an eloquent rapist. Whenever he's on the screen it had me in stitches. The film's not as good as Mr. Show was (but hell what can be?) But director Bob Odenkirk still has a winner here.

My Grade: B+
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Too Good For Review Clichés
rphguy2 May 2008
This movie captures and colorizes the satiric humor of prison and otherwise predictable jail humor in a way that is completely and thankfully watchable.

The story centers around three characters - Will Arnett is stuck in the center, utilizing his patentable 'that guys an a-hole but I'd still have a beer with him' persona and has it very well countered by two great actors whose subtle humor and physical timing really cuts out a sympathetic and f'n hilarious story that you don't want to end when it does. Which is saying a lot for this genre.

Of course there are ridiculous and improbable twists that you forgive because they are so damn fun. Nice touch on the epilogue and the ending credits.

It's good. It's better than good. It's not an art movie - it's not a fart movie - it's not even a combination. But if you've ever gone out of your way to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development or Reno 911 you'll really enjoy it.

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More subtle than you'd think...
enroth1 December 2006
There are movies that follow a relatively obvious plot. There are movies where you expect every plot twist ten minutes in advance. This certainly is one of those movies. But then, why would you go see a comedy looking for gripping plot lines? This is one of those movies that would have bombed, in the wrong hands. Given an average director and a mediocre cast, this movie would have been barely watchable. But under the care of Bob Odenkirk and a trio of skilled actors, it turns out as one of the funnier movies of the year.

Let me be clear about one thing: this movie is all about subtle, dry humor. The situations are, on their own, intentionally not funny. Played a different way, many of them would be downright terrifying. But the way the actors carry themselves through it, their timing, their facial expressions, bring out the absurdity of the serious script.

If you go into the movie expecting it to hit you in the face with everything it's got, you may be disappointed. But if you go prepared to pay attention and catch the nuances as well as the broad strokes, you'll barely stop laughing.
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The actors may no be well know but this IS a very funny film
hisat27 December 2007
It's rare I comment on a Film because most films in my view are average - but this film is very funny and very well played and believable - I didn't see it coming - but maybe I was just being too entertained by it all - I particularly enjoyed the visual comedy of this film facial expressions were so perfect I almost wet myself on several occasions from start to finish this film entertained and made me laugh - even the closing titles where the three main characters were in the people carrier being entertained by the CD Player !! hehehe - just thinking about it makes me almost cry laughing again - so don't be put off by the poor rating so far - don't worry that there aren't such well known actors - do enjoy this well constructed, very funny film
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I Didn't Expect to like it...
regular1416 April 2007
Putting this into my DVD player i didn't expect more than a few chuckles but i found myself laughing hysterically rather frequently. While i don't think every joke landed quite as well as Odenkirk would have wanted, the overall product was rather funny. Chi McBride has by far the funniest character in the film since he does fall in love with one of my personal favorites, Will Arnett. Dax Shepherd was surprisingly standable considering i'm really not a fan of his at all. Dylan Baker's "comment in the butt hole" joke i don't think quite made it... or maybe that was the point, so i didn't care much for him. Koechner was as funny as usual and all the stupid quirks of this movie made me laugh. Deep? No. Funny? Yes. What's funnier than a rich inmate struggling with a bunch of people who want to kill him or try to have dirty sex with him? That's funny.
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Let's Go See This Movie
foxxxychick5421 November 2006
This movie received nothing but bad reviews by internet bloggers. I find that in this day and age, humour is evolving like mad. Look at shows like Trailer Park Boys, Strangers with Candy, and Arrested Development. All hilarious, but people call them stupid. BUT HOW MANY PEOPLE FIND THESE SHOWS FUNNY!? Lots...and that's why I recommend all those with this sense of humour to go see this movie. It's true that I was the only one laughing out loud in a nearly empty theatre, but obviously someone found it funny. If you like semi-twisted, fresh, edgy as hell sense of humour than this movie is aces. All in all, it's worth it to see, especially if you're a Will Arnett fan! Make your own judgements though, it's not like yer forced to keep watching it if you don't like it. But I, however, plan to see it again and again. Probably in theatres. Also, if you smoke pot, straight up, just watch it. 10 THUMBS UP!
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WHO would write all these negative reviews?
john-jones-730 November 2008
Why all the negative reviews?? Hard to believe soo many of you have bashed this movie. I understand that not all people like this style of a movie. Kinda like Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox story. I loved both.

Being a person who enjoys the bluntness of people like George Carlin I must say this movie is in your face funny! If you expect to see some teenage dukes of Hazzard style film then don't bother. This movie is for people who like adult style laugh your butt off fun. I watch South Park religiously and this is the one movie that makes me laugh the same.

Don't miss all the one liners!! "Trust me - Do what I do - Keep your mouth shut and try not to cry"!
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An Entertaining Comedy
jts04053 September 2008
Let's Go To Prison was a sleeper hit for the 2006 movie season. It came out in November of that year and really didn't start to air previews or TV spots until late October, so a lot of people really didn't expect it. It starred Dax Shepard and Will Arnett. This was the first big gig for Will Arnett and it really scored for him. This movie really is entertaining in the since that it always has something going on. The whole plot was put together very well and had a great form around the prison lifestyle. Dax Shepard does extremely well as John Lyshitski and Will Arnett gives a Grade A performance as Nelson Biederman IV. I have to say that this is a must see for all comedy genre fans.

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Pretty Damned Funny
SpaceOctopus18 June 2013
This movie was great. I am extremely picky about films, especially comedies, but I sincerely loved this. (still do, and show it to others)

I went in with absolutely no expectations of it. My friend owned a video rental place and we grabbed it off the shelf randomly to watch. I had never heard of it, nor did I know a thing about it. I was thoroughly surprised at how witty, unique, humorous and silly it was. The actors are not all that famous (at least weren't at the time) and I had never seen the star before. Will Arnett was a great addition as well.

Everyone in the movie was great. I thought it was a pretty new story and it didn't recycle a bunch of old jokes I'd seen/heard a million times. It surprised me quite a bit and it wasn't super predictable. Honestly, I think it had almost everything I look for in a comedy really.

My advice is to see it, but don't expect anything at all. Just watch it and let yourself enjoy the ridiculousness of it. The ending was fantastic. This made it into my long list of favorite comedies for sure.
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Loved this film!!!!
afunkyfish17 December 2007
Women should love this movie it's the perfect movie to watch with your guy! Dax Shepard is so HOT in the same way Jay from Clerks is. Scuffy voice blond haired men make me scream. Lust while your man laughs at the man-humor.

The subtle funny moments are hilarious. Chi McBride looks like he is having so much fun playing an over the top inmate. I would watch more movies like this with my husband. The makers of Lets Go to Prison need to make more movies of this quality. The supporting actors are great and add to the movie. This is the type of film you can watch over and over again for mistakes, reactions in the background, like the cafeteria worker and his "gesture".
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myboigie26 November 2006
While Sascha Cohen's 'Borat' may be the most-popular comedy of 2006, there is an even funnier one, and it's this movie! Astonishingly, Universal distributed this little indie, but has given it virtually no publicity whatsoever. That must have been the trade-off, because it's a pretty uncompromising story that could be compared-to Richard Linklater's Fast Food Nation. Directed by Bob Odenkirk (Mr. Show, SNL-writer during the Phil Hartman era, Ben Stiller Show, Conan O'Brien), it's an interesting-take on our corrections system, and it's loosely-based on a non-fiction book called 'You Are Going to Prison', by a former inmate named Jim Hogshire. Much of his humor is intact in the film, but writers Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon have taken it into the realm of fiction/non-fiction.

The book was literally just a 'how-to' guide to survival in prison, so you know this isn't going to be a flattering-portrayal of it. Most Americans know full-well their prison system is corrupt, and basically dysfunctional, but our culture has a lust for punishment at its core. Don't believe me? Let's go to prison, and find-out! The movie makes the case by stating we have 2 million Americans in-prison now, only being surpassed by China and Russia.

But this blood-lust is most-obvious during our elections, mostly the local-ones, though Reagan and Bush thrived on the 'crime-and-punishment' issue. And man-oh-man, is there some punishment in the first-quarter of this movie, wow, it really was only slightly-funny until...the story has some very unpredictable and hilarious twists to it! Odenkirk did the Midwest proud by placing the tale in Illinois, and they filmed the prison-scenes at the old Joliet Prison. There is a scene with the warden of the facility that is priceless ('Take all of your complaints, write them on a piece of paper--and stick it up-your-asshole.'). In a few-areas, it's almost too-close to reality, but this changes as the story progresses.The movie begins with the story of repeat-felon, John Lyshitski (played to-the-hilt by Dax Shepard who plays rednecks a lot) who is unfairly put on a path to crime by a certain judge at the age of 8. He has what is euphemistically called 'bad-luck', and gets snared into the system like so many others in America.

Judge Biederman just keeps sending him further-and-further into the corrections system, much like what happened to make John Dillinger a gangster, and untold-scores of minor-offenders into murderers. Because we are so harsh in our penalties here, we actually have created a situation where felons are manufactured. Let's Go to Prison makes this point many-times throughout the film, but it does it with a lot of laughs at the expense of the story's other protagonist, Nelson Biederman IV (played by the brilliant and funny Will Arnett from Arrested Development), the son of the judge. Lyshitski gets-released at the beginning of the film, and we get a voice-over of his story. The man wants revenge, but he realizes that judge Biederman died three-days-before his release, so he decides to take-it-out on his son instead. Like I said, the first-quarter of the movie is grim! Lyshitski is constantly giving Biederman the worst advice you could give to someone imprisoned, and the plot takes a radical-turn in a confrontation between the judge's son and an Ayran Nations gang-leader that must be seen to be believed. The worm-turns for Biederman, the pathetic yuppie-fop who loves the 1990s pop-tune 'Shake That Body', and Lyshitski is in for quite a ride as his target becomes the 'big man' in the joint. It just gets funnier, and telling you any more would just ruin the ride for you, but you get a greater understanding of life in prison.

This was something I never expected, because...well, we all think we've seen-it-all with prison movies, but Let's Go to Prison goes further than all of them! From Biederman getting-punched everyday, to his being-sold to a Black inmate called 'Barry' (the always-great Chi McBride) for an ounce-of-pot and a carton-of -smokes, to their ongoing 'courting', it's hilarious. It also has an ending for the ages that I would personally love to see in real-life! If the movie says anything, it's that the criminal justice and corrections system is a joke on all of us, and it actually finds some hilarity in this fact. That's a tall order that it fills, no-problem. But most Americans are too cool to laugh at themselves. That's OK, we'll laugh at you anyway. Flawed, but hilarious. Score.
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Metascore people are insane
Horror-yo21 May 2016
I get it. The Metascore critics only love anything that's intellectual or at least presents itself to be. All the rest is horrible. Yeah well guess what you pseudo-intellectual bigots, this is one heck of a funny film right here, and if you take it for what it is, and you happen to find its humor suitable for about 1hr1/2 one night (humor is very subjective, but this is actually well done if you like that kind), you should be able to give this a fair/above average grade, at least. The plot alone is funny. The gags are, for some, plain hilarious. The whole atmosphere of utter stupidity, far beyond silly, and the complete inability for this film to take itself seriously in whatever possible measure, even for a comedy at that, added how Dax Shepard, Will Arnett or Chi McBride play their ridiculous roles with such attention giving in to the sheer dumbness...make this a fun ride, at least - this isn't just another prison mainstream comedy with predictably bad humor, it's got its own touch, its own particular humor and feel. This is a really fun ride, and if you don't like the first 15min you probably won't like it at all... but if you do like em, all in all it makes for some good fun and you'll remember some of it surely.
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very very disappointed
oldu6917 November 2006
I love comedies, and I like prison movies/shows whether serious or action or comedies, and am a freak Arrested Development fan. Will Arnett's character G.O.B. is one of the best in TV sitcom history. I was hoping he would play a similar type of character in this movie and he did, but the movie was really not good. I even went in with low "stupid comedy" expectations which usually works and allows me to have a good time no matter how stupid the "stupid comedy" is, but even that could not save the movie for me. Dax Sheppard is really pretty dry, and the turns in the plots are weak. Bob O. let me down, too. He was surprisingly the most unfunny of everyone. I was laughing a little early on, but by the halfway point i was looking at my watch every 5 minutes. I know now why critics weren't allowed to see it before today's date. Most of the funny scenes were in the previews. Anyways, just my 2 cents...
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Stupid but funny.
mazunderscore25 February 2007
I'm a fan of Bob Odenkirk's previous work (Run Ronnie Run & The Mr. Show) and I was excited to hear of this film knowing that it also started Arnett and Shepard.

And although Odenkirk's direction is good, it's the comedy duo of Arnett and Shepard are really make this film worth watching. They; together with McBride, have a undisputable chemistry that seems to work.

Apart from the odd scene that seems to go on for too long (eg: some of the scenes with Arnett and McBride, although strengthening an important plot point, seem to go on for much to long.) and the ending (I won't give it away, but it fell kind of flat) this is a stupidly funny film that's easy to watch and will have you laughing in the first five mins.

It's worth watching if only for the dynamic between Arnett and Shepard.
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bound to be one of those "best movies you've never heard of" movies
Danny_Boy_yeah17 November 2006
very funny. if you're a fan of arrested development, you'll enjoy it even more(im a big fan of will arnett). i went to see it and me and my girl were the only ones in the theater. i mean, its awesome when its like that, but thats a shame. this is a good movie that had a good trailer. its okay that this movie has some of the things that you'd expect to see in a prison movie because they take those expectations and produce much better comedy. i hope this movie will turn out to be a success.arnett is great in this, chi mcbride is great, and so is dax sheppard. David koechner also does a great job. all in all, its just a funny movie that should be viewed. C'MON!
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Avoid at all Costs
insectoidone17 November 2006
I work at a theater, so when a new movie comes out, I get to preview it, so I picked Lets Go to Prison over James Bond, simply because I'm not a Bond-type person.

I went into this movie hoping to laugh until my side hurt...not the case. The trailer that is online is more funny than the movie itself. Most of the jokes were the typical 'Prison' jokes (don't drop the soap, stuff like that), which really gets old after a awhile.

The plot was paper thin, and often just boring, only 3 times did I actually witness "funny" parts, maybe it's just my sense of humor though. The acting was okay, nothing really fantastic.

So, in conclusion, STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE! Save your 6 - 10 bucks or go see something better. I give it a 2, only because I got to see it for free.
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Don't waste your money
bigbob116919 November 2006
I thought it would be a good movie when I watched the clips on the internet. But I was very wrong. They attempted to make the movie serious and funny it didn't work. I only heard people laugh out loud at the movie a couple of times. It was like they worked to write a good movie at the first part of the movie and then said lets just put something in to get it over. I wanted to see the movie because it was filmed at the old Joliet prison, but you would't know it from the movie. Some of the clips that were funny on the internet were not in the movie. I don't think that inmates in prison (captive audience) would even laugh at this movie.
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Revenge on the Rocks with a Twist of Comedy!
gradyharp8 March 2007
There are 'chick flicks' and there are 'guy flicks' and LET'S GO TO PRISON definitely falls into the latter category. Adapted from a novel 'You Are Going to Prison' by Jim Hogshire by screenwriters Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon and Michael Patrick Jann and directed by Bob Odenkirk, this light film seems to be a 'boys night out' venture and should be viewed with a heavy dose of good humor.

John Lyshitski (a hunky and very funny Dax Shepard) has a rotten childhood, having been caught in funky 'crimes' always facing the courtroom of on Judge Biederman (David Darlow) who consistently sentences him to time in reform school then prison. After multiple terms behind bars Lyshitski seeks revenge on the judge only to discover the judge has died! BUT the judge left a cocky son as heir - Nelson Biederman IV (Will Arnett) - and Lyshitski stalks him and ultimately is able to get Nelson locked up in prison, and then manages to get himself locked up simultaneously to be Nelson's cell mate. The point of the caper is to put Nelson through the cruel events of prison life, but as the two live in the same cell, Lyshitski's best ideas for revenge and backfire, leaving the once terrified Nelson in the hands of a Black gang leader Barry (Chi McBride) with whom Nelson ultimately bonds and thwarts all the plans for revenge that Lyshitski penned. The ending is a funny twist of events that is good for a chuckle as well as lesson about guy bonding.

The film is no great shakes of a movie, but made on an obviously low budget it does benefit from the antics of the three excellent leads and the result is a 'different kind of prison movie' that is light, silly, and entertaining. Grady Harp
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for serious comedy fans
matthewarchambault29 November 2006
O, where do I begin? I don't know who reads this stuff, but I'd like to address this directly to Bob.

I remember your set on The A-List when Comedy Central was just starting out. I bought the illegal Bob Odenkirk Collection, a VHS tape of every TV appearance you've ever made- Just Shoot Me, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld...etc.

I know every Me. Show sketch by heart, and have read every article, bought every DVD, seen every special, joined your website, watched every movie, and BELIEVED you.

When you said in LIVE FRON NEW YORK that Rober Smigel single-handedly saved sketch in this country, when you said that RUN, RONNIE, RUN was not the movie you meant to produce, and when you said that I would enjoy LET'S GO TO PRISON.

I believed you.

I respect comedic artists doing movies for money. Steve Martin seems to be funding his novels and plays with his movies, and there's never any doubt that I will not go to see those movies.

You have done your true fans a great disservice. I wanted to believe you. I was skeptical, but I wanted to believe you. You hyped this movie on your website, so I saw it on opening night with some friends.

You know what this movie is. I wanted to believe that Lennon and Garant didn't write another HERBIE or NANNY...I wanted to believe that Arnett and Shepherd were going to get their cinematic/comedic chance. I wanted to believe YOU.

You must not trick your fans into seeing this trash. There are people out here who want to create great comedy, and many of us look to you for leadership.

Please do not let us down.

The cast you COULD assemble, the stories you COULD write...do you realize the marketing power you have on DVD? Put out some GREAT comedy and IT WILL SELL! We're all dying for it. Produce cheap (like you tout) and get it out here! You are an icon and have the ability to launch careers...don't waste this! Please don't lie to me anymore. Do what you need for money...but don't swindle us fans anymore in that pursuit.

And just in case you either don't understand, or do not agree with me: YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS.
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Very strange and weird but very funny
DJAkin12 February 2008
This movie was funny. It's about this guy named Lashitsky (yes, that's his name) who keeps going to jail due to some judge that has it in for him. Eventually, the judge dies so Lashitsky goes after the son and well...the plot takes us to jail. While in the jail a lot of funny stuff happens. The white racist leader gets mad at Lashitsky for no reason and stabs him in the leg with a fork and then continues to eat. Also, there are a lot of funny lines where the main black dude tries to seduce him with toilet wine. Yes, toilet wine.

Will Arnett is a very funny guy! His wife is Amy Poehler from SNL. He obviously gets a lot of coaching from her. I just wish she would have been in it. The best scene was where Wil Arnett was trying to look mean! The guy from ANCHORMAN who was the sportscaster kept saying it looked like he was trying to go #2. That was so funny!
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A very bog standard low budget comedy
nathanmanson23 May 2020
It's the most standard comedy you'll ever see, made me laugh a few times and that was it literally nothing else to say.
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You gotta know how to survive in the pen!
GOWBTW6 August 2011
Hilarious, just simply hilarious. Let's go to prison gives out the funny about prison life. Even though prison life is a very serious manner, just watching this movie will leave you in stitches. Here you have a well-respected lawyer who comes from a family of arbiters of the law. On the other side, there's a born trouble-maker who dealt with his father in the past, when he died, he went for his son. So when this gallant troublemaker gets to be his bunkmate in prison. There he meets some characters who gives him some tips on who to trust and who to avoid. One of the prisoners who happens to be called the "Barry White" of the cell-block, takes high interest in him. The prison love can make you lose you dignity, but the toilet wine tops it all. So instead of having the biggest riot that could cause a breakout, they create a death that makes a breakout. Now why would a high class man would like Tecnotronic's "Move This"? Guess every guy's got his own vices. This movie is a lot of fun, and a lot of laughs to go by. Watch this! 3 out of 5 stars.
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monkeym4123 November 2006
It was sort of funny at some parts, but many of the main parts could have been expressed in a better, more exciting or less crummy way. I suggest that if you want to see this movie, wait until it comes out in the dollar theatre or a the DVD rental place so you don't waste as much money to see it. I thought that personally, it had two good, worth your money parts, but the rest was kind of washed out. Also, I thought that some of the humor was very, very overdrawn and overused. Who really wants to see a movie with basically no plot? If you do, then this movie is right for you. If you value your time, or don't want your eyes to bleed, then see something else.
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