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  • Yes. This movie is based on the eponymous biography, also released in 2006.

    Gardner makes a cameo appearance at the very end of the movie, passing his movie counterpart in the street as Christopher tells knock-knock jokes. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Here's a few:

    The Dean Witter internship wasn't unsalaried, but had a $1,000/mo. stipend.

    The internship lasted 10 months, not 6.

    Chris Jr. was 18 months old, not preschool aged, when his mother left him with his father.

    They were not rejected from a women's shelter; Glide Memorial, where they stayed in the movie and in real life, was a single mothers' shelter at the time.

    He did not have to work short hours; in fact he started early and stayed late.

    He was a bone scanner salesman, but not self-invested; he quit the job before taking the internship. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Gardner added it himself, in honor of succesful broker Marc Rich, who was not involved in Gardner's company. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Most often asked about

    -- "In My Heart" by Moby

    In earlier trailers

    -- "Time" by Chantal Kreviazuk

    -- "Ooh Child" by Five Stairsteps

    -- song at the end: "Soar" by Christina Aguilera

    Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The title is intentionally misspelled, as it also appears as graffiti in a scene in the film. The misspelled phrase is actually taken from an essay written in 1776 that argued that whites and blacks were created equal. The essay, which was written by Lemuel Haynes, a biracial man living in New England during the Revolution, quoted Thomas Jefferson's well-known sentence from the United States Declaration of Independence, but spelled the last word of the sentence with a y. The sentence, as it appears in Lemuel's essay, is as follows: "We hold these truths to be self-Evident, that all men are created Equal, that they are Endowed By their Creator with Ceartain [sic] unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happyness."

    (Taken from Wikipedia - ) Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. In the end. He walks in front of Will Smith. Edit (Coming Soon)


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