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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • apart from all the diamonds they stole and the nazi sympathizer they exposed? Edit

  • The hole is to be used as a toilet by Dalton Russell while he hides behind the false wall after the other robbers escape, as evidenced by the line "now that's a good looking s--t hole". Edit

  • It is not stated - Madeleine White may be an attorney - but she functions as a "fixer;" someone who brokers exchanges of favors, political and otherwise. She likely employs people like private detectives to do things, or find things out for her. But from her brokering such things as Bin Laden's nephew's real estate purchase, as well as her relationship with the mayor, etc, she is very likely an attorney.

    And her role with brokering a real estate purchase of a nephew of Bin Laden's is as a fixer. The movie was filmed and set just less than four years after 9/11, so a relative of Osama bin Laden's purchasing property in New York City would probably face massive media attention and drawn the ire of the general public without someone like Ms. White to smooth things over. Even ten years after the movie came out, some people are still sour about this myth that Saudi Royals/Bin Laden family members were flown out of the country immediately after 9/11, so try to imagine how these people would have felt about members of the Bin Laden family buying property in New York around 2005/6. The nephew's reassurances about not having seen his uncle in nine years puts the timing a little close to when Osama started ramping up his anti-USA attacks, such as the bombing of the US embassy in Kenya. There's also the simple matter of guilt by association and such, since emotions and prejudice could easily take over in that situation, a situation that can be described as being like a former Wehrmacht officer trying to move to Israel in the 1950s or 60s. Edit

  • We don't know. It is stated that he helped the Nazis steal from, and presumably send to death camps, wealthy Jewish families. As an American in a neutral country (Switzerland) during the war, he would have been able to operate fairly unrestricted. His heightened sense of guilt may be compounded by the potential that he is Jewish. Edit

  • It is never explicitly stated, but during a conversation between Chaim and the other hostages we learn that he is a professor at the University of Columbia Law School and he teaches courses on genocide, slave labor, and war reparation claims. Edit

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