Deja Vu (2006) Poster


Adam Goldberg: Denny



  • Denny : You know you don't have to do this.

    Doug Carlin : What if I already have?

  • Doug Carlin : Is she alive or is she dead?

    Denny : Alright: Life, like time and space, is not merely a local phenomenon.

    Doug Carlin : [Screaming]  Oh Alright! Am I asking a hard question?

    Denny : [Muttering]  Looks like I picked a bad week to stop snorting hash.

    Doug Carlin : I'll tell you what: I will speak slow so that those of you with Ph.D's in the room can understand. Here, look. Here's a monitor, right?

    [Throws a chair against the monitor, breaking it] 

    Doug Carlin : Now the monitor is broken. It's dead. It's not temporarily transitioned to another state of entropy, it's *dead*. Right. Now is *she* alive or is she *dead*?

    Denny : She's alive.

    Doug Carlin : Alright. Now we're getting somewhere.

  • Shanti : We used *huge* amounts of energy to create this image!

    Doug Carlin : Alright, how huge?

    Denny : Well you remember that little blackout we had a few years back, we blamed Canada, Canada blamed Michigan...

    Doug Carlin : Half the northeast. You're saying you guys...

    Denny : 50 million homes?

    Gunnars : [raises hand]  My bad!

    Denny : Well, I still say we blame Canada, but...

  • Denny : I need more cowbell!

  • Denny : Awww... That was tender. I wish I had someone.

  • Doug Carlin : [watching Pryzwarra write the note]  ... 2 L's. Surveilling, 2 L's.

    Denny : [sarcastic laugh]  ... since this is such a tremendous waste of taxpayer money, the least we could do is get the spelling right.

    Shanti : That's not necessarily true. Branching Universe Theory holds you can do...

    Denny : Ohhh... Branching... Universe... Theory... ohhh, no no no.

    Shanti : Alright, I'll show you. The traditional view of time is linear, like a river, flowing from the past towards the future.

    Doug Carlin : But you can change the course of a river, right?

    Shanti : Exactly. Introduce a significant enough event at any point in this river and you create a new branch, still flowing toward the future, but along a different route. Changed.

    Denny : Yeah, but that river is the Mississippi and we're lobbing what amounts to a pebble into it. That's a very few tiny ripples in a kind of big body of water, don't you think?

    Shanti : Traditionalist.

    Agent Pryzwarra : Say we do create this new branch. What happens to the old one to this one?

    Denny : [referring to Shanti]  ... Ask the radical!

    Shanti : Well, it might continue parallel to the new branch. Most likely, it ceases to exist.

    Denny : The idea is we cease to exist, alright? Or this version of us, anyway. Umm, we never came here, we didn't meet Doug, we don't remember it ever happening.

    Agent Pryzwarra : Well, that's worth 10 billion right there.

  • Denny : I knew I picked a bad week to quit snorting hash.

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