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The comedy that defines the term "Summer Fun".
SquirrelBot300018 May 2007
If you asked a handful of people of varying ages in America, chances are you'd get about 8 out of 10 knowing who he is. They may not know Rowan's real name, but they know the character.

The sad part about this film is that it's absolutely wonderful, and most people in America aren't going to see it because it's rated "PG". Not a dirty gag, foul word, or joke about someone's junk to be found. And the really amazing part is that it's half comedy, half gorgeous scenery surrounding it. It mocks the Hollywood standard, it has melodious music, it's masterfully filmed, and all the while you just find yourself going "Oh, that Bean." *puts fists on hips*

I can't honestly say I've seen a film this good, this funny, this... pure that can make anyone laugh and find themselves feeling charmed after having seen it. Emma De Caunes stole my heart, Max Baldry is a kid that anyone his age can relate to, and Defoe actually pulls out a great, over-the-top performance without even uttering a four-letter word that he's so very good at snarling out.

You know what? Shame on us America. That we need the big bang, the flatulence, and the double entendre to amuse our soured idea of comedy. What is so wrong with having a character like Bean, a performance like Atkinson's, that we can't find that part of us that wasn't soured on tasteless "humor" but just absorb and let out a barrel-chested sigh of satisfaction after a hearty laugh from a genuine, clever clean joke or visual gag?

We'll go on, with our Jackasses and Scary Movie XII and we'll forget about them five minutes after we've left the theater, but darnit, it's high time a movie like Mr. Bean's Holiday came along. And I for one would pay money to see this again, even if the American know-it-alls of Hollywood think it's better suited in a death slot in September, to be forgotten, sandwiched between sequel after sequel and the banality of teen slasher flicks acted by twenty-somethings whose genre should have died off years ago.

If what Atkinson says is true, that this is the last time Bean will ever appear, then he's gone out on the highest note you could ever bestow on a character so beloved. Shine on Bean, and ride off into that sunset, you crazy, wonderful fella you. And thanks for all the laughs.

... But where's Teddy?
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One of the best sweet films this year!!!!!
paulosuckow26 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
That's a excellent film, I really loved it! Again Rowan Atkinson give us his classical character Mr. Bean. From beginning to end it is a very sweet and warm hearted film! It is a great film for kids and adults! I only hope that Rowan will revisit this character again! We need more Mr. Beam! The acting is perfect a way above many comedians! Clearly we can notice the inspiration from "Mr. Hulot's Holiday (USA)"

All the supporting actors are very good, it is just a very well cast film with great soundtrack!

Also Willem Dafoe is great as the obnoxious pretentious art-film director So please Rowan don't do the same that the main character do in Sullivan's Travels (1941). WE NEED MR. BEAN!!!
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A delightfully ridiculous movie
Drumski8926 July 2007
Mr. Bean's Holdiay was a movie I really enjoyed. Mr. Bean was back in true form, and delivered an unexpectedly funny movie. Part of Mr. Bean's humor is when something is about to happen, you can see it from a mile away, and you yell at the screen "look out Mr. Bean!" or "He left it on the counter! Oh No!" or what have you. There is plenty of this,but there is also a great deal of irony and clever wordplay in it as well. It's a well rounded comedy movie, that will be funny to children and adults alike. I'm not really a big Mr. Bean fan, but I really liked this movie anyway, and I know that most people will too, if they give it a chance. I will definitely recommend this movie to my friends, and to anyone who reads this review.
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There was never a moment I wasn't laughing.
MR_Heraclius21 February 2020
I don't know what it is about this obviously ridiculous film, but this is one of the few films that makes me laugh consistently throughout. It's hilarious, exciting, and it features one of the Rowan Atkinson's finest performances. One of my favorite comedies that I've seen.
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Did we watch the same movie??
Torgo_Approves30 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Here's the deal: Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has panned Mr. Bean's Holiday for being unfunny, a cow milked dry, same old same old, blah blah blah. Either these people just don't have a sense of humour, if I may be that harsh, or they didn't even see the flick and just reviewed it based on the weak trailer and their own false assumptions. I on the other hand have seen this movie and I can honestly say that it blew me away. It is not only about ten times better than its weak 1997 predecessor (which the film wisely ignores completely), it is a genuinely great movie. It's a feel-good movie which actually makes you feel good (!!) and never turns into awkward sappiness. It is also absolutely hilarious and, thank god, unlike the original movie this one doesn't recycle gags from the TV series.

The basic story is that Mr. Bean wins a ticket to Cannes, where he accidentally separates a young boy from his father. Bean must help the kid find his father again. The plot is hardly the focus of the film, though - it's all about Bean and the often awkward, often painful, and always funny situations he gets himself into.

Rowan Atkinson is at his absolute best and I think it's about time he gets an Academy Award. No, I'm serious. If you think playing Mr. Bean is just a matter of goofing around and making stupid noises, I'd like to see you do it. Atkinson has developed this character to absolute perfection and is the only one who could possibly play the lovable idiot. The over-the-top body language, the facial expressions, and the convincing vibe you get from Bean that, well, the lights are on but there's nobody home - you can't bring all of this to a character if you're not a good actor. Rowan Atkinson is a genius and, like most comedians, he never gets the recognition he deserves.

The supporting cast is good as well, especially Willem Dafoe as an art-house director with his head so far up his own ass and an ego so ridiculously huge he makes Roger Ebert look like Adam Sandler. But this is really Atkinson's show and he carries the entire movie, as expected. The sight gags and physical humour aren't exactly intellectual, but they are very funny and fresh most of the time and the comedy is, well, kind of classy. There's absolutely no toilet/gross-out humour (which I love, by the way), so it's really a mystery why the stuck-up critics disliked this as much as they did - assuming they even watched it. Although the humour is pretty "safe" most of the time, it never stops being funny and I can safely say that this is a film that the whole family can enjoy (and trust me, I don't often say that about movies - "fun for the whole family" usually translates to "fun for the average two-year old, torture for the rest of humanity" in my mind). It's not just kiddie stuff and the comedy is universal.

It's a sweet, warm-hearted and very funny movie with a great soundtrack, good performances, a light plot, and a fantastic ending. Which leads me to the question: "Did I and the critics watch the same movie?" Perhaps Willem Dafoe's obnoxiously pretentious character hit just a little close to home for the snotty critics the film so obviously spoofed? They can have their "Playback"-type films and gush praise over them all they want - I'd take this holiday over that any day.
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witthayu28 March 2007
I don't understand the bad comments here. I saw the movie just now at a press screening in Bangkok. I did not expect much (because I read the negative comments yesterday), but it was very good! It's not rocket science, it's just another Mr. Bean movie. I even thought this one was better than the first one, especially in the second half of the movie. The end was a bit over the top, but that's only for the last two minutes, you will see why.

Willem Dafoe is also pretty funny as super ego movie director/actor and blends in well in the story with his 'replay' movie. Don't take life too serious and you will enjoy your time in the cinema watching Mr. Bean's Holiday!
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A Slapstick Feel-good Road Comedy that Brings some Smiles and Laughter
Chrysanthepop29 October 2007
Mr. Bean is back and he's going to France on a holiday adventure. It's great to see Rowan Atkinson back on the big screen after a long time. I think the last time I saw him on screen was in 'Love Actually' (not so-great film but Atkinson was awesome). And of course, he's playing the character he immortalized, the goofy Mr. Bean. There are several Beanish slapstick moments set throughout the dazzling spectacular French locations. Beam also befriends a young Russian, Stepan and a French actress, Sabine. Together they share his adventures.

Though the comedy itself doesn't rely on witty dialogues, there's plenty of fresh slapstick and silly moments that made me laugh. Of course, I enjoy Mr. Bean's sketches too so there is a chance that those who don't like him, might not enjoy the film. I found the characters quite lovable. Emma de Caunes as Sabine is charming and pretty and child actor Max Baldry as Stepan is impressive (unlike those annoying movie kids who 'beg' the audience to love them when getting on their nerve). But 'Mr. Bean's Holiday' clearly belongs to Atkinson. He's a wonderful comedian and it's great to seem him back as Mr. Bean.

Cinematography and visuals do a great job by portraying the stunning locations of France. Yes, because of that the film is visually impressive too. The editing seems good enough but I found the ending to be slightly choppy.

Having said all that, 'Mr. Bean's Holiday' is much better than it's prequel. This one feels fresh and...well my summary pretty much says it all. A fun family film, especially if you like the Mr. Bean Sketches.
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Mr beans holiday
L_Luthor25 March 2007
I don't wish to go on and on as Mr bean is a character whom each individual has their own views on, some love him and some hate him however this film, for most fans, is a welcome return to the 'classic' bean we knew in the TV series far less 'americanised' than in the ultimate disaster movie. It seems that Rowan has taken bean to a new emotional level resembling classic silent artists such as Keaton and at times Chaplin, some scenes seem very reminiscent of "the kid" and help keep peoples attention to the story, not just Beans funny movements, though at times it drags slightly. There are of course aspects which have been included to accommodate an international audience but that is expected. In an effort not to give any of the film away and there's little dialogue to quote all I can say is that I enjoyed the film and felt that this is the Bean i saw as a child and Rowans ability to emote with facial expression alone should place him amongst the greats in silent entertainment.
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Mr. Bean's March to the Sea
john-quel26 August 2007
This hasn't quite been the great year for movies that I had hoped for, but it has certainly been a very good year for comedies, and "Mr. Bean's Vacation" is the best so far. It is also quite a daring film -- who would have imagined a G-rated, live action comedy these days, and without any fart jokes? Where's Mel Brooks when we need him? Just kidding.

This movie homage, and I can it can be argued that it is, to the great Tati films of "Mon Oncle" and "Mr. Hulot's Holiday" is Rowan Atkinson's triumphant farewell to the great character he created. It is hard to imagine any other actor living today pulling this off. Indeed, "Vacation" comes very close to being a silent film -- though I want to assure anyone wandering in from a showing of Transformers, that there are explosion. Now over at the well-known movie review site, half the critics are complaining about Mr. Bean's mugging. Half the critics at that site will apparently complain about anything. But when you have a face as brilliantly expressive as Atkinson's, gosh people, you use it. To moan about that, well, it's like going to a Fred Astaire movie and complaining about the dancing.

But more than that, every scene works, fast or slow, the pacing is perfect. Silly scenes or heartfelt, or both, the comedy never flags. It is one of those movies that long afterward you will be recalling scenes and laughing. The casting is perfect. William Defoe? Yes! There is also a lot of feeling here. I completely bought every one of the characters and their relationships. That is great comic writing.

It also has one of the best endings of any movies out there. For some reason, contemporary films are having a terribly difficult time with coming up with a satisfactory ending. Not "Mr. Bean's Vacation." It has an astonishingly goofy conclusion, one that Mel Brooks at the top of his form would have had a hard time equaling.

I cannot recommend this movie enough, though I wish it had been longer. Take your family to see it -- it will be a long time before anyone can say that again about a contemporary comedy.
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Easiest script ever, instant classic, I wish i had saw it in theatres.
redsoxrgr84431 August 2007
I just finished watching this on my computer and i have to tell you, I LOVED THIS MOVIE, who else could have a film with probably all of 15 lines of English in it and make it superb unlike other remakes they kept the character the same, (a goofy, silly man who gets into wacky blunders and always gets out of it. This was well made, and it was easy, without a script at all, all you gotta do is make it funny in other ways. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves to laughs, this man is like the real life Goofy from Disney, so if you liked Goofy watch this man. Watch Rowan Atkinson in this superbly made movie.
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The Funniest Thing Rowan Atkinson Has Ever Done
soutrik-9327 August 2007
What I absolutely don't understand is what part of this movie people weren't satisfied with. If you aren't a Bean fan, then you obviously shouldn't watch this movie. With Mr. Bean, you either love him or you hate him, there is no middle ground, so you should know whether or not this movie will be worth your cash and your time. Like some people before me have stated, people who don't like this movie should check out "The Playback" by Carson Clay.

Unlike the last Bean movie, there is no moral yarn embedded in this story, just pure, unadulterated Mr. Bean comedy. This includes disasters that he unwittingly causes, and ones that he causes deliberately. Best of all, all the humor in this movie is new: you have not seen it on the show.

Basically, watching this movie is like watching a one and a half hour episode of the show, only better. Better because the humor is high budget. Better because there are recurring gags in the film, such as him saying "gracias" while thinking that he's speaking French. But most of all, better because this time there is also a plot. You find yourself cheering on Mr. Bean. For the first time, we can really connect with Atkinson's character. So did this movie pass my requirements of becoming "great"? Definitely, it passed with flying colors.
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Great fun, but overly sentimental
simonparker199025 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Rowan Atkinson had disappeared off our screens for a little while. After the critical mauling of Johnny English he sort of vanished into thin air for a while. Personally I can never understand why the critics savaged Johnny English as much as they did, sure it was flawed but it was pretty funny. Now, however Rowan Atkinson has returned, and he's brought along his most well loved character to date. Mr Bean is back, ladies and gentlemen! Now for some people this will cause great excitement, for others it will cause them to groan very loudly. You see Mr Bean is an acquired taste, and after seeing this movie I can still very much say that Mr Bean is an acquired taste. If you dislike Mr Bean in the first place the odds are extremely high that you will hate his latest outing. I on the other hand really like Mr Bean, not love, but I enjoy his sketches and the last movie was pretty funny. This movie in my eyes is a bit better despite still being overly sentimental and some comedy moments feeling a bit too forced. But this is a movie of small pleasures, this doesn't deliver witty comedy, in fact a lot of humour relies on either slapstick or embarrassing situations, yet the comedy still feels fresh and you can't help but enjoy it all along.

The first thing I'll mention is the actual storyline and the actual comedy of the movie. The storyline here works a lot better than it did in the first Bean movie. It seems more natural and like a proper Bean movie, not committee driven like the first movie seemed. The story involves Bean winning a raffle and going off on a holiday to France. It's a simple story and won't be winning any awards, but its what happens along the way that makes the movie so much fun. The comedy here ranges from pretty small laughs, such as the tie getting caught in the baguette machine, to absolutely hysterical sequences which involves Mr Bean trying to earn some money. And the comedy works like that throughout, its always making you smile, whether it be small little sequences that make you smile to yourself, or whether you're practically rolling in the aisles, this is a feel good movie and proud of it.

Nevertheless, the fact it is a feel good movie is also the movies largest downfall. The original Bean movie had huge problems because it was overly sentimental, unfortunately it seems like they haven't learnt their lessons with this movie. Sure it starts out hilarious, but the sentimentality begins to kick in around the halfway mark, and sometimes it is unbearably sickly that you can't help but want to heave. Of course this is a kids movie so I can't be overly critical with the sentimentality. But I would have preferred it to have had a little less of it. We want to see Bean in funny situations, not in a situation that tries to be heartwarming yet feels oddly misplaced. My other moan goes with the ending, it seems rather abrupt and also a tad sickly. The sickliness of it goes with my last complaint. But the ending after a bit of a lead up just suddenly jumps on you and its over. I was the only out of the group I saw it with who felt this, so perhaps that is just my feelings, but in my eyes I wanted a more spread out ending.

The performances of the movie are up to a pretty high standard. Atkinson doing his traditional Mr Bean routine, it doesn't feel old in the movie and it still proves that the character is pretty funny. Willem Dafoe pops along for a great role, and the actual child actor of the movie was surprisingly not irritating like a lot of child actors out there. Overall Mr Bean's Holiday is a great family movie that will keep the kids in hysterics and the adults very happy as well. Its not going to amaze people, but in terms of fun this movie should be a family favourite.
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A movie guaranteed to make you smile! Good, but not great
phillamg25 March 2007
After too long on our screens Mr. Bean returns but not in his usual way. Instead of crazy laughs per minute (as in Bean and the earlier Mr. Bean TV episodes), this is a road trip movie with some gaps in the action. There are laughs but some of the scenes are more clever than hysterical. Nothing however can take away from the joy of sharing in Mr. Bean's exploits as he tries to reach his simple goal, a holiday at the beach. Everyone left the film with huge smiles and several had tears of happiness (not tears of uncontrollable laughter). If you want to see a happiness inducing pick me up movie then this is one of the best around.
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Get some popcorn, lay back, and enjoy a great family movie
razvan_bucksapeace17 June 2007
Content:""Like everyone is saying about this movie": stop listening to all the snob critics and go see this movie at home, in theater, i recommend watching it with a couple of friends cause its guaranteed absolute fun. Rowan Atkinson is one of the best comedians/performers and entertainers of all time. He is the whole movie; thats why it's worth watching, his sheer stupidity in expression and the fact that he says only a couple of words the whole movie "Oui" and "Gracias", cracks me up. Your mom said don't trust strangers but everyone who submitted a comment agrees with me, Mr Bean's holiday is an amazing comedy, a feel good movie, better than any movie so far released this year. Get some popcorn, lay back and enjoy a great family movie.
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Better than you'd expect!!!!
poundapinthic5 April 2007
Last week i took the girlfriend to see '300', this week it was her turn to pick the film... her choice... Mr Beans Holiday. I wasn't too impressed with this but fair is fair! I couldn't remember much of the first film but wasn't expecting to be blown away or enjoy it to be frank! However i was pleasantly surprised and am not ashamed to admit i enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong, this is no classic but it is a enjoyable film. The first thing i liked was the fact it wasn't set in America, so i didn't have to listen to a number of Americans try to explain who this Mr Bean character was! I didn't laugh out loud, but I did chuckle along at the jokes and enjoyed some of the darker aspects such as the mobile phone gags! When i saw Karel Roden pop up early on in the film i chuckled to myself as he filmed the camcorder... thinking back to the film '15 minutes' (if you've seen it you'll understand what i mean) This helped me loosen up and allowed me to enjoy the film. Also loved the whole Carson Clay in love with himself film moment near the end.

I loved Black Adder, but was only a Mr Bean fan when i was very young, as an adult i have to say i'd grown out of it! This however made me reminisce and remember how good a comedian Rowan Atkinson is! The director also deserves credit too, as he keeps this story nicely edited through-out and lets the adventure unfold at a nice pace. Mr Beans love interest also deserves credit for being very easy on the eye! I won't go on about this film much, but basically don't just cross it off as something you'll hate. This is a loving, nice, and light-hearted affair, though strange in places it fits itself as a film that is good enough to sit through and enjoy. So if it's a rainy day sit back, relax and watch! A basic film comedy for all the family!
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Still Brings Back the Old Memory
rollercoastadriel24 March 2007
It's Mr. Bean again and I really appreciate his effort. I think the movie isn't that bad, not as bad as people talk. There were so many scenes that I found really funny and entertaining. I love the fact that this one takes place in France and I get a chance to see the beauty of it. It's great I think. And yes Mr. Bean still shows his silliness in front of the screen.

Personally I love this movie. It's funny and I would recommend this to watch this not alone but with the whole family since I think it's also a bit too childish. Ooh, maybe I enjoy it because I'm still a child. Hehehe...

Still one of the funniest movie for the first quarter of 2007.
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Very fresh and funny
denis88810 June 2007
Mr. Bean, or Rowan Atkisnon, may seem one dimensional man, but here he is impeccable. He plays with a real gusto and his gags are great.Any time he does a gig, that is really funny/ His trip to Cannes is a real gem of laughs - he separates the son of a Russian film maker, he forgets his passport, he loses his money and tickets, he only managed to keep his video camera and make his documentary. Who is really great here is Willem Defoe as a bombastic film maker who loves himself so much that he makes stupid, silly films that make people sleep. Watch it for fun, for real relaxation, for real great time. Mr. Bean is not a serious masterpiece of cinema, but he is fresh, upbeat and this longer film is a great insight into a rural France, as well as bigger Paris and glamor Cannes.
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The Best Mr. Bean Movie Yet
silentreviewer5 April 2007
I just came back from watching Mr. Bean's Holiday a second time and my face still hurts from laughing. I admit, I've been a Mr. Bean fan for many years but this movie is the best Mr. Bean yet. The scenes are hilarious, moving and just a lot of fun for everyone in the family, whether you're 8 or 80 years old.

I personally thought they put a lot more fun in the character than in the previous movie when Mr. Bean visited the US. In this movie, Mr. Bean visits France and a lot of funny things happen to him. Some are predictable and some are not. The ones that are not will make you laugh out loud. If you've been reading the negative comments from other reviewers, ignore them. Go watch the movie, you won't regret it.

I was actually sad when I read that this was going to be the last outing of Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean. Please Mr. Atkinson, if you read this, make another one! We all love Mr. Bean!
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Absolutely Wonderful
hughes-710 September 2007
It was recommended to me that I go see this movie after a long and tedious day in the office. I was wound up and stressed out and wasn't even sure if I was in the mood for it, but in the end decided, what have I to lose?

Within the first 10 minutes I was already feeling better, by half way through I was giggling like an idiot, and by the end I felt like I'd had the best day of my life. It's pretty rare that a movie comes along that simply exists to be silly, entertaining, and a real pick me up, but this movie hits all three marks. It was absolutely wonderful, and I am very glad that I saw it. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys Mr Bean or just great side splitting comedy in general. The plot isn't complex, it won't win any awards, but it will put a grin on your face and lighten your heart.
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It definitely had its moments.
ninjagaiden00731 March 2007
Mr Bean is back and is again going to be causing more disaster! Rowan Atkinson still plays the part tremendously. 19 years later and is still playing the same guy. Rowan Atkinson just never seems to want to get old. He still looks young and as fit as anything. Rowan Atkinson does his stunts in this movie too. The acting is somewhat good. What this movie tends to do is not be funny for 5 minutes and then they throw in a laugh out loud joke. It doesn't seem to fail once. This film is a movie for everyone of all ages. All the kids and adults were laughing all the way through it. Don't believe all the critics or haters. It's exactly the same with Meet The Fockers. Whenever there's a comedy sequel people bash it, and guess what? They haven't seen it or all of it. So ignore the haters and enjoy a laugh out loud joke every 5 minutes or so.
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It made me happy
jippii7631 March 2007
I remember when I saw the first movie at the theater in 1997. I and my friend gave an applause when credit titles started.. and everybody in the theater joined us. The local newspaper critic was there too and mention about is on his analysis. It was a nice movie, however not as good as the TV-series. You can imagine how much I've been waiting for this next film. And was it worth it? This movie made me happy. I recommend it to anybody who's looking for a good hearted, funny movie and has enjoyed Mr Beans adventures before. It's more like the TV-shows than the previous movie. Less talk, more action. With a Russian kid (Max Baldry), French girl (cute Emma de Caunes) and British Mr Bean language barrier gives many jokes. One thing was missing from this silver screen version however: it didn't have the scene where Mr Bean destroys a laptop on a train.. it was shown on a trailer. Shame, it gave me good laughs. I suppose it'll come with DVD.
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unbelievable movie
olebg0126 July 2007
A wonderful movie! Rowan is great! As Aways.I'm a big fan of Rowan Atkinson and his comedic person Mr. Bean . I Heard that this will be his last movie, what a shame :( I Don't have words to describe how incredible actor is Rowan. Ten years ago when i was a little boy it was very funny when we watched the Mr. Bean's series. Mr. Bean's Holiday is also a very good movie.I have laugh a lot. There were a very funny and interesting moments all over the movie, with the chicken, with the making of some war movie...also the movie by Willem Dafoe was very funny :)))) Mr. Bean's friend( the girl) was very nice and cute :P It's true that i don't like the French very much but she was OK. That's from me, regards from Bulgaria
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Very enjoyable comedy!!!
I enjoyed a lot this made me lo-ugh for the first time in a long time...Rowan Atkinson does a wonderful performance playing Mr. Bean...The story of the movie is simple:Mr. Bean wins a trip to France...But in reaching France he passes through a lot of adventured, partly of his lack of knowledge of the language...I liked the idea of the movie, the lack of dialogs, made me like more this movie and especially enojy Mr. Bean's gags...Another thing that i liked is the fact that this film is fille with very interesting scenes,very funny and original...The "tie scene" and "doing everything not to fall asleep scene" are in my opinion very original...I awnt to add that the movie also had some sad parts, but this made me appreciate all the more this movie...I gave it a 7 cause it really impressed and changed my day.
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Le grand écart...
mikeopuvty4 May 2007
What I loved about this movie is that It's NOT a mere series of destructive events people expected. This movie is about the 7th Art and how humor was built within it along the years.

Rowan Atkinson managed to express his deepest sympathy for Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Jacques Tati ( bien sûr... ) and at the same time, by giving Mr Bean a video camera he met with the latest style of visual comedy ( Jackass, etc... )

This movie becomes a research on how people laugh in a movie theater, and the poetry it all brought to the final film made me cheer.

Thank you for your time, I hope these few words were of some interest.
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casey-9927 August 2007
My husband and I took our two boys (ages 6 and 9) to this movie. We are avid Bean fans and have the DVD set that spans Atkinson's career as Mr. Bean. Is Mr. Bean's Holiday the greatest comedy ever? Probably not. However, as a parent I find it very difficult to take my boys to movies and this was one of the few times where I actually felt we were at a family picture. When was the last time a movie was rated G? My boys had a wonderful time watching the site gags, and they followed along with the subtitles, which I thought was good for them. My husband and I had a fun time and unlike many children's movies, there was no sarcastic attitude, which I find is so prevalent in films right now. Some people have cited that they felt Mr. Bean's relationship to a child in the movie was inappropriate, but I did not get that vibe from the film. Also, Atkinson has used children in his Bean skits for years, always with funny results. I think people may read too much into it. Remember, Bean is pretty much a boy himself. While I think an adult who has no familiarity with Bean may find it all rather ridiculous, this is good family fare that parents can feel comfortable with. As I tell my boys, sometimes it is just fun to be silly.
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