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"Wicked" and Hilarious
Bromwell High is nothing short of brilliant. Expertly scripted and perfectly delivered, this searing parody of a students and teachers at a South London Public School leaves you literally rolling with laughter. It's vulgar, provocative, witty and sharp. The characters are a superbly caricatured cross section of British society (or to be more accurate, of any society). Following the escapades of Keisha, Latrina and Natella, our three "protagonists" for want of a better term, the show doesn't shy away from parodying every imaginable subject. Political correctness flies out the window in every episode. If you enjoy shows that aren't afraid to poke fun of every taboo subject imaginable, then Bromwell High will not disappoint!
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What the heck.
dtetsuo19 January 2006
I don't know what Glorback's problem is. Even on repeats this show makes me laugh out loud; the only other Western animated shows that share this distinction are Futurama and Family Guy.

Swearing does not make the show. With South Park, yeah, seeing preteen kids mouth off is funny. However, these are high school students. Not the nice dry-cleaned high school students on WB or TBS or whatever. For someone who's used to massive amounts of cussing in his everyday life, do you know how refreshing it is to have characters curse -- and it -not- be a gimmick? You might see it as such, you might live in a sterile environment and not be subject to these words constantly (and use them yourself on a regular basis) so who knows. Cussing is a part of life nowadays and just because it shows up on TV doesn't make it a gimmick. Hells, I have to watch my language when I go home to visit my folks. Comes with the territory, though, being an ex-factory worker (bad) and now in the military (much worse). =) As for the archetypes, who cares. Everything is an archetype on TV now. Because Latrina is a slutty white girl... it's not OK to have her do slutty white girl things? Or have Keisha be the animated world's female Mike Tyson? Or have Natella act like an insecure immigrant kid?

No, let's just watch Saved By The Bell. That's how REAL high school kids act... right?

You're way too sensitive. How many episodes of this show did you actually watch? Because your review made it sound like about half of one before it was too much for you to take. Bromwell is -nothing- like South Park. The writing is insane, and they should get some sort of award for it. Iqbal's dialog alone is worth watching the show for. There is nothing like Bromwell in animated or live action form; if it doesn't match up with your tastes, well, you have a remote control, but don't go badmouthing something just because your morals clash with it, or you made a half-buttocked judgment call on 10-15 minutes of viewing.
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Foul-mouthed, sarcastic and acerbic ... I love it!
imdbjeff7 April 2005
Goddam this is funny. Basically, following the travails of three British secondary schoolers and an assortment of demented teachers and students. Keisha is the black girl, who is ultra stupid and ultra violent. Natella is the ultra smart, ultra neurotic Indian girl. Latrina is the white trash slut. What more do you need? Try an money-grubbing and ruthless Afghani head master who has a penchant for telling long, winding and politically incorrect stories to his students.

This cartoon makes fun of all aspects of British life. Very sharp tongued and sharp witted. It's even funnier if you're an anglophile, but most of the humour hits you right in the chops regardless.

Goddam this is funny.
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Bromwell ROCKS
martianrebel16 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Bromwell High is some of the smartest, funniest programming on TV today. The hi jinks of Natella, Keisha and Latrina are, to quote Keisha, "Wicked!" I love how the writers have formed small conventions for each of the characters. Iqbal will always announce something in assembly or staff meetings as "Item 54". Latrina will deride someone's opinion by saying that "(blank) is for Gays!" And, of course, Natella is the picture of aloof propriety until pushed to the boiling point, when she will unleash a furious barrage of profanity! The characters of the teachers are beautifully dysfunctional too. Carol Jackson is a mothering procrastinator, Martin is always sharing his "inside voice" thoughts aloud, Mr. Philips is totally vacant and Mr. Bibb is decidedly Machiavellian. I definitely recommend that everyone put their kids to bed early and tune in to Bromwell High. the BEST episode in my estimation was the one where Kylie Rice-Davies sues the school because she can't read. Iqbal's proclamation to the staff after losing the trial is priceless!
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It's a shame it's overlooked.
Sadist96 May 2005
Like most people that have seen this cartoon I am a) Canadian b) Watch the channel called Teletoon (Which airs this Cartoon) c) Am not happy that it is overlooked.

The show is pretty good, a nice show at 9:30 for some laughs. Nice dialogue and plots keep you watching, even though some episodes may be nothing special. The show is funny though, although I'm sure nobody would expect it to be too popular, it's a shame it gets hardly any recognition.

In conclusion, I like the show. Nothing truly special, but still very fun.

7.5/10 is what I'd give it.
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So close to the truth that it hurts
jamesmoule6 December 2006
Bromwell High is a cartoon comedy. It ran at the same time as some other programs about school life, such as "Teachers". My 35 years in the teaching profession lead me to believe that Bromwell High's satire is much closer to reality than is "Teachers". The scramble to survive financially, the insightful students who can see right through their pathetic teachers' pomp, the pettiness of the whole situation, all remind me of the schools I knew and their students. When I saw the episode in which a student repeatedly tried to burn down the school, I immediately recalled ......... at .......... High. A classic line: INSPECTOR: I'm here to sack one of your teachers. STUDENT: Welcome to Bromwell High. I expect that many adults of my age think that Bromwell High is far fetched. What a pity that it isn't!
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Bromwell High
Jackson Booth-Millard6 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
If you like adult comedy cartoons, like South Park, then this is nearly a similar format about the small adventures of three teenage girls at Bromwell High. Keisha, Natella and Latrina have given exploding sweets and behaved like bitches, I think Keisha is a good leader. There are also small stories going on with the teachers of the school. There's the idiotic principal, Mr. Bip, the nervous Maths teacher and many others. The cast is also fantastic, Lenny Henry's Gina Yashere, EastEnders Chrissie Watts, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Smack The Pony's Doon Mackichan, Dead Ringers' Mark Perry and Blunder's Nina Conti. I didn't know this came from Canada, but it is very good. Very good!
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I love this show!
kandis_starneault3 May 2006
I have no idea what you guys are taking about about. This show may not have very much of a plot but it is very funny. I watch it almost every night and get great laughs ever time. I think maybe you should actually sit down and watch it and take your head out of your ass because this show is truly funny. If you don't find this funny then it is obvious that you don't know what funny is. South Park may not be funny but this is and so is Family Guy. I bet you have nothing but dry humour and that is the worst kind think about it Family Guy is a big hit and this will be a big hit too! I also think if you spend all your time watching television and criticizing them then you have no LIFE.
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This show REALLY sucks
Glorback12 January 2006
This has to be the worst new show of the past few years. It actually makes Family Guy look funny.

Where's the wit? Where's the cleverness? Where are some friggin' DECENT JOKES!? Not in this piece of trash, thats for sure.

Ever since South Park first aired, hacks have been sticking their crappy cartoons on the T.V. and filling them with swears, because that makes them oh-so edgy. There is absolutely NOTHING witty or clever about this show, or at least nothing witty or clever that wasn't taken from an existing show and given a more unfunny twist to avoid accusations of blatant plagiarism.

It's comedic devices consist of one thing: Over-playing character's archetypes. The violent, crude and stupid girl did something violent, crude or stupid. The white trash slut did something whitey, trashy and slutty. The disgruntled teacher once again says that he hates his job. Hilarity ensues...

Unoriginal and Unfunny. Ditch this garbage.
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