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Berlin film festival offers a Gift Shop of outstanding movies

Films by Roman Polanski and Martin Scorsese may be the headline-grabbers at the festival this year, but the real gems, such as Banksy's new creation, are to be found elsewhere

The star of this year's 60th anniversary Berlin film festival was crowned in his (inevitable) absence: Banksy, the British street artist, situationist, anarchist and all-round genius, presented us with his movie Exit Through the Gift Shop. The man himself only appeared in darkness, with his voice distorted. This was both tricksy self-portrait and cheeky docu-scam, satirising contemporary art craziness.

Blanked-out tongue somewhere in his pixelated cheek, Banksy tells us the story of his supposed relationship with a hyperactive French videographer, one Thierry Guetta, who has, it seems, been following him around – Boswell to Banksy's Johnson. A few years back, allegedly encouraged by Banksy, this man apparently suddenly stopped being an amateur cameraman and suddenly turned into a self-taught street artist called Mr Brainwash,
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