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Involving Family Entertainment with Unsusual For Sci Fi Intelligent Women
noralee14 February 2006
The 15 episodes of the first, and I wouldn't be surprised only, season of "Surface" worked as involvingly as if it were a mini-series like "Taken." The executive producers, Jonas and Josh Pate, never seemed to be stalling or creating filler but had clear character and story lines and trajectories set from the beginning.

The production values, including of the sea monsters, were very high for a weekly series, so that even if the series is not renewed viewing the DVD as a whole will be very entertaining. An important element in its success was the filming locations in North Carolina which provided more visual variety than we usually see in most series which are routinely filmed on either an L. A. back lot and environs or in the Vancouver area.

While there were tips of the hat to many other sci fi movies and shows of the past (Jay Ferguson's "Rich" certainly seems similarly obsessed as Richard Dreyfuss in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"; the daring duo's extreme adventures under the sea certainly seemed like a tribute to Jules Verne, let alone "The Abyss"; some sort of cryogenics facility seemed a lot like something we'd seen in "Coma;" their nemesis seemed to be borrowed from "The X Files," etc.) but it all came together freshly and with some unexpected twists.

Unusual for sci fi, the female roles were key and interesting. While I at first thought Lake Bell's "Dr. Laura Daughtery" was too young (not to mention impossibly gorgeous in a bathing suit) to be a marine biologist, over the first few episodes her threatened status as a newly minted PhD was dealt with spookily as part of the conspiracy to make her suspicious. Her scientific capabilities were always believable, even if her survival luck was amazing. I remained a little unclear about her personal time line of her life with her son, who she must have had when she was a teenager, and ex-husband (let alone the apparent ex-boyfriend "Jackson" who literally stuck out his neck for her). But her devotion to her son was a sweet recurring theme, even as she kept abandoning him to follow leads and escape henchmen.

Martha Plimpton had a delightful guest starring arc as a quirky, guilt-ridden scientist. And the teen age girls actually had brains and feelings. While the mom was clueless, so was the dad, amidst their extremely upper middle class lifestyle.

The relationships between the brainy females and their guys was always appealing, and their dialog sprightly. "Rich"s practical life skills as a fisherman and insurance agent, and brute physical force, were continually balancing "Laura"s scientific knowledge. I was very impressed that the series kept their relationship as a friendship with loyalty but no exaggerated sexual tension, as he is throughout a devoted family man to the wife and daughters he has had to leave behind on his quest, helping to make this appropriate family entertainment.

Teen Carter Jenkins' "Mile Barnett" was geekily adorable throughout, from his boyish loyalty to an unusual pet and his first crush on a girl who actually appreciates him, to his exploration, and finally embrace, of new found super powers. I particularly liked how the series helped him find his way through his volunteer work at the aquarium, which is shown as not just a commercial show but a serious scientific institution.

The story certainly capitalized on the world's recent experiences with natural disasters to believably surmise how people react, from prejudice to panic. A particularly effective episode incorporated MSNBC news and web coverage into the story line for a cynical commentary on old and new media.

Some of the travel times around the country seemed as unrealistic as in "Alias" as the central duo tracked down clues (and they seemed to get as much sleep as "Jack" in "24").

But the bringing together of the central characters and themes in the finale was convincing and exciting, even as it left open plenty of story lines for a network to capitalize on for a second season. NBC was smart to rerun episodes on the Sci Fi Channel and hopefully that could continue to build up interest in even short term renewal or mini-series conclusion.
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Comments on Surface
susanowens287 February 2006
I loved this series and hated to see it end. Why was it taken off the air? I don't understand why we get good series and they are removed, but we get junk on the air and they stay forever. Please advise. You can't leave us hanging like this!!!!!!! I looked forward to Monday nights so that we could gather around the TV as a family and watch the new stars that we had grown to feel personally involved with from week to week. We would always try to guess what would happen for the next weeks show. I would even have relatives call as soon as the show ended and discuss the plots each week. Can't you do something to help us out here!!!!!????? We really need to have a continuation of this series or make it into a movie to end it well. Think about it. We loved the characters as well. They were excellent in their parts.
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"Surface" (NBC)
sslau72925 October 2005
"Surface" is a hit in several arenas: sci-fi, drama, thriller. I would highly recommend this on-going NBC-TV film. All episodes to date follow one another into a kind of "soap" but differing from a soap opera by the drama & intrigue offered by it's main male actor, Carter Jenkins (protraying the character Miles).

While the basis for the show is an unknown sea creature which Miles raises from the egg, other characters hunt what could be its mother which tops the scale larger than a whale. This program will keep you glued to the screen and is entertaining for the entire family. NBC has a big hit with this show. Personally, I'm over 50 yrs of age and wouldn't miss it. How about you??
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Started too big, ended too soon, got buried by suits
siderite10 August 2006
This is one of the better sci-fi series. It involves character development, a few really tensionate moments and reasonable episode scripts. As one other commentator said here, it looked as if it were a mini series, not a full blown series with filler episodes and low budgets.

The problem with the show, which in short is a Godzilla series, is that it started too big, with incredible monsters, fantastic science, then it all boiled down to local Americans doing stuff. Then, the show ended too soon, since the Olympics were coming and hey! a sci-fi show is a sci-fi show, but half naked athletic people running around aimlessly is much more important. So they only did 15 episodes instead of the expected 22. The audience was small, too, as people didn't really caught it on at 20:00. In the end the suits did it. Trust a marketing plan to destroy anything that looks remotely original and promising.

Conclusion: you have a show with good special effects, stuff like huge monsters killing people or destroying boats, then going into genetic engineering, transforming people, human clones, end of the world, tsunamis. Also, the only fillers are scenes with aggressive rednecks or other annoying people being killed for their stupidity. The down-side is that after 15 episodes that prepare something huge, the show ends. No real ending, no closure, just a bitter taste of cloth in one's mouth, as if you just swallowed a piece of suit.
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Great Sci-Fi
Nightchild75 December 2005
Surface has the making of a potential classic on TV. It's not totally sci-fi. It's a family drama, mystery, fantasy, and horror. There are moments of humor, especially with the two teenage boys and the girl whose related to them and character development with great special effects and suspense. Lake Bell is good as the main protagonist trying to discover the mysterious creature's origins, but I think the producers should give the audience more of her. The supporting cast is good as well. The chemistry between the characters is engaging and sometimes heartfelt.

Surface is the best show that I have seen and I'm confident that it has the potential to be another sci-fi TV classic.
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I loved this show & hate that they didn't continue the story with more seasons!
luv_negus5 February 2012
I just wish they hadn't left us hanging like that! They could have at least made a 1-2 hour extended show to tie the story up or something! I've had 4 different series that I really enjoyed & got into only to have the series stop & leave us, the loyal viewers, wanting more, wanting at least a good ending. I don't see how the TV producers can just stop a really good show, like this one and so many others, without a decent ending! Oh well, I guess we just need to realize that they don't really care about how we, the audience, feel as long as they make their money. Of course I'll keep watching, hoping that the next show I get into will actually follow through.
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Cancelled too soon
onefuncapt-5-63986315 April 2011
Terrific show extremely well acted by a bunch of unknowns. Great story and special effects and a terrific scenic spot (Wilmington NC). The show had so much promise and it ended with no ending...It should have been continued for at least another year. The oceanographers son in the show was also in Martian Child, and he is a terrific young actor at all of about 6 or 7 years old. I would put this on a par with Invasion but with better and more special effects and shots of the "creatures". The premise of a creature being created by a corporation who was years ahead of the rest of the world in scientific knowledge was not that far out of the realm of possibility. It just ended with no real closure. I have an ulterior motive to having it continue, it was largely filmed right down the street from my house.
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Surface is the best of the new sci-fi/horror shows.
karpediem095 October 2005

Surface: Episode 3 Posted Oct 3, 2005, 9:34 PM ET by Bob Sassone Filed under: NBC, Sci-Fi/Horror, Surface

Maybe a giant fireball of an explosion in the poolhouse will convince Miles that keeping a weird sea creature as a secret pet isn't the best idea in the world. But somehow, I doubt it. I still think it's ridiculous. It's not cute, it's potentially deadly, so the only two outcomes that will be acceptable are, a.) the kid brings the little creature to the attention of Laura or Rich, or b.) the monster grows up fast and devours the entire family.

So while Miles and his buddy are trying to figure out how to feed and train the little creature, Rich goes back to work at his insurance job (wow, what a dreary office/small desk he has - he should just quit and hunt monsters full-time), and Laura is having her own problems at work and has to get a job as a waitress ($68 in tips for 12 hours work...not too good). The appearance of these monsters are affecting all the major characters, in big ways.

This is the best of the new sci-fi/horror shows. It's not as boring as Invasion; it has a better plot than Supernatural; it's not as goofy as Threshold (save for the little monster subplot), and it's not as awful as Night Stalker seems to be so far. I like how they have three different plots going (Laura's, Rich's, Miles) but they haven't brought them all together yet in some forced, let's save the Earth sort of way. This show is methodical, but never boring. It's majestic and epic when it has to be, but it's never over the top. It's the only show of this bunch where I can honestly say I look forward to seeing every week and that is leaving me guessing as to what exactly is going to happen and where they are going with the plot. The structure is smart, and I love how it ends with some big event (the giant monster eating the boat whole from below, tonight's Old Faithful exploding into fire and smoke).

I've stopped watching Invasion, and I'm going to watch Supernatural only because I'm reviewing it. The Night Stalker I'll watch for the same reason or until it's cancelled. Threshold is fun too so I'll keep watching that. But Surface is the one I'll buy on DVD, if it ever gets to that point.
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Finally A Good Sci-Fi Family Show
mbrinke230 September 2005
I believe this show has great potential. It's great to finally see a good family show that we can all watch together. NBC has not always been my in my top TV stations...But you now have my full attention! This show reminds me of some the shows that I use to watch when I was a child and now that I am a grandmother...IT'S Great to see the return of good TV. It has great suspense and action and the young man- Carter Jenkins- an Outstanding young actor. Where did you find him? He seems a natural and he seems to fit the show. I look forward to more challenges in the coming shows and agree it's up against some other great shows...But- if given the will survive. Great Show and Great "New" actor- Carter Jenkins. MLBrinke
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Don't watch this unless you want to become an addict!
ravenccs18 February 2006
I set my TV to record this show every week because I can't stand to miss an episode.

My husband and I are hopelessly addicted (and we take pride in the fact that there aren't many TV shows we like to watch).

My son, who is away at college, came home on a short break. I told him the main storyline, and let him watch the third from the last episode of the season. He made me promise to record the next two so that when he came home on his next break, he could watch the season finale. Needless to say, he is now an addict.

The choice of actors, how they mix, their acting ability, along with the storyline makes this series absolutely riveting! I feel like I know these people and I can't wait to find out what happens to them next.

I even love that computer animated little Nimrod. (Okay, he does remind me of our two 5 foot long iguanas, even though they are a lot friendlier than little Nim!)

I truly hope we do not have to wait a long time for next season to start. And I love that part of this show is filmed in Wilmington, NC. Isn't it beautiful!? (We live only two hours away and we love those beaches!)

I also hope that the writers don't change for next season. So many times, I'll like a show, and then the writers change, and I find I no longer have any reason to watch it.

Anyway.. This show is a 9.5! Great job!!!
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Surface canceled :-(
Kerubkeep14 January 2007
I love this show. It's truly unique. I was under the impression it was going to have more seasons. In anticipation of series 2, recently I purchased series 1 to re-watch it in order to be refreshed when part 2 started. Now after watching it I was excited and craving more, so I came to the site to see the schedule for the continuation. I am really disappointed to see there no longer are plans for a second series as I was eagerly looking forward to watching more of this story. I think they really dropped the ball on this one. There was plenty of story line left to build on and lots of unanswered questions. I'm now a very unhappy view and I hope that they would reconsider their decision and pick up the story where it left off.
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why surface was canceled
jeremyg-25 November 2006
Someone asked why it was canceled I tell you why Because "reality" makes money. the show surface was canceled so that they could replace it with a "reality" show, this will haunt NBC, I and about half of my high school, about 1000 people total have vowed to boycott NBC, until they bring this show back. in my area (I don't know about other places) but they had a great thing going with the Sci-Fi channel where the Sci-Fi channel would show last weeks episode at 7:00 and then NBC would show the week's new episode at 8:00 this was great because it gave you a little refresher as to what happened in the last episode. I was so angry when I learned that the show was canceled and they were going to just leave them on top of the church like that!
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Surface goes under
RAKBiggus2 October 2006
I am continuously amazed at the US networks. What is the matter with them? Yet another very very promising series axed after just 15 episodes and we are left not knowing what the hell happens to everyone. I really thoroughly enjoyed this show and am so annoyed that we will never find out what happens to the characters and the 'monsters' from the deep. This show had everything. Humour, suspense, action. What more could you want. Why oh why did the pull the plug on this? It just doesn't make sense. Buffy went on for 7 series as did Charmed and enjoyable as they were, Surface, Invasion and Dead Like Me were even better. Just because a show does not get terribly high ratings doesn't mean it's rubbish and if they gave it a bit longer probably more people would catch on to it and they would end up with a big hit on their hands. One season just does not give it enough time to catch on and the networks are far to eager to pull the plug. They should learn that like fine wines and cheeses, they take time to mature.

Bring Surface and Invasion back - P L E A S E !!!!!!!
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Has makings of a great series
rem101029 April 2006
I like the show, but come-on writers, get some action in it! Quit dragging it on and on. You have a great concept and it could be a whole lot more. Miles (Jenkins) is great and performs as a kid that age should act in the situation he finds himself in. Hey, get creative with the creatures, they may have telepathic capabilities or other out-worldly powers. The kid actors in the series are very good and convincing. The parents of Miles do appear to be a little too out-of-sense as to what is going on, but develop this, come on! you have a great seed here and there can be a whole new twist to next season with a lot of new characters and creatures and all kinds of neat sci-fi stuff. If they could make a series on a witch, then you should be able to make one on these creatures and kids.
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One of the best sci-fi shows at the moment
elcinematico11 January 2006
I have to admit that the acting and the CG special effects in Surface are both rather weak, but seriously this must be one of the best sci-fi shows at the moment. It's storyline is rather deep going, interesting, the character development is pretty nice, and since episode 1x12 it's got a very nice twist to it. Sure, it has its ridiculous moments as any other show has but after all it's quite captivating and always makes you wait for the next episode. Especially now that it's going towards the season finale things are getting more and more interesting.

Besides current shows like Supernatural with its magnificent cinematography and scary atmosphere or Threshhold which started out very well but ended in me cancelling it because of its ridiculous always-the-same per-episode story lines this show - Surface - must be on par with Stargate Atlantis. Both shows have weak CG and weak acting but in the end they got stuff to it that makes you really wanna see what's happening on next. And that - I say - is good entertainment.

I will review again after the season finale, but at the moment I can clearly recommend this show. Thumbs up!
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Solid show
Antagonisten14 May 2006
There is no denying it. Sci-fi on TV is difficult. There are so many problems that the genre brings with it. Like the need for a good budget, solid writing, decent acting. Perhaps the budget and the script writing is the departments where i feel most attempts have failed. So does "Surface" succeed? Not completely, but more so than most.

The way i see it, a good sci-fi show doesn't really need a lot of CGI to work, nor does it need a ton of money. What it needs is the capacity to create a larger-than-life feeling. The feeling that there is more than meets the eye, something to make me curious and willing to try and figure out how it's going to end. Adding the pieces of the puzzle and sometimes saying "Aha!" is what makes or breaks a show like this one.

"Surface" had a couple of flaws. First of all it's basic premise is not as exciting as it could have been, nor is the revealed story as exciting (or daring) as i hoped in the beginning. Also the TV-feeling is very present much of the time. All the way from the crappy CGI (that ranges from decent to awful) to the rather shifting quality in the acting department. Also it feels sometimes a bit too family-oriented in that it takes the edge of sometimes and becomes almost cutesy. But aside from these flaws it's an enjoyable show. Maybe not as spectacular as some of the other sci-fi shows out there. But it manages to keep me interested the whole season and it offers a couple of nice cliffhangers between shows as well. The ending for me is not that appealing. I don't like shows that end without ending so to speak, leaving the story unresolved. It's especially unfortunate in this case since the show seems to be canceled after the first season (it is as of yet undecided).

HBO is to me the benchmark for quality television. Their series have the best actors, the best production values and above all the most solid writing. This is not HBO-quality, but it's good for what it is. Good enough to want another season without a doubt.
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I'm going to keep watching
thegoodness4 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
So this is the season to watch TV again. Reality shows are bye-bye (I hope)(well--Hell's Kitchen was pretty good. It got me back to the boob tube)and supra-natural shows are in (most are not super, but thanks for asking).

Let's talk facts and get you up to date so you can join in the fun; I want this show to survive.

Four main story lines drive the show: a single-mom marine biologist hungry to get funding for research and food on the table (the surprise is there is no dead beat dad story line!! three cheers for NBC); a scuba-hunter,insurance adjuster, family man going through post traumatic stress disorder trying to figure out what he saw when his brother harpooned a gigantic sea creature and disappeared with the monster in mysterious lights; a well-to-do boy raising one of the creatures (two points here: Bad point = the usual older - sister - rival - and - trying - to - be - good - parents - but - too - many -other - things - to - do mom and dad; Good point= we get to see the creature develop and learn more about it's habits) (Overall this is the story line I am the most disgusted and intrigued because the family is a throw away but the creature is so cool. "What makes it electrical? How does the creature get so big? What is going to happen when he does?"); Finally, the research scientist working for the government finding new facts every episode about these creatures (they live in lava, their body fluids can heal us and protect us, and they have really thick hides). This is the tension part of the story. You see there is this government bad man overseeing the scientist, trying to keep everyone in the dark, ruining the research scientist's reputation, etc. etc. I'm just kind holding my breath until...

I lied,sorta. The fifth story line is the Giant Sea Animal itself. In each story we learn a little bit more about the creature, about where it may or may not be from, but, we get glimpses of it coming to the surface. Honestly, the animal is being put together so well piece by piece. No hidden "Lost" monsters. We see how big this sucker gets, we see how fast it movies, we know it has a big hunger, and we are getting to know that it is going to be EVERYWHERE!!. Remember that bad movie about Dragon's taking over the world (I shudder to even bring this up), the IDEA was rockin' but the movie blew huge chunks. This is developing into a pretty good version of Dragon-like things taking over the world.

"Surface" is presented in Wide Screen format. I haven't watched too much TV in the last...5-9...years so I don't know if you all like that Kind of thing with the black on top and bottom of the screen (I like it; I hope you will, too) but it adds to the scope of Surface, the world will be affected. In Fact, I love it best when we see the creature work- for instance, it bites off half a great white shark and then decides to eat the boat that tried to catch the shark (The image is a view from the sky looking at a boat getting enveloped by a giant mouth coming from below the ocean-Righteous!)

I enjoy this show and I tell people to watch it. The pilot was slow for character development but the Concept was there and now it is starting to pick up in speed to the potential I was hoping for. Watch this show in good health: you won't be changed, you won't be bombarded with technical jargon, and you might just learn some cool, off the cuff stuff about Cryptozoology (the study of mysterious creatures like the Loch Ness Monster).
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Stereotypes are sometimes truer than you may think, aka Who wants to be a Marine Biologist anyways!
Umbru7 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
There are Many things that you could say about Surface, some would say it's a re hash of older material, and on the Surface it could easily seem that way, but if you were to actually watch it and pay attention you may be quite surprised by the Depth it can achieve.

Surface follows several different threads simultaneously.

The first thread is the single mother, sometimes more devoted to her work than her child, marine biologist. The cookie cutter part is how she worked her way through college and earned every damn merit she has and she's got a chip on her shoulder about it to boot (after all a female lead must be equal or superior to a male lead to attract the womens demographic in a modern dramatic series). What is not so normal is how she really is shown to not have the family values we all are used to, and the reasons she gets along with her child is how she spoils him whenever she can due to her feelings of abandonment due to her work. She feels Guilty! She of course is one of the few to make the initial discovery of a new aquatic mammal, that is larger than most species of whales.

The Second thread follows an Insurance Salesman from Louisiana who loves to go boating and spearfishing. Painted as a redneck at first he soon develops into an everyman who simply feels his life didn't go anywhere, and now that his brother died in an encounter with a monster that everyone says doesn't exist, he feels he has a destiny to fulfill in exposing these monsters. Against all odds he refuses to give in to his peers and loved ones. A character many who lead "Mundane" lives would empathize with quite strongly in his quest to prove to himself, as well as his loved ones he isn't crazy.

The Third thread follows a young man who, with friends boating at night, discovers a creature he can't explain. When he finds some odd looking aquatic Eggs floating in the area he saw the creature he takes one home, waiting ultimately till it hatches, then becoming attached to his odd creature/pet, and learning all about it's eccentricities along the way. The Child in all of us can easily understand the wonder and attachment this boy has with his creature.

The Fourth thread follows the reclusive scientist who has foreseen something of this nature happening for many years, and now feels the safety of the people of the world is in danger. And rightly so as we see these are gigantic, near unkillable, omnivorous, amphibious monsters of an unknown origin, possibly alien, that will eat humankind out of house and home, as well as disrupt the worlds ecosystem if left unchecked.

These plot threads thus far sometimes cross over, such as the government cover up that threatens the Lady Biologist and the Insurance salesman, orchestrated it seems by the reclusive scientist working for the government. But there is much more going on beneath the Surface than some are willing to wait to see.
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Would like to see more....
litakwstark7720 December 2006
I have bought the complete season of Surface. watched it in 3 days! I was so captured by the the plot, theories and basically everything about this show. The actor who plays Miles is great. Mile's sister, mother and father acted like real life family would. You could connect on so many levels it's fascinating.

I find animals are so wonderful, you can almost connect with them as a parent is to a child. It would be something if a creature of this sort of nature truly exists.

Am sadden, that Surface is not having a second season or at least four more shows. I have so many questions that need to be answered and hopefully maybe they will create more or maybe in a book.

Love the show very much. For those who haven't watched Surface, if you like sci-fi you need to watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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An awesome TV show but a disappointing ending
bushido12875 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Surface had enormous potential to be one of the BEST TV shows. with a story that grabs hold of your imagination and doesn't let it go, one can't expect any less from such a show. Sadly though the series was put on hiatus in 2006 by NBC for summer Olympics. With enough imagination, even now in 2012 this series could still be revived and potentially be one of the best shows on TV. The only faults I have with the surface series is the rather poor cg graphics in the beginning ( probably due to low budget), and the dead end plot points of a few episodes that have no meaning to the outcome of the story. of course the most disappointing is the cliff hanger ending. The negative points aside, I loved surface. The plot twist, the unforeseen outcomes, great acting, very imaginative story, and of course Nimrod. All of these things brought this TV series together, and it is my hope to see an appropriate ending to this fantastic show.
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The best show ever made!
dragon_red_wolf12 December 2006
Surface is one of the best shows that I have ever seen. NBC is so stupid for canceling a great show like this and worse of all only leaving it half complete. NBC or someone else should give Surface at least one more season just so it can be completed. It's as if NBC gave you a book to read and half way through it they decide to take it away from you and then you can never find out the ending. I just want to see what happens to everyone and most importantly see what happens to Nim. I think I can say this safely about most Surface fans is that we want to save Nim! Nim has taken all of our hearts away and then NBC just cuts them in two. Come on NBC, just give Surface one more season!
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My opinion of the show Surface
spauletteb5716 October 2006
I enjoy the show Surface very much. The show is very entertaining and it's a clean show. A Show like surface is interesting. It keeps my attention. It has compassion and suspense. I love all the cast members that are on the show. They are all very good choices. i think it is very important to have the right cast of Any show because thats what makes any show a success and of course the scenes and the show itself. Television has changed so much over the years. It has changed in good ways and in bad. I love to watch some comedy,action, suspense and romance. And scifi. But Surface is a show that I hope comes back for many seasons because it is a great show and its something that families can watch. My children are grown, but my husband and I enjoy watching these types of shows. I appreciate your time and letting me comment my opinion.


Paulette Blackwell
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One of the best shows i've ever seen
s-jesso12 October 2006
When i started watching "Surface"for the first time i was hooked.It had everything i wanted in a show suspense,action,mystery,great plot,and a great cast of characters.My whole family loved to watch the show.It seems when there's a great show on TV the network usually cancels it like they seemed to do with this show.They go by the Nielson rating system which i think is stupid because there is a lot of junk that they seem to watch which the networks keep on the air.If only there was a way for everyone to vote on a show then maybe the good shows won't get canceled.When i watch TV now i only watch good shows so right now thats not watching a whole lot of TV.I hope that the network brings the show back but when they make up there mind with a dumb decision they seem to stick to it.I hope there's a lot of people out there that feel the same way.
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bring back surface
dmaddux-29 October 2006
I would like if they brought back surface. I really enjoyed the show along with my family. I felt the plot development and storyline were first rate. Like the other person said, it seems that everything gets reduced to the lowest common denominator. Nothing but bland, politically correct junk survives. Just look at the internet to see how many people were watching the show. Also it is not nice to leave us hanging as to what happened the all of the characters on the show. This is the same thing that happened to the time travel show I think was called 8 days but should have been called backstep. Did the Olympics kill surface? I know the writers strike killed another one of my favorite shows years ago called greatest American hero.
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When does season 2 of Surface start?
bearhug-227 September 2006
I am new at this, so bear with me please. I am a big fan of Surface. I thought the script and the computer graphics were exceptional, as good as any Sci Fi flick I've seen at the theater. In February the TV guide said Season Finale, the announcer for the show said something to the effect of, "...and now for the season finale of Surface." Season Finale, not series finale! I couldn't wait for fall to get here, to see was going to happen next. So fall gets here and it's nowhere to be found! If NBC isn't going to pick it up, what about Sci Fi or USA? It seems to me that Bay Watch didn't last long on ABC & then USA picked it up, and it went gang busters! (I bet ABC was chocking) Ha! If not a series, then at least a mini series, to give all us loyal fans closure. What happened to our guy's trapped in the church steeple? Was the creature in the chaple Nim? Did he have a grouth spert? Does the cloned guy come over to our side? There are so many unanswered questions. Thank's for listening to me babble!
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