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Season 1

22 Feb. 2005
During a routine submarine dive, oceanographer Laura Daughtery discovers an unknown life form and unearths a government cover-up operation led by scientist Dr. Aleksander Cirko.
19 Sep. 2005
Episode #1.1
Random underwater encounters raise questions and concerns among scientists, naval officials and civilians.
26 Sep. 2005
Episode #1.2
The government steps in with a heavy hand. The boys pet creature gets loose at a wild pool party.
3 Oct. 2005
Episode #1.3
Laura fights to get back on her project in the wake of a catastrophic event. The boys find a secure home for their pet, at least temporarily. Krishna feels much better after his explosion.
10 Oct. 2005
Episode #1.4
Laura attaches a GPS devise to one of the creatures in order to track it. Cirko testifies before the Pentagon that the unidentified species is extremely dangerous.
17 Oct. 2005
Episode #1.5
A mysterious power outage erases all of Laura's GPS tracking data. Lee and Cirko, who have been secretly following her, ask Laura to join their investigation.
24 Oct. 2005
Episode #1.6
Cirko and his assistant figure out the origin of the unidentified species and subsequently suffer mysterious mishaps before they can fully report their findings.
7 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.7
Laura and Rich are on the run after someone ransacked her home, while Nimrod's erratic behavior forces Miles to make a difficult decision.
14 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.8
Laura and Rich race to construct a submersible so they can observe a spawning site. Miles's parents consider sending him to a boot camp for problem children.
21 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.9
Laura and Rich make a startling discovery while in diving in their struggling submersible. Miles tries to reunite with Nimrod, and finds that Nimrod is not alone.
28 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.10
Laura and Rich return from their plunge to the ocean floor - with no boat in sight.
2 Jan. 2006
Episode #1.11
Laura and Rich escape from the hospital with the creature footage before Lee and his men get to them.
9 Jan. 2006
Episode #1.12
Fugitives on the Run - Laura and Rich become fugitives and are being pursued by Lee and his legion of secret agents.
23 Jan. 2006
Episode #1.13
Experiment Gone Awry - Will the creation of the new species of creatures bring an end to the world as we know it?
30 Jan. 2006
Episode #1.14
Laura and Rich decide that it's time to get some answers from Lee. Miles gets in trouble with the local residents after a violent incident with a bully.
6 Feb. 2006
Episode #1.15
As a massive tsunami heads for the east coast, Laura must save Rich by heading to North Carolina where Miles and his family are trying to escape with their lives.

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