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  • Alba (Tatum McCann) turns five, and Henry is scared, knowing that he's soon going to die, having seen himself dying of a gunshot wound on one of his travels. On another trip, he suffers hypothermia and frostbite, which places him in a wheelchair for several months and hampers his ability to run. On top of that, his pain medication is causing him to travel more frequently. When he feels a trip coming on, he tries singing, which is what Alba does to stop herself from traveling, but it doesn't work for Henry. Alba's birthday passes, Thanksgiving passes, and Henry waits. On Christmas, he says goodbye to his good friend Gomez (Ron Livingston) and to Clare, and then it happens. Henry travels to the meadow where he and Clare first met and comes between a rifle and a buck. He takes the shot in his abdomen, then shifts back to the house where he dies in Clare's arms. Years pass. Alba (Hailey McCann) is now nine years old. One day as she's playing in the meadow, Henry appears, wearing the clothes that Clare always leaves for him. Clare comes running, and she and Henry share a hug and a kiss before Henry starts to disappear. Henry tells Clare not to wait for him. After he is gone, Clare and Alba pick up his clothes and walk back to the house, clothes in hand. Edit (Coming Soon)

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