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What’s Leaving Netflix in March 2018

As March nears, Netflix will say goodbye to a mix of beloved franchises, tentpoles, and Hollywood classics.

The streaming giant will begin the month by removing the “Jaws” series, as well as newer flicks like “First Response.”

Christopher Nolan’s critically-acclaimed “Memento” will leave before the month comes to a close, along with Disney hits like “The Santa Clause” trilogy and “Zootopia.”

TV shows on the chopping block include the short-lived A&E crime drama “Breakout Kings,” as well as the first seven seasons of “Archer” and the first two seasons of “The Carmichael Show.”

Check out the full list of titles leaving Netflix below:

March 1

A Gang Story


Baby’s Day Out


FernGully: The Last Rainforest

First Response

Forget and Forgive



Jaws 2

Jaws 3

Jaws: The Revenge

Less Than Zero


Slums of Beverly Hills

The Chase

The Craft

The Panic in Needle Park

Trigger Point

Two Wrongs


March 4


Safe Haven

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Get Ready Because a Ton of Great Movies Are Leaving Netflix Next Month

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Netflix gives, and it takes away. While there are a few exciting additions coming to the streaming service next month, we will also have to say goodbye to a handful of classic films. Everything from childhood favorites like Anastasia to Nicholas Sparks romances like Safe Haven will be gone come the end of March. Better start binge-watching now! RelatedBates Motel, Queer Eye, and 53 Other Exciting New Titles Hitting Netflix in February March. 1 A Gang Story Anastasia Baby's Day Out Eyewitness FernGully: The Last Rainforest First Response Forget and Forgive Hitch Jaws Jaws 2 Jaws 3 Jaws: The Revenge Less Than Zero Memento Slums of Beverly Hills The Chase The Craft The Panic in Needle Park Trigger Point Two Wrongs xXx March 4 Chloe Safe Haven March 6 The Finest Hours March 8 Victoria March 11 Believe Glitch March 12 Standby Disney's The Santa Clause Disney's The Santa Clause 2 Disney's The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause March 13 Breakout Kings,
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‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ and ‘V for Vendetta’ Come to Netflix Next Month, Plus a Double Dose of ‘Ace Ventura’

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ and ‘V for Vendetta’ Come to Netflix Next Month, Plus a Double Dose of ‘Ace Ventura’
Ah, December. A time for sipping hot beverages, retail therapy, and gathering the family around the television. This holiday season, Netflix will add blockbuster comedies new and old to its collection, as well as some more artistic fare fresh from festival circuit. Next month on the streaming platform, home viewers can catch the comedic stylings of Chris Pratt in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” in case they missed it in theaters. If you prefer something a little darker, the Wachowskis’ dystopian epic “V for Vendetta” will also be available.

Read More:‘American Crime Story: Versace’ Trailer: Ryan Murphy’s FX Series Goes Back to the ’90s for Fashion World Murder

Jim Carrey may be recently known for his painting skills and red carpet nihilism, but back in the ’90s he was just “Ace Ventura.” Beginning in December, you can revisit both “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls” and “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
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Why The Santa Clause Perfectly Depicts Your Childhood Image of the North Pole

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The holidays are officially upon us, and one of the best things about the festive season is getting nostalgic about how you used to celebrate as a kid. In between sledding with your friends, writing those carefully thought-out Christmas lists for Santa, and baking cookies with your mom, you probably spent a lot of time dreaming about the North Pole. What was it like? How many elves lived there? Could you apply to be an elf? If so, what experience did that entail? Many Christmas movies brought the mysterious and magical place to life, but in my opinion, none did it better than The Santa Clause. Nothing can ever really compare to the 1994 film starring Tim Allen, but the film's two sequels, The Santa Clause 2 and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, still held true to their original North Pole vision. The quaint buildings were decorated with candy canes,
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25 Days of Christmas: Here's the Full Lineup For the ABC Family Marathon

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ABC Family's countdown to 25 Days of Christmas has concluded, and it's time for the real deal! ABC Family's holiday-themed marathon (which follows the equally addictive 13 Nights of Halloween) kicked off on Dec. 1 and goes until Christmas Day, of course, and this year's offerings are all nostalgic and fun. It's exactly what you need to get you in the mood. Get a look at the schedule now to plan your evenings! Related: The Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas Lineup Is Here 11 Holiday Movies You Can Stream on Netflix The 17 Holiday Movies You Have to Watch at Least Once Dec. 1 7:00 a.m. - The Preacher's Wife 11:00 a.m. - Disney's A Christmas Carol 1:00 p.m. - Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas 2:30 p.m. - The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus 3:30 p.m. - Frosty's Winter Wonderland 4:00 p.m. - Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July 6:00 p.
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Ann-Margret Returns to Big Screen in Zach Braff’s ‘Going in Style’ Remake (Exclusive)

  • The Wrap
Ann-Margret Returns to Big Screen in Zach Braff’s ‘Going in Style’ Remake (Exclusive)
Hollywood legend Ann-Margret has joined the cast of Zach Braff’s “Going in Style” remake as Alan Arkin’s love interest, TheWrap has learned. The duo previously shared the screen in “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause” back in 2006. Arkin, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine star as lifelong friends who decide to rob the bank that bilked them out of their hard-earned pensions. Matt Dillon will play the FBI agent pursuing the elderly trio, while Joey King (Braff’s “Wish I Was Here”) will play Caine’s granddaughter. Also Read: Ann-Margret Joining 'Ray Donovan' The Ted Melfi
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Ross Gallichotte Dies at 63; Art Director Worked on Universal Theme Parks

Art Director and set designer Ross Gallichotte died of a heart attack at his home in Palmdale, Calif. on April 7. He was 63.

He was one of five architects who designed Universal’s theme park in Japan, and he was the architect for the New York street location in the Florida theme park and also worked as architect and set designer at the studio’s theme parks in Malaysia and California.

He worked for Stephen J. Cannell Productions for many years and also for Aaron Spelling Productions.

His credits as art director include television series “Hunter” and “The Father Dowling Mysteries.” As a set designer he worked on the films “Red Dawn” (1984), “Fright Night” (1985), “Rocky IV” (1985), “Over the Top” (1987) and “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause” (2006) as well as on the TV series “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

Gallichotte is survived by his parents; four brothers; and a sister. A date
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Christmas movies on TV: A guide from 'The Santa Clause' to 'Christmas Vacation'

As many people come together and spend time with their families, the television landscape becomes a lot more festive. A bunch of networks have put together a slew of TV marathons to celebrate Christmas, but this also 'tis the season for holiday movies to come out in full force.

Chances are after the presents are open, dinner eaten and family time spent, you and yours will want to settle down to watch a nice movie. To make Christmas a little easier, here's a guide to the Christmas movies playing on television over the holiday. All times Eastern

Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve

4 p.m. - "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Clause," Hallmark Channel

4 p.m. - "A Christmas Story 2," Cmt

4 p.m. - "Holly's Holiday," Lifetime

5 p.m. - "The Santa Clause," ABC Family

5 p.m. - "Beethoven's Christmas Adventure," Disney Xd

5 p.m. - "Christmas Belle," Ion Network

6 p.m.
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The Wind Rises with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt & Darren Criss

  • kidspickflicks
Legendary Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle) is cashing in his chips, headed for retirement. His final feature film, The Wind Rises, is getting an American makeover, putting in big name actors to voice the roles, such as....

* Joseph Gordon-levitt (The Dark Knight Rises, Inception) lends his voice to Jiro Horikoshi, who harbors strong ambitions to create his own beautiful airplane. A bubbling mix of wild excitement, extreme focus, individualism, pride, realism and idealism, Jiro also has a cool and brilliant mind and is recognized for his talent.

* Emily Blunt (Gulliver's Travels, Gnomeo & Juliet) voices Nahoko Satomi, a beautiful and cheerful girl who is a passenger on the same train as Jiro on the day of a natural disaster. Ten years later, they reunite.

* Darren Criss ("Glee") lends his voice to Katayama, a jovial junior engineering colleague of Jiro.

* John Krasinski ("The Office,"Big Miracle) provides the voice of Honjo,
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Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 122: ‘The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause’

Friends, as we approach another Christmas, it’s time to limp across the finish line, gasping for air. In 2011, by himself, Josh took a look at the 1994 holiday comedy The Santa Clause. In 2012, Josh and Gabe, along with guest Marc Vibbert, did the same with the 2002 sequel, The Santa Clause 2. And now, it’s just Josh and Gabe, gaping in awe at the terror and foul horror of the 2006 end of the trilogy, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. On the one hand, sure, this movie has Tim Allen, Martin Short as Jack Frost, Alan Arkin, Ann-Margret, and more. But on the other hand, it has Martin Short singing a poor parody of “New York, New York,” and Alan Arkin doing some of the worst acting of his life. Put it this way, there are plenty of tangents in this episode because it just got too painful to
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25 Days of Christmas Dec. 2: 'Jack Frost,' 'The Santa Clause' and more

We're in full swing with the holiday season, gang. It's December, there may be snow on the ground where you live (there is where we live) and ABC Family is counting down the days to Christmas with its annual 25 Days of Christmas.

Here's what's on tap for Monday, Dec. 2:


(6:00-6:30 Pm Et/Pt) Winnie The Pooh And Christmas Too

In this Christmas classic, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet rush to get Christopher Robin's letter to Santa before it's too late. With many obstacles before them, they learn the true meaning of Christmas. (Animated)

(6:30-7:00 Pm Et/Pt) Mickey's Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens' famous story is retold with Mickey as Bob Cratchit, Uncle Scrooge as Ebenezer Scrooge, Goofy as Jacob Marley's ghost and Donald as nephew Fred. (Animated)

(7:00-8:00 Pm Et/Pt) Jack Frost (1979)

Pardon-Me-Pete the Groundhog tells the story of how Jack Frost
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Reese Witherspoon, Martin Short & More Are Joining 'Inherent Vice'

The last name to join Paul Thomas Anderson's adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's book Inherent Vice was Owen Wilson, but now a trio of co-stars have just been added to the comedic detective story. Deadline has word that Reese Witherspoon is taking the female lead, a role once rumored for Charlize Theron, while The Wrap has pegged Martin Short to make his first live-action film appearance since The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, along with the addition of Jena Malone, who will be seen in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire this fall. That's quite an eclectic blend of talent, and none have worked with Anderson yet. For those just joining us, the story follows a stoner detective named Larry "Doc" Sportello (Joaquin Phoenix) trying to solve the case of a kidnapped girl he used to date. Witherspoon is taking the female lead which will reunite the actress with
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Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin, John Goodman and Bryan Cranston, to receive the “Hollywood Ensemble Acting Award” for “Argo” by Josh Abraham The 16th Annual Hollywood Film Awards, presented by the Los Angeles Times, is pleased to announce that the feature "Argo," directed by Ben Affleck, will receive the "Hollywood Ensemble Acting Award." "We are very proud to recognize the ensemble cast of "Argo," for their dramatic and outstanding performances," said Carlos de Abreu, Founder and Executive Director of the Hollywood Film Awards. The 2012 Hollywood Film Awards has also announced that it will honor director David O. Russell with the "Hollywood Director Award"; Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro with the "Hollywood Supporting Actor Award"; Academy Award-winning actress Marion Cotillard with the "Hollywood Actress Award"; three-time Academy Award-nominated actress Amy Adams with the "Hollywood Supporting Actress Award"; producers Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner with the "Hollywood Producers Award"; writer/director Judd Apatow with the "Hollywood Comedy Award"; actor John Hawkes with the "Hollywood Breakout Performance Award" for "The Sessions"; and Quvenzhané Wallis
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New ‘Rise Of The Guardians’ Poster

Rise Of The Guardians is the animated Christmas film of choice this year. It’s kind of like The Avengers, but with mythical beings such as Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, The Sandman, and The Tooth Fairy, joining forces to fight a great evil. These immortal guardians are the protectors of children and really have their work cut-out for them against Jude Law’s evil Pitch.

The new poster looks great, as did previous efforts, but then again I’m just a sucker for Christmas movies overall. All these characters also appeared in The Santa Clause 2 (2002) and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006), so is this a secret sequel? No, of course not. But one can dream.

Rise Of The Guardians will be released 30th November 2012. It stars the voices of Jude Law, Hugh Jackman, Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, and Isla Fisher.

Source: First Showing
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The Santa Clause 3-Movie Collection Hits Blu-ray In October

The Santa Clause was Tim Allen.s big screen debut, and it quickly became a modern and fun family Christmas classic. It.s yearly replay value meant Disney was down for sequels, and in 2002 and 2006, The Santa Clause 2 and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause were created. On October 16, fans of the series will be able to own the series in high definition when The Santa Clause 3-Movie collection hits Blu-ray. Each of the heartwarming The Santa Clause movies stars Tim Allen as the jolly man himself. Allen.s Santa is definitely the highlight of each of the movies, but one of the other things the series does well is maintain many of its cast members. Judge Reinhold, Wendy Crewson, and Eric Lloyd show up in each of the movies, and Number.s David Krumholtz plays an elf with pretty wicked ears in the first two. If the
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What to Watch: Christmastime

Did you notice that it's Christmas? No? Well, this weekend's TV scheduling will certainly let you know. Here's the best of the Christmas-themed shows on Aussie free TV and pay TV this weekend!

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

Thursday, 22 December, 7pm - 9pm, Seven (G)

Jack Frost tries to take over the role of Santa.

Fyi, the first Santa Clause movie is on Fmc on Saturday, and Santa Clause 2 is on Fmc on Sunday, so maybe you want to DVR this one...?

More >>
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Q&A: Elizabeth Mitchell on Lying, 'Lost' and Her Dane Cook Dream

  • NextMovie
Velvet-voiced Elizabeth Mitchell is always a pleasure to watch on-screen or onstage owing to her smart role choices. Most people know and love her as Dr. Juliet Burke on "Lost" and as Erica Evans, humanity's best hope against reptilian invaders, on "V"; but she's also made an impression as Angelina Jolie's lover in "Gia" and with supporting roles in "Nurse Betty," "The Santa Clause 2," "Running Scared" and "The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause."

In "Answers to Nothing," an ensemble drama opening this Friday, Mitchell plays a woman desperately trying to have a baby with husband Dane Cook, even though she suspects he is cheating on her. Mitchell chatted with us about her premonition before she got this role, how she felt about Juliet's death on "Lost," what would have happened on "V," and how reaching out and touching Angelina Jolie helped land Mitchell's first film role in "Gia.
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ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas: Chevy Chase, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and more

ABC Family is ramping up for its annual 25 Days of Christmas holiday gauntlet of whimsical, fun-for-the-whole-family programming. Today the delightful folks at ABC Family sent me my very own miniature Christmas tree and ornaments with which to decorate it. As you can see, my cat Milo was also very excited.

The programming is as follows. Mark your calendars! For more information, including movie descriptions, check out,,

Thursday, December 1

(6:00-6:30 Pm Et/Pt) Mickey's Christmas Carol

(6:30-7:00 Pm Et/Pt) Winnie The Pooh And Christmas Too

(7:00-9:00 Pm Et/Pt) The Santa Clause

(9:00-11:00 Pm Et/Pt) The Santa Clause - Encore Presentation (Live Action)

Friday, December 2

(6:00-6:30 Pm Et/Pt) Dr. Seuss On The Loose

(6:30-7:00 Pm Et/Pt) Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

(7:00-7:30 Pm
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'Tower' Barely Steals Lead from 'Puss'

'Tower' Barely Steals Lead from 'Puss'
Tower Heist grabbed first place on Friday, though it was a pretty standard start for such a star-powered vehicle. On the weekend, the Ben Stiller-Eddie Murphy comedy should end up behind Puss in Boots, which held extremely well. Meanwhile, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas was unable to convert 3D premiums and holiday themes in to a new franchise high. Tower Heist scored an estimated $8.1 million from 3,367 theaters on its opening day. That's way off from Due Date ($12.2 million), which debuted on the same weekend last year. It was also a tad behind Ben Stiller movies Tropic Thunder, Starsky and Hutch and Along Came Polly, all of which started with between $8.2 and $9.5 million. Still, it's an improvement over all of director Brett Ratner's original movies besides the first Rush Hour. The movie should wind up around $24-$25 million on the weekend.Puss in Boots dipped just 18 percent to an estimated $7.8 million.
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Blu Monday: Tarantino Paradiso & The Animation Factory

Your Weekly Source for the Newest Releases to Blu-Ray Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas: 2-Disc Deluxe Edition (1974)

Synopsis: For some unexplained reason, letters to Santa Claus are being returned to the children of Junctionville. It seems some resident has angered St. Nick by calling him “a fraudulent myth!” Skeptical Albert Mouse has to be brought to his senses “and let up a little on the wonder why.” How Albert is persuaded to change his tune paves the way for Santa’s jolly return to town – and the joyous finale of the animated fable inspired by Clement Moore’s poem and produced by the merrymaking conjures of Rankin/bass studios. The voice talents of Joel grey, Tammy Grimes, John McGiver and George Gobel make this festive fable even more fun. (

Special Features:


The 12 Dogs Of Christmas (2005)

Synopsis: A girl who uses dogs to
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