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  • Scott "Santa Claus" Calvin (Tim Allen) is torn between carrying out his job functions and bringing Sylvia (Ann-Margret) & Bud (Alan Arkin) Newman, who are the parents of his pregnant wife Carol (Elizabeth Mitchell), for a visit—at the same time that Jack Frost (Martin Short), angry over not having a holiday to himself, is plotting to take over Christmas by sabotaging the toy factory—so torn, in fact, that Scott might even be easily tricked into invoking the Escape Clause, forcing him to give up being Santa.

  • The Santa Clause 2 (2002) (2002) and The Santa Clause 3 are sequels to The Santa Clause (1994) (1994), which was created by screenwriters Leo Benvenuti and Steve Rudnick. Screenwriters Ed Decter and John J. Strauss wrote the screenplay for The Santa Clause 3.

  • Surprisingly, almost all of them, as well as the actors who played them. Santa/Scott Calvin is back, of course, as is Mrs Carol Claus, whom Scott married in The Santa Clause 2. Also back are Scott's son Charlie (Eric Lloyd), Scott's ex-wife Laura (), her new husband Dr Neil Miller (), and their daughter Lucy Miller (Liliana Mumy). Curtis the Elf (Spencer Breslin) has replaced Bernard the Elf () as Head Elf.

  • About five years, as evidenced when Lucy tells Scott that she's now 12 years old. Lucy was almost seven years old in Santa Clause 2. This is further corroborated when Jack Frost sends Scott back to the night that he was first made Santa, and the caption reads, "Christmas eve...12 years ago."

  • The escape clause provides that, should the current Santa ever want to stop being Santa, he has only to hold his snowglobe while saying, "I wish I'd never been Santa at all." In this case, all will become undone.

  • Scott tricks Jack Frost into catching the snow globe while Scott plays back Jack's taped voice saying, "I wish I'd never been Santa at all." Suddenly, they are transported back to the Christmas eve that Scott first became Santa. Scott prevents Jack from putting on the jacket, and Scott is made Santa again. They are transported back to the North Pole where everything has returned to the way it was before Jack started tinkering with it. This time, however, Scott decides to come clean with Carols parents. He explains to them that his employees are elves, not small Canadians, and that he is the real Santa. Bud and Sylvia are pleased to learn that they are now parent-in-law Clauses. Lucy tries to get Santa to melt the ice in which her parents have been encased by Jack Frost, but Scott can't do it. He suggests, however, that Lucy try giving Jack a hug, thus warming his heart just like she was shown doing to the snowman in her snowglobe. It works; Neil and Laura are thawed. While everyone is enjoying a group hug, Carol suddenly goes into labor and is rushed off to the Elfirmary. In the final scene, Carol is back teaching school again, and Scott comes into the classroom with baby Buddy in a chest carrier.


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