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  • Since the topic of the film features some sexual references one could speculate what the unrated version would offer regarding additional material. And really, along with some extensions in storytelling there are also some potential censorship cuts. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Good Luck Chuck was one of the worst reviewed theatrical releases of its year. It currently has an unusually low 3% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the critics' consensus suggesting despite a good premise, the film is stale, mean spirited and largely unfunny. Metacritic scores it 19/100, suggesting Universal dislike for the film.

    Some Critic's Quotes

    "It's no surprise Alba delivers the film's most winning turn. Still, the Fantastic Four cutie will no doubt be wishing she really could turn invisible once all the reviews are in." BBCi, 2007

    "Here is the dirty movie of the year, slimy and scummy, and among its casualties is poor Jessica Alba." Roger Ebert, 2007

    "a dire American comedy", 2007

    "Cook is in the prime of his life and he should concentrate on making comedies that rumble across the screen, not these faux-sentimental stinkers that will end up killing his career in a hurry." Brian Orndorf, 2007

    "Good Luck Chuck is a well-intentioned, gleefully dirty romantic comedy that manages not to overstay its welcome and keep the laughs coming at an acceptable clip." DVDTalk, 2008

    "It casts aside all ambitions for cleverness or wit and instead focuses just on being crass." Eric.D Snider, 2007

    "better luck with the next movie." Variety, 2007

    "Good Luck Chuck has all the comedic grace of a ten-year-old punk who finds his first "Playboy" issue." Reel Talk movie reviews, 2007

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