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MPAA Rated PG for some crude humor and mild language

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman walks in a room in a tight shirt everybody (including her kids) have their mouths dropped, staring at her cleavage, and she tell everyone to look at her face, not her breasts, she points at her breasts, then her face
  • The camera zooms in on a womans back and a guy sees her tattoo when she bends down its sexual
  • A man in a wet suit lies on a bed, his wife enters the room, makes a sound of apparent interest, turns and says, "I'll go put on some perfume."
  • A man makes a suggestive remark to his wife when she wears a very low-cut top (revealing cleavage).
  • A woman wears a tiny bikini, a woman wears very low-cut tops and dresses throughout the movie that reveal her ample cleavage, and a woman wears a low-cut top that reveals cleavage.
  • A boy pulls another boy's pants down and we see him standing in his boxer shorts.
  • We see very briefly a nude male infant (his bare legs and chest).
  • A boy kisses a girl on the cheek, and a boy puts his arm around a girl's shoulders in a movie theatre.
  • A man and a woman dance together.
  • A dog jumps on a woman knocking her to the ground, it pushes its snout into her cleavage and thrusts against her leg.
  • A young man and a young woman admire each other and seem attracted to each other.
  • A man struts into a party with a much young woman (she is his wife).
  • Two men discuss "the move," (how a man can put his arm around a woman's shoulders by pretending that he's stretching) and one ends up with his arm around the other's shoulders, causing the people around them to become alarmed (they assume they are romantically involved).

Violence & Gore

  • A dog charges toward a man, bites the man's crotch (the man is sitting on a pillow stuffed with raw meat), and the man is pushed back and out of his chair; the dog charges under the table breaking it, and the dishes on top of it, and then pushes two men off the edge of the patio and into a lake below.
  • A man pushes another man over a movie theater balcony, but catches his feet and pulls him back up.
  • Two men try to balance on a log in the water, one falls and one lands on his crotch (we hear a crunch and he falls into the water).
  • A man swings on a tire swing, the rope breaks free and he crashes to the ground.
  • A bag of fireworks catches on fire and they begin to shoot into the air, people around the explosions run and scream, a boy picks up the bag, runs with it and throws it into a raft -- the raft explodes sending the motor into the air, which crashes onto a table of food, and a man in a wheelchair is knocked into the lake.
  • Two boys drive a golf cart onto a tennis court and through the net, and crash into the fence surrounding it (no one is injured).
  • A dock breaks out from under a man's feet and he falls through.
  • A man kneeboards, he is pulled over a ramp, and he is dragged through the water screaming for some time until the people in the boat notice and stop.
  • A man tries to scoop up a mouse using a baseball cap and a tennis racket: the mouse runs away, others in the room chase it, bookshelves are tipped over, items are thrown, a firecracker blows up in a fireplace (two boys standing nearby have soot on their faces), and a dog chases the mouse into its hole in a wall.
  • Two boys each eat a piece of food then spit it out on a tray and someone else unknowingly picks the food up and eats it.
  • A young man accidentally spills a pitcher of a beverage on a woman's chest.
  • A pregnant woman's water breaks (we do not see anything just her reaction), and she screams from pain when she is in labor.


  • 5 scatological terms (4 mild), 1 mild obscenity and 2 religious exclamations.
  • Name calling (moron and wimp.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People drink alcohol at a celebration.
  • People drink alcohol at a party.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • While in the middle of a canoeing race, a pregnant woman's water breaks (we don't see anything, though), and everyone is screaming. They race her to the hospital, panicking all the way (although everything turns out fine).
  • The fireworks explosion mentioned above can be considered frightening.

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