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5 Dec. 2005
Episode 1
Shipping magnate hires a journalist, a female oceanographer, a psychic and a meteorologist to find out why some of his ships went missing in the Bermuda Triangle. The survivor of one such incident realizes that his reality has altered.
6 Dec. 2005
Episode 2
The team is taken in by the men in black and later released. Howard and Stan search for the plane crash survivor's grandfather, while Bruce and Emily look for the source of the anomalies in the Triangle. Confused Meeno becomes suicidal.
7 Dec. 2005
Episode 3
U.S. Secretary of the Navy has found a way to stop the Triangle phenomena. With their job done, the team goes home only to realize that a possible miscalculation in his plan could bring about the end of the world. Can the team stop it?


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