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Loving It!
Kia_Lockheart29 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Bascily, the game is split into two parts. Agrippa is a bear of a man trying to free his father who has been arrested for Julius Ceaser's murder. But to do that he has to enter the games as a gladiator and must defeat all his opponents, from big guys with maces to wimpy women with fire arrows and blood-thirsty tigers to killer elephants. (Yes you actually have to fight even elephants in this game! Trust me, I find animals are much better fighters than warriors.) Also another good bit is Agrippa can cut arms clean off and chop people in half, though for people who fell sick at this can turn this effect off. While Agrippa has a hellish time battling, his best friend Octavisnus (who is also Ceaser's nephew) sneaks around Rome trying to find out who is the real murder of Ceaser. He has to use whatever he can find such as vases and slippy banana skins to knock out his enemies. (You'll love the banana skin part!) Octavisnus must keep hidden and keep changing his costume to 'blend in' with the crowd. The one thing I didn't really like about this game was how much blood was in it but for anyone who can't stand a lot of blood is given the choice to take it off at the beginning of the game, making it a hell of lot less violent. The game starts slow but as it goes on it gets much better. You get really attached to your characters and I was so mad when I found out that some maddo wanted to kill Octavisnus. (I won't say who it is as I have spoiled enough but you get to beat the crap out of the killer, as well as some other cool bosses. Trust me, revenge has never been sweeter!) Overall mark: 9/10 (the producers went a little over the top by putting blood everywhere.)
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My favorite next to GTA
leader-168 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This game is basically about a ex-soldier named Agrippa who's father is accused of murdering Ceaser.

He is accompanied by Octavinous, a close relative to the late Cesar, you will be doing puzzle missions in the game using him. Which some are easy, actually most are easy but a few are really annoying.

Some other characters Pansa- he and Octavinous know each other, you frequently go back to his house, you can save your data there as well.

Brutus- the true killer of Cesar, you will face him in a match near the end of the game, watch out, he is hard Sextus- a gladiator promoter who trains Agrippa to fight Claduia- the "sister" of Sextus, he saved her when she was a child, she fights as well Barca- The German king, you fight him two times, one in a battle, and two, in a final match at a arena

Dema- A vertran of fighitng, he suffers from a condition in which he cant be in the sun, he really does not have any effect on the game, he gives you advice on stuff but that's really it.

Miceanus- A person in the royal court, he is involved in some pretty suspicious things, but he is not bad, you follow him a littl bit for a mission or so.

Vipsanius- The father of Agrippa who is accused of murdering Ceaser

Antonius- The person who is falsely named the Roman Emperor
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Shadow of Rome is awesome!!
vincentdeiulis15 April 2005
Shadow of Rome is the best action game ever!! Since all the other games Capcom has developed over the years id have to say this one is about 3rd place Now to the game, in the game u can chop guys arms off heads off and they bleed like a fire-hose and after u cut an arm or and they are rolling back and forth u can stab them to make them stop!! The weapons variety is awesome as well, u can have a parma, spike shield, gladius, halberd, maul, mace, scimitar, bow, fire bow, and the kind of all swords the MAGNUS! There are a couple of bosses to keep your adrenaline rush throughout the game including one that comes back...

I'll admit sadly that yes the Octaianus levels are puzzles but you get to strangle guys will string bash them over the head with pots and take their clothes and dress yourself in them!! And finally i would just like to say if u want a challenge of both body and mind Shadow of Rome is the game for you.
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