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Diving into minds of lunatics and psychopaths has never been more entertaining!
hippo_butt200010 April 2006
Truly a great series worthy of praise. Many may say that this is a 'rip-off' of CSI but I've watched CSI and it caught me on for a bit, but after a while it just seemed to closed. Where CSI guides you through the story and gives a picture perfect ending and how you're supposed to perceive it, Criminal Minds lets you explore and judge for yourself. It doesn't preach too much and the stories are engaging and suspenseful! Excellent writing and great performances from the stars. It may begin cliché, but if you stay long enough it is a rewarding and entertaining view, and I don't feel it's going to let down any time soon. Give it a chance, or just watch episode 7 'The Fox'. It shows the best writing and acting in the show so far, in my opinion. Diving into minds of lunatics and psychopaths has never been more entertaining! Fantastic!
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Used to be a good series
candelach22 February 2016
Criminal Minds started out really well. A little bit of psychological and sociological background being introduced to the general public to get a grasp on criminal profiling. The episodes were entertaining, the characters relatable yet realistically flawed. However from season 6 on, this series just spiraled downward. The cases lost the grip they had had on the audience, became dull and left you cold. In an attempt to make up for unimaginative cases and the routine that had set it when watching the team profile, gore and violence was increased and to even it out cheesy background plots for the characters were added. Sometimes it's just better to quit while you're ahead.
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hapkidoba12 June 2019
Ever since they let Thomas Gibson go the writing has significantly gone down. Wish he could have articulated and set a standard with out anger. He unfortunately, was correct. The writers left to own devices are not producing story lines that captures anyone's attention
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Rubber stamped scripts.
socrfan-6083412 August 2019
The profilers, out of thin air, magically know the age sex and past of way too many of the people they're chasing. Profiling is one thing but this gets way overboard. And the conclusion always has a hostage with a gun or knife to their neck. Plus how many times do we need to hear someone call out in a dark building "hello is anyone there" or say they're calling the police and turn their back so they can get hit. Instead of good scripts the writers take too many liberties and too often the easy way out.
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Is it Just Me or....
farshidkarimi4 February 2017
I loved this series.

But, it started a nosedive crash into boredom and sloppiness with the introduction of new actors in place of Thomas Gibson and Matthew Gray Gubler.

The new characters are dull, drab, hamming their roles and do not fit with the group nicely.

The run-time of the episodes also dropped and they wander off into the personal lives of the characters.

Is it just me who feeling the show is going downhill or other fans too?

I hope they will come back to bring the show to its former status.
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Without Hotch, the show suffers
rillau29 January 2018
Hotchner is the legal mind, and the one to keep everything together. The show now suffers without him. "Wheels up in 30," just doesn't sound the same coming from others. Don't get me wrong, I like the other characters, but Hotch was the glue. Egos need to let it go and do what is right not what you can do to throw the playground tantrum to get what you want. No respect for people with money using that as a means of getting their way...childish!!! Hotch started on this show and his character was the most interesting. He needs to be back on the show or I feel the show is going to reach a slow demise.
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Not a fan anymore
hellebenzon-2636726 March 2017
I was a hardcore fan for 11 seasons. I've seen every episode, but this last season is absolutely the s'worst. I don't know if they got new writers, or the writers are just totally out of touch with the fanbase, but it has become ridiculous and soap-like. The Reid-line has taken forever, and it's really painful to watch. I think, I'll drop the show, and maybe pick it up again later, when they maybe get it back to it's former standards. But I fear, that this is it for Criminal Minds. With the downfall, I'm not sure it will survive for a 13th season.
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I like the content and the characterizations of "Criminal Minds."
ccreech30 October 2005
I have watched each episode of Criminal Minds, and I agree with the writer from Canada about this show (and also about their comments on NCIS, which seems to have more spark and humor than the other CSI shows).

Mandy Patinkin turns anything he's in to pure gold, and I hope "Criminal Minds" will get a long run! The plots are engaging, the cast interacts well together, and nobody comes off as being too "preachy," as you get with some of the CSIs and Law & Orders.

Thanks for the opportunity to support a fine show which is up against some tough competition. I watched "Lost" quite a bit it's first season, but finally got bored with it because it never seemed to have any resolution. Just episode upon episode of wondering why it wasn't going anywhere. In other words, "Lost" lost me! And I'm starting to get that same feeling with "Desperate Housewives," too. When I was a kid I really enjoyed ongoing serials; but not that much anymore....

Shows like Criminal Minds and Numbers and NCIS manage to make you think you've watched a complete story; and from my point of view, I respond to that kind of entertainment much, much better!
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Absolutely brilliant
bch0359 November 2005
This is one of the best shows I have ever watched (and I watch some of the best on TV - The West Wing, all of the Law and Orders, House MD). On Wednesday nights, I use to watch "The West Wing", but then that moved to Sunday. I started to watch "Head Cases", but to my great disappointment (though not surprise) that was cancelled. So, on a whim, I tried out "Criminal Minds". I have never made a better TV decision.

Criminal Minds is a psychological thriller that keeps your undivided attention. Like Law & Order, no one character gets the direct star treatment. I have seen seven episodes, and I still do not have a favorite character (which is highly unusual for me). I love them all. Every single week, this is the only show I can hardly wait for.

If you like plots that keep you thinking and guessing while having plenty of physical and mention action, this show is definitely for you.
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Rating I give Is For 2016-2017
kot42614 February 2017
I have watched this show since day one. I am sorry to say without Hotchner this show is doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The woman that is now in charge was so-so as just one of the group but as the boss she is pathetic! The three newest "actors" are really bad. The black woman that used to be Ross' girlfriend on friends is okay, the hispanic guy is mediocre and the latest guy, the MONOTONE black guy is just so horrible, how could anyone have cast him on this show??????? Just listening to his boring voice is enough to put any insomniac to sleep..........

This 12th year should be the downfall of this show. When 2 of the best characters are no longer on the show after such a long run and are replaced by such horrible actors, it is surely doomed. Hotchner was the very best character on this show and without him and the way this show has spiraled into the depths, I think season 12 episode 10 is the final one for me. Goodbye Criminal Minds.
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Enough is enough already
bogymel16 December 2015
So I've been watching this show ever since it's beginnings and all I can say is that I'm sick of it... 5 seasons would have been enough. But since I have a mild OCD that urges me to see things to an end, I can't stop watching.

Joke aside... this has become a painful to watch show. It has nothing interesting anymore, it just repeats the same formula over and over for the sake of ratings and/or money. Next to no story whatsoever, just episodes almost without any connection. Just pick an episode and watch, you're not missing anything. Writers out of ideas? Or perhaps due to lack of ideas, they're trying to turn some watchers into sources of inspiration?

But I digress...

The thing I find annoying is that although it has an interesting intrigue (actually 2 now) it isn't properly followed through, leaving the viewer wanting more, but all he/she gets is yet another stupid episode on a random subject.

I'm going to leave out all the abundant plot holes and bloopers because hey, it's a movie, it's fiction, it's not supposed to be perfect but what they're doing with the "story" is just ridiculous.

I really hope this show ends soon.
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Great Crime Drama
Brkl3024 December 2005
Criminal Minds shows the viewers that it takes wits to beat the bad guys. The common link between CM & CSI is that the question of "How?" is always more interesting.

The only difference: CSI centers around physical evidence gathering & collecting the pieces to solve a puzzle.

Criminal Minds involves more psychology & sociology. We, as viewers, want to know what makes someone tick as a way to prevent crimes from occurring again.

Another reason why I enjoy this showed so much is how the characters put their expertise in play to solve some of the most twisted people around.

As casting is concerned: Patinkin is perfect as Jason Gideon. If you think about it, he's more like a professor citing famous lines from Einstein, Faulkner, etc.

When I first read those lines, it didn't make sense at first, but as you watch each episode , the lines that Gideon cites has more meaning to it.

For example: Einstein: "Imagination is more important than knowledge.Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." Gideon is saying that the human mind is the deadliest weapon of all, & we are capable of anything & everything of achieving all kinds of possibilities.

In conclusion, Criminal Minds is the kind the of show that anyone can enjoy.
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Criminally Mind Blowing
dmartin-4615 May 2006
This is a quality programme, I found it a few weeks ago it was on after CSI Vegas and myself and the girlfriend decided we would give it ago, After all variety is the spice of life. Within ten minutes we were hooked the cast is so well assembled we especially love Dr Spencer Reid, He is comes a cross like a real nervous geek, In his own words he looks like a teaching assistant. I think the stories are very well thought out, and the acting is super. I never thought I could take Thomas Gibson as a serious actor after Darma and Greg. But I think he is so good in this, You can almost hear his brain ticking over as he mulls over any given situation. As for the rest they all gel so well together. This programme will raise the tension so high within the first ten minutes and will leave you hanging of the edge of the edge of your seat until the last very moment. It's amazing. This programme has definitely made it into my must watch TV schedule along with the CSI franchise Cold Case and Law and Order SVU.
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This is a great show!
muffiness8 March 2006
I really love this show. I have always been interested in criminal psychology, and after going to school for a degree in Criminal Justice, someone (my professor) told me that this show was starting up and to watch it.

It is so wonderful! It really goes in depth with how profiling really works. It keeps a great story line all the way through, with many twists and bizarre themes. The characters in the show are established very well, with interesting personalities that really hold the show together.

Crime+Psychology=Criminal Minds.

And that's the truth.
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I Love This Show
profiler197011 January 2006
I have to say that this is my absolute favorite show on TV. I use to say that about CSI or other shows that touched a little on profiling. But I love psychology. And we have seen shows that we may have liked like the profiler that we know isn't correct. It doesn't happen that way. I will say that I enjoyed it.The only other show I truly miss is Fox's The Inside. That was a good one as well but nothing like this. I have bought at least ten books on profiling that discuss different types of psychopaths,how they were created and the different psychological issues that surrounds their behavior and fantasies. How because of their bad experience during childhood and after they have learned to profile and manipulate people,the disorganized crime scene compared to organized scene and mixed crime scene and what it tells you about the unsub. Learning their geographic profile. All these things are in this show to give us a pretty reasonable idea of what they do. How they are made. Why they exist and do what they do. I find it fascinating not only to watch psychopaths and their crimes but to some extent through their fiction, learn something about them. John Douglas says he saw John Gacy and looked him right in the eye when in fact he never did so I don't really take his word about what his job was like. But many others, like Robert Ressler describe this profession in a similar way as Criminal Minds. I hope it stays on. It is the coolest. Just to clarify, I like learning why they do it. I hate what they do and how it hurts people. I don't wan't people to think I enjoy entertainment for the sake of seeing people pain or horror. I think you will enjoy this show too. The actors have a great chemistry together already. Reid is my favorite. He makes you laugh when he really is meanting too. He give the crew the most character I think.
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The same old
taxigirl-8141930 September 2018
Once you have watched one episode, you basically have watched the whole series. The characters are so unrealistic it borders on fairytale. Every episode follows the exact same pattern: 1. Arrive at the office and get a case. 2. "Wheels up in 20." 3. Arrive at the crime scene. 4. Figure everything out in 20 minutes making local LE look like total morons. 5. Fly back on the same jet (minus the goofs with wrong tail numbers) 6. Listen to a famous quote to give this series some "philosophical" je n' sais quoi with corny music to boot. End of story.
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Epitomizes everything I hate about crime procedurals
conanyouredevilish11 August 2013
Criminal Minds seems to fall in the category of popular enough that people who loves lazily written, simple to follow, repetitive garbage will watch it in masses, but bad enough that most critics, professional or online, prefers not to acknowledge its existence. I normally don't do reviews, however with this show heading into it's 9th season, proper criticism is long overdue. Crime procedurals is not a TV genre I'm a fan of and generally avoid them. However I started watching this show after seeing the short lived series Higher Ground and thinking AJ Cook really had potential. After seeing all her later movies, this show was all that's left so I started watching it and hoped it wasn't too bad. I set my standards too high.

Saying this show is unoriginal is an understatement. I don't think there's a single thing about this show that wasn't taken from somewhere else. Heck the creators admits to taking ideas off real life cases. First off the characters. They are cardboard stock characters from other crime procedurals. Some of them are blatant ripoffs when I hear more about other crime procedurals like NCIS and Numbers. You got the old wise mentor, the apathetic boss, the tough guy, the socially awkward genius, the woman who can hang with the boys, the token eye candy, and stolen from NCIS, the computer expert who's suppose to be wild and funny. If they don't sound cliché enough, their distinction is maximized. For example the apathetic boss is so devoid of personality that the actor didn't felt necessary to give him any facial expressions. The tough guy is always the one tackling people. The socially awkward genius has a social past so pathetic Steve Urkel and the geeks from Big Bang Theory come off as more realistic people. The token eye candy (AJ's character) is basically a glorified extra who barely does anything. Their wardrobe never changes either just in case it's not blatant enough what type of characters these are. Boss is always wearing a suit, tough guy is dressed up like he's running a military obstacle course, genius looks like he works in a cubicle, the female agents are dressed up like GQ models and the "funny" computer whiz has over the top hair, layers of makeup and an outfit that overall makes her look like some sort runaway from the circus.

As for the story, what story? It takes ques from CSI and every other popular CBS crime show of having that overproduced Michael Bay inspired look as well as grotesque and shocking images and ideas. CSI started this with their forensics and dead bodies while Criminal Minds seems to be aiming for as close to Saw levels. Cause you know, Michael Bay and Saw is what people like to flock to. Episodes themselves are completely by the books. Opening scene will be about the case in question. We hit credits then someone on the team will cite some historical figure at the beginning and end of every episode. This idea apparently was stolen from another crime show. Team presents the case so the audience can follow what's going on. Killer is almost always a guy, victims is almost always women, local authority is almost always incompetent morons. Team will try and piece things together while the killer is doing something that escalates the matters. This is how episodes constantly keeps you on edge. They will also play overly dramatic music to let the audience know how they should be feeling cause things aren't blatant enough already and this show likes to treat it's audience like morons. Though if people actually think this show has great writing then I guess the creators aren't wrong there. The team figures it at the end then gives a exposition dump, if they haven't already, to the audience, uh, I mean authorities like they're reading off a script. Okay they are actually reading off a script, but you're not suppose to make it look like they are. They always make it in the last moment with tough guy tackling the killer. Case has been solved in the course of a day or two. The End.

This is all then repeated in a infinite loop until this show gets cancelled. Everything this show specializes is pretty much everything I hate about the crime procedural genre. There's no story or character development at all. The most you get is if something is happening to the actors in real life (like they're leaving the series) and the writers are forced to accommodate to the change. Speaking of change, the cast has been changed a number of times and the new actor generally looks like the last actor. How original. Well to be fair, they did try the bold move of replacing AJ's token eye candy with Rebecca Locke from the series the Inside. I'm not kidding, it's Rebecca Locke with Rachel Nichols playing her also, except she has CM's craptastic writing behind her. Most of what you know about the characters are given in throwaway lines that never gets followed up on. Not that it matters, whenever they do try and develop these "characters", it's always cringe worthy. If the writers just happens to be planning (read: not a reaction to real life) to bring in a character that gets close to a main cast, they are sure to die just for more shock value and things reset back to status quo: the way the writers like it. It's apparent shock value is the only writing skills the staff has. There's not even any concept episodes shows like these like to try out once and a while. You know the episodes that's completely different from the usually. I'm utterly convinced the writers of this series does not have a creative bone in their bodies.

I cannot wait for the day this series gets cancelled cause good riddance and hopefully I can enjoy AJ Cook in something again.
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Why do people support shows like this?
JBob325 September 2009
The characters in this show rarely talk to each other in a realistic manner. You can divide the dialogue into categories: putting someone down, describing an "unsub", delivering plot points (narrative), cool sounding sound-bites and the occasional, extremely rare, actual human interaction.

Who ever heard of a team of 5 people giving a presentation to a local police detachment where each team member speaks one sentence in a choreographed verbal merry-go-round. But this happens in each and every episode.

Predictable per episode: - the black guy will tackle someone without any assistance just before everyone else arrives (I guess he drives in a different and faster car) - the local law enforcement are idiots and are berated as such multiple times - the word "unsub" will be repeated multiple times and other "technical" terms will be used to make the team sound extra smart and then the terms will be explained to the locals who are too stupid to understand - one character will walk into a room and ask another "whats up?" at which point the other character will explain some detail of the case as if the first person had no training whatsoever. In reality this is just talking directly to the audience and delivering plot points to move the story along according to the predictable fill in the blanks script pattern.

Horrible, yet typical crime drama.
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Criminally entertaining
Galina_movie_fan28 January 2012
The drama/mystery/thriller "Criminal Minds" is truly an amazing show. I started only watching it couple of months ago, and I can't believe that it took me so long to discover it. This is the show where each episode reminds me of my favorite book on the subject of finding the serial killers by trying to get inside their minds and to think the way they do, and equally terrific adaptation, Red Dragon by Thomas Harris/Manhunter by Michael Mann. Again and again the team of the brilliant profilers, fly from their headquarters in Quantico, VA to different locations all over the country to put their minds together and complete the profile of the mysterious unsub (unknown subject) and to prevent the next strike which would be deadly. This is a very difficult, demanding and exhausting job where the lives of innocent people are at stake and every minute, even second matters. This job takes its toll from every member of the team. Often they have to make very difficult choices and more than once they face the deadly danger not only to themselves but to those who are the closest to them.

Since I started watching the show, I am trying to catch up the seasons that I missed, so I watch the re-runs every time I have a chance getting the "crash course" of Criminal Minds. What amazes me that watching so many episodes in such short period of time only makes me wanting to see more. I don't recall a single mediocre episode. All of them share the intelligent writing, compelling story, inspired acting from the regular members of the cast (an elite team of FBI profilers - BAU analysts) and the guest stars. I like the music score and the choice of songs is very fitting for each occasion. I also like the famous quotes which one of the team members tells in the end of each episode, which sums up the story perfectly. More than once, I was moved deeply by the way the story was going and its resolution. What keeps me entrancing to the screen during each episode is the brain storm, the collective mind of the team putting the evidence, the small details together, analyzing them, searching for the right question to ask their super computer analyst Penelope Garcia; so she would perform her magic and come up with the one name - of the unsub who must be stopped before he attacks deadly again.

I also noticed how masterfully the creators make the references not only to the real life famous cases but to the earlier films and books. I recognized the references to Tom Harris's Dr. Hannibal's books (the horrifying parts of "Hannibal" made one of the darkest and devastating two-hours episode) and films, to "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer", to "Natural Born Killers". One memorable episode paid homage to both "Psycho" and "Sunset Boulevard". Often, the writers find the subjects for the episodes from the latest news. But no matter where they find the topics for the show, each episode comes out as gripping and absorbing from the first moment to the very end. To put it shortly -the must for the fans of the genre.
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Pretentious, Unoriginal, Sadistic Formula
MichaelFab10 October 2012
I officially stop watching this stupid show tonight after seeing the premise: beating people over the head, tying them to a car bumper & dragging their bodies on the road. I started watching this show 5 years ago because I like Joe Mantegna, but he's only in it for the paycheck. The early seasons had intriguing stories and chemistry among the cast. Now every single episode is about a sick, sadistic man (usually) who abducts people and cuts their body parts off, or tortures people to death because the writers can't think of anything else. In one episode, a killer gouges victims eyes out. Another, he cuts their ears off. Another, he cuts people's internal organs out.

The "team" look like a bunch of GQ models, simultaneously spouting out their textbook knowledge of Criminal Science, but not actually conversing or listening to each other. They all talk at the same time, and even finish each others's sentences. They act so intelligent, like they have Masters degrees in Criminal Justice & Forensic Science, but they don't get a speck of dirt on their designer clothes. It's so phony, it's ridiculous. I love dark, violent thrillers, but challenging, original stories that we care about, and characters who have conversations, not all talking together as if they know everything. I'm glad everyone else likes the show, but I can't take this same old formulaic, conceited nonsense anymore.
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jacobnunnally19 August 2013
This show thinks it's so smart, it takes itself so seriously - it makes me nauseous.

I just came from doing laundry at the laundromat. Unfortunately, there was a TV there, and this awful excuse for a show was on the entire time I was there. I tried to stand on top of a table to try to turn the TV off the show was so excruciatingly bad and annoying, but I couldn't manage it. So, I just had to sit there and wait for my clothes to get done with this trash on.

There was a scene in this show where this unbearably cheeky guy was like, "He was wearing such and such brand of shirt, which indicates he came from the neighborhood of such and such because the socio-economic dynamics of that neighborhood match the victimology of the yadayadayada."

Right. That's how real life works. There would never be any uncertainty, any painstaking investigation, any drawn-out process, any wrong conclusions. Everything, every answer, is right there for the taking and it's found in one second. Yeah, right, that's how things work.

This show is absolutely terrible. It's one of the most annoying shows I've ever seen. It's very, very, very bad.

While doing laundry tonight, I wanted to rip the TV off of the wall and throw it off of a bridge, this show is THAT bad.
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Riveting - From the introduction of the first episode, I was hooked!
ohiofreebird8 March 2006
From the introduction of the first episode, I was hooked! I especially enjoy the quotes and comments at the opening and closing of each episode. Of course, the plot and characters are what make it work. I'm not a "TV watcher." This is the only show I watch faithfully. Other than this, I watch the news or rent a movie. "Criminal Minds" is what I look forward to on Wednesday nights. The suspense, the variety of characters, the humor - what a nice mix. Pantikin is such a father figure for the cast. Matthew Gray Gubler as the resident genius Dr. Reid is a hoot! The women are gorgeous. Shemur Moore makes a sexy Derek.
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Once upon a time...A good show went bad
jonmccann24 November 2018
What ever happened to decent script writers in America is probably a TV show that would garner an amazing amount of viewers and positive reviews (if they can find the answer), because for the past few years, this show has declined in quality very heavily, in no coincidence to the demise of similar shows like CSI and Law and Order, whilst at the same time seeing a massive surge in quality comedy shows, such as It's always sunny in Philadelphia.

The actual attempts to keep the show going are becoming more and more embarrassing, with the current long term cast now unlikely to ever see acting jobs after this show ends in the likely next year or two.

The fact they have taken on actors from shows that were canned, more likely due to the appalling acting from themselves, is even more testament to the shows demise.

If you really want to watch this show, check out the early days, series 1- 10, and be enthralled by good TV, but after that just leave this one alone, it is so embarrassing to watch that even Canadian TV does better!
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So sad..
tofrim13 July 2016
I can't in my wildest dreams understand how this show have a rating above 8. It always starts out fairly good, but then in all episodes ever made of the show, the plot holes or leaps in logic begin to come up everywhere. The show is an 8 until 70% of the episode has been played. Then the last 30% ends up in buggery. It's almost always the same. Every episode has a lot of good and smart points in the beginning. I understand, there's some smart writers among the writers, but why must you every time end the episode with lazy logic, simple solutions which are painful to watch logically. When so much else in the series is well thought out, this is sad to see. This series could be so much better, if only they stop the dumb solutions. I understand there is a time limit to every episode, but please, stop the dumb endings. Many other series manage to keep up the logic pace, why can't you?
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Life-Changing Series
zacharymiami15 May 2021
Criminal Minds is the most inspirational and life-changing show I have ever watched. It has changed my life in so many ways and brought me so much inspiration and joy from watching it. As a person suffering from mental health issues, this show really helped me get through some of it and I got to connect with all of the characters. The characters and actors are absolutely phenomenal, and there are no words other than to say watch this show, and you won't regret it.
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