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Sex & Nudity

  • Season ? Episode ? -You see a man drowning a woman and see him raping her. It only shows him from the stomach up. thrusting and his facial expression and him getting out of the tub as well imploed he just finished rapimg her. you are seeing him through the victims eyes.
  • A man and a woman are shown making out in a car (possible sex scene) then later on the woman removes her robe and we see her in a bra and panties then making out onto a bed and fading out. A woman has sex with a stranger. Later a man and a woman are about to have sex.
  • Women shown in tank tops and underwear (multiple times) Men shown in boxers (2 or 3 times)
  • Man and a woman are making out in a stall bathroom (sex scene) but there is no nudity. They are interrupted and he comes out of the stall fixing his pants.
  • Two teens making out in a shed then shows the two against a wall making out (possible sex scene). A woman is shown in a white t shirt and a bra and panties
  • Drawings of nude women's torsos (lasts about 5-6 minutes on and off).
  • Woman unbuttons shirt and is seen in a bra then starts making out with another character (fades out) then shown in tank top and underwear
  • Videotape of a man having sex with 3 college women.
  • Victim shown in panties then you see pics of her in her bra and underwear on a computer
  • Victim is shown in boxers
  • A woman is seen in lingerie revealing cleavage.
  • Season 4 episode 16 is about a prostitute and the episode includes some graphic scenes with very revealing lingerie. Probably the most scandalous episode I've seen up to this point.
  • People are often shown kissing and sex is occasionally implied and or strongly implied. Characters are sometimes seen in their underwear. There are many cases where rape is strongly implied and many cases where rape is clearly committed. A main character goes through a pregnancy and she is not married to the father of the baby, although they are in a serious relationship. 2 other women are shown giving birth as well (not main characters)

Violence & Gore

  • As well as crime scenes. There's also a variety of fights that occur. Some are heated arguments while others involve knives, guns and fists. Sometimes these fights escalate to full on throwdowns. Scenes of mayhem occur too such as fires, explosions, ambush and chase scenes.
  • A large variety of murders are shown, as are the resulting dead bodies. The bodies vary in gore from episode to episode, as does the amount of blood. Some cases are more violent than others. These can range from kidnapping, robberies, fires, explosions, home invasions, and even ritualistic cases.


  • Most often used: (Son of a) bitch, damn, and crap
  • Occasional religious profanities include "Oh my God" and "Jesus Christ".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Certain episodes show characters consuming alcohol and occasionally smoking. Some cases involve or revolve around drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The series can be intense at times but the ending of episodes are usually upbeat taking off of the intensity a bit.
  • Some episode aren't as violent or intense as other episodes. Giving them a TV-PG rating.
  • There are attempted crimes with victims as well. Most of the time, The team is successful in saving these victims and catching the criminal.
  • The replicator storyline is very unsettling and can be hard to watch at times.
  • There is heavy psychological tension throughout the series too.
  • Some episodes focus on the past of a character. These flashbacks can be seen as intense or upsetting.
  • The main focus of the show is digging into the minds of psychopathic criminals. Certain descriptions of these people can range from fairly mild to rather graphic. Each episode varies.
  • Many scenes involve torture, murder or rape.
  • Some characters suffer from an emotional trauma, which results in some episodes being sad to watch.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Season 6 episode 1- A woman puts her son into a closet and unrobes you see her in a bra and underwear. Then she is shown rolling around on a bed (sex is strongly implied) then you see a mans face and a female victim (she moans a bit along with a facial expression so sex is strongly implied here as well)
  • Season 6 episode 4- Killer forces married couples to have sex before killing them
  • Season 6 episode 14- About 20 minutes into the show you see a nude woman (no parts visible blocked by beakers/science stuff) 30 minutes in victim 5 is shown nude (beakers blocking breasts)
  • Season 6 episode 15- Stalker makes a video with victims ex boyfriend (sexual)
  • Season 11 episode 19 - Prentiss is shown wearing langerie getting out of bed.
  • Season 12 episode 8- Women in langerie or bra and underwear show up on Garcia's computer screen.. then many prostitutes are seen and killer rips open his victims shirt revealing her red bra throughout the episode

Violence & Gore

  • One episode has a character kill a criminal by repeatedly hitting him in the face with his fists. It's shown in the criminals point of view so nothing is seen. The act only stops when another character comes in and stops them. However the aftermath isn't shown but is heavily implied.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the episode "Red Light" Reid grabs a woman by her neck and pins her against a wall. This is frightening due to the fact that Reid is usually a calm and collected person and seeing him snap is definitely not expected of him. However, he does show remorse soon after.
  • In an earlier season a main character is killed off. This is very depressing. Later on it's revealed that she staged her death. This reveal could potentially make viewers angry or confused.

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