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Worthwhile wholesome entertainment.
bearlyvisible27 April 2006
This a really cute kids show, well done with good Christian values. If you want wholesome family fun (which is very hard to find these days)check out this video. This is not my favorite video in the Hermie series, but it is still worthwhile and better than a lot of videos out there. There are no rude or offensive jokes or actions. They help teach children godly values and maybe even help parents to remember some they may have forgotten! They are written by well known author Max Lucado and voiced by well known actors/actresses like Tim Conway and Don Knotts...these are really quality videos. I recommend them to anyone with young children...my 5 year old loves them. I also highly recommend the entire VeggieTales series...remember Veggies are good for you!! Enjoy! God bless!
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Not the king of bees
gothicgoblin133426 March 2006
I saw this on TV when there was obviously nothing else to watch. I laughed so hard at the people that wasted there time on this. This 'Hermie and Friends' load of crap is just some CG cartoon that a company was hired to do for no good reason. Its' just Veggie Tales but with...well, insects for some apparent reason. Sure, it gives out a good message but who really cares? It's about a bee named Buzby, who thinks he is the king of the bees and so he thinks he can get away with anything blah blah blah blah blah. Tim Conway is the voice of Herbies, I mean Hermies and Don Knotts plays an inchworm. What happened to these actors? They stooped to a bad level and if there is something I do not recommend more, it could be Moongirl
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