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Cena (Nuff) Collectors Edition of WWE 2K18 Is On Its Way

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You can't see him, but now you can see a special edition for all the collectors out there of WWE 2K18! With all of it's John Cena goodness!

Professional Wrestling has had it's iconic performers over the years. From Hulk Hogan, to Ric Flair, to The Rock. One of the most iconic to go down in history will be the Dr. Thugganomics, Mr. Never Give Up himself, John Cena! As we celebrate 15 years of watching John Cena wow us in the ring, WWE is announcing the Cena (Nuff) Collectors Edition of WWE 2K18. If you didn't catch that, its the "Seen Enough" Edition.

With only 30,000 copies the Cena (Nuff) edition packed with an impressive collection of exclusive memorabilia and digital content. The Collectors Edition will pay homage to his distinct position as WWE’s most frequently cheered and booed personality. The WWE 2K18 Cena (Nuff) Edition will be available exclusively
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17 Things We Learned From The Dudley Boyz On Talk Is Jericho

The tag team scene is experiencing a bit of a renaissance as of late, and one of the key contributing factors to that has been the return of The Dudley Boyz. The massively popular duo has been a shot in the arm for the stagnant division, and their reemergence garnered one of the biggest crowd pops in recent history.

Having seasoned veterans to work with will be a big plus for the relatively inexperienced teams, and Bubba Ray and D-Von have never been shy about sharing their opinions and taking the lead when it comes to putting together matches. Whether or not their return ends up being a long term thing remains to be seen, but as for now we can look forward to at the very least a few months of getting the tables.

The “brothers” make for an interesting contrast in interview styles; Bubba is brash
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5 Ups And 3 Downs From Last Night’s WWE SmackDown (Aug 27)

This week’s Smackdown followed a very newsworthy Raw show that featured the return of Sting, the Dudley Boyz coming back to WWE after ten years away and Braun Strowman debuting as a new member of The Wyatt Family.

Since Sting is obviously not going to work on Smackdown, the focus on this week’s show was on the new Wyatt Family. Wyatt opened the show talking about the “black sheep” Strowman while also targeting Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose following this week’s main event.

As for the Dudleys, their last official match prior to Smackdown was back on June 12, 2005 at the Ecw One Night Stand event when they beat The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer. Now in their mid-40s, they apparently signed a multi-year deal while also working a full time schedule that includes weekend live events, so they’ll probably be in the tag team title picture immediately.
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ecw One Night Stand

WWE released the outstanding two-disc documentary The Rise and Fall of Ecw in November 2004. The doc looked at the life of the Philadelphia-based organisation, over three years after it had closed its doors and been bought by WWE. The two and a half hour long feature looked at everything and was a major critical hit.

Fans raved about the doc, which was honest and open and featured interviews with many Ecw personalities. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awarded it the DVD Of The Year Award. Other reviews were similarly glowing. Importantly, the DVD was a commercial hit, too.

At that point it was one of the biggest-selling WWE DVDs of all time, behind only WrestleMania 21. The success of the DVD took many by surprise. It just kept growing and growing. Clearly there was still an audience for Ecw. An audience that WWE could capitalise on.
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8 Steps To Booking WCW One Night Stand

The World Championship Wrestling brand name is still something that WWE likes to promote even though the company died 14 years ago. In the buildup to Triple H’s confrontation with Sting, Hunter loves to mention that Sting was the main guy in WCW and that Sting avoided going to WWE because he was scared of Hunter. It’s a decent selling point for what will be a big match. It’s also another example of WWE trying to make money off the WCW name.

There have been numerous WWE DVDs produced in the last 14 years featuring WCW performers. Whether it’s tribute DVDs about the New World Order, Goldberg, Sting, Ric Flair or compilations about the very best of Monday Nitro, WWE has tried to milk WCW for all its worth. One of the big selling points of WWE Network was the “Monday Night War” documentary series that featured the Raw vs.
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The Dudley Boyz To Return At WWE Royal Rumble 2015?

Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley could be surprise entrants in this Sunday’s 30-man Royal Rumble match, according to

If it happens, it would be their first appearance for World Wrestling Entertainment in 9 and a half years.

After their Tna contracts expired last year, Bully Ray and Devon (who wrestled as The Dudley Boyz in a highly successful WWE spell from 1999-2005) reportedly held talks with WWE officials about returning to the company in some capacity.

It’s unknown whether anything official came from these discussions but it’s clear WWE were interested in bringing the veterans back into the fold, possibly as Nxt trainers (as was rumoured a few months ago). As well as a possible last run with the company (ala the modern day New Age Outlaws), WWE could use The Dudleyz for anything as varied as a Hall Of Fame induction to future video game releases.
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7 Times John Cena Put WWE Stars Over Huge

John Cena is the greatest WWE Champion of all time. At least that’s what WWE tells us. The numbers back it up because he’s won the WWE & World Titles a combined 15 times, which is more than anybody in the history of the company. Ric Flair’s recognized with 16 World Title wins, but those were mostly won outside of WWE.

The chances of somebody else topping Cena’s number of title wins is going to be difficult especially because there’s only one major WWE Title now. He’ll probably have another two or three reigns at least before he retires for good. Cena has won so many big matches over the years that any time he loses it’s a big deal.

Coming off the heels of Sunday’s massive loss to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, it has got us thinking about the best examples of
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6 Things You Need To Know About Ecw’s Wrestlenomics

In May 2006 WWE announced a revival of the Ecw brand. In response, .some wrestling fans rejoiced while others groaned. It’d been five years since the original Extreme Championship Wrestling filed for bankruptcy, but the legend of Ecw had only grown larger in the interim. A significant part of that momentum was the success WWE’s “The Rise and Fall of Ecw” documentary and subsequent massive interest in the “Ecw One Night Stand” pay-per-view event.

However, a new Ecw could not be just nostalgia – the true art was not merely copying the original but attempting to reinvent the brand for a modern audience. Did they succeed? And also, from a financial, creative and popularity standpoint – which incarnation was more successful? This article will examine the “wrestlenomics” of Ecw. It’s a tale of two extremes.

6. History

The original Ecw saga takes many twists and turns. Ecw
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WWE: 8 Most Shocking Results In Extreme Rules History

Extreme Rules has offered up several shocking results over the years, outcomes we never would have predicted. The event returns this weekend, with The Shield taking on Evolution in the main event. If history is anything to go off, anything could happen. If there has been one event over the years which has genuinely surprised us fans, it has been Extreme Rules.

That’s what has made the event so interesting since it first started in 2009, the knowledge that WWE likes to book some crazy results on the show. Surprise as much as ‘extreme’ has became a staple of the event.

The origins of Extreme Rules actually started out at the Ecw One Night Stand show. When that brand became defunct, WWE directly stated that the ‘Extreme Rules’ pay per view was a continuation of the hardcore event. As such, we get all the extreme gimmicks of an Ecw show,
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5 WWE Ecw Superstars You Most Likely Forgot All About

Ecw! Ecw! Ecw! In the late 90s, early 2000s, that chant echoed throughout bingo halls across the northeast. Sometimes, at a WWE or WCW event where a chair or table were used, those three letters would be chanted and all who joined in felt a sense of camaraderie. During that time, everyone chanting the letters that stood for Extreme Championship Wrestling, were part of something special – an in-crowd of sorts, the cool kids. Ecw was the edgy, punk rock wrestling company that rounded out pro wrestling “big 3.” Fast forward a few years, Ecw goes bankrupt, closes down, is purchased by Vince McMahon, and pretty much done for good.

Then a glimmer of hope. A 2005 Ecw One Night Stand PPV is produced by the WWE, but is pretty much strictly run as an old Ecw event, and it is awesome. A second Ecw One Night Stand follows the next year.
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WWE: 20 Best PPVs Of All Time

Copyright: WWE Money In The Bank 2011 Blu-ray

This Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view marks the end of WWE’s traditional PPV era. Due to the incoming WWE Network launching on Monday in America, fans won’t have to pay for every PPV individually. If you have WWE Network, you get all the PPVs that are new and all the old ones too. It may hurt the quality of PPVs although that’s unlikely. WWE uses PPVs as shows to build to and shows to settle rivalries, so that will likely continue to happen.

Here’s a ranking of the 20 best WWE PPVs ever. It’s a huge task and one that is obviously hard to do without re-watching everything that WWE has put out. I’m going mostly by own memory and also things that I have written elsewhere in my decade plus of writing about wrestling online. It’s hard to capture everything,
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WWE: 10 Biggest Flops In History

WWE is the biggest wrestling organisation in the world, of that there can be no doubt. WCW ran it close for a few years in the late 1990′s, but ultimately Vince McMahon prevailed. Now, granted, this has led to a little complacency on WWE’s part, as Vince has always worked best when he has had major competition or his back was up against the wall.

But even when things were going better than they are today (and we needn’t worry about WWE going out of business any time soon) they haven’t always been successful in everything that they have done. Yes, in life you have to take chances – calculated risks, if you will – but WWE has made some decisions that over the years have made people sit up and, along with Stone Cold Steve Austin, say “What?”

We’re going to look at ten of the biggest
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WWE: 10 Bloodiest Matches Ever

Copyright: WWE Omg! The Top 50 Incidents In WWE History

The use of blood in pro wrestling has been a part of the business for many years. While it’s hard to track down when it first started being used in matches or who was the first to do it, the fact is that it’s been a tool to tell stories within a match for several decades now.

In today’s WWE, you won’t see matches with blood. A guy may get a cut above an eye because of a punch or going into some object, but there’s no more intentional blood. The PG era restarted again in 2008, so there won’t be anything on here that came after that. From the mid 90s until 2008 there were plenty of bloody moments, though.

A popular term that announcers would use to talk about blood in match is “crimson mask.
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WWE Extreme Rules: 5 Greatest Ever Matches

It is that time of year again. Wrestlemania season is over and it’s time for the WWE to get extreme. Many fans look forward to this event each year as we are currently still stuck in the PG era meaning we don’t normally get this type of excitement often enough. Ladder matches, Tables matches, Cage matches are all in play and all on the same pay per view. Extreme Rules is an event that raises the bar for a superstar’s reputation. This yearly pay per view has the potential to take a wrestler who may be thought of as soft and toughen him up by giving him the chance to show he can hang in the land of hardcore.

Now being a long time fan I am well aware that the origin of Extreme Rules came from the idea of the Ecw One Night Stand pay per views.

WWE Raw Review 28/11/11 – Cm Punk Retains, John Cena On Piper’s Pit

WWE Raw Review - 28/11/11

The Big News: Cm Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio to defend the WWE title, Roddy Piper tried to slap some emotion out of John Cena on a special edition of The Piper’s Pit and Daniel Bryan shut up Mark Henry with a kick to show his mettle for their upcoming World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage match tonight on Smackdown.

In a Nutshell: A good night for pure wrestling fans with nearly 40 minutes of in ring action.

Piper’s Pit with John Cena opened the show. Piper talked about how his career was defined by crowd energy whether they cheered him and made him do good things or booed him and made him do bad things. With that in mind he called out John Cena and showed him the difference between the positive reception that greeted the names he dropped in Austin, Bret and The Rock
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