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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, and some suggestive content

Sex & Nudity

  • No female nudity.
  • Full male nudity, genitals covered (Funny scene). No female nudity.
  • Diana has never seen a man before. Thus, her early interactions with Steve are filled with clinical, curious and unmistakably sexually charged interplay.
  • When Diana sees Steve naked (he appears on screen nearly so, with just his hands covering his privates), she asks if he's fairly typical of his kind. (He says he's "above average.")
  • And when she asks "what's that," referring to Steve's watch, he thinks she's referencing a specific part of his anatomy.
  • Steve and Diana talk about procreation-something she has book knowledge about but, obviously, no practical experience. (The books also told her that when it came to pleasure, men were essentially unnecessary.)
  • The two discuss marriage, and Diana initially wonders what the point of it is.
  • Later in the movie, though, Diana dances with Steve and asks him again about what it's like to get married, have kids and grow old together.
  • Steve says he doesn't know ... but that he'd like to find out.
  • The two go into a room at a nearby inn, shut the door and kiss.
  • The camera leaves the scene thereafter, but movie clearly insinuates that they slept together.
  • Diana's Wonder Woman outfit obviously reveals a lot of skin, from her legs to her shoulders to her bust. (Other Amazons wear similarly revealing garb.)
  • The movie mines laughs from Diana's struggles with modern fashion-lifting skirts above her waist and high-kicking in tight dresses, shocking many an early 20th-century onlooker.
  • She's ogled by men on the street, too, and she's called a "distraction" for the guys around her.
  • When she throws a drunken man across a bar, one of her new allies says to himself, "I'm both frightened and aroused."
  • A man is seen emerging from a pool naked, a close frontal shot showing him bare-chested, and a long frontal shot with only his hands covering his privates. The heroine walks in and stares unabashedly and carries on a full conversation until he finally puts on a towel.
  • A man defines himself as being 'above average' in comparison to the general male gender in answer to the heroine's question as she observes him
  • A prolonged conversation references sleeping with women outside of marriage, reproductive biology and 'the pleasures of the flesh'. Gal asks Chris to "sleep" with him (non sexual - as in go to sleep - showing her naivity to slang terms and current culture) Chris awkwardly lays down next to her, both remain fully clothed.
  • Later in the movie Chris enters Gal's room at night and they kiss. Scene cuts away showing the light left on. It is strongly implied that they had awesome sex. Chris later tells Wonder Woman that he is now in love with her.
  • Wonder Woman's costume has a short skirt and does not cover up any of her leg.
  • A man makes a comment "I don't know if I'm aroused or afraid" (After WW beats up another man) meant for humor.

Violence & Gore

  • This is a superhero movie, and it unleashes plenty of violence.
  • Most of it is bloodless, but it can still be jarring.
  • Diana, Steve and their cohorts want to stop Germany from introducing a terrible new chemical weapon into battle-one that infiltrates gas masks.
  • It inflicts dozens, perhaps hundreds of casualties, often innocent civilians. (We see some lying lifelessly in the street.)
  • Its creator ("Dr. Poison") experiments on one hapless man: When the gas is less than effective, she yanks off the mask and allows him to die.
  • Others die by more conventional means, too.
  • Bullets and arrows are both lethal projectiles here, with countless victims succumbing to their bloody pokes.
  • Someone's impaled by a sword; still others perish in explosions.
  • Wonder Woman, by the way, has no problem killing her adversaries.
  • She uses her sword, shield and magic golden lasso to overcome her enemies, and sometimes she uses her bracelets to deflect bullets right back into the shooter (or, in one case, the shooter's gun).
  • She punches, kicks and performs all manner of acrobatic fighting techniques-techniques we see her and others hone during elaborate training exercises back on Themyscira.
  • Super-strong Diana smashes through walls and church steeples and can easily pick up and throw trucks and tanks.
  • A bar fight leads to one guy being bloodied and knocked around.
  • Another man gets thrown across a room.
  • Long falls prove dangerous.
  • We see and hear wounded soldiers groan: Some are missing limbs.
  • A spy swallows a cyanide pill, killing himself.
  • We hear that 25 million have died thus far in World War I.
  • The opening scenes portray combat training.
  • No fresh blood is seen on any wounds.
  • Various war and battle sequences featuring hand-to-hand combat, guns, bows and arrows, grenades, spears, sword fighting and gas explosions.
  • A fight scene near the beginning of the film includes various injuries including; arrows through the chest, neck, arms and legs; a gun shot to the stomach; stab wounds via the use of a sword.
  • An injured man is seen without a leg.
  • One man is shot in the face.
  • One scene features a pub brawl with various men throwing punches.
  • A man is experimented upon in a gas chamber, at the end his gas mask is removed
  • A room full of men are gassed to death.
  • Not much blood is shown despite the above. No dismemberments are shown.


  • One use of "bloody hell"; Steve Trevor utters "hell" when the Amazons lasso him.
  • One use of damn
  • Five uses of "h---" and one each of the British profanities "b---er" and "bloody."
  • God's name is misused three times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters imbibe beer and other alcoholic drinks.
  • Only one of them, the war-scarred Scottish sharpshooter Charlie, drinks to excess.
  • A man takes a cyanide pill to prevent himself from being captured and interrogated. A close up on his face shows foaming at the mouth.
  • A man intermittently inhales a gas to give him strength. Its effects are drug-like and he appears addicted.
  • A scene in a pub with a man at the bar smoking and various people seen with drinks.
  • Drinking beer around a campfire.
  • Characters are seen to be drinking beer and spirits

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One scene features a man close to drowning.
  • A woman falls a long way down the side of a building.
  • Various battle and war scenes, refer to the violence and gore section.
  • A woman has a clay or plastic mask. at the end of the movie the mask is removed and a scarred face is shown, with parts of her skin / mouth missing (not as disturbing as Two-Face in Dark Knight or Silva in Skyfall)


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man sacrifices his life to save others - Spoiler: a main character destroys a plane full of bombs with himself still inside. We see the tough decision play across his face, but the explosion and death is only seen from a distance. the Heroine witnesses the explosion and expresses deep anguish and goes into a fit of rage

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