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Community Brings Hoodie Horror and Violent Youth in this Second Trailer

28Dla's friends over at Quiet Earth have debuted a second trailer for Community courtesy of High Point Media. In the second clip there is more horror as a hybrid brand of marijuana changes parents into the lackadaisical and their children into killers. The latest movies from the United Kingdom that involve horror have tackled themes of youth run rampant. Eden Lake (2008), Harry Brown (2009) and the recent Attack the Block (2011) show the ills of urban living and the difficult choices therein.

Also, Community stars Elliott Jordan who set Cinemas in Bolton ablaze with another horror effort titled The Toybox. The Toybox was also shot in the United Kingdom and instead of drug dealing hoodies this film dealt with witches and ancient myths. Jordan continues to be one of the standouts in modern British horror with Darren Kent (The Incident) and Terry Bird also starring in Community. Enjoy the second trailer for the film inside.
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