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RI Film Festival Premiere
ajkirkwood13 August 2006
Saw the world premiere of this film just now and I have to say IT ROCKS! Awesome story of a really really bad day in the life of a writer with writer's block. Just one bad thing after another happens and goes from bad to worse until the final resolution. The cast works together quite seamlessly and the women are hott! Well written, well acted and well produced. See it and you'll understand. Well worth you time and coin. I sincerely hope we see more from Wayne Reynolds in the future. Wayne Reynolds plays the lead and he feels so familiar, and after the appearance of Jorge Garcia make it all click..it is reminiscent of LOST, with Wayne in the role of Locke. Great depth of character development all the way around.
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Sweetzer premiere
fatigcat15 August 2006
I was able to see the first public showing of Sweetzer this last weekend at the Providence, Rhode Island film festival and was into it. It has a great ensemble cast, my favorite performances were from Bryan Callen (hilarious with amazing energy), Jorge Garcia and from newcomer Jessa French. There were very funny moments throughout and yet the film was still able to have a very touching and rewarding storyline. The ending was satisfying & emotional and definitely crept up on us. Overall, I was able to be totally engaged with the story -- even with the sound and projection problems the theater was having during the showing. Wonderful little movie - I can't believe they made this thing for like 75 grand!
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RI Film Festival Premiere
eightiesscinematic21 August 2006
I too had the opportunity to see this film at the Rhode Island International Film Festival Premiere and I loved it!!!! It is a great comedy with many moving moments. Bryan Callen, Jorge Garcia, and Wayne Reynolds (who wrote and directed the piece himself) do a fine job in this. I also really enjoyed the performances of newcomers Jessa French, Jen Dede, and especially George Katt, who plays Wayne's wacky philandering neighbor, they really stood out and made me laugh. Wayne Reynolds does a fantastic job of taking this quirky storyline and incorporating a great ensemble cast and some really great moments in a film that can't help but leave a satisfying impression on the audience. This is what indie film-making is about!!!! Loved it all the way!
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