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Jesse Garcia: Carlos



  • Carlos : [Carlos teaches Gary "Echo Parque" sign]  Be careful you don't flash that around Temple Street, though.

    Gary : They're the rival gang, right?

    Carlos : They'd kill you.

    Gary : Wow. You really live in a whole other world, don't you?

    Carlos : Nah... you do.

  • Carlos : [Tio Tomas consoles Magdalena]  Hey.

    Tio Tomas Alvarez : Carlos. I just made some tea, would you like some?

    Carlos : Nah, I'm straight.

  • Magdalena : You're such a loser. Smoking pot in the afternoon, and watching cartoons.

    Carlos : Look who's talking... 14 and pregnant.

  • Magdalena : What do you do with those guys anyway?


    Magdalena : You embarrassed or something?

    Carlos : No.

    Magdalena : So?

    Carlos : What do you think we do?

    Magdalena : [sarcastically]  I don't know. I'm a virgin, remember?

    Carlos : Yeah, right.

    Magdalena : Come on, Carlos, I told you stuff.

    Carlos : We mess around, alright?

    Magdalena : Are you the peanut butter in the sandwich?

    Carlos : Fuck you...

  • Carlos : [at Tio Tomas' funeral]  Tomas Alvarez was born in Jalisco, Mexico in 1921. The 13th kid out of 22. When he was born, he was so small, the midwife said he wasn't worth washing. But he ended up outliving all of them. In his life, he was an office boy, a barber and a farm worker. Then in America, he sold champurrado. Everybody knew him. If you walk down the street, he would stop every two minutes to talk to someone. They were always happy to see him.


    Carlos : He had a love inside him that was so strong. It came from his heart and out through his eyes like a golden light. Everybody could see it, because he loved everyone and judged no one. At the end of my life, I will count it as my greatest privilege that I knew a saint. Because Tomas Alvarez was a saint. And he will not leave us. His spirit is still strong. He will be with us 'til the end of our days.

  • Carlos : Nobody believes you, huh?

    Magdalena : About what?

    Carlos : "About what?", come on!

    Magdalena : [pauses]  No.

    Carlos : Yeah, nobody believed me about anything all my life.

    Magdalena : That's because you're a liar, and a thief, and a pothead. And a gay.

    Carlos : [Makes face]  So?

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