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Very Creepy and Disturbing
SourGreenapple4212 November 2005
This VH1 countdown hosted by Mark McGraph of Sugar Ray Hall of fame (which premiered in 2001, but strangely says 2005?) is entertaining but even more, something about is terribly creepy, it's a little combination of the creepy moments that they put together, the music that plays in the back round and the disturbing images of the artists and what they have done. It's just something about it. But anyway this Program is addictive, well made and very entertaining. If you want a chill or shocker, definitely make sure you check it out the next time VH1 airs it.

I give this a 10 out of 10.
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#83: Marilyn Manson Becomes Priest In The Church of Satan
Draconis Blackthorne4 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
VH1 has presented the so-called "most shocking moments in Rock & Roll", hosted by a "Mark McGraff" - who appears to be another trendy stinker, whom MM shot in the rump with a BB Gun, because, as MM stated, he makes it alright for the people to dress in wife-beaters & baggy pants {essentially, what appears to be underwear} - as I have written before, most of this whole presentation displayed nothing really of pertinence except for the segment on Rev. Marilyn Manson. I received a notification of this program via an email - My eyes were automatically drawn to the words "Church of Satan" as part of the list. I thought it rather amusing that it was so far back in the list, considering it mentioned a modern-day major musical icon as connected with our organization - almost like they're trying to 'hide' the fact that someone the herd listens to, even if for only the music, could be seriously connected to Satanism. Indeed, several programs have tried to hide the topic of Satanism by rescheduling certain presentations without notice, & sometimes not even mentioning it when a certain program will be on {such as the Discovery Channel's "Weird Worlds" airing of 'Cults', in which Mgr. Rex Church & HP Barton were shown participating in a ritual at the A.O.S.}. In this, however, I have been fortunate, in that I seem to catch most of the documentaries by 'chance', or shall we say, "Diabolical Machinations", or "Satanic Synchronicity".

The Secret Life of A Satanist This one had a span of about 3 minutes, but in that time, the images of Dr. LaVey {as mentioned in "The Secret Life Of A Satanist" by Blanche Barton as "The Devil's High Priest", the cover image of same, & the picture of Dr. LaVey standing with Manson from his book "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell"} were presented, accompanied by what sounded like a recorder, along with a smoke-explosion manifestation of Dr. LaVey's face when mention of his meeting with Manson was briefly recounted, when LaVey just "appeared". Again, the details of this are related in Manson's book.

A couple of commentators attempted to downplay Satanism with their shallow perception of the philosophy {indeed, they were probably not even aware that there is one, as they were absolutely clueless, as their 'understanding' probably goes no further than a comic-book perception as presented by Christianity} - a female commentator was visibly disturbed, & attempted to giggle away her obvious confusion by stating that it was "so...1975", in that certain floppy-headed bunny manner - yes, The Church of Satan was around in 1975, & is still alive & thriving today. There is actually a book called "The Satanic Bible" which was also in publication in 1975, & continues to be a best-seller today! A poop-star named "Moby" stated that "what would the Prince of Darkness be doing with a bunch of goth-kids in the basement?" I think the answer to that is blatantly obvious - Marilyn Manson as an individual & as a band went on to become a world-impacting entity, just as Dr. LaVey predicted. Only one of the commentators did not go on to embarrassingly show herself to be so ignorantly visceral, as she actually did accurately state in a round-about way that MM did not desire to 'worship' a guy with horns, but essentially resonated with a largely anti-Christian viewpoint, countering the hypocrisy, repressive strictures, & mind-numbing philosophy that Christianity espouses.

So, I say at least VH1 had the testicular fortitude to present this segment, but the commentaries made by fluff-balls only further demonstrated that people essentially hate &/or critique Satanism based upon what they do not know, nor comprehend, instead of stating an educated opinion based upon fact. These are mediocre hacks & marginally-talented, assembly-line pseudo-'musicians', not intellectuals, who should not be taken in any way seriously. Do yourselves a favor - before making yourselves look like complete idiots again in the future, read a little about the subject at hand before regurgitating common ignorant assumptions.
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